The DemonSlayer

Chapter 8: Edolas

In the small apartment near the river, the lone room stood empty as the sun rays penetrates the windows passing the white curtains that decorate them. The tenant of this lone single-room apartment is stirred under his warm quilt blanket as he got up, his blonde hair messier than usual and his eyes still closed from drowsiness. He placed a pot of water on the stove as he changed out of his pajamas which consists of a white shirt and gray sweatpants and enters the shower, yawning all the way.

The tap was turned on as lukewarm water sprinkles on his tired skin, instantly waking him up. He rubbed his hands along his hair, his black demon arm visible within the mist bas well as his slim yet well-built body, as well as a notable large sword scar that sticks on his back reaching from right shoulder to his left abdomen. "Ah… this feels great… nothing like a hot shower in the morning…" Len moaned. He then recalled the event a week ago. Thanks to Maya, everyone now knows that he is a Demon Slayer, but they all seems to accept him as he is, 'I originally want to keep my abilities a secret, but now…'

He turned the tap off as he walked out of the room with a towel in his hair, noticing the scar on his back. A scene of a girl with beautiful long brown hair appears in his mind, he unconsciously touched his right arm, with a new determination in his eyes.

The guild house is as noisy as usual. All the members all either talking to each other, or just plain in party mode. Among them, Len, Lucy, Maya, Carla and Wendy are sitting by the tables, the white cat drinking a cup of tea, "Year 777, 7th of July?" Lucy asked.

"That was the date that the dragons that taught Natsu-san, Maya-san and me Dragon Slayer Magic disappeared." Wendy explained.

"Come to think about it, Natsu told me that Gajeel's dragon also disappeared on that very day." Lucy stated.

"Come to think of it… Mama died on the same year, isn't it?" Len stated.

"Now that you mentioned it…" Lucy thinks.

"What does that mean?" Carla asked.

"Maybe its excursion day?" Lucy stated.

"What kind of conclusion is that…?" Len sweat-dropped.

"Lucy-san says weird things sometimes." Wendy laughed.

"Flame Dragon Igneel, Metal Dragon Metalicana, Ice Dragon Freeztia, and Sky Dragon Grandine…" Maya muttered, "I wonder where they are right now…?"

Len then remembered something, "Now that I think about it, on that day, I met Wendy for the first time as well… But I saw the ice dragon when I first entered Solien… Why did she appear in front of me then…?"

"So Freeztia appears in front of you?" Maya asked, "This is first I heard of it."

"Well, it told me not to tell you about our meeting, but hearing the other dragons' disappearance…"

Meanwhile, on a separate table, Natsu is snoozing without a care of the world while Happy is tying a little ribbon around fish, which he finished with a small cheer, "Carla!" He called out, running towards the white cat and leaping on the table, "This… this fish, I caught it. I wanted to give it to you."

"I don't want it." Carla replied annoyed, "I… don't like fish."

"I see…" Happy said, "Well then, what do you like? Next time I'll-"


The blue cat flinched from the shout, "Don't hang around me." Carla huffed as she walked off, "Carla!" Wendy cried.

"She doesn't have to say it like that." Len said.

"Carla! Don't you think that was a rude thing to say?-!" Wendy scolded, but the white cat carried on walking. Happy then took off after her with the fish still in his arms.

"Carla is acting somewhat cold towards Happy, isn't she?" Lucy stated.

"I wonder why…?" Wendy said worriedly.

"A Kuudere, perhaps?" Maya stated.

"She's not you, you know." Len dead-panned, "At least, your past self, anyway."

"Eh? She was?" Lucy asked.

"Ah yeah, Maya is really cold and emo when I first found her." Len stated, "She changed a lot because of…" His mind was flashed with an image of the same girl as before, "…"

"Len-niisan?" Lucy asked worriedly.

"Len…" Maya muttered worriedly.

"Carla!" Happy called out as he caught up with the white cat. "Didn't I tell you don't hang around me?" Carla said annoyed.

"Have I… done something wrong…?"

"It's not like that."

The two keep quiet, except Happy who was really sad for a change. Carla then sighed, "You won't be able to save Natsu."


"I will save Wendy." The white cat said with a firm conviction, "No matter what happens, I'll save Wendy."

"I-I can save Natsu too!" Happy said, "Natsu calls me his partner!"

