The DemonSlayer

Chapter 5: The Demon's Arm

They decided to split into groups in hope to find Wendy; Natsu, Gray and Carla in one, Lyon, Jura and Sherry in another, Ichiya, Ren and Eve in one as well; leaving Len, Matt, Lucy and Hibiki with the poisoned Erza. "Everyone… please hurry…" Lucy mumbles worriedly.

"Fretting about it won't help." Hibiki stated, "But there is something we can do."

"Something we can do?" Lucy asked.

The Archive keyboards and screen appears in front of them, "Those who are heading there, and those that remain. We're sort of a makeshift alliance, but unless we can function as a team, we can't beat them." Hibiki stated.

"Jura-san called that magic of yours Archive, right?" Lucy stated.

"Yes. I can track everyone's movements like this." Hibiki stated, "You're not going to go, Lucy?"

"I can't leave Erza behind, right?" She stated, "And besides, I'm the least useful in a fight."

"You're too modest." Hibiki stated, "I've heard the rumors. Like how you beat 19 3-metre tall gorillas… And during the battle with Phantom, you knocked out Master Jose barehanded! Or when you fought 1000 Dark Guild members alone at Acalypha!"

"My legend grows ever more ridiculous…" Lucy sighed.

"Pu~!" Her pet spirit, Plue, cooed.

"Speaking of which, aren't you going to go?" Lucy asked.

"I can't leave two women by themselves." Hibiki stated.

"And I can't leave that womanizer with you two." Len stated.

"I know you care, Len-niisan." Lucy smiled.

"Besides, my magic allows me to tell everyone where this place is." Hibiki stated, "Even if we save Wendy and Happy, there's no point unless they can return here."

"You've really thought this through." Lucy stated.

"I'm just practicing what Ichiya-sama taught me."

"Really? That good-for-nothing short man?" Len stated, "All the times I have met with him, he is always getting beaten to a pulp."

"Oh boy, this sword is long gone." Matt sighed as he looked on the broken sword whip in his hands, "Why do you always break them somehow?"

"It's a gift." Len joked.

"Not funny! Do you have any idea how long I take to create this?-!" Matt cried.

"Hey hey, I told you I was sorry." Len stated.

"Well, it was to be." Matt sighed, "Look like Ten Swords Len became Nine Swords Len. It's a good thing I finish that last night."

"That?" Len wondered.

"You know that super sword I've created just for you?"

"You finished it?-!" Len cried in joy.

"Yup, here, let me show you." Matt draws out a huge black leather box the size of a coffin of his height from the ground via magic. He unclasps the buckles and opens the lid, revealing a large two-handed sword with a broad katana blade with a black handle in the middle with a bike brake on its cross-guard, a black separate part with silver casing around it that rotates like a motorbike's handle, and a black marking of a demon's eye on the rain-guard.

"Ooh, nice~!" Len grabs the sword and turns the bike handle, the blade roars in an engine sound as it glows red for a moment.

"I call it the Motor Knight, with a mini Heater Engine in the guard that activates when you turn the handle, heating the blade to a temperature that melts crystals." Matt explains, "There's another function but you know what I meant."

"I know." Len stated, "Motor Knight, huh? Kind of plain, isn't it?"

"Who ask you?" Matt grumbles angrily, "But it sure is a shocker that Wendy is a dragon slayer, right?" Len looked away suspiciously whistling and sweating a little, "You know, didn't you?-!"

"I don't know what you're talking about…"

"Liar! You and I know you can't lie!"

"Say, Len-niisan," They turned to the blonde girl, "how did you meet Wendy?" Lucy asked curiously, "That girl seems to know you quite well."

"Hm… Well, how do I put this…?" Len thought for a while, "Let me see… I've met her when I was travelling around Fiore since I left home. It was lucky I've meet her and her companion. They were a good bunch and accompanied me as I travelled around. And then I've heard of Solien and decided to travel there to get stronger. That was the last time I saw and heard of them."

