The DemonSlayer

Chapter 3: The Hammer, and the Guild Alliance

Len and Bisca walk in a huge room with nothing but the lacrima torch in Len's hand to illuminate the room, even barely. What they saw were countless of marble pillars that stood parallel from each other with some already fallen due to age. Even the floor they are standing on is rather worn out, that it could give way at any moment. Bisca look around warily, a bit terrified of the huge empty dark space. 'Who would hide treasure here?'

"Oh, we're here." Len stated, stopping in front of the wall. On the wall, there's a sentence carved into it in some kind of language that is foreign to Bisca. "What does this say?" Bisca asked, "Maybe we should have brought Levy along…"

"Oh, I can read this." Len pointed out.

"Eh?! You can?!"

"Yeah, the letters seem rather familiar." Len stated, "Like the ones in the books found in Solien." He moved closer to see it clearer, "Let's see… [Whenever the shadow stays, the dark god of death will descend and you'll meet your end.] Ain't it a cheerful one?"

"Dark god of death?" Bisca wondered, "What does that meant?"

"My guess it's the dark wizard Zeref." Len stated, "But it could also mean something else, like a death trap." He look over to the top; he took out another lacrima torch from his bag and toss it up, it landing on a hole on top of the wall, "There's an entrance there!" He position himself in front of the wall with his hands together, "Hop on. I'll give you a boost."

"O-Okay." Bisca nodded and ran up, stepping on Len's palms and he lifts her up to the entrance above, "What about you?"

Len answered by leaping up from below to in front of her, stunning her completely as he walked in. He picks up the torches and threw one to Bisca, "Come on."

They carried on deeper into the cave, a small passage way that goes down in a certain angle. "This is a long passageway." Len stated.

"It is." Bisca commented, before stepping on a small stone, it goes down with a click.


Several rumbling later, do they found out that they triggered a trap with a boulder coming down from behind them, "Crap! Run!" They ran off in top speed, the boulder coming closer and closer, "Okay, this is too cliché, just when I just thought about it!"

"Then why did you think about it?!" Bisca shouted.

Their screams echo throughout the passageway.

Drake walked on with Alzack behind him, a flaming torch in his hand. They both have entered the other cave and are proceeding on deeper. The entire room is equally huge as the other one, the flames flicker once every while. Drake looks over to the pillars, keeping a lookout to anything that might be in the room.

Alzack was already worried of his partner. He wanted to partner with Bisca when they spilt but that's not possible as the Drake wants him in for some reason. He trusts Len that he will protect her, but doesn't trust him to keep his hands off of her, remembering him complimenting on Bisca's body and personality.

"Alzack." Drake calls out from dreamland as they stood in front of a huge wooden door. The treasure hunter kicks the door hard, regretting it as he starts jumping around holding his injured foot, "It's sealed shut."

"Is there another way around it?" Alzack asked.

"None as I know of." Drake stated.

"So this is the only way in?" The cowboy asked.

"Most likely."

Alzack then drew out his dual revolvers, "Then allow me." Two magic circles appear on the mouth of his guns, "Guns Magic: Tornado Shot!" He fired a tornado from his guns that slams the door opened. Alzack keep his guns in its holster as they enter the room. What they did not expect is a huge theater-sized room with several magic flames flickering in the lanterns on the walls. In the middle, in a huge suspended platform over a bottomless pit, stood a battle hammer with a green square head and a black metal handle.

"Oh baby!" Drake shouted, "It's the hammer!"

What they do not know is the yellow glowing eyes that loom over in the shadows.

Both Len and Bisca scream out as they leaped into a room, just as the boulder slams stuck at their only exit. They panted for air, before looking up to find huge amounts of gold coins and gold ornaments, the metal shining the metal from the torches, crystals and jewels of all sizes glitter among the gold as well. "This must be where the fortune is kept." Len stated.

"Drake was right." Bisca stated, "It is enough treasure to last anyone a lifetime."

"I-Is anyone there?" They turn to see a tanned man wearing a leather sleeveless shirt and pants, "W-Who are you?"

"We're mages of Fairy Tail." Bisca stated.

