The DemonSlayer

Chapter 4: The Sky Sorcerer and Ten Swords descends

Chapter 4 The Sky Sorcerer and Ten Swords descends

Everyone all stare in shock of the appearance of the surprisingly young mage, "What a surprise… this little girl is…" Erza said.

"Wendy…" Ren started.

"…Marvell." Eve ended.

"Such a young girl too…" Matt said in shock, before noticing Len's expression, "Len?"

Jura looked at Wendy for a moment, before turning back to everyone, "And now, all four guilds have gathered."

"You're just going to continue on?-!" Gray cried.

"But seriously…" Lyon stated, looking at the shy girl shaking in her shoes.

"Sending this one little girl in a mission like this?" Shelly stated, "What is Cait Shelter thinking?"

"Ah?" Small footsteps was heard behind the young girl, "She's not alone, Ms.-too-much-makeup." What they find is a white cat like Happy, obviously female, in a yellow dress with long sleeves and a red ribbon on her tail.

"A cat?" Gray said in shock.

"Looks like it." Lyon stated.

"The same as Happy!" Natsu stated.

"It talks!" Lucy cried.

"'Too much make-up'? How cruel." Shelly grumbled.

"That's your problem?!" The blonde cried.

"Carla, you followed me?" Wendy said in shock.

"Of course!" She stated, "I'd be far too worried with you going alone."

"A-A-A cat! It's talking and walking!" Matt cried, before noticing Happy, "Ah! There's another one here!"

"You're slow, Matt." Lyon sighed.

"A cat?" The three host 'sparkles'.

"A delayed reaction?-!" Lucy cried.

Len still stared at Wendy in shock, a bit startled of the girl's appearance here. "Um..." Wendy stuttered, "I-I'm not really good at fighting… but I have magic that can support everyone… s-so… P-Please don't leave me out!"

Everyone all looked at the girl's shy attitude, and some even wondered why her guild sends her on such a mission. Len stared at her a little more before puffing his cheeks and cupping around his mouth in hopes to cover his laughter. "H-Hey, Len!" Matt whispered sternly.

"It's because you're so weak-kneed that people looks down on you!" Carla scolded.

"I-I'm sorry…"

"I'm saying not to apologize so easily!"

"I'm sorry!" The girl cried as she kneel down in embarrassment.


Erza walked up to the young girl, "I apologize. I was a bit taken back at first, but it wasn't my intention. I'm glad to have you here, Wendy."

"Wah~ It's Erza-san! It's really her, Carla!" Wendy said to her cat.

"She's a better woman than I thought she'd be." The female cat said.

"H-Hey! Len! Cut it out!" Matt whispered to Len, who is still trying not to laugh, "I said cut it out! I don't want to get on Titania's bad side!"

"And what's with noise back there?" Erza said angrily, the two stiffen in shock.

"A-Ah… sorry about that, Titania." Len apologized.

"Ah? Len?" Wendy blinked, "Is there someone named Len here?"

"Oh, you know him?" Erza asked.

"I knew it was you…" Len sighed, "You haven't change at all, Wendy."

"Ah! Len-san!" Wendy cried in joy, "It's really is you!"

"Ah? You know her, nii-san?" Lucy asked.

"More or less." Len stated.

"That girl is going to grow up into a real babe." Ren stated.

"I think she's pretty cute already." Eve added.

"Now, come this way, little Miss." Hibiki invites the young girl.

"So fast!" Lucy cried.

"Hey, she's a minor!" Len cried.

Jura looks at her interest, even the usually flirty Ichiya is serious for once; "How could I describe this girl's parfum?" He stated, "It's not something you smell every day."

"Have you noticed too, Ichiya-dono?" Jura said, "Her magical power is somewhat different than ours. It looks like Erza-dono has noticed as well."

"Impressive, as usual." Ichiya added.

"Also, you did notice it before, right?" The ace of Lamia Scale stated, "That boy, Len. His magical power too has a different feel, almost similar to dark magic."

"So you did too?" Ichiya stated, "Although, his parfum is like... a mixed of flowers and rotting flesh."

"Hm... quite a unique feel."

The three hosts all sat around the young girl, "Would like some orange juice?" Eve asked, placing a small glass of the said juice on the table.

"Seriously, you are too cute." Ren added.

"Here's a hot towel." Hibiki presented the same hot towel as before.

"U-Um… I-I… Len-san, please save me!"

"Sorry, but not even I can stop them like this, otherwise the entire place would be a giant crater." Len apologized.

"What do you mean a giant crater?!" Matt cried.

"But how did you know that girl?" Lucy asked, before realizing, "C-Could it be, a young fiancée?!"

"What kind of imagination you have?!" He cried out at his sister.

"You know…" Matt stated, "She kind of felt like her."

"Her?" Lucy asked.