"I see." Lucy nodded, "So she's like an old travelling companion."

"Yup." Len nodded.

"Then who's her travelling companion?" Matt asked.

"It's a secret~!" He stated playfully with a small wink.

"Muu~~! Tell me already!" Lucy whined.

"Sorry, I don't think it is a good idea to tell you just yet." Len stated.

"Come on! Just a hint!"

"No way."

"Please~~~~! With sugar and cherry on top~!"

Matt sighed at the arguing siblings in front of him.

Xxx couple of minutes later xxx

Everyone all sat down, or lay down on the grassy ground, all waiting and some bored, "They're slow." Len stated, laying down on the grass.

"Well what did you expect?-!" Hibiki shouted, "We have no clue where their base is in the first place!"

"You should learn to be patient, Len-niisan…" Lucy tells her brother. She then turned to Erza, whose shoulder has thawed away and the poison has started to spread once more, "This is bad… the poison is spreading again…"

He got up, "Matt?" Len asked.


"Can't you send some spy bots or something to find Wendy faster, so we can tell the search teams?" Len asked, "Better yet, let them scout the perimeter as well."

"Ah~? But those are hard control~!" Matt whined, but then a sudden thought hits him, "What if I hook them up with Hibiki's Archive magic? That way, the information is automatically downloaded in and then playboy there can tell them via telepathy or something."

"I'm a playboy now…?" Hibiki's head drops.

"Let's do that." Matt claps his hands together, a silver magic circle appears under his feet, "Mech Magic: Spy Robo!" Gears and springs surrounds him as they formed ten round floating ball iron robots with propellers on their heads appears around him.

"Oh! Amazing!" Lucy cried in awe.

"Machine magic?" Hibiki stated, "Isn't that one of the Lost Magic?"

"To create automatons and other machinery from nothing, that's Matt's magic, Mech Magic." Len explained, "He is capable to create any kind of device as long as he has the blueprint and the right mental image, thus his title; the inventor mage, Steampunk Matt. The gun I'm using is created by him too."

"Go!" Matt sends them flying into the air in all directions, "There, they're off. I've linked them to the Archive so they should pick up any images and sends them back here."

True enough; ten new screens appear in the Archive, all of them from the sky to the forest below. He even saw Natsu leaping down into an abandoned town via an ice slide that was created by Gray's magic with Carla under his arms. "Is that Natsu?" Lucy asked.

"Matt, follow them." Len stated.


The robot moved closer to the ground, the screen showing Natsu and Carla running into the cave, "Matt, can't you add audio or something?"

"Well, it's still incomplete." Matt stated.

"Anyway, let's follow them in." Lucy stated.

"Not a good idea." Matt stated, "If it goes in, it can't send signals and video back."

"So you've not get rid of that bug, huh?" Len stated.

The robot waited outside, and then Matt's eyes widen as he places the robot higher and behind a rock, "What the hell are you doing, Matt?-!" Len shouted, "We can't see anything!"

"There's someone coming and it's powerful." Matt stated. But then the robot got destroyed by some kind of light and the screen turns to a static, "E-Eh? W-What the?"

"The robot got destroyed…" Lucy muttered.

"Now that's just great…" Len sighed.

They decide to look around with the other robots, but there's no sign of anyone besides the defeated dark guilds. They decided to leave them in patrol mode and waits for Hibiki to connect with anyone.


*Typing sounds*


*Sounds of gear clacking together*

*Sounds of something floating up from the ground*

*A robotic bark*

"Still nothing?" Len asked, him sitting on one of Matt's floating robots he poof out as a chair, Matt busy bringing out a canister of tea from a dog like robot with the words: [Storage Robot] on its side.

"Why are you two acted like you're on a picnic?" Lucy asked worriedly.

"Well, we have nothing to do yet, after all." Matt stated, pouring the green tea into four cubs, "Here, have some tea."

"You guys have no urgency whatsoever…" Lucy sweat-dropped.