"Fairy Tail…?" The tanned man stated.

"You must be the missing man from the village." Len stated, "How did you get here?"

"I found a way in but I'm trapped, like you." He stated, "There's no way out."

Len took out a small bottle of water in his bag, "Here, you must thirsty." The man snatches it from his hands and starts gulping down the water. The blonde mage took this time to look around. He notices another entrance besides the one they entered, but it was blocked by a similar boulder.

"There's no other way out." Bisca stated after scanning the area.

"Then there's only two ways in." Len concluded, "The one we entered and the other is the one he used." He pointed at the man with his thumb, "Then if we want to get out, we must destroy one of the boulders. Do you have any magic that could break it?"

"I could give it a try." Bisca summons out a huge bazooka, "Guns Magic: Big Bazooka!" She fired a magic blast at the rock, hitting it with an impressive explosion. Len and the man looked in awe, even Bisca gave a smirk to a job complete. But to their horror, the boulder remains intact.

"Okay… this might not be good…" Bisca stammered, "This isn't good. Even my bazooka…"

"Let me give it a try." Len stated as he reaches out his hand, a magic circle appeared and a sword appeared in his hand, a large stone-like sword with chains around the blade, a large lock-like handle with a blue cloth handle, "Earth Breaker!" He swings it down onto the boulder and it shatters like glass, shocking everyone there, "And the other one!" He smashes the other boulder as well, "There! Hey, you should carry as much gold and jewels as you can possibly carry and get out."

"T-Thank you!" The man thanks him as he went and took a huge bag and shoves as much gold and jewels as he can.

Len then proceeds to walk back along the passageway, "Where are you going?" Bisca asked.

"Something's wrong." Len stated, "I thought the hammer would be with the treasure but it's not."


"Whoever designed this place must have places the hammer and the treasure in different rooms." Len added, "Then the other room Drake and Alzack are in is where the hammer is." He took into a run, 'This bad feeling I had… and…' He holds his right forearm, 'The itch and sting… There really is a powerful artifact here, and it's the hammer!'

Drake walks up to the large hammer. He has dreamt of this day, the day that he would finally uncover a legendary artifact and become a worldwide phenomenon! He carefully touches the hammer's handle, carefully grabs it and lifts it up gently. "It's lighter than it seems." He stated.

"So we've completed our mission?" Alzack asked.

"I like to thank you." A sudden dark voice startled them, as they turn to find a man with a pale skin and yellow eyes with grey hair in a white shirt and brown leather pants and leather boots, "You've found what I've been seeking for a while."

"Who are you?" Alzack asked as he took out his revolvers, "How do you get here?"

"Very well, I'll tell you." The man said darkly, "My name is Satia and I'm one co-members of the Oración Seis. The master has told me to get the hammer so that when we revive Nirvana, there wouldn't be any other guild to stand in the way!"

"Oración Seis?-!" Drake cried, "The Dark Guild?-!"

"This isn't good…" Alzack mumbled, "It's almost impossible to defeat an Oración Seis member."

"Alzack! Drake!" They heard a friendly voice, Len stood by the door way panting, his new large sword still in his hands.

"Len!" Alzack shouted.

"Oh? A comrade?" Satia said.

"Drake! Be careful with that hammer!" Len shouted, "That hammer is a real magic artifact! If you drop it, the world might split by accident!"

"Wait, what?!"

"Looks like what Brain said is true." Satia stated, "He mentioned that it's a powerful weapon that is capable to creating, and destroying the worlds." He walk up to them slowly, "I suggest you give it to me, Drake-san, if you were to cherish your life."

"Like that's going to happen!" Len leaps up with his Earth Breaker and slams down at the unknown wizard. He easily leaps away from him for him to miss and leave a crater in the rocky ground. "Heheh, just like I've heard." Satia smirked, "To think that you would be in the Fairy Tail."

"Like it's not your business." Len stated as he leaps up, changing his sword to the Sky Rider, "Wind Blade: Tornado!" He slashes down with countless tornados sprung up from around him, slashing straight at Satia. The winds cuts right at Satia, who fades into the shadows. He reappears behind Drake and was about to grab the hammer, but a sudden sniper shot hits his hand; the bullet came from Bisca who has her sniper rifle out.