"An old comrade of ours." Matt stated, "Her name is Maya Forcean, an Ice Dragon Slayer."

"D-Dragon Slayer?!" Lucy cried.

"Remember I mentioned finding a white dragon in a cave in Solien?" Len stated, "Well, that's where I met her."

"Oh… I see…"

"She is still at Solien training to become stronger. She did mentioned something of coming to Fiore sometime in the future, but we haven't heard of her since." Matt stated.

"What's the matter, Natsu?" Gray asked the fire Dragon Slayer, who somehow gains interest of the new young girl.

"Wendy…" Natsu stated, "I know I've heard that name before, I think…"

"You know that girl?" Gray asked.

"Can you remember for me?"

"As if!"

Natsu sighed as he tries to remember where he heard her name before. The said girl noticed him looking at him, and gave a small smile at him. The fire dragon slayer stared for a moment, "So, who was it again?"


"You shouldn't go smiling at random guys like that." Carla tells her.

"T-That's not what it is…!" Wendy cried.

"What kind of guys you like?" Hibiki asked.

"Won't you have some cake?" Eve offered.

"I mean, seriously, you're too damn cute." Ren stated.

"What do you think this is huh?!" Len finally had enough and sends his sword whip smacking those three in the face and sending them flying. Matt took the sofa and table and just dumps it at some random room upstairs, "This is why I can't stand Blue Pegasus."

"He's kind of hot-tempered isn't he, your brother?" Gray whispered to Lucy.

"Well, it's because he cares…" Lucy stated, "…Probably…"

Ichiya appears on a random stage with four spotlights shining at him and starts to pose randomly, "Now then! As it seems we are all here, I will go ahead and explain the plan."

"Are those random poses of yours really necessary?" Lucy asked.

"More importantly, where do those props come from?" Len asked.

"I will start with the place where the Six Wizard Generals, Oracíon Seis, are gathering…" The short man started. But then he just awkwardly walks crab-style away, "But first, I need to use the bathroom's parfum."

"Oi, don't use the word parfum in it!" Gray shouted.

"Excellent, sensei!" The three hosts applauded.

"They changed again." Lucy dead-panned.

"And what's excellent about that?!" Len cried out, before he felt a small sting on his right arm under his leather gauntlet. "Is something wrong, Len?" Matt asked.

"I'm fine…" Len assures him, 'What was that about...? There's a slight spike in magic energy just now…'

Ichiya came back eventually, and starts to explain the mission, "The Worth Forest spreads out from here to the north. Ancient people sealed an extremely powerful magic spell inside the forest. It's called…"

"Nirvana!" with a pose, of course.

"Like I said, we really don't need the posing!" Gray stated.

"Nirvana?" Lucy and Natsu asked.

'It was that time as well!' Len remembered.

"I have never heard of it." Lyon stated.

"What about you, Jura-san?" Sherry asked.

"No, I know not of it." The bald mage stated.

"Have you heard of Nirvana?" Happy asked Carla with a fish in his hands, "And do you want a fish?"

"No thank you." Carla huffed.

"Its destruction magic is destructive enough for the ancients to seal." Ren stated, "That's basically all I know."

"We don't know what kind of magic it is." Eve stated.

"Destruction magic?" Natsu stated.

"I don't like the sound of that…" Lucy mumbled worriedly.

"The reason that Oracíon Seis has gathered in the forest must be to get their hands on Nirvana." Hibiki explained.

"Well, there's no wonder a dark guild like Oracíon Seis will want it." Len stated, "Who wouldn't want an all-powerful weapon?"

"And in order for us to stop them…" Ichiya started, before his students join in and 'sparkles', "…we will attack Oracíon Seis!"

"And they go with the poses…" Lucy sighed.

"I'm not going to say anything anymore." Gray sighed.

"We have 14 on our side." Ren stated, "They have 7, so we outnumber them by double."

"But we can't underestimate them." Eve stated.

"Ah? Wait a moment there." Matt stated, "I thought there are only six people. When the extra one came out?"

"Actually, there're rumors of a secret seventh member in their group." Hibiki explained, "But I can assure you, he and the other six are all incredibly powerful." He snaps his fingers and a yellow holographic set of screen and keyboard appears besides him and he starts typing away.

"Archive? That's a rare magic." Jura stated.

"I've never seen it before." Sherry stated.

Three new screens appear in front of them, "These are the videos of them we finally obtained recently." Hibiki explained.

They zooms in on the first screen, showing a sharp-eyed man with spiky dark-red hair in a white coat over a black shirt and red pants with red lines circling around the legs and a rather large purple snake besides him, "The wizard who uses poisonous snakes… Cobra."

"Oh, he looks like a real bad guy!" Natsu stated, "Look at those slanted eyes!"

"You're not the one to talk!" Lyon and Gray stated.

