The DemonSlayer

Chapter 7: Ice Dragon Slayer, the Truth of the Demon Slayer

Lucy and the girls all stood inside one of the tents, all changing out of their torn and dirty clothes, wearing some of the Nirvit's traditional dresses, "Ah~ So cute~!" Lucy cooed, her hair tied in a braid with a couple of accessories by the side. "I assure you, mine's much cuter." Sherry said arrogantly, tying her hair up in a ponytail.

"The whole community here is part of the guild, and fabric-making is something of a local specialty." Wendy stated.

"I see. So this is a style passed down among the Nirvit, right?" Lucy asked.

"Come to think of it, I suppose… Maybe that's right?"

"Of course… you weren't aware that the entire guild was made up of descendants of the Nirvit until yesterday." Sherry stated.

"Yes, since I just happened to joined from outside…"

Lucy then noticed Erza by the side sitting quietly, "Don't you want to try something, Erza?" She asked with a piece of fabric in her hands, "You'd look great!"

"Y-Yeah… I suppose…" The knight mage replied hesitantly. Lucy lowered down her hands, mentally slapping herself for that stupid action.

"Incidentally, Wendy, how long has Cait Shelter been a member of Guild Union?" Sherry asked, "Though it feels wrong to say it… I've never heard the name before this mission began."

"Now that I think about it… neither did I…" Lucy said, "Maybe Len-niisan may know…?"

"I-Is that right…" Wendy sighed dejectly, feeling a bit bad of the lack of reputation her guild has, "I guess our guild isn't that well-known…"

"Not that I care, but everyone's waiting for you." Carla stated.

Everyone all assembled in the middle of the town, all the members of the guild Cait Shelter stood in front of the rest of the Guild Alliance, all patched up and recovered; some even wearing the Nirvit's traditional clothes as well. "Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, and you Wendy and Carla;" The guild master, Roubaul, said, "Congratulations on defeating Oracíon Seis and stopping Nirvana. As the representative of the local Guild Union, I Roubaul, offer you my thanks. Nabula, thank you so much."

"You are most welcome! Master Roubaul!" Ichiya declared sparkling, taking center stage again, "Ah, the conflict with the Oracíon Seis was just one fierce battle after another! It was far from an easy task! Yet our bonds of comradeship ultimately led us to victory!"

"That's our sensei!" The trimen cheered on their mentor.

"He just loved stealing the spotlight." Gray sighed.

"Did he actually defeat anyone in the end?" Lucy wonders.

"You all did great." Jura said, patting on his comrades' shoulders.

"Jura-san…" Lyon was happy to gain acknowledgement from his guild's best mage.

"I'm just glad it's all over." Matt sighed.

"Me too." Sherry smiled.

"Yosh! I think this calls for a party!" Natsu declared.

"Aye sir!" Happy agrees.



"…Sparkling Star!"

"Sparkling Star!"





"What the hell are they doing…?" Len wondered about the Blue Pegasus' stupid dance.

"Party, huh?" Gray wonders, already stripping off his shirt.

"Stop stripping!" Lucy cried.

"Hahah…" Lyon chuckled, he too is half-naked.

"You too…"

"Hahahaha! Isn't this an energetic bunch!" Matt laughed.

"Now, friends of Cait Shelter! Will you join us!" Ichiya asked, his apprentice continue to dance, and Fairy Tail joined in except of Len. Wendy even tries to join in, but was greeted by an awkward silent. Everyone stopped dancing, looking at the members of Cait Shelter looking down.

An awkward wind blew by.

"My friends… I must sincerely apologize to you all for concealing the truth of the Nirvit Tribe." Roubaul apologized.

"You ruined the mood just for that?" Happy groaned.

"Seriously, we don't mind. Right, guys?" Natsu stated.

"Master, I don't mind." Wendy said.

Roubaul sighs, "Everyone… I ask that you listen carefully what I'm about to reveal. First of all, we are not the descendants of the Nirvit."

"We are the Nirvit. The man responsible for constructing Nirvana four hundred years ago, was I."

"W-What?-!" Lyon cried.

"N-No way…" Lucy stuttered.

"Four hundred…?-!" Happy cried.