"Bisca!" Alzack cried.

"Alzack, I'll cover for you!"

"Roger!" Alzack reloads his dual guns, "Take this!" He fire away at the grey haired man, who easily vanishes into the shadow again avoiding all the bullets. Len looks around anxiously as he saw his two teammates fighting the man who kept coming out of the shadows but then back in it again when they fire their guns, "Drake!" He shouted at the treasure hunter, "Throw the hammer to me!"

"Are you crazy?!" Drake shouted, "You just said that it is dangerous!"

"Trust me!" He shouted back, "Toss it over!"

Drake looked at the hammer worriedly, but ended up tossing it over to Len. The hammer spins in the air, the two gunner looks in shock before Len caught it just barely before it touches the ground. The hammer glows as Len's right arm glowed as well, startling them before the light dimmed down. 'This is...!' Satia appears from behind him and kicks him in the head, him grabbing the hammer.

"Thank you!" Satia smirked.

"Oh shit!" Drake cried.

"No you don't!" Alzack shoots at him but he easily vanishes into the shadows.

"Bye bye!" His voice echoed in the room before silence.

"He got away..." Bisca muttered.

"Damn it!" Drake shouted, "And I just had it in my hand!"

"Easy come, easy go, I guess?" Alzack sighed.

"That's not the actual hammer, actually." Len stated suddenly, everyone looked at him in surprised.

"Wait, what did you say?" Drake shouted, "You just mention it was a real magic artifact!"

"I did! But when I hold that hammer, I know it isn't the read deal." Len stated, "That hammer is just a duplicate of the original, and has only half the value and ability as the other one. The real one…" He looked down at the bottomless pit, "Should be…" He threw a fire torch into the pit, and with a clonk, it hits the real bottom, and light intensives as a smaller platform at the bottom suddenly moved up, revealing a single hammer of the same qualities as the other, but the head is more rusted.

"That's… the real hammer?" Drake wondered, "I guess it make sense. The rust in it proves it is in the earth for quite some time."

"But how do you know it is in there?" Bisca asked.

"I just do." Len stated.


"W-Well…" Len tries to come up with an explanation, "I've a really sensitive magic sense, so I kind of can gauge the amount of magic energy within an object or a person. But it seems rather useless, huh? As for the part of getting it out, I didn't plan on that. I just threw it down there to see if anything down there."

"So it was lucky, huh?" Alzack stated.

Len nodded.

"Hahahaha, aren't you a lucky one?-!" Drake laughed as he patted him on the back hardly, "But thanks to that dumb luck, we manage to uncover one of the greatest artifacts in history!" He took the hammer before skipping away, "Let's go! Fame awaits!"

"Actually, I have been wondering." Len stated, the adventurer stopping his little dance, "Is it all right if you could leave the hammer at the village instead of going to some famous museum?"

Drake looked at him startled, "Here, in this village?"

"Well, I heard from a conversation, that they're having a problem with their income, so I thought that if we place the hammer here, their economy might rise up for the better." Len stated.

"Oh… I see…" Drake nodded, "Well, I would be famous overnight if I send it to the Museum in Crocus… What the heck!" He smirked, "Very well! We'll leave the hammer in this village, for Len's sake!"

"Thank you, Drake!" Len thanked him.

"Good for you, Len." Bisca smiled.

"Come on, we better get out of here." Alzack stated.

The four walks out of the real entrance to the cave, which is by the cliffs near the ruins. With much difficulty and nearly falling to their deaths a few times, they managed to make it back to the village, where they meet up with some of the villagers, who thanked them for rescuing one of their own.

Drake handed the hammer to the village elder, as they looked on at the happiness the villagers are giving off. Len inwardly smiled as he saw the man from before hugs his daughter. "Looks like it was a right choice." Alzack stated.

"Well, that's that." Drake sighed, "But a little sacrifice goes a long way. Thanks, Fairy Tail. If we're for you, I wouldn't have find that hammer. And as promised," He took out three bags of money, "You're payment. I've equally split them up, so don't worry about anything."