A second screen shows a long nosed man with spiky blond and black hair, in a red racer outfit and racer glasses, "Thought to use speed magic like his name implies… Racer."

"Ooh…? I think this is a case of hate at first sight." Gray stated.

"I agree." Lyon nodded.

Another screen is shown in a rather large guy with blocky like features on his face and orange hair, in a Christian priest outfit with a bible in his hand, "The wizard that can even wipe out an entire military unit, and will if there's money to be earned in it… Hot Eye of the Heavenly Eye."

"For the sake of money?" Sherry stated.

"Despicable." Jura stated angrily.

Another screen shows a young lady with short white hair with a blue ribbon on her head in a white feathered dress that reveals some of her breasts and stomach with black stocking, "The woman that said to peer into your heart, Angel."

"I think I will be naturally weak against her type…" Lucy paled.

"And that's one revealing outfit..." Matt stated as Len blushed a little.

Another picture shows a guy with black shaggy hair in a sleeveless black shirt with yellow pants and red boots, with black spiked wristbands, sleeping on a carpet, "We don't have much information about this guy, but he's called Midnight."

"Midnight?" Erza stated, "That name doesn't bode well."

Another screen is shown to see Satia with the replica of the Hammer Artifact, "Like the one before, we don't have much information about him, but we think he's the secret member that goes by the codename, Shadow."

"His real name is Satia." Len stated.

"Eh?" Everyone looked at him.

"I've met him in my job in Drakia." He explained, "The weapon he's holding is a real powerful magic artifact, but only a replica of the real one."

"So then," The last picture shows a tanned man with long white hair with a fur scarf around his neck in a purple robe and white cape with blue pants and a staff with a green orb in the skull that has tribal decorations on it as well, "the control center of them all… Brain. Each of them holds magical power great enough to destroy an entire guild."

The screens vanish, "That's why we'll use our numbers to our advantage." Hibiki stated.

"U-Um… I think it might be best if you didn't count me…" Lucy said shaking scared.

"I'm also not very good in fighting…!" Wendy cried shaking as well.

"Wendy, stop being such a weakling!" Carla scolded.

"Hey, what should we do?" Happy said dreamily, "They aren't counting us in!" The white cat just huffed to the side.

"Do not worry!" Ichiya said, "Our plan does not involve simply fighting! All I have to find their base of operations."

"Their base?"

"Ah yes… we didn't mentioned it yet." Ren stated. Hibiki taps away on his magic projected keyboard and a screen appears in front of them, "We conjectured that they have a temporary base somewhere in the forest." Eve stated.

"If it is possible, I'd want us to get them all into their base." Ichiya explained.

"How we supposed to do that?" Gray asked.

"By beating them, duh!" Natsu declared.

"So that means fighting, of course…" Lucy sighed.

"I can see how you could use it to our advantage." Len stated, "If we can push them into a single area, we can take them out with one hit."

"But then what will we do when they're all there?" Erza asked.

Ichiya raised his hand to the skies, or this case, the ceiling, "We will use our guild's pride and joy, Christina the Pegasus, and together with it, wipe the base off the face of the planet!"

"Christina?! That magic bomber?!" Matt cried shining with glee, "We're using that?!"

"We'd use that kind of thing against people?!" Lucy cried.

"That's how powerful they are." Jura stated, "Are you ready? When we get in battle, do not fight alone under any circumstances! Make sure you have at least two of us for every one of them we face!"


"Ah… This is so dangerous!" Lucy stuttered in fright.

"This is a problem…" Wendy stuttered along.

"Please stop sounding so pitiful!" Carla reprimanded.

Natsu smashes his flaming fist on his palm excited, "Alright! I'm all fired up!" He smashes opened the door, "I'll take all six of them all at once!" He ran off towards the forest in lightning speed.

"W-Wait, Natsu!" Lucy cried.

"Honestly, I can't believe him." Erza sighed.

"I know he's impatient, but seriously…" Lucy sighed.

"I don't think he even listened to the plan." Gray sighed.

"That's Natsu for you!" Happy stated.

"Oi oi…" Ren sighed.

"That's awful…" Eve stated.

"At least open the door!" Hibiki sighed.

"So that's Salamander, huh?" Matt stated.

"He's a burst of energy like the rumors said." Len sighed.

"We have no choice… Let's go!" Erza commanded.

"Man, that idiot…" Gray sighed as he and the red haired knight mage ran after the fire dragon slayer, Lucy following behind crying about being involve in another super dangerous job again. "We can't let Fairy Tail get all the good bits." Lyon stated, "Let's go, Sherry!"

"Yes!" Those two from Lamia Scale ran after the three.

"Lyon! Sherry!" Jura shouted.

"We're going too!" Ren ran after them with his two companions behind him.

"Right!" Eve agreed.

"Angel, huh?" Hibiki muttered excitedly.