But then Len got a chill down his spine as his intuition goes haywire screaming that someone dangerous has been released or revived back into the living world, leading him to shake uncontrollably, 'What is this feeling…? It's like… something is bad is going to happen… like…' A memory of a collapsing cave appears in his mind, with a girl falling to her doom, the young teen him reaching out for her crying and crying out her name, "Mei!" He clenched his fists in irritation, 'I won't let that happen, ever again…!'

"Oh, I've found Natsu." Hibiki stated.

"Eh? Honto?" Lucy stated excitedly, "Is Wendy with him?"

"Hang on, let me connect with him."

Xxx with Natsu xxx

The flaming idiot is running along with Wendy under his right arm and the two cats under his other arm. He is still pissed and annoyed that a certain man, Jellal, the traitor of the Magic Council and nearly killed Erza in an attempt to revive the black mage Zeref, was here of all places and he can't chase him until they met up with Lucy so Wendy can save Erza from the poison, "This sucks!" He shouted.

"Natsu-kun, can you hear me?"

"You're… who are you again?" Natsu asked.

"It's me. Hibiki, from Blue Pegasus." Hibiki tells him, "Thank goodness. I was getting worried after not being able to contact anyone."

"Oh? Then where are you?"

"Not so loud. One of the enemy has very good hearing. It's possible that he could intercept our conversation. That's why I'm speaking directly into your mind." Natsu already blanked out, "So, how's Wendy-chan and neko-kun?"

"Ah, they're here, although she's unconscious." Natsu tells him, "Ah, Happy's awake, though."

"I see… Thank goodness. Great job. I'm going to upload an app directly into your head that will guide you here. Neko-kun seems to have used too much magic and taken too much damage for me connect… Anyway, hurry back here."

"Sure. But what's with the apple? I don't get it." Natsu stated, before a loading bar appears above his head, filling up and the map is instantly in his head, "Oh!"

"Natsu, why have you been talking to yourself?" Happy asked.

"I don't quite get it, but I have some kind of apple…" He stated, "Wait! I totally know how to get to where Erza is! It's like I've known all along!"

"I don't have any apples in my head, though…"

Back with Hibiki, "Please hurry, Natsu-kun." He turns to Erza, the poison already spread to her entire right arm, "You have to hurry… there's not much time left…"

"Ne, how did you tell Natsu where we are?" Lucy asked.

"My magic, Archive, can compress information." Hibiki explained, "By compressing it, people can transfer information between each other quickly."

"I've never heard of such magic before…" Lucy stated.

"Using magic to convert information into data is a recent concept, you see." Hibiki stated.

"Oh… I see." Lucy sighed in relief, "Anyway, thank goodness Wendy is safe. Please hang on a little longer, Erza. I'll protect you until Natsu comes back, I promise!"

"Although it would be me protecting you again." Len stated, taking a sip of his tea, but then he smiled a little.

"Hey, what are you smiling about at a time like this?" Lucy scolded.

"Nothing." Len chuckled.


Matt secretly smiles.

Len sighed as he lies down on the grass with his eyebrows furrowed down, 'Damn that feeling still won't go away… Something is happening and I don't like it…'

"Is something wrong, Len?" Matt asked, "You have that face almost all the time."


"Grumpy, as usual…" Matt sighed, "Is your intuition saying something again?"


"Intuition?" Hibiki wondered.

"Now that you think about it, you and Matt-san did say something about nii-san's intuition never been wrong before." Lucy stated.

"Oh, you don't know?" Matt stated, "Len here has this amazing intuition and magic sense allowing him to somehow predict what might happen soon, usually bad. So far, none of his intuition hits have been wrong." He lowered his head, "None… at all…"

"Hm?" The two looked at him when he stated the last part of the sentence.

A shuffle in the grass startled them as they all turned to the moving bush before Natsu leaped out with Wendy, Happy and Carla under his arms, "We're here!" He declared with his usual goofy grin.

"Natsu!" Lucy cried in joy.