Len closed his eyes in understanding, but Wendy was shaking in shock of the revelations.

"Four hundred years ago… in hope of putting an end to the war that ravaged the world, the created the ultimate reversal magic, Nirvana." Rauboul explained, "Nirvana became our home and nation, a symbol of peace for many long years. But such great power will always find itself opposed by another. For all the darkness it had turned to light, Nirvana has taken more and more [Darkness] upon itself. It's a matter of balance. It was simply impossible to simply change people's nature from darkness into light. Where darkness is born, so must be light, and where light is born, so it darkness."

"Now that you mention it, it does make sense…" Gray muttered, remembering the changes to Sherry and the ex-Oracion Seis.

"The darkness that had been lost from the targets of Nirvana came to settle upon the Nirvit themselves." Rauboul said, "It was hell. We nearly fought ourselves to extinction. I was the only one to survive." That came to a shock to everyone, except Len, "No, I suppose even that is no longer quite accurate… even my own body has perished many years ago, and I am nothing more than a spirit. In order to atone for my sins, and in order to find one with the power I have not, who might destroy Nirvana in my stead, I have watched this place for four hundred years."

"And now… my task is finally over."

One by one, the members of Cait Shelter disappears in a flash of light, "W-What is this?-! Magnal! Pepel! Why are you?-!" Wendy cried.

"What's going on here? They're all vanishing!" Hibiki cried.

"You can't… you can't just disappear!"

"I apologized for deceiving you all this time, Wendy…" Rauboul said with a sad smile, "All the members of this guild… were but an illusion I created."

"WWWWWHHHHAAAA?-!" Natsu cried.

"Illusions with their own personalities?-!" Lyon cried.

"What frightening magic power…" Jura said in shock.

"You knew about it all along, didn't you, Len?" Matt asked.

"It's not my right to tell her the truth." Len stated, "And… I didn't want to shatter her heart."

"In order to watch over Nirvana, I lived alone in this ruins." The spirit explained, "But, seven years ago, a boy appears before me, asking me to take care of a young girl in his hands, you Wendy. Taken aback by his clear and earnest eyes, I couldn't refuse. Even though I've swore to live in solitary…"

"Oji-san… where am I?" A young Wendy asked.

"T-This is…" Rauboul stuttered hesitantly, wondering if he should tell her the truth.

"Jellal… he and Len-san said they were going take me to a guild…" Wendy sobbed.

"T-This is a guild!" The old spirit declared, "A wonderful mage guild!"

"Really?-!" the young girl asked in joy.

"Nabula! Come on, let's go! Everyone is waiting for you."

"And so, I created a guild of illusionary companions." Rauboul said.

"An entire guild, created for Wendy's sake…!" Lucy stuttered in shock.

"NO! I don't want to hear it! Busk… Naoki… you can't all disappear!" Wendy cried.

"Wendy, Carla. You have no need for illusionary comrades." Rauboul smiled, pointing to the people that assisted and fought hand-in-hand with her, "For you have found yourselves true comrades." He gave her one last smile, as his form starts to vanish, the air dragon slayer having tears falling down the side of her cheeks, "Your future awaits, Wendy. It is only just beginning."

"MASTER!" Wendy ran to grab her remaining family, only to slip right through, the light vanishes into the sky, "Everyone, thank you. Please take care of Wendy and Carla." The guild symbol on Wendy's arm starts to disappear, for the guild never existed, "MMMMAAAAAAASSSSSSSSTTTEEEEEE ERRRRRRRR!-!" The girl's cries echoes throughout the valley, tears flow down her face like waterfalls, everyone all looked at her with mixed of shock and pity. Len was feeling guilty of hiding it all this time, walked up behind her and wraps his arms around her, "I'm sorry… I'm really am. It's always sad to part with your love ones, but you have friends to share that pain."

The young girl turned to face him, the blonde mage gave her a big grin, "Come with me, with us, to Fairy Tail."

All of Fairy Tail are now sitting on board a boat heading for harbor of Hargeon so they can catch a train to Magnolia. Also, the boat also originated from Solien as a two-way transport, commented by Len since it was the same boat he was on to travel back to Fiore two years ago. Normally, Natsu would be hanging by the railing sick to the stomach, but he is now walking around freely, "Hehehe… the breeze of the sea is really comfortable…" Natsu sighs in tranquility, "Transportation is really great!"