"You cannot. A cat that doesn't even know about himself wouldn't be able to." Carla said as she walked away, leaving the blue cat with nothing but questions in his mind. 'Don't know… about myself…?' He wonders. Then a figure walked pass him, revealing to be the Metal Dragon Slayer Gajeel with countless scratches on his face.




"What happened to your face?"


The black clouds covered the blue sky as rain pours down on the guild house, "I wish the rain would stop…" Lucy sighed as she looked out the window.

"Yeah." Cana agrees.

"This is not Juvia's doing." Juvia tells them.

"Nobody meant that." Gray sighed.

"I prefer it to have a hail." Maya sighed.

"Why hail?" Elfman asked.

"So I can have free ice meal." Maya said drooling, "Maybe I can crush the ice and put on some syrup-"

"Don't." Len said sternly, then looking over at Natsu, who was still sleeping like a log snoring really loudly, "How long is he going to sleep?"

Gray then grinned devilishly, "Hey, let's draw on his face."

"What are you, twelve?" Len dead-panned.

Outside, the clouds starts to swirl around the building, or rather the entire town.

"But the sky really is pouring down." Len commented as Maya wiped the graffiti off Natsu's face, but then he could feel his eye-brows frowning, 'What is this bad feeling…?'

"Woah, you're reading really weird words." Maya commented on Levy, who is reading an ancient text on an old scroll.

"This is an archaic poetry." Levy tells her.

"Eh… Archey?"

"It's Archaic." She corrected her.

"It's nice to go on a date with my boyfriend on a rainy day." Cana grinned hugging a huge barrel of ale.

"Cana, remember to leave some of your 'boyfriend' for the customers." Mirajane tells her while putting on a fur coat.

"Huh? Mira, are you going somewhere?" Cana asked.

"Yeah, just to the church." Mirajane stated.

"If you're a man, you must get stronger! Being weak like that, you can't protect Levi!" Elfman shouted at two members of the Shadow Gear Gang, Jet and Droy, who can only answered an small 'I know'.

"Elfman, let's go." Mirajane called out.

"Nee-san, please tell them too." Elfman said, "They committed a real blunder the other day. At the end, they lost consciousness and Levi has to finish the job by herself."

"Arg… don't say it again…" Droy pleaded.

"I feel awful…" Jet groaned.

"I think Jet and Droy are doing their best." Mirajane said.


"Just not good enough."

*STAP* "So cruel!"

"Why do they have to go to the church on a day like this?" Lucy asked.

"Oh yeah, I remember." Levy realized.

"The anniversary of Lisanna's death is coming soon." Cana stated.


"It's Mira and Elfman's younger sister." Levy stated, "It happened during a mission two years ago. When the death anniversary gets closer, they start to go to the church more often."

"That's so sad…" Maya muttered, "This is just like Mei…"

"Mei?" Levy asked.

"A friend of ours back in Solien." Maya stated, "She…"

"Maya." Len said sternly, "You know I don't want to hear about that incident again."

"But Len, it was not your fault!" Maya said.

"Yes it is!" Len shouted, his fists clenched tightly, "It is completely my fault! If I have been stronger… Mei… Mei won't have…" He got up and walked to a separate table.

"What's with him?" Cana wonders.

"Ne, who is this Mei?" Lucy asked, "Why is Len-niisan so worked up over her?"

"Well… it's a long story…" Maya tells them, "Mei was a young girl of our age that works as a medic in the arenas, one of the best of our age too. She and Len were… inseparable, but something happened and Mei died. I don't know why, but Len kept on blaming himself for her death and thus leaving Solien and returning to Fiore."

"Eh… I see…" Cana said.

"Len-niisan…" Lucy muttered worriedly.

Len sat with his chin on his arms crossed on the table, a memory sank in of two years ago.

Fifteen year old Len walked in a corridor after his win in the arena, making it his Fifth win in a row. The arena was called the Demon's Den, one of the largest and the most famous arenas in all of Solien situated right smack in the desert capital, Eremus. Despite the fact that it is built in the middle of the biggest desert in Solien, it houses more than fifty percent of its population due to the dome that surrounds the entire city sheltering it from the heat.

"Len!" The boy stopped as a girl of his age ran up to him, she has long glossy brown hair that reaches pass her hip with a hair pin on the back of her head and beautiful blue eyes, she is wearing a white sleeveless top with a metal chest plate on her remarkable chest along with a white mini-skirt and silver armor boots and two white gloves.