"How did this happen? Suddenly a map to this place pops into my head…"

"Anyway, hurry up and wake Wendy-chan." Hibiki stated.

"Ah, right." He nodded. He puts his cargo down and starts to shake Wendy back and forth violently, "Wake up, Wendy! Please, save Erza!"

"Calm down, Natsu!" Lucy cried.

"You're making it worse!" Len cried.

Wendy eventually opened her eyes, but then her brown orbs widen as she pushes Natsu back and crawled back before curling up with her hands on her head shaking scared, "I-I'm sorry! I… I…" She stuttered.

"Wendy…?" Len wondered why she is getting all timid all of the sudden.

"I don't care about that right now!" Natsu stated with a begging bow, the sky dragon slayer looked at him confused and shocked, "Erza has been bitten by a poisonous snake. Please save her, I'm begging you!"

"P-Poison?" Wendy looked at Erza, the purple area already spread to near her breasts, closing on her heart.

"We need Erza-san's strength to fight the Oracíon Seis." Hibiki explained.

"Please, save Erza!" Lucy begged.


"A-Ah…" Wendy looked around worriedly.

"Save her, Wendy." Len said, "We can't defeat those dark mages without her."

"Please, Wendy-san!" Matt begged.

"O-Of course!" Wendy agreed without hesitation, "Yes, I'll do it!"

Natsu looked up at her in joy, "Thank goodness…" Happy sighed in relief, still lying on the grass.

"How long are you going to be splayed out like that? It's unbecoming…" Carla sighed.


Wendy walked over to Erza's panting body and places her hands over her; a glow shines out of her palms and rains down on the scarlet-haired mage. The purple area on her arm slowly disappears as her face regains some color. Her panting has slowed down to a stop, "Finished…" Wendy sighed in relief wiping sweat from her forehead, "All of the poison is gone from Erza-san's body."

"A-And?" Lucy, Natsu and Happy all looked at Erza worriedly, as she is not moving and breathing and got all disappointed. Then, she starts to breathe normally again and they cheered in joy, "Lucy, high-five!" Natsu did a high-five with Lucy, the blonde later cried out in relief. Happy asked for a high-five by Carla, who reluctantly followed. "Wendy." He grinned; the girl confusingly did a high-five with him, "Thanks."

Wendy looked at him rather confused of his actions and spoke softly that Erza wouldn't wake up for a while but she is fine and well. Hibiki confirmed it and complimented on the wonder of Wendy's Sky Magic by being way too close to Erza's face, Len has to kick him away before it get worst and people starts getting the wrong idea.

"May I have a word?" Carla announced, "Please refrain from using Wendy's Sky Magic any more. As you see, it uses up a lot of Wendy's magic power."

"Don't worry about me!" Wendy tells them, "B-Besides… I-I…"

"After Erza-san wakes up, it's time to launch a counter-attack." Hibiki tells them.

"All right! Let's beat up those Oracíon Seis!" Lucy cheered.

"Yeah! We ain't going to let them have Nirvana!" Happy declared.

But then, the earth shook as a sudden light startles them, a pillar of black light shots up into the sky from the middle of the forest, with dark energy sprouting out of the forest and circling the blast of light, "A pillar of black light…" Wendy said in shock.

"C-Could it be…!" Carla cried.

"T-That's… Nirvana!" Hibiki cried, "I-Is that Nirvana?-!"

"So it was awakened by Oracíon Seis first?-!" Lucy cried.

Len's right hand pulsated; a huge pain runs up his arm cuts him like countless needles piercing his arm before pulling out and piercing it in again, "Power! More power!" a voice rang in his head. "Shut up…" Len grunted as he clutched his head in pain.

"That light…" Natsu growled, "Jellal is there!" Lucy's eyes widen in shock before the fire dragon slayer ran off towards the light.

"N-Natsu! W-What do you mean by Jellal?-!" Lucy cried.

"Jellal…?" Len stuttered.

"Jellal?" Matt wondered, "You mean that traitorous bastard that tricked the Council into firing Etherion or whatever?"