"Well, there's no way I'm letting Blue Pegasus get better of me." Len ran after them, Matt running up behind him, "Right behind you!" Matt shouted.

Wendy just stood behind shivering in fright, "Come on, hold it together!" Carla shouted.

"Don't worry! I'm with you!" The blue cat shouted in pride, but his crush and Wendy has already run off after the rest. He stood there awkwardly with a small gust of wind blew by, "Wait! Don't leave me behind!" Happy flew off after them.

Natsu ran up on the rocky plains and then saw the forest, the Woodsea Forest, in the distance, "I can see the forest!"

"Wait a moment, Natsu!" Gray shouted as he and the knight mage caught up to him.

"Don't wanna~!"

"You fool! Don't go running off ahead of us!" Erza shouted.

"Heheh? Can't stand the thought of me taking the lead?" Natsu asked.

"What?-!" Erza shouted, "How dare you, you little…" She scares the shit out of Natsu, who missed his footing on the cliff, and drops into the forest screaming.

"Damn, look at him drop." Gray stated.

"Impatient idiot." Erza huffed.

"He hasn't changed much, has he?" Sherry stated.

"When I think I once fought with him, it's really quite complicated." Lyon stated.

"That's… Love, yet again!"

"No, it isn't!" Gray dead-panned.

"Waaahhhh~! Wait! You guys run too fast!" Lucy cried as she slowly catches up, "What happened to 'Ladies First'?-!"

"Should I give the princess a ride?" Hibiki sparkles.

"I'll hold your hand." Eve sparkles.

"Stay by my side." Ren sparkles.

"Like I said, what do you think this is?-!" Len shouted as he flying kicks the three away, "That will teach you to try and hit on my sister."

"You don't have to go that far…" Lucy sweat-dropped.

"Talk about protective brother…" Matt chuckled.

"Wendy! Stop dilly-dallying!" Carla shouted as she drags the young girl along.


"I'm doing best too!" Happy shouted.

Natsu ran in the forest with the bump from the fall pulsing on his head, "Ow, damn it… But, this place smells weird…"

"Have you noticed?" Erza asked.

"Yeah." Gray nodded, "I don't quite get it, but there's something odd in the air…"

"Don't let your guard down, Sherry!" Lyon stated.


Len felt a slight sting in his arm under his leather gauntlet, "Tch…"

"Is something wrong, Len?" Matt asked.

"Just a slight sting…" He assures his friend, "It's just... This place feel ominous from the moment I sat foot in here… and that feeling since I got here…"

"You're instincts have never been wrong before…" Matt stated.

"I really hope they are wrong for once though..." He stated.

They manage to catch up to Natsu at the other end of the forest, "What took you guys so long?" He asked smugly.

"You must have a durable body to go along with that think skull of yours." Gray shouted back.

Then Natsu suddenly stopped when a shadow covers them, causing the ice mage to collide and tumbles down on top of the fire dragon slayer.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, bastard?" Natsu growled with the two's faces locked in mortal combat. "Don't just stop like that, you asshole!" Gray growled back.

Erza pushes them apart, "Look!"


"Lyon-sama!" Sherry cried.

"Yeah…" Lyon too was awe-struck.

What they saw as the pride and joy of the Blue Pegasus Guild, the magical bomber Christina, "The magical bomber, Christina!" Erza cried.

"Amazing!" Natsu shouted in awe.

"That's the legendary Pegasus?" Gray said in awe.

"Oh my god, oh my god! I can't believe I'm seeing this with my own eyes!" Matt cried with eyes shining.

"Wow!" Lucy cried.

"It's huge!" Happy cried.

"It does sure give me some hope." Carla stated.

"Okay! Let's split up and search for their base." Erza commanded.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Natsu asked.

"Man, you're useless…" Gray sighed.

But all of the sudden, the bomber itself starts to explode from its sides; smoke flew out of the thing as continuous explosions echoes throughout the airship, shocking everyone on the ground, "W-Wha?-!"

"Christina is…!" Ren cried.

More explosions echoes along the sides of the ship as the magic bomber fall from the sky, "N-No way…?-!" Wendy cried out in shock.

"It's going down!" Len cried.

The entire ship falls and crashes in the forest below with exploded with a huge bang, everyone all stared in pure horror at the destruction of the strongest bomber they are going to be used, "W-What's going on?" Lyon cried in shock. Smoke erupted from the wreckage; and then Natsu took a small sniff in the air.


"Yeah…" Gray nodded, "Someone's coming out, get ready!"

Everyone did as he said, well everyone except the little mage who hid herself behind a boulder timidly with her cat telling her off.

A footsteps echo as seven figures appears from within the smoke, revealing one of the strongest dark guilds and their target, Oracíon Seis. "The Oracíon Seis!" Lucy cried.

Brain looked at the guild alliance, and gave a small huff, "Hmph, looks like the maggots has gathered…"

"We saw through all your plans, you know?" Angel stated.