"Ah, Troia's effect to going to wear off." Wendy mentioned, leading to a once again motion-sick Natsu, who groaned and pleaded Wendy to use Troia again, but was declined as continuously using it would just lower the effects.

"So Wendy and Carla are really going to join Fairy Tail?" Happy asked excitedly.

"I'm only going because Wendy said she's going." The white cat stated.

"I'm really looking forward to joining Fairy Tail!" Wendy said excitedly.

Len smiled as he sat quite far from them, looking over to the horizon. All the mages in the Alliance have all returned to their respective guilds. Ichiya, Eve and Hibiki all went back to Blue Pegasus, they even invited them to join them if they have time. Jura, Lyon and Matt also returned to Lamia Scale, the mech mage telling the gun-sword mage not to break any of his weapons again and to call him if he needs any mechanic work, for a price since they are of different guilds now.

But then the most interesting thing happened as Sherry and Ren seems to have fallen for each other, both of them acting all Tsun-tsun with each other, much to their surprise, more to Matt since he would have a new thing to tease Sherry about.

Also, Lucy has gained three new keys from Angel, the scorpion Scorpio, the twins spirit Gemini and the lamb Aries.

'Things are so peaceful…'

"Lady, are you alright?" A random sailor asked a young girl of Len's and Lucy's age, she has snowy-white hair that reaches down to her hip and sharp silver eyes, wearing a white jacket over black tube-shirt along with a white mini-skirt and black boots with chrome-plated dragon heads on its sides, a brown leather bag slung over her shoulders. The girl was swaying back and forth sickly like Natsu before throwing up off the side of the ship.

"I-I'm fine… this happens a lot…" She muttered sickly, "Damn, if weren't for him, I wouldn't even got on this stupid boat… Can't everyone just fly instead of making this stupid torture machine?"

"Come on, you know not everyone is like me." A squeaky voice said.

"E-Even so…" She then noticed the Fairy Tail mages, their symbol proudly out in the sun, "A-AGH! Looks like I was lucky." She walks over to them, "Excuse me…" They all turned to the girl, Natsu hardly turns his head, "You're Fairy Tail mages… right…" She collapses in front of them, "AH! You all right?-!" Lucy cried.

"I'm… fine…" The girl grumbled, her cheeks swelling up and threatens to vomit out.

"It's another Natsu." Happy stated.

"Wendy, cast Troia on her." Erza commanded.

"O-Okay." Wendy walked up to the girl, bringing her shining hands around her head, "Troia." The girl opened up her eyes, a bit shock at first before leaping around, "Oh! This is cool. You're a dragon slayer as well?"

"As well?" Wendy wonders.

"Who are you guys talking to?" Len asked, walking back to his group, then saw the girl, "M-MAYA?-!"

"LEN!" the girl, now identified as Maya shrieked.

"Eh? You know her?" Erza asked.

"You actually joined Fairy Tail?" Maya asked.

"I told you I would, right?" Len said.

"Excuse me, I've asked you a question." Erza asked again.

"But what are you doing here? Better yet, on a boat?"

"It's the only way to Fiore!"

"I thought you're going to freeze the sea over and hike there."

"LISTEN TO ME!-!" Erza shouted, losing her patience of being ignored; everyone all stepped back from her a bit, except Maya, "Now then, what's your name?"

"Oh me? I'm Maya Forcean." Maya introduced herself.

"Maya, is it?" Erza said.

"You're almost as worst as flame-idiot there." Gray commented, gesturing to the fallen fire dragon slayer, who groaned something ineligible.

"Well, it's a common thing among our kind." Maya commented.

"Our kind?"

"She is an Ice Dragon Slayer." Len tells them.

"Dragon Slayer?-!"

"Well, it can be quite a shock, but I don't get what the big fuss is about." She said. But then, something moved in her bag, alerting everyone as she opens it; a small white lizard with wings with horn-like crown on its head came out panting, "God damn it! Maya! Don't cover your bag that tight! I nearly died of lack of air!" It shouted.