"I-It's all my fault…" Wendy stuttered.

"Anyway, we have to chase Natsu-kun as quickly as possible!" Hibiki stated.

"Did he say something about Jellal?" Lucy stated.

"I'll explain everything later!" Happy shouted, "We have to go after Natsu!"

"AAAAAHHHH!-!" Carla cried out, everyone turned to find why, "Erza is gone!"

"W-When did she…?" Matt grumbled.

"That woman… She didn't even thank Wendy!" The white cat complained.

"Erza… could it that she heard Jellal's name, and…" Happy stated.

"What should we do…" Wendy stuttered, shaking in guilt, "This is all my fault… It's because I healed Jellal that they found Nirvana… so Erza-san is… and Natsu-san is…" Hibiki suddenly blasts the girl away with his magic, knocking her out cold.

"O-Oi! What the hell are you doing?-!" Matt shouted.

The Blue Pegasus mage picks up Wendy onto his back, and he gestures them all to follow as he ran after Natsu, the rest all hesitantly followed, "Sorry about the fright. But all I did was knocked her out."

"But why? And why are we running?" Lucy asked.

"We're heading after Natsu-kun and Erza-san!" Hibiki tells her, "We'll head towards the light as well!"

"I'm not convinced." Carla stated with her flying right behind them with Happy, "I know Wendy's a whiner, but that's no reason to suddenly knock her out."

"That's right!" Happy agrees.

"I had no other choice." Hibiki tells them, "To tell you the truth… I know about the magic called 'Nirvana'." Everyone all gasped in shock, "But I couldn't tell anyone its true nature. This magic is very dangerous when you know about it consciously. That's why Ichiya-san and even Eve and Ren don't know. Only I was told by Master."

"What do you mean by that?" Len asked.

"It's an extremely fearsome magic. It switches light for darkness. That's Nirvana."


"…and darkness?" Happy and Carla asked.

"It switches them?" Lucy stated.

"That's the final stage." Hibiki stated, "When the seal is first removed, black light rises up. Just like that pillar of light. First there's the black light… The people between the light and the darkness switch to the opposite element. The people of the light who feel powerful negative emotion… falls into darkness."

"T-Then the reason you put Wendy to sleep was…" Carla realized.

"Guilt is a negative emotion, you see…" Hibiki stated, "At that rate, Wendy-chan might have fallen into the darkness."

"Wait a moment, what about anger?-!" Lucy cried, "Then Natsu's in trouble!"

"I can't really say. If that anger is for someone's sake, I wouldn't necessarily call it a negative emotion…" Hibiki stated.

"What should we do?-!" Happy cried, "I don't understand!"

"You're an idiot." Carla stated bluntly, "In other words, when the seal on Nirvana is lifted, those who are motivated by justice or evil have their personality switched, right?"

"That's why I kept silent about what it was." Hibiki stated, "When people are become focused on the good and evil of things, it gave rise to unimaginable negative emotions. 'If it wasn't for him…', 'Whose fault is it that I suffer like this?', 'Why is it always me?' those thoughts will all be judged by Nirvana."

"So if Nirvana fully activates, we'll all become bad guys?" Lucy stated.

"But in that case, wouldn't the people from the Dark Guilds turn into good guys?" Happy stated.

"I suppose that's possible. But the truly fearsome power of Nirvana lies in the ability to control it that way." Hibiki explained.


"For example, if we used Nirvana against a guild…"

"Allies would kill each other." Len finished, "Guilds will go into war for no apparent reason and no one can do a thing to stop it, right?"

"N-No way!" Lucy cried.

"Anyways, we have to stop that thing at all cost." Hibiki stated, "Otherwise, all the Light Guilds will be wiped out!"

"So basically, under that light, good and evil switched, right?" Lucy stated.

"What'll we do? If Natsu turns into that…" Happy and Lucy pictured Natsu with an opposite personality, but nothing much changes in their mind, "I think he might not be all that different…" Happy sweat-dropped.