"We already got Ichiya and Jura." One of the twin spirits, Gemi stated. "How do you like that?" The other half of the twin spirits, Mini stated.

"W-What?-!" Lyon cried.

"Impossible!" Hibiki shouted.

"You're trembling… I can hear it." Cobra smirked.

"We should hurry up with this job." Racer stated, "But you're getting in the way."

"Money makes the world go round, exactly!" Hoteye peached, "Let me tell you something. Money is everything in this world, and I-"

"Shut up, Hoteye!" Cobra and Racer groaned.

Midnight continues to snooze on the floating carpet without a care to the world, "I think one of them is asleep…" Lucy sweat-dropped.

"I didn't think expect them to show themselves…" Erza stated worriedly.

"Looks like your intuition is right yet again, Len…" Matt sighed.

"Ah! You!" Satia cried.

"OH, Satia. Or should I call you Shadow?" Len asked.

"I personally like my codename better so…" He chuckles before blinking,"That doesn't matter! I wanted to kill you for giving me this fake artifact! And now, you're going to pay."

"But it still has power…" Len sweat-dropped, "Besides, I don't think the real one would have magic, being in the ground for so long…"

Natsu cracked his knuckles, "Hey."

"Yeah." Gray smirked, understanding what he meant.

The snake mage smirked, "I can hear you…"

"Now we don't have to go and find you!" The two rivals dashed forward with fists ready.

"W-Wait a minute!" Matt cried, "You can't just rush in!"

"Do it." Brain commanded.

"Okay." Racer flashes forward in an amazing speed and appear right behind the two, "Motor!" He spun and kicks the two away.

"Natsu! Gray!" Lucy and Lucy cried, before looking at each other and the imposter took out her whip and starts cracking it at the real blonde girl, "You dunce~!"

"W-What is this?!" Lucy cried, "M-Me?!"

"Sherry!" Lyon shouted as he and his partner ran up towards Hoteye.

"Hm…" Hoteye open his eyes to reveal his glowing eyes, "I saw that, exactly!" He releases his magic, causing the ground under Lyon and Sherry to become soft and muddy, causing them to sink, "Even without love, as long as you have money, exactly!" He spins the melted ground around the Lamia Scale wizards.

"W-What is this? T-The ground is…" Lyon cried.

"Love is still more important!" Sherry cried.

The Trimen dashes towards the dark guild, "I'll take Angel!" Hibiki declared.

"Ah! No fair!" Eve cried.

"I'll take care of the leader." Ren stated.

But then Racer flashes towards them and lands a kick and crushing Ren into the ground, "Ren!" Eve cried but the speedy mage appears and kicks him away, "Eve! Ren!" Hibiki cried just before Racer appears behind him and twin-kicks him away, 'S-So fast! I-I can't even see it!'

The three collapses on the ground defeated, "Fast is good." Racer stated.

"Re-equip!-!" Erza changes into her Heavenly Wheel Armor.

Cobra smirked, "I can hear you."

"Fly, my swords!" She fires her swords away raining at the snake mage, who easily moves a little into the small gap between the raining blades, shocking them, "W-What?-! He read and dodged that many swords?-!" Racer flashes behind the speed mage and kicks straight at her, who manages to block it with her swords.

Natsu grunted as he gets back on his feet, and then notices Midnight still snoozing on the carpet, "Hey you! Why are you still sleeping, you bastard?-!"

Back to Erza, she changes into her flight armor, which somehow resembles a sexy tiger outfit, as she speedily follows Racer closely and manage to barely strike at him, "Oh, you're fast!" Racer stated happily, "Fast is good!"

Cobra smirked crazily, "But," He appears right behind Erza, "I can hear you, Titania." He lands a straight kick into her gut, "Your next move, that is!"

'I-I knew it… he's predicting me!'

Erza lands on the ground while Racer appears next to Cobra, "Predicting? No… I've told you, I can hear you." Cobra smirked.


"Wake up, you asshole!" Natsu breathes out a huge roar of flames from his mouth towards Midnight, but then the volley of flames moved to the side and back to the original path, as if there's a magic force field, shocking the fire dragon slayer, "W-What?-!" The person remained snoozing peacefully, "What was that just now…? My magic avoided it?"

"Stop it." Racer flashes behind Natsu, and gives him a round of punches and kicks at high speeds, "Midnight's really scary when he wakes up."

"Ice-Make:…" Gray was about to lash out his magic when the copying spirit changes into him behind him, "Lance!" The copy fires a series of ice lances straight at him.

Lyon and Sherry fires their respective magic straight at Hoteye, who calmly preached about money being more important than love and release a wave of mud and soil and engulfing the two wizards. Brain smirked as he saw the fall of the Guild Alliance, then turns his attention to Erza, who is currently swinging her blades wildly at Cobra, who calmly avoided all her strikes.