"Oh, Mei." Len greeted, him wearing a white sleeveless vest with his right arm all bandaged up and white pants with black leather sandals.

The two walked side by side each other, just enjoying each other's company.

"It's your fifth win today, huh?" Mei asked.

"Yup, five more wins and I'll be able to get my 15 000 000 Jewel prize money." Len stated.

The Demon's Den is the first Arena to be built since ancient times and still is the most popular battlefield for all that seeks glory, fame and fortune, for each match the fighters were paid with at least 1 500 000 Jewels if they win. The maximum amount is unlimited so they implemented a rule that the amount given is reference of the amount of wins and his popularity with the public and the match hosts.

One win is 1 500 000.Two wins is 3 000 000.Three wins is 4 500 000.

The prize is increased by the how many matches they win but it can be deduced if they don't met up with certain standards, like permanently disabling an opponent, or killing them by accident or on purpose for example. The death penalty was hardly issued due to the effectiveness of the medical staff, as well as the young medic that said to saved countless lives on the verge of death, and that medic is Mei, Mei Dester.

"Still, why do you need that much money for?" Mei asked.

"Maya's birthday is coming up, so I and Matt are planning on giving her a party." Len stated, "Although, the date is just the date I found her in that cave, and the day I met the ice dragon."

"There you go, with that Ice Dragon Encounter story." The male voice said, revealing to be Matt, he is wearing the same clothes as he always wore, except he didn't have a shirt under his jacket and the absence of his goggles as well as a red cloth tied on his right sleeve, "Come on, we both know that Dragons don't exist, they're a myth, extinct creatures of legend. The only dragons I see today are usual copy of the wild life here."

"That one was real!" Len argued, "I saw it with my own eyes! It even spoke to me!"

"Yeah right, you're delusional!" Matt shouted.

"How about I punch you through the wall?!"

"What does that have to do with anything?!"

"G-Guys, please calm down!" Mei cried.

"What are you guys talking about?" A female voice said, Maya walking up towards them with a really cold look in her eyes; she wore the same as she did in the present, but the white jacket is missing.

"Ah, Maya-chan." Mei greeted.

"If you are arguing about the existence of dragons, I don't really care." Maya tells them, "I only know one dragon, Freeztia and that's all." The rest all looked at her with pity and a little confused, "If you excuse me, I need to get to my match." She stated as she walked passed them.

"What's with her cold attitude?" Matt said angrily, "What 'I only know one dragon, Freeztia and that's all.'? She told us she is a Dragon Slayer, heck, proven it even, but she acts like she doesn't care if they are real or not."

"Maya-chan…" Mei muttered worriedly.

"She is just like ice." Len commented, "Like her magic, but it would be nice if she would make some friends."

Len groans as he buries his face in his arms, "Why am I thinking of this right now…?" But then, he felt like a hole just opened right on top of them. The next thing he knew, he saw the entire guild warps around him, "W-What the hell?-!" He then felt like his arms are disappearing and saw his arms are getting all warped and bend, "W-What is…?-!"

"Len!" Maya cried as she reached out for him.

"Maya! Run! Get out of-" The next thing he knew, a bright light blinds him and all turned black.

The boy groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he notices is that he is no longer in Fairy Tail, or anything he know off. In fact, the air around here is empty of magic particles, something he has gotten used to due to his magic sense ability, but the air is just… air. 'Why is the air…?' He wonders as he got up from the bed he is in, noticing that he is in undershirt with his glove still on, his jacket, armor and hoodie nearby on the chair as well as his grey boots along with the Motor Knight and his gun. 'Where… am I…?'

"Ah, you're awake."

A familiar voice was heard as the door leading to the bedroom opened. Who entered was the one that have a striking resemblance to Maya, only that her hair is short and she has glasses on. That girl is wearing a light-blue dress and has a tray with teacups on it, "Feeling better?"


"But Len, you startled me." Maya said as she sat down on a nearby chair picking up his sword, "You were never into swords, more of a gunslinger. When I found you unconscious in the woods, I thought you might have blown your cover. But what's with that arm of yours? You have a new skin on?"


"Len, what's wrong with you today?" Maya asked as she touched his forehead, "No, you don't have a fever…"

"Wait, Maya, where am I?" Len asked.