"Sorry about that, Miki." Maya apologized, "But I wouldn't be able to get on the boat if they saw you."

"A talking lizard!" Everyone cried.

"No, it's not a lizard." Wendy said, "It's a small dragon!"

"A dragon?-!"

"Hey there, Miki!" Len greeted, "Nice to see you again!"

"Ah! Len! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?" Miki laughed.

"Aren't you shocked, Len-niisan?" Lucy asked.

"Well, she has been around Maya for almost all her life, so not really." Len stated as Miki climbs up to Maya's shoulder, "She's one of the dragon-like creatures we can find in Solien."

"So this is a dragon…" Gray said curiously, "I thought they would be more fearsome.

"Technically, Miki isn't a dragon." Maya stated, "She's a Winged Cold Lizard."

"Nice to meet you, Fairy Tail!" The lizard greeted.

"Ah… Nice to meet you…" Lucy greeted awkwardly.

"Another Dragon Slayer… huh?" Erza said.

"Ah! That's right!" Maya remembers, "I wanted to join Fairy Tail and I was wondering if you can help me get in."

"Sure." Erza said, "Since you're a good friend of Len, I guess it would be alright."

"Just don't freeze everyone." Len stated.

"I don't do that!"

"And Because of this, I invited Wendy and Carla into Fairy Tail." Erza explained, "Another is Maya, a friend of Len and wanted to join Fairy Tail."

"Nice to meet you!" Wendy greeted with a polite bow, Maya bowed as well with Miki on her shoulder.

"So cute!"

"Another Happy too!"

"Oh! She is hot!"

"Kya! The lizard on her shoulder is so cute~!"

"How old are you?"

"Welcome back, everyone." Mirajane greeted.

"Master." Erza stated.

"Yeah." Makarov said, "You did well. This way, this area is going to be peaceful for a while. And of course, I welcome Wendy and Carla."

"You came back, Lu-chan!" Levy cried as she hugged her best friend.

"Juvia… is so worried about Gray-sama… that Juvia's tears have become the rain…" Juvia sobbed, the entire area flooded instantly, nearly drowning almost every member in the room, Gray included. Len chuckled as the usual chaos of Fairy Tail, feeling the sense of coming home, something he hasn't felt in a while. Maya too giggled a little, a bit startled but loved the chaos it gives.

"Then, a giant serpent flew into the sky!" Natsu stated to Elfman and random guild member.

"How can a snake fly?" Elfman asked, "It's not even a Man!"


"Carla is the same species as Happy, right?" Mirajane stated, "What kind of magic does Wendy and Maya uses?"

"Carla! It's Mirajane-san!" Wendy said in awe, "The real Mirajane-san!"

"So she's Mirajane…" Maya said, "Sure is different from the magazines."

"Wait! Don't compare me with that he-cat!" Carla shouted annoyed.

"I-I…" Wendy said shyly, digging her toes into the floor, "I use… Sky Magic… I'm a Sky Dragon Slayer." Everyone all stopped what they're doing and stared at the girl in shock, before crying out in shock, "By the way, I'm an Ice Dragon Slayer." Maya added.


"A-Ah…" Wendy looked around at their shocked faces, 'Is it that unbelievable…?'



"A dragon slayer!"


"The same as Natsu!"

"Counting Gajeel, this guild has four Dragon Slayers!"

"What a rare magic!"

"This is definitely not what I expected." Maya said in shock.

"Well, this guild is strong but also kind." Len stated, "Their bonds are as close as an actual family, although that is what I thought of the guild in the first place, a family…"

"Family… huh?" Maya said, remembering her adopted mom, "Freeztia…"

"Let's go, everyone!" Makarov announced, "For our new members, LET'S PARTY!-!"


"A Welcome Party for Wendy and Carla!"

"Let's mess it all up!"

"Mira-chan! Beer!"

"Got it!"

"Did you have someone else, Gray-sama?"

"W-What is with that saying?-!"

"OOOOOHHH!-! I'm all fired up!"

"Kya! My clothes!"

"Okay, this is awkward…"

"Who cares, it's a party!"

"Carla, want my fish?"