"Thank you." Bisca thanks him as she accepted the three bags.

"Now if you excuse me, a new romance awaits!" Drake shouted as he ran off down the mountain with his haversack on his back.

"…He do know that he needs a horse to reach the bottom, right?" Len stated. The other two shrugged their shoulders.

A couple weeks has passed, Len sighed as he entered the guild house. After the mission, they ended up quite a friendly bunch and talked about a lot of things. About their magic, their experiences, almost anything they can talk about. They learnt a lot about each other, all three of the uses guns as their magic, and they all have a goal to tackle on.

"Ah… man the last job of tiring~" Len stretched his arms, "Good think I manage to take on them easily." He then noticed a chart of names written in the air, "Ah? What's this?"

"Oh, Len-niisan." Lucy greeted her brother, "Back from a job?"

"Yup, gathering the horns of the metal bulls by the mountains, with enough money to last three months." He stated, "But what's with the chart?"

"We've come up with an organization chart of the dark guilds." Mirajane stated.

"It was I who drew it." The plumb artist mage called Reedus Jonah said.

"If you look at it overall, there're quite a lot of them, huh?" Erza stated.

"Why is that, then?" Lucy asked.

"They seem to be awfully active recently." Mirajane stated, "So I think we need to work on strengthening our inter-guild relations."

"What's that big circle for?" Gray asked.

"Ah, Juvia knows that." The water mage, Juvia Lockster stated, "That's the most powerful force amongst all the dark guilds: The Balam Alliance. The Balam Alliance is a massive force made up, Oracíon Seis, Grimore Heart, Tartaros; three of the strongest individual dark guilds. Each of these has a number of lesser guilds under its control, and they took control of the world of Dark Guilds. Then there's the guild that works independently of the rest, Raven Tail."

"Ah! Eisenwald!" Lucy cried.

"That's right… that's the guild Erigor belongs to." Erza stated.

"So that guild was under the control of these Oracíon Seis…" Gray stated.

"There are a lot of names I remember up there…" The old man with a brown regent hair style and wooden smoke pipe, Wakaba added.

"Aren't there some that used to be official guilds?" His partner/rival/comrade, Macao added.

"So was Ghoul Spirit, the dark guild the Raijinshuu annihilated." Mirajane added.

"All those guilds that Juvia and Gajeel-kun destroyed when were part of Phantom Lord were under them as well~" Juvia added smiling.

"Don't say stuff like that with a smile…" Gray stated with sweat dripping down his brow.

"Oh, the Demon Spawn was under them as well." Len added, "I've destroyed them during when I was still a freelancer."

"A-Ah… I hope they're not mad at us…" Lucy stuttered.

"Ah, don't worry about that." Wakaba stated, "From rumors I've heard, they've only get six members."

"I know, right? How small can one guild get?" Macao stated.

"But that 'tiny guild of six' is supporting a third of the magic underworld." Mirajane added.

"They must be really strong then." Len stated.

"About those Oracíon Seis," Makarov appears behind them, "We're going attack them."

Everyone all looked at him as he was crazy, Len included since he have heard of their power and it's almost impossible for any guild to take them down on their own.

"Welcome back, Master." Mirajane greeted. Everyone face-planted on the floor or table. "How was the regular meeting?"

"What kind of reaction is that?-!" Lucy cried.

"So, Master…" Erza started, "What are you talking about?"

"At the regular meeting a few days ago, the Oracíon Seis came up on the agenda." The short old mage stated, "As it is not something we can ignore, we decided that some guild has to fight them."

"So you just have to draw the losing card as usual huh, ji-san?" Gray commented.

"So Fairy Tail is taking up that responsibility?" Juvia asked.

"Not quite, the enemy this time is too powerful." The old man replied, "If it were only us, then afterwards the Balam Alliance would retaliate only here. And that's why, we have formed an alliance ourselves!"

"An alliance?-!" Everyone cried.

"Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Cait Shelter; each of these four guilds will each sent out members to strike those guys down!"

"We can handle those guys alone, no problem." Natsu stated proudly, "Hell, I can handle those guys alone!"