"Oh? So this is Erza Scarlet?" Brain stated, impressed that someone is managing to keep up with Cobra.

Cobra easily stops her swords in a lock of his hands, "I can hear it, you movements…" He smirked, "…your breathing…the contraction of your muscles…even your very thoughts…" But then his eyes widen in shock as he pushes back the scarlet-haired mage, "I see… So you're also…"

"You're wide open!" Erza shouted.

"So are you!" Shadow appears right above her with his hammer ready, "Say hello to god for me!" A sword whip came flying straight at him, managing to stop the hammer from hitting Erza but it broke in the process. Shadow clicked his tongue and turned to the owner, who calmly withdrew what's left of his sword, "You asshole…"

"Len?-!" Erza cried but then the soil came bursting out from under her.

"I saw that, exactly!" Hoteye declared.

"Cobra! Shadow! What the hell are you waiting for?-!" Racer shouted as he flashes in front of her and lands a spinning kick at her.

Cobra clicked his tongue for his sloppy performance just then, "Cuberos!" He sends the large purple snake at her with fangs out and bit her by the shoulder, before tossing her onto the ground, "Cuberos' poison doesn't take effect immediately. It lets you live for a while in pain!"

The entire Guild Alliance lay on the ground defeated one-sidedly, leaving only Len and Matt as well as Wendy, Carla and Happy who are hiding behind the rock. "All trash like you should vanish from the earth." Brain stated.

"Everyone!" Matt cried.

"Payback time~!" The two looked down to see glowing yellow eyes in their shadows, before smashing straight up at them, knocking them back.

"Come back, Shadow." Brain commanded, the shadow user appears next to them with a crazed smirk. He raised his staff and dark green aura starts to circles around it, shocking everyone, "W-What is this… this magical power…?" Sherry stuttered.

"The atmosphere is shaking…" Hibki grunted.

"This is bad…"

'Do I need to use that already?'

"Dark Rondo!" Brain chanted as the spell reached its activation, but then he notices the scared Wendy behind the boulder, and he stopped the spell in shock. 'He stopped?' Len wonders.

"What's wrong, Brain?" Racer asked, "Why did you stop the spell?"

"Wendy…" Brain stutters in shock.

"Someone you know?" Cobra asked.

"There's no mistaking it…" The leader stated, "Wendy, the Sky Priestess!"

The rest of the Oracíon Seis all stared in shock, confusing everyone else, "The Sky…"

"…Priestess?" Hibiki and Gray wondered.

"W-What is that?!" Wendy cried as she hid even further behind the boulder.

"What does that mean?" Happy asked.

"I didn't expect to encounter you here." Brain stated, "Looks like we picked up a nice present. Come!" He sends a green aura that took into a form of a giant hand, that grabs Wendy, "Wendy!" Carla tries to catch up to Wendy, "Hold on! I'll save you!" Happy cried.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Natsu grunted as he tries to get up.

"Money is the great equalizer, exactly!" The ground under them starts to melt and rises up in a tidal wave like manner.



Wendy grabs on the paw of her friend, only it was the wrong paw and grabs onto Happy by mistake.

"Huh?" Happy blinked.

"Hey, you!" Carla cried.

"Hold on, Wendy!" Len summons out and threw a chain-like short sword and wraps around her, stopping the magic aura hand in its tracks, "I'm letting you take her!"

"Hmph, as I thought." Brain smirked, "It looks like Shadow is saying the truth. You're that legendary freelancer and one of the top fighters in Solien, Len Heartfilia, Sage of the Ten Swords, Ten Blades Len."

"Ten Blades…?" Gray grunted.

"Honestly, I don't like that title." Len stated.

"Oh? Maybe I should said the other title you has." Brain smirked, "The Devi-"

Len threw his Earth Breaker straight at him at record breaking speeds, smashing the ground under the leader in a small crater, "Don't you dare mention that." He stated with his eyes reflecting the light dangerously.


'This is the first time I saw Len-niisan that angry…' Lucy thought in shock, 'Just what is this title that he hates…?'

"Sorry about this, Wendy."

"Eh? Len-san?" Wendy looks at him confusingly.

"Hang on, I'll be right with you. So…" He digs his feet into the ground hardly, "Brace yourself!" He pulls the chain with such force that it broke Wendy and Happy out of the aura hand, the girl screams in fright as she fell on her bottom hardly and the blue cat lands on her lap softly.

The chained sword disappears from his hand and he flashes over to behind Brain to grab his Earth Breaker before swinging his large sword back at the leader, Racer flashes behind him and swings his feet at him. The blonde boy stops his sword and ducks to avoid the fast kick before landing a reverse roundhouse kick at the fast mage, 'He caught up with me?-!'

"I can see it, exactly!" Hoteye's eyes shines as the ground under him melts away.