"No thanks."

Little did they know, Mystogan was there, looking down at the new members, primarily Wendy before disappearing in a wisp of mist.

A couple of days have passed and Len was walking along the forest with Makarov, "So tell me again why I'm here." Len stated.

"Erza told me about what happened on Nirvana, and your arm's condition." The Fairy Tail Master stated, "I know a friend of mine who specialized in this kind of illnesses and may find a cause for it. After all, we can't have you feasting on the girls of our guild, Demon Slayer."

"So you know?" Len stated.

"Well, after Erza's explanation, the pieces just connected." Makarov stated, "Demon Slayer magic, one of the Lost Magic that not even the Magic Council knows. If used by the wrong people, there's no telling what it's capable of."

"I do…" Len muttered.

"Well, we're here."

They stopped in front of a rather large tree with some windows around it and a door with some steps leading to it, "A tree…" Len muttered, as the two walked up to the door, "Porlyusica! I have a patient for you!" A few minutes later, the door opened to see a pink-haired middle-aged lady in a red coat, her eyes looking sharp as if she hates the world around her. That woman is Porlyusica, advisor of Fairy Tail and the local 'witch doctor' of Magnolia.

"What do you want, Makarov?" The old lady sighed, "You know I have no interest in any of your stupid problems."

"Just take a look at him, alright?" The old mage sighed, "Besides, you might find it rather interesting."

The old witch looked at Len's right arm, still under the armor. The blonde noticed her glare and looked at it, "Oh, sorry." He removed the armor with a bright light, revealing his black monstrous right arm. "T-This is…" Porlyusica muttered in shock, "H-His arm…"

"It's horrible, isn't it?" Len stated, "This arm is what set me and Lucy apart…"

"You're a Demon Slayer?"


"Now you know why I need your help, Porlyusica." Makarov stated, "If we left this unattended, he might end up doing who-knows-what to all the members."

"May I ask, what is the demon that resides in that arm?" The witch doctor asked.

"Diablo. The Red Demon of Greed, Diablo." Len explained.

"One of the Seven, too…" Porlyusica said in shock, "Very well, I'll try to help out as much as I can." She invited the blonde mage back into her little home, the room filled with cabinets of weird fluids in bottles and other strange plants or animal parts. Except for those, it's pretty normal. There's a small study desk with some notes and a ink bottle and feather pen, even a cabinet filled with books by a small bed. She asked Len to sit on the bed as she went to search for something in the books, "So… what's your relationship to that old master?" Len asked, "You two seem really close, ex-lovers?"

"You think too much, just like everyone in that guild." Porlyusica mutters. She then found what she was looking for, "There we go… Now all I need is…" She walks over to the cabinet and took some vials and small flasks of roots-like plants and other weird plants. She puts all the dry ingredients in a grinding bowl, "Hold on, I'll have it ready soon as possible. By the way, how did you come across that arm of yours?"

"I was born with it." Len stated, "My arm has been like this since birth, I only found out that it is a Demon Slayer arm when I went to Solien to train."

"Oh… So you were a Solien Gladiator?" Porlyusica stated, "Haven't seen one since Dante."

"Dante? You mean Dante Vestor?" Len asked.

"Hm? You know him?"

"Well, I did. He was my mentor for the Demon Slayer Arts." Len stated.

"Your mentor?" Porlyusica said in shock, "That Dante is your mentor?"

"Yup. Is there a problem with it?" Len asked.

"Well, considering the fact that he hates taking disciples…"

"Wait, he hates taking disciples?" Len stated confused, "He seems rather eager to train me when he saw my fight…" He then remembered, "Maybe… because that was the fight that I lost control…?"

"Ah… I see…" She realized, "Dante was the kind of person who can't stand people who has potential but doesn't control it. He probably ticked off about your lack of control."

"Huh?-! That's it?-!"

"Done." Porlyusica presented him with a bottle of red pills, "These pills are to prevent your demon from overpowering you. If it work for Dante, it'll work for you."

"Thanks…" Len took the bottle. He popped a pill into his mouth, and instantly, he felt his right arm feeling lighter, "It really works! Thanks, Porlyusica-san."