"You idiot!" Erza hits Natsu on the head, "Master is thinking about the consequences afterwards!"

"W-Wait… hold on for a second…" Lucy cried, "We're dealing with just six people, right?-! What kind of monsters are they?-!"

A couple of weeks later, Len, Lucy, Natsu, Gray and Erza all sat in the carriage that they travelled to the meeting place they are leading, "Why do I have a feeling like something back is going to happen? And wait… why am I participating in this again?-!" Lucy cried.

"I think this is a pain as well, don't you start complaining." Gray sighed.

"M-Master chose us!" Erza stated, "Shouldn't we be happy he trusts us with this duty?"

"But… when it comes to battle, there's Gajeel, or Juvia, right?" The Stellar mage said.

"Well, the two of them had other things to do." Happy tells them.

"But I still don't get why he is here." Gray stated, staring at Len.

"Trust me, I'm as surprised as you are." Len stated, "But it's the old man's orders, so I have no choice."

"Are we… still not there… yet…?" Natsu groaned.

"In the end, we're just the same old group as always." Lucy sighed.

"Don't you think that's for the best?" Erza stated, "This will be our first time teaming up with other guilds. The first thing that's important is forming better ties with other guilds."

"Ah! There it is!" Happy stated looking out of the window, noticing the huge mansion in front of them, "That's the meeting point!"

They entered the mansion, looking at their surroundings, "This place décor is seriously creepy." Lucy stated looking around in worriedly.

"Don't worry, I'm here." Len assures her.

"This mansion's is Blue Pegasus, Master Bob's villa." Erza explained.

"H-Him…?" Gray shudders, "I-I'm not so good with him…"

"Make that the two of us…" Len shudders, "The last time I went to Blue Pegasus for a job, he nearly kissed me to death…"

"Wow, that's tough…" Gray said in sympathy.

"N-Now… don't say that…" Erza stated, "He's powerful enough to give our own master a run for his money, despite…"

"Him being gay?" Len added.

"I-I see…" Lucy stuttered.

"A… Are we there yet…?" Natsu groaned.

"Yes, we've already here, Natsu." Happy tells his sick partner.

"Yes, you've arrived!" Voices of such started singing or saying in rhythm, before the lights of the mansion suddenly went off, and a spotlight appears with three shadows by the stairs leading to the second floor, "Sorry to keep you waiting!" Unison of voices greeted.

"We are…"

"…the representatives chosen…"

"…From Blue Pegasus,"


The first shadow gain light, a man with light brown shaggy hair and dark eyes in a black suit and blue shirt, "Hibiki of the Hundred Nights."

The second shadow gain light, a young boy with blonde hair combed down and similar dark eyes in a black suit with purple shirt and black tie, "Eve of the Holy Nights."

The last shadow gain light, a tanned man the same age as Hibiki with black shaggy hair tied in one end and sharp eyes in a black suit and yellow shirt, "Ren of the Empty Nights."

"Plue Pegasus' Trimens?-! How cool!" Lucy squealed, "And the one called Hibiki. He's always at the top of the 'I wish he were my boyfriend' ranking in the Weekly Sorceror! You're that Hibiki Laytis?-!" That said man winked at the blonde girl as he blew a kiss at her direction.

"Oh great… them…" Len sighed annoyingly.

"Ah! Crap!" Gray cried as he's half-naked, again, with Natsu is leaning on the pillar for support, "I forgot to put some clothes on!"

"These guys… not a chance…" Lucy sighed.

"Your beauty doesn't do the rumors justice." Hibiki commented on the knight mage with a snap of his finger and followed up with a wink.

"How do you do, Titania?" Eve greeted with a smile.

"Now, come this way." Ren gestured, as they brought Erza to the sofa that they brought out from nowhere, Lucy looked at them frozen in shock.

"Have a hot towel." Hibiki handed a towel to Erza.

"Are you hungry?" Eve asked.

"N-No…" Erza just couldn't say anything.

"We have cake. How about some?" Hibiki added.

"I-I'll pass." Erza said.

"What's going on here?" Lucy wonders.

"Their womanizing habits came out again…" Len sighed.