"Guess good and evil don't really matter much to him." Carla stated.

"Anyway, we should to follow after Natsu-kun and Erza-san, and find some way to stop Nirvana!" Hibiki tells them. Len then notices a presence coming closer. He stops on his feet, "Is something the matter, Len?" Matt asked.

"You guys go on ahead." Len tells them.


"Looks like Oracíon Seis; I'll stay and kept him occupied."


"Hurry and go!" Lucy flinched at her brother's loud voice, since he barely raises his voice, even when they are children. Matt stared at him before sighing in defeat, "I understand. Let's go, Lucy-san."

"B-But Len-niisan…"

"He can handle it. Now come on!" Matt grabs her hands and pulls her back towards the others. "H-Hey! Let go of me!"

The group soon is out of sight, Len turns with his eyes narrowed seriously, "Come on out. I know you're there." A shadow rises from the ground and taking form of Satia, or Shadow as he preferred to be called, "Heheheheh, how long did you notice?" Shadow chuckled.

"My magic sense is really sensitive." Len stated.

"Magic sense?" Shadow wonders, "Oh yeah, you possesses the same ability as her, right? What was her name…? Layla Heartfilia, if I'm correct. Your mother, isn't it?" He chuckles some more, "Interesting, isn't it? Your sister is blessed with your mother's ability as a celestial mage and her magic abilities, while you are left with her heightened sense and a deformed right arm."

"What are you trying to say?" Len narrows his eyes.

"I'm just saying that fate is a cruel mistress." Shadow chuckled, twirling the hammer in his hand like a pen, "You're the older one so you should have most of her gifts, but it goes to your sister instead. A shame, isn't it?"

"It doesn't matter."


"Sometimes I did hate my fate, gaining only this arm and nothing else." Len stated, "But I wouldn't have it any other way. This arm is a burden to anyone who possesses it, and I'm glad it's mine."

"Ho oh…? How noble of you." Shadow chuckled, "But you should know, if I didn't want to fight you, those comrades of yours will die."

He drew out his new Motor Knight, "That's why," He turns the handle and its motor roars to life, "I'm going to defeat you!"

"Oh…? And how do you intend to do that?" Shadow asked.

Len said nothing before flashes behind Shadow with his sword ready and aimed at his neck, 'Fast!' He strikes down at him but then the dark mage blocks it with the hammer, but the head was cut clean off, leaving a only the handle. Shadow leaps back and discards the handle, 'What is that sword… it cuts through the artifact like it was nothing…'

"Is that all you got?" Len asked, appearing behind him and slashes down at him again. But this time, a black aura appears behind him, blocking him. The blonde leaps back with his sword ready, the grey-haired man turns smirking devilishly, "You're an interesting wizard, Len Heartfilia." He chuckled as a black magic circle with white outlines appears under him, "It's been a while since I've used my real power…" The black shadows under him wraps around his arms and legs, a black smoky coat appears and a huge upper section of a huge beast appears behind him, startling Len a little. "This is my magic, Shadow Puppeter."

"This magic gives me the power is to summon the shadows to be an extension of me, as well as enhance my own physical powers." Shadow explained, "To tell you the truth, I'm the strongest of the Oracíon Seis! There's no other mage that can match my power!"

"You talk all too much, don't you think…?" Len dead-panned at him, 'Just great… when I need my Templar gun but it has to run out of bullets since the last job…'

"Shut up! It's the atmosphere!" Shadow shouted, "Now die!" He leaps up above him as dark spikes extrudes from his arms and strikes down at the blonde. Len quickly dodge and roll out of the way, before the shadow user punches forward with the black puppet behind him punching forward, Len leaping away, 'So the puppet moves with his arms as well…' Len thought before he leaps back to dodge another puppet hit. The blonde strikes forward with his large sword, the shadow puppet raising its arms to block the attack easily. Shadow smirked as he pushes him back, 'Tough armor… looks like I need something else…'

"Change!" Len brought out a bright blue crystal claymore with green-blue handle and guard and a dark blue blade in his other hand, "Aérialie!" He slices down and cuts right through the shadow puppet's arms, before he turns the rider handle on the Motor Knight as the blade roars into a burst of red flames vibrating and motor running, "Motor Drive!" He slashes up with it, cutting right through Shadow, but then the figure degrades to a black shadow figure as it sinks into the ground, "A clone!"