"No problem. Now…" She took a broom and hits him out the door, "Get out of my house! I don't like humans around here!"

"Well, technically, I'm a half…"

"Get out!"

"HAI!" Len ran off back towards the guild.

Len just arrived back at the guild, after another solo mission in the west. After taking on an entire bandits' base, he is exhausted. He has changed to a different outfit than the previous two times, with a new wardrobe courtesy of his sister and Maya, who is staying at the girls' dorm, Fairy Hills, which apparently IS on a hilltop. The blonde Demon Slayer is wearing black jacket with white cuffs and white collar over a white hoodie, a lone black fingerless glove on his left hand and the armor by Matt on his right arm, along with gray pants and grey combat boots.

Due to the destruction of his chain sword, Motor Knight was slung on his back, favoring his left side instead of his right, in a red sheathe. He cracks his shoulder joints a little, dead tired, 'Damn bandits… If this was Solien, they wouldn't have survived, with the survival of the fittest rule there…'

"Oh, Len-san, back from a job?" Wendy asked, her cat nearby drinking a cup of tea with Maya and Lucy. The little dragon slayer has joined the girls' dorm sharing a room with Maya, something about the Ice Dragon Slayer wanting the company of another dragon slayer. Ever since she joined, she and him has a sort of a little-sister-big-brother relationship like him and Lucy. There were times Lucy was a bit jealous of the time her brother spends with her, but she just brushed it off as Wendy was a lot younger and the two are travel companions before.

"Yup, did you get used to this guild?" Len asked.

"I'm glad that there is a girls' dorm here." Wendy stated, "And Maya-san has been keeping me company."

"It's great to stay with another girl after all those time." Maya said in joy, "That, and this girl is sooooo cute~!" She cuddled the little girl in her arms, "I always wanted a little sister!"

"I-I also wanted a big sister, Maya-san…"

"Puu~ Why are you formal?" The ice Dragon Slayer pouted.

"Come of think of it, why didn't you stay there, Lucy?" Len asked, "I doubt you would have the problem of Natsu barging in uninvited all the time if you stay there."

"I only learnt about it recently…" Lucy sobbed, "Also, the rent for it was ten million Jewels… If I move in, I doubt I would have enough money for food…"

"Well, you can take some jobs with me some times." Len stated, "The jobs I took are usually rewarded around seven digits."

"Thanks, that would be great!" She cried happily.

"Although, the danger level is pretty high." He added, "You could die."

"I take that back!"

"Big news!" A random member shouted.

The bell of the cathedral sudden rang, alerting all the members in the guild, "The bell?" Len wonders.

"What is that?" Lucy cried.

"This bell ringing method is…!" Natsu cried, standing up from where he was sitting, "Aye!" Happy cried in joy.

"Oh!" Elfman cried out in joy.

"Don't tell me!" Gray cried. Juvia too was confused.

"Gildarts have returned!" The fire dragon slayer shouted.

The entire guild house shouted out in joy, some started partying and leaping around, "Gildarts?" Wendy wonders.

"I've never seen him before." Lucy stated, "But they say he's the strongest wizard in Fairy Tail."


"Well, strong or not, I would love to meet him." Len stated.

"Same here!" Maya stated.

"Whatever it is, why is there such a big ruckus?-!" The stellar mage cried, the entire guild is indeed creating quite a commotion. Almost every member were cheering, getting drunk on beer, dancing, almost anything you can do in a party. "It's like a festival, Carla." Wendy said in awe. "This is really a festive guild." Carla stated.

"It can't be helped that everyone was so excited." Mirajane stated, "After all, it's been three years since we last saw him."

"THREE YEARS?-!" Lucy cried, "What has he been doing all this time?-!"

"It's a job request." Mirajane explained, "As you know, above normal ranked mission is S-rank quests. Above that is SS-rank quests. And even above that, there are mission called Ten-Years quests, because no one is able to complete them within ten years. What Gildarts took is even above that: a Hundred-Year quest."

"H-Hundred-Year quests?-!" Len cried, "You mean this quest has been going on for a century?-!"

"What kind of mission is that?-!" Lucy cried.