"You have a seat too." Ren just appears behind Lucy with his arms around her waist, "And hey… You're just too damn cute."


"What's with them?" Gray stated angrily.

"Who are they…?" Natsu asked; him still sick from the ride here.

"They are a pain in the ass, that's what." Len grumbled.

"Come… you must be tired from your long journey." Hibiki stated, "Spend a night with us…" The three team up together with a kneel and wave, "Forever~"

The two girls just sweat-dropped at their crazy antics.

"Guests…" A ravenous and groovy voice said, "Please stay where you are."

Lucy's heart just beat loudly at that voice, "W-What is silky smooth voice?"

"Ichiya-sama!" Ren cried.

"I-Ichiya…?" Erza stuttered.

"It has been quite a while, Erza-san…" The voice stated, a short shadow on the top of the stairs.

"I-I can't believe it…" Erza stuttered, "You're joining us?"

"I've longed to see you, My Honey." The man said; he has silky dark orange hair and in a white host suit with a single blue rose pinned on his chest, "I'm here, Ichiya!" He just literally sparkles.

"MY HONEY?-!" Lucy and Happy cried.

Erza herself is shaking uncontrollably.


"…is shaking!" Lucy and Happy cried.

Ichiya steps on the railing and he slides down, "What an unexpected…"

"What an unexpected…


"Reunion!" The three hosts pops confetti in joy and claps at the man's entrance, "So you're Ichiya-sama's girlfriend!" They turns and bowed apologetically, "Please excuse our rudeness!"

"I deny it, with all my might!" Erza shouted angrily.

"Clean up!" Ichiya shouted at his students, "We're didn't come here to play around!"

"Yes, Aniki!" They went and carry the sofa away.

"Weren't they calling him Ichiya-sama before?" Lucy stated.

"They're not consistent, are they?" Happy stated.

"I've heard about you." Ichiya stated with a smile, "Erza-san, Lucy-san, and the rest."

"Oi!" Gray shouted.

But then he stopped at Len, "Eh?"


"AAAAHHHHH!!" Ichiya ran backwards in shock, "I-It's been a while, Len."

"Not a too long, I'm afraid." Len sighed.

"Eh? You know Ichiya?" Erza stated.

"Not really." Len stated, "We just went on a job together once, and I have to save his sorry ass every time."

"So, he's very weak…" Lucy stated.

The man then gave a small sniff to the air, and then did his stupid and unnecessary poses, "Nice parfum~"

"Stop with the poses." Len stated angrily.

"You're freaking me out, you know…" Lucy shudders.

"Sorry… I can't really handle him either." Erza stated, "He may be an incredible mage, but…"

"Listen up, you crappy Blue Pegasus boy-toy!" Gray shouted, "How about you stop making passes on our princesses, huh?"

"You men can go now." Ichiya stated.


"Thanks for coming." Hibiki bowed.

"I'll go." Len stated, "But after I beat every one of you up."

"Go right on ahead." Eve stated, "We're strong."

"A fight?-! Let me in too!" Natsu shouted.

"Oi, you guys stop it!" Erza shouted.

"Erza-san." Ichiya went and sniffs at the female knight who shudders at his disturbing presence, "As you usual, you have great parfum."

"Get away from me!" She punches him. "Men~!" Ichiya was sent flying.

"She went and did it!" Lucy cried.

The short man fly into a person's palm at the entrance, and his head is instantly frozen, "This is quite a greeting…" The spiky white haired teen with sharp dark eyes stated, "So you guys consider yourselves equal to Lamia Scale?"

"Lyon?-!" Gray cried.

"Gray?-!" Lyon cried.

"So you joined a guild?" Natsu stated cheerfully.

"Someone you know?" Len asked.

"He's Gray older disciple from the same teacher." Happy explained.

"Hmph." Lyon threw Ichiya back in, who tumbles while breaking the ice around his head and lands in front of his three students. "What the hell are you doing?-!" Gray shouted.

"He started it." Lyon stated.

"What do you think you're doing to our general?-!" Ren shouted.

"How awful!" Eve shouted.

"I think all the men should just leave." Hibiki stated.