"Change!" His Earth Breaker changes into a Spatha sword with an ice-white blade and snow-white handle with a long white ribbon on its end, "White Day!" He swung the sword down and the ground froze over. The sword glows as it changes into a red meat cleaver sword with brown bandages around the handle(Imagine Zangetsu from bleach with the following features), "Inferno!" He swings his blade in a circular matter, fire whips around him and dealing damage to all the Oracíon Seis members.

"S-Strong!" Lyon grunted.

"This is your brother, Lucy?" Gray asked.

"I've never seen him this strong before!" Lucy cried, "He's even stronger than when he fought Bickslow!"

"Len-san's amazing…!" Wendy said in awe.

"Wendy!" Carla cried as she ran over. But then the shadow under her starts to darken as it starts to wrap up and around Wendy and Happy, "A-AH! Len-san!" The girl cried. The shadow consumes the two in a dark shroud and disappears into the shadow. "Wendy/Happy!" Natsu and Carla cried.

"Wendy! Happy!" Len cried.

"Good job, Shadow." Brain smirked, "I've no longer use to any of you. Racer."

"Okay." Racer appears behind Len who is still distracted and sends a series of kicks and punches all over him before landing one roundhouse kick in his gut, sending him back.

"So long, suckers!" Shadow hits down the hammer with a ground splitting force with the energy coming straight at them.

"Everyone, get down!" Gray cried.

"Lucy!" Len went and grabs Lucy away and covers her with his body.


"Sherry!" Lyon went and grabs Sherry, the pink-haired girl sighs happily at the touch of her beloved.

"Rockiron Wall!" A sudden chant with the ground in front of them raised up in a huge wall, blocking the incoming energy blast, "Just made it…"

"Jura-sama!" Sherry cried happily.

"Amazing, Jura-san!" Eve commented.

"Thank you. You saved us." Hibiki thanked the bald mage.

"Man, thanks a bunch." Lucy sighed.

"Damn it…" Natsu grunted, "Let me at them!" But the dark guild is nowhere to be seen, "Ah?"

"They ran off." Gray stated.

"What the fuck?!"

"They totally got us…" Ren stated.

"They're too powerful!" Eve stated, "We couldn't even touch them!"

"Oracíon Seis…" Gray grunted, "What kind of monsters are they?"

"They are only seven of them, but they're even more powerful than the data we collected on them suggested!" Hibiki stated.

"And our plan to use Christina is…" Sherry stuttered.

"Yes… That woman who can peer into your heart says so." Jura stated, "She said that they knew everything about our plans."

"Ano… what about the people that were on board?" Lucy asked worriedly.

"You don't have to worry about that." Ren assures her.

"Christina was heading to its destination by remote control." Eve explained.

"After we found their base, we're supposed to board it, but…" Hibiki stated.

"I see! Thank goodness…"

"I am so glad that you're safe, Jura-san." Lyon stated.

"No… it was quite a close call." Jura stated.

"Then those wounds are…" Matt asked.

"A fearsome power it was…" Jura stated, "I have numbed the pain for now, thanks to Ichiya-dono's painkiller parfum."

The said man stood there in his awkward pose with several bruises all over his face, "Damn you, Oracíon Seis… How dare you run away just as we arrive!" Ichiya said, "We must have scared them off!"

"You're the one all beat up here!" Gray shouted.

"These injuries? They're nothing at all." Ichiya stated as he took out a test-tube, "Everyone, take a whiff of my painkiller parfum!" He pops the cock off and small green-colored mist surrounds them all, the feeling of pain from everyone disappears in the relief to the girls, but the nice mood has to be ruined by Ichiya's stupid poses and the Trimen changing how they addresses him to [Sensei].

"Damn those bastards…" Natsu growled, "How dare they take Wendy and Happy!" He stood up and ran off, "Where are you?! Where did you run off to?!"

"Natsu! Where are you going?-!" Lucy cried.

The fire dragon slayer was then pulled back via the scarf by the white cat, which somehow grew wings like Happy, "Sheesh… try calming down a little." Carla stated with her wings flapping.

"Wings?" Lyon stated.

"Definitely wings." Sherry concluded.

"The cat is flying." Ren stated.

"Amazing!" Eve commented.

"This magic is called Aera." Carla stated proudly, "Well, I suppose it's only natural to be surprised the first time you see it."

"You're coping Happy!" Natsu stated.

"Say what?!"

"Now who's the one being surprised?" Lucy sweat-dropped.

"That's true." Len laughed dryly.

"Anyway, I'm worried about Wendy and the male cat." Carla stated, "But these aren't people we can beat by randomly coming at them, right?"

"Carla-dono is right." Jura stated, "Our enemy is stronger than we anticipated."

"Men…" Ichiya agrees.

"And besides…" Carla gestures them to Erza, whose right shoulder is getting purple, the female mage grunting in intense pain, "Erza!" Gray cried.