"Hahahahaha, what's the matter? Can't find me?"

"You're a pain…" Len growled, 'Calm down, Len… you've dealt with opponents like this before… now think, where would he come out from…?' Just as he was thinking that, a black shadow emerges above him on the branch of the tree behind him, 'You're mine!' Shadow inwardly chuckled happily. He slams his fist down, the puppet's fist hitting straight at the blonde mage, hitting a crater in the ground, "Hahahaha! Crushed like an insect! That's what you get from defying one of the Balam Alliance!"

"As I thought." Len appears behind him. He stabs forward with his crystal sword, piercing through the shadow puppet and locking it into the ground. He slashes his other sword up, the motor roars to life as the blade cuts through his chest, leaving a bloodied scar in his chest, "Damn you!" He punches Len but he dodges it, somersaulting back a few times before landing kneeling, "It's over, Shadow." Len stated, "Without your puppet and that artifact, you're nothing."

"Hmph, I wonder about that." Shadow smirked. The shadow puppet pulls hard on the sword, but it is not budging from its locked place, "What?-!"

"Aérialie is the mythic sword of the wind goddess of the forest of Solien, the only forest found in the desert country, said to be able to cut through things without forms, like the wind and water." Len explained, "Your shadow included. Surrender, Shadow, you've no match to me now."

"Hmhmhmhm… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!-! Is that all you have to say…?" Shadow laughed, "Don't fuck with me!" His shadow unwraps around his arms and legs, forming a black orb hovering on his arm. He then bites into it, startling the blonde mage as the grey haired shadow mage continues to consume the black orb, before swallowing it all in one gulp. "Here it comes…" He chuckles as a huge magic circle appears above him as the ground shook. His body turns dark as it can get, his eyes became clear from any pupils and iris and his hands became claws, "Hahaha… power… so much… power…"

"You actually became one with the shadows?-!" Len cried.

"That's right! My power is now increased two, no, hundred times!" Shadow laughed, "I'll crush you, no, I'll destroy everything! That's right. With this power, we don't need Nirvana! I can destroy all the light guilds by myself, and then take over the Balam Alliance! Yes… That's right… I'll be the leader of the magic underworld…"

'He has lost his mind…!' Len thought.

"You're an obstacle! Disappear!"

Spikes and tendrils shots out of his body and stabbing everywhere, cutting down all the trees nearby forcing Len to leap back from all the spikes, but barely as some of his clothes got ripped a bit by the spikes and tendrils, "You idiot! To actually consume the shadows, that's taboo!" Len shouted as he dodges all the black tendrils, "You got to stop your magic now! Otherwise, your body will be destroyed!"

"Power! Such wondrous power!" Shadow shouted.

'It's no good… his mind is completely corrupted by his shadow magic…' Len thought worriedly, 'No choice…' He readies his Motor Knight, "Motor Drive!" He slashes his flaming sword down at the shadow man, but it goes right through, "What?-!" Shadow punches Len back and added a huge barrage of shadow fists at the side of his body, the blonde mage lands on the ground on kneeling a hand hugging his stomach in pain, "That hurts…"

"What's wrong?-! Did you want to cut me?" Shadow laughed, "Too bad! Since I'm now invincible!"

'Did his body turn into a shadow as well…?' Len thought as he gets up. "Not a chance!" Shadow sends another barrage of shadow punches straight at him, the blonde manages to block them with his blade, "Oi oi, what's the matter?-! My shadows too much for you?-!" Len grunted as he continues to block the barrage of shadows, "You're dead! Shadow Blade!" He strikes down; a crescent black wave flies straight at him.