"Oh? But there's a woman here too." A female voice said as the carpet starts moving around under Lucy, "Doll Attack: Carpet Doll!"

"M-Me?!" Lucy cried, "But wait, that magic…!" A laughter under carpet and a long pink haired lady stood next to Lyon, "Shelly! You joined Lamia Scale as well?!"

"Huhuh, I won't allow you to say you've forgotten me." Shelly chuckled, "And please, forget who I was from the past!"

"Which one is it?!" Lucy dead-panned.

"For Love, I have been reborn!" Shelly stated.

"Parfum!" Ichiya revives and ran towards Erza again, "More parfum for me!"

"Stay back!" Erza cried as she took out a spear which she uses to pushes him away, "I'll cut you!"

"Lyon…" Gray growled.

"Gray…" Lyon growled.

"Bring it on!" Natsu shouted.

"I cannot Love you." Shelly taunted Lucy.

"And I hate you too!" Lucy shouted.

Len glared at the three hosts, who also glare back. The entire atmosphere became so tense that you can cut it with a knife, as if a war is about to break out at any moment. "Cease this!" A stomp of a staff cancelled the intense atmosphere completely. There at the entrance stood a bald man in a tribal outfit with a staff that has a jade orb at the top, "We are making an alliance to defeat Oracíon Seis! This is no time to be fighting about ourselves!"

"Jura-san." Lyon stated proudly.

"Jura?" Erza said in shock.

"He's the ace of Lamia Scale… Iron Rock Jura." Hibiki stated.

"Who?" Natsu asked.

"He's one of the Ten Wizard Saints!" Happy stated.

"Even I've heard his name before…" Lucy stated.

"Me too." Len stated.

"Well isn't this a surprise?" A sudden voice said from behind Jura, out came a teen with shaggy black hair and dark eyes, with a pair of goggles on his head, him wearing a blue jacket over a white shirt and dark blue jeans with black shoes with a chain on his right side of his jeans, "So these are Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus!"

"Easy now, Matt." Jura tells him.

"Matt?" Erza said in shock again, "That Matt?-!"

"Hm? Who?" Natsu asked.

"The legendary mage who rose to the top of Lamia Scale in a short span of two years," Hibiki stated, "Matt Jackson, also known as Steam Punk Matt."

"Two years?-!" Lucy cried.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all, Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus." Matt greeted, before noticing Len, "Oh, Len! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes!"

"Oh, Matt!" Len greeted, "So you came back to Fiore as well!"

"Of course, we did have an agreement, after all." Matt smirked, "So you joined Fairy Tail like you said."

"Well, with a troubling sister as mine, I have no choice." Len laughed.

"Is he an acquaintance of yours, Matt?" Jura asked.

"Yup." Matt stated, "He's that strong and reckless idiot of a partner and rival of mine in Solien."

"You can remove the reckless part." Len stated.

"Oh… A friend of Len-niisan…" Lucy mumbled in awe, "But he doesn't seem that strong."

"The Fairies has five and Pegasus has four." Shelly stated, "But for us, just us three is more than enough."

"How cruel!" Happy cried, "Why am I not included in the count?!"

"And she didn't include me…" Matt sighed.

"With this, three of the guilds have gathered." Jura stated, "All that's left are the people of Cait Shelter."

"People?" Ichiya said with him dangling on Erza's spear, "I have heard that it is only one person."

"One person?-!" Erza said in shock.

"They only sent one person for a mission as dangerous as this?!" Gray cried.

"W-Wait a minute… How dangerous is this guy?-!" Lucy cried.

"AH!" A sudden scream with a thud on the ground echoed in. They all turned to the entrance to see a young girl with long flowing blue hair in a blue and yellow scaly one-piece dress and blue sandals with wing decoration by her ankle on the ground; she got up and panted the dust from her knees, "I-I'm sorry for being late… I'm the representative from Cait Shelther, Wendy Marvell. It's very nice to meet you."

"A-A girl?" The guys said in shock.

"A child?" The girls added.

"A little kiddie?" Ichiya stated under Erza's foot.

"Wendy…?" Len said in shock.

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