Outside they can hear people shouting and the loud speakers shouting out to prepare for something called the 'Gildarts Shift'. "Whoever he is, they sure are overreacting." Carla stated, referring to the people outside.

"What is Magnolia's Gildarts Shift?" Lucy asked.

"Go outside and you'll see." Mirajane tells them. They looked outside, seeing on the areas around the town starts to move as they splits into two platforms and raised up from the ground, moving and splitting the entire town in half and leaving a single pathway towards the guild house, "EEEEHHHHH?-!" Lucy cried, "N-No way! The town has been divided!"

"Okay, isn't this over the top for just one guy?" Len asked.

"Gildarts uses Crash Magic, so when he's not careful, he accidentally walks right through and destroyed several privates houses." Mirajane explained.

"How can he be this stupid?-!" Lucy cried.

"So they restructured the entire town just for this guy?" Maya stated.

"Isn't really amazing, Carla?-!" Wendy said in awe.

"Yeah… Amazingly stupid…" The cat stated.

A lone figure walks towards them, "Here he is!" Natsu cried. All the members all stood by the front entrance, all awaiting the strongest mage. By the front gate, stood burly slightly tanned middle-aged man with caramel brown hair combed backwards with squinted dark eyes and a short beard around his chin, wearing a ragged black cloak with two dirty yellow armor plates by the shoulders and metallic boots.

That man is Glidarts Clive, Fairy Tail strongest S-class mage.

The said man looked around curious and confused at the same time, sighing a little, "Glidarts! Fight with me!" Natsu declared.

"That's the first thing you say?-!" Elfman cried.

"Welcome back, Gildarts." Mirajane greeted.

"So this man is Gildarts…" Lucy said in awe.

"He definitely has a presence…" Len stated, Maya nodded agreeing to him.

"Hm?" He looked at Mirajane, "Miss, I'm pretty sure there's a guild called Fairy Tail around here. Where is it?"

"It's here, Gildarts." Mirajane said calmly, "It's me, Mirajane."

"Mira?" He looked a little closer, noticing the resemblance, "Oh! Mira! You looked so different! And the guild has been renovated!" He cried.

"So he didn't recognize it by its appearance…" Lucy sweat-dropped.

"Well, three years is quite a long time." Len stated, "Besides, the last time I saw you, your chest was an ironing board."

"That's rude!" Lucy cried wrapping her arms around her chest.

"Gildarts!" Natsu shouted as he ran towards the man.

"Oh, Natsu!" Gildarts greeted, "Long time no see!"

"I said, Fight with me!" The fire dragon slayer rushed forward with a flaming fist, the man laughed as he grabbed him and spins him and sends him crashing into the ceiling, "Maybe next time." Gildarts laughed.

"Wow!" Len stated in shock.

"As I thought!" Natsu chuckled his eyes sparkling in awe, "You're still strong!"

"You haven't change at all, old man." Gray said.

"You're a real Man!" Elfman said in awe.

"Well, there are some faces that I've never seen before and some that changed…" Gildarts laughed, "This place sure has changed a lot."

"Gildarts." Makarov greeted.

"Oh! Master!" Gildarts greeted, "Long time no see!"

"How was the mission?"

"Hahahahahaha~!" Gildarts laughed, the dwarf-sized Guild Master sighed, "No use. I'm not good enough for that yet."


"It can't be!"

"Gildarts… Failed a quest?-!"

'Even the strongest mage of Fairy Tail can't do it…' Lucy thought in shock, 'What on earth is this Hundred-Year quest?-!'

"I see… not even you can do it…" Makarov sighed.

"Sorry for leaving a stain on your name, Master." He apologized.

"No, it's okay." Makarov stated, "I'm just glad that you made it back alive. As far as I know, you're the first to come back at all."

"Whoa, that's something." Len muttered.

"I'm going home to rest." The man sighed as he turned around and walked away, "Man, am I tired… Natsu, come by my place later. I've got something to show you." He walked towards the wall, "Well then, later." The wall glowed as it broke a hole in it and he walks right through it without thinking.

"Use the door!"

"Okay, dumb, yet strong." Len stated, "Those two things definitely don't go well together."

"That's true." Maya giggled.