"Hang in there!" Lucy cried.

"It's poison." Matt stated, "It's from the large snake used by that guy Cobra and its spreading fast."

"Ichiya-sama." Eve stated.

"I understand." Ichiya nodded, "For my Honey! Painkiller parfum! Augment Aroma!" He releases another wisps of green aroma from earlier.

"Wait… will painkiller help with poison?" Lucy asked worriedly.

"Senpai's parfum works not just as a painkiller, but it can cure poison as well." Hibiki stated.

"Wow!" Eve stated in awe.

However, the magic perfume is not working as the purple area on the knight's arm continues to spread, "Erza, you all right?" Gray asked worriedly.

"Doesn't it look like she's suffering even worse?" Natsu stated.

"O-Oya?" Ichiya said, embarrassed that his cool moment is ruined and confused on why his healing perfume is not working, "M-Men…?"

"T-This is…" Hibiki stated in shock.

"No… the painkiller parfum is not working!" Eve cried.

"Hang in there, Erza!" Natsu cried.

"What should we do?" Lucy asked worriedly.

"Lucy… sorry…"


"I'm borrowing your belt." Erza grabs the belt around Lucy's skirt, pulling off and the skirt drops off her hip showing her glory to everyone, the Trimen all looked in joy, "What are you looking at, perverts?-!" Len punches them away.

The scarlet haired mage wraps around her poison arm tightly, "What are you doing, Erza?" Lucy asked.

"Sorry, I couldn't fight like this." Erza stated. She took the leather around her arm and bites on it and stabs her sword down with her arm up, "Cut it off." Everyone all looked in shock.

"Don't be stupid!" Gray shouted.

"Please… someone…"

"Understood." Lyon takes the sword into his hands, "I will do it."

"Lyon-sama…" Sherry stuttered in shock.

"Don't, Lyon!"

"Do it!"


"L-Lyon… are you serious?" Lucy asked worriedly.

"We need her now more than ever." Lyon stated.


"Honestly, you Fairies are such weaklings!" Sherry stated angrily, "At this rate, Erza-san will die, you know!"

"What the heck do you know?!" Lucy shouted.

"Because this is… Lyon-sama's love as well."

"If you're going to do it, hurry!" Erza shouted, "Soon, the poison will spread throughout my entire body!"

"Stop it, Lyon!" Gray shouted.

"No! We cannot allow you to hurt the body of a lady!" Hibiki shouted.

"There must be some other way!" Eve shouted.

"This is Erza-dono's own will!" Jura stated.

"Here I go!" Lyon prepares to swing the blade in his hand. But then another blade hits the ground right next to Erza's poisoned arm, and that sword was Len's own White Day. The arm then starts to freeze up around the forearm, leading to Erza to hiss at the sudden numbness.

"There, that should do it." Len stated, "Don't worry, this is only temporary, so it won't become frostbite and break off. At least the poison would stop spreading temporary."

"Len…" Erza looks at him in shock, before she loses consciousness and fell flat on the ground.

"Erza!" Lucy and Natsu ran up to the collapsed Erza.

"Don't go cutting your own arm, Titania." Len tells her, "Even if you're a warrior, you're still a girl. At least look after your appearance more." He took back his blade as it vanishes back into its pocket dimension, "But this method is not good enough. If we were to save her life, we need to get an antidote for the poison as soon as possible."

"Even so, it's impossible to find an antidote in such a short span of time." Hibiki stated.

"Plus, I doubt that there's an antidote for the poison in the first place, considering that the man kills without a second thought." Matt stated.

"Wendy can save her." Carla tells them, they all looked at her shocked, "This is not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves. We'll work together, and save Wendy! And that male cat when we're at it."

"Wendy?" Eve asked, "That little girl has magic that can purify poison?"

"Impressive." Ren stated.

"No just poison." Carla stated, "She can cure fevers, stop pain, and heal injuries."

"W-Why do I feel like my identity is suddenly weakened…?" Ichiya paled.

"But I thought Healing Magic was a Lost Magic." Sherry stated, "Wasn't it lost to the ages?"

"Wait, could it have something to do with the Sky Priestess thing?" Lucy asked.

"Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer; the Sky Dragon Wendy."

Everyone all stared and pure shock, that a young girl like Wendy is actually a wizard that wields the magic to slay dragons.

"D-Dragon Slayer?-!" Natsu cried.

"The details can wait until later." Carla stated, "Actually, I won't tell you more anyway. What we need now is Wendy. Although, I don't know why they need Wendy as well."

"Which means…" Lyon stated.

"…there's only one thing to do." Hibiki stated.

"We will save Wendy-chan!" Eve declared.

"For Erza's sake." Gray stated.

"Happy too." Lucy stated.

"All right! Let's go!" Natsu shouted as they all cry out in a circle.

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