Len stood frozen as the dark sword wave came straight at him and crashes him in an explosive result. Shadow stood there viewing his opponent in the smoke, "Hehehehehe… I win… HAHAHAHAHAHA, there's no chance for him in the first place!" He laughed, "Now… to kill off Brain and take control of Oracíon Seis–"

"Are you done?"

A sudden voice startles him. In the smoke, there stood Len all right, kneeling with his right knee touching the ground and his right arm still smoking but he is fine with almost no bruises, "Is that all you got right now?" Len asked.

"Y-You! You're still alive?-!" Shadow shouted, 'He took my attack straight on and he is all right?-!'

"I still can believe I have to take this out now…" Len sighed, the smoke surrounding his right arm dissipates, revealing a demonic arm with a blue glowing palm and fingers as well as red shell-like fragments around it like armor with gaps between every flexible joint, "Your luck just ran out."

'What is that arm?' Shadow thought cautiously, 'It doesn't even look human, let alone deformed…'

"It's over, Shadow." Len stated, "You have no chance against me now."

"Don't get cocky!" Shadow shouted, shadows bursting from around him, "Just because you got some freaky arm doesn't mean you would stand a chance! Shadow Break!" He released a huge amount of shadow all striking straight him, but then it was stopped as a huge astral hand grabs him, Len's right arm glowing, "W-What?-! I-Impossible. My astral form is being grabbed?-!"

"Let me tell you something, Shadow." Len stated, "You think your astral shadow body is invincible, but my arm specialized in those astral types, especially yours. This is another of my magic, my real magic. Slayer of demons, Demon Slayer."

"D-Demon Slayer?-!" Shadow shouted.

"My arm, Diablo, is the very essence of my magic, and is capable of consuming every magic you have till there's none left." Len explained, "You've sealed your fate once you did the taboo. Your life ends here." The astral arm tosses him into the air, "Red Demon's Fist." A huge red demonic arm came bursting out of his arm and crashes into Shadow, the form screams in shock as he disintegrates into ashes. The birds flew out of the forest as the arm slowly disappears into nothing. Len leans on the tree panting heavily, "I used too much magic at that…" He sighed as his arm changes into a simple black arm with black long fingernails.

He sat down leaning on the tree, "God damn it… To think I have to use my trump card on him…" He looks at his right arm. He clenches his fist, "Now… to head for that light…" He passed out from over using his magic.

Len grunted as he opened his eyes, but then notice Matt's eye too close for comfort, "Eh?"

"Oh, you're awake." The mech mage stated.

"Get away from me, bastard!" Len punches him away angrily, "What the hell are you trying to do, scare me to death?-! Don't tell me you became homo!"

"Oi! I'm just worried for you! And what do you mean homo?-! I'm god damn straight!"

"Then don't stick your face–" The blonde looked down on his arm, noticing the silver armor replacing his gauntlet, the silver gauntlet with a red jewel in the middle, "This is…" his outfit also changed to a grey jacket with white zip-line and cuffs that has yellow outlines over a black turtleneck shirt and black tight jeans with black boots with white sole, "What's with my clothes?"

"Oh, your previous clothes are shredded for some reason so I gave you another set." Matt explained as he took out a worn out metal gauntlet with a cog-wheel on the back, "Also, that gauntlet is toned to mix with your Diablo, so it wouldn't break like the leather version." He puts on the gauntlets, "Also, look over there." He pointed at the light, which has turned white.

"Wait… wasn't it black before?" Len stated.

"Originally, yes." Matt stated, "But it suddenly changed to white some time ago." Len's eyebrow frowned again, "As I though, it's not a good sign, is it?"

"We need to get to that light as soon as possible." Len stated, "There's a huge magic energy that Diablo been craving more and more on…"

"Ho…" Matt looked at him interested, "Magic that Diablo, the red demon of greed, craves? Then Nirvana is more dangerous than we thought."

"Let's go!"


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