"Don't." Erza stated, "The Hundred-Year quest is still too early for you."

"Do I looked excited?-!" Lucy cried.

"That goes to you too, Len."

"I'm not interested in those kinds of things." Len tells her with a deadpanned face.

"By the way," Erza asked, pointing at his arm, "Is your arm okay?"

Len moved his lower arm behind his back by reflex, "Y-Yeah… I-It's fine…"

"Do you need to suck on me again?"

"Can we don't discuss with that right now?-!" Len cried.

"What do you mean by suck, Len-niisan?" Lucy asked.

"A-Ah… that's… err…"

"You did that to her?-!" Maya cried, "What did you do that caused your Demonic power to drain that much?-!"

"I-It's a long story…"

'That stupid Maya!'

"Demonic?" That caught everyone's attention.

"What do you mean demon?" Gray asked.

"A-Ah… T-The thing is…"

"Len's a Demon Slayer." Maya stated.


"Demon… Slayer…?" Lucy stated.

"What is that?" Elfman asked.


"A magic that uses the assimilated demon inside him." Maya answered.

"MAYA!" Len shouted.

"Demon…" Lucy stuttered, "Inside of him…?"

"Now that I think about it…" Erza muttered, remembering Len's final blow on Midnight and his words before he passed out, "You're a Demon Slayer?"

"There's no point hiding it anymore, Len." Makarov tells him.


"Listen up, all of you." The old Master stated, "What I'm about to say is important so listen closely." He paused to consider what's the best way to explain it, "Len's magic, Demon Slayer, is one of the Lost Magic, equal in destructive ability as a Dragon Slayer, but far more sinister. Records of it were almost all gone, for it was too dangerous to even know about it. Only those within the Ten Wizard Saints know of it. That magic, as stated, is the magic to assimilate demons inside the mage and utilize its power."

"It was a magic created for very the purpose of standing up to Zeref."

"Zeref?-!" Erza cried, "The Black Mage, Zeref?-!"

"Back then, Zeref has created countless of demon to do his bidding, so the people thought of using them against him." Makarov continued, "However, it came with a terrible price. Those who used them are soon consumed by the demons within them and died along with the demon. Within those who succeeded in assimilating them, there are seven that stood at the top, all reflecting on the seven sins: Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, Sloth and Pride. What Len has possessed is the Red Demon of Greed, Diablo."

"One of the top seven?-!" Gray cried.

"Demon Slayer was thought to be extinct when Zeref was defeated years ago, but the seven are the only demons that can't die, stuck in an eternal turmoil of passing on and on to different people in different generations." Makarov stated, "There were some reports of wielders of Demon Slayer is some Dark Guilds, but none of them are part of the seven."

"Then, why does Len-niisan possesses it?" Lucy asked worriedly, not wanting her brother to share the same fate.

"He told me that he was born with it."

"Born with it?" Erza asked.

"Well, those are rare cases, but there are mages who possesses the right gene for the seven to assimilate in." Makarov explained, "Len is one of them. Since Lucy possessed the same blood, her too."

"Wait, so Lucy has the potential to become a Demon Slayer?-!" Gray cried.

"That's messed up!" Elfman shouted, "That's not a Man!"

"The reason Diablo chose me is because I'm not like Lucy." Len explained, "Unlike her, I possessed quite a small amount of magic power. The best I can do is summoned out my swords. My gun uses a separate magic terminal so it's not linked."

"You're actually very weak?" Erza stated.

"That's correct." Len stated, "To be honest, I probably don't have the ability to become a mage in the first place."

"What are you talking about?" Cana sighed, "We all saw you finish off Bickslow no problem. Sure you possess quite small magic energy, but your skills make up for it."

"That's right." Gray stated.

"You're the Man!" Elfman stated.

"I-I see… T-Thanks…" Len muttered, tears threatened to fall from his eyes.

"Come on now!" Maya laughed heartily as she patted him on back, "You're Ten Blades Len, aren't you?"

"You know I don't really like that title." Len stated.

"Come on, it suits you!" Maya stated, "Way better than Devil Arm Len!"

"What did I say about mentioning that…?"

"Sorry, slip of a tongue." Maya chuckled.

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