"That's not Len." A female voice said as the door is slammed opened. By the door stood a girl of their age, petite with boyish and untamed black hair that reaches just pass her shoulder with red goggles on her head, she wore a blue jacket that has a gear in red flames on the back, with bandages to cover her chest and dark-brown pants with black shoes.

"Who are…?" Len wonders, but then felt a resemblance to her and… "Wait… Matt?"

"I knew it, you're not the Len we know." She sighed, "And for the record, my name isn't Matt, it's Mary Skywalker."

"...That's lame."

"Oh shut up!"

"Wait, you're not Len?" Maya[E] asked worriedly.

"And you're not the Maya I know…" Len said in realization, "Then… what is this place? A parallel dimension?"

"You're a sharp one." Mary said, "That's correct. This place, or rather, this world, is a dimension parallel to yours, Edolas."


"Yeah, seeing that someone of Earthland came here is that you somehow used Anima to your advantage." Mary stated.

"Anima?" Len asked, "Okay, hold on for just a moment. Edolas? Parallel worlds? It doesn't really make sense at all!"

"Let me explain it for you." Mary tells him, "Maya, can you go and bring me the Map Lacrima?"

"Sure thing." Maya[E] said as she went to the dressing room and opened the drawer, taking out a dark-blue diamond-shaped crystal and tossing it over to Mary, who grabbed it with ease. Clicking the crystal's upper half around, the crystal glows as a huge map is projected in front of them. "If I'm right, the Anima would have created a lacrima crystal from your city and should be in the Royal City, right here." Mary said, pointing at the largest plot of land in the middle, "That lacrima is the probably the large one I've heard about, the one that is going to extracted within two days' time."

"Wait, what do you meant by extract?" Len asked, "Why do you need to extract magic? What about the people naturally born with magic?"

The two girls looked at each other confused, "That's a stupid question." Mary said.

"What do you meant by naturally born?" Maya[E] asked, "Magic is a resource, isn't it?"

"A resource…?"

"Let me summarize it for you." Mary sighs, "In this world, our source of magic is dying out. In order to resupply this world with magic, the King ordered the creation and activation of the trans-dimensional magic spell. That is Anima. Its purpose is to suck magic from another dimension, your dimension, and bring it here."

"I see… Wait a minute! If the entire Magnolia is turned into lacrima and if they extract it…" Len cried.

"They would be the same as dead." Maya tells him.

Len got up and puts on his hoodie, "Where is the Royal City?"

"W-Wait a second!" Maya[E] cried, "Are you planning on taking on the entire Kingdom by yourself?-!"

"That's suicide!" Mary shouted, "Besides, there's no way you can reach there in three days by foot!"

"I still have to try!" Len shouted as he puts on his jacket and slips on his armor, "I would not let another person die, not on my watch." He slings his sword on his back and fits a new magazine into his gun. He then walks towards the door, "Len-san!" Maya[E] cried. Mary looked at him, before blushing a little with a click of her tongue, "Fine! Do whatever you want!"

"Mary-chan!" Maya[E] cried.

"Thanks for the hospitality." Len said as he left the room.

"Head down to the corridor and turn left." Mary tells him, the blonde stopping in his steps, "You'll find what you need there."

Len smiled, "Thanks. I owe you one." He walks down the stairs.

"Mary-chan… is this really okay?" Maya[E] asked.

"He is just like Len, that guy." Mary said, still blushing, "That recklessness, that will to protect, it's really a mirror image of him."

"But shouldn't we tell him about it?" Maya[E] asked, "About his counterpart being part of the Royal Army, and one of the higher ranks that serves directly under Erza Knightwalker?"

"I'm sure he would find that out when he reaches the Royal City."

Len is now driving a red magic motorcycle, wearing black leather goggles over his eyes. 'This is unique.' He thought, 'This bike doesn't have SE Plug… now that I think about it, that Matt counterpart said something about magic being a resource. Maybe the bikes are created so it relies on lacrima alone?'

He reached into his black box bag on the back of his belt, taking out all the cards he have, 'I have ten normal Cartridges, enough for at least five Templar Shots or Gatling each. Then, I have three 'that' card with four empty ones that are one-use only… I have five magazines with thirteen rounds in each of them excluding the one I just slid in. That means I have the total of 78 shots before running out. And when I tried to bring out my other swords, they didn't… that means I have to rely on Motor Knight for now, and Diablo is out of the question.'

He then noticed a group of people in front of him, they seems to be talking about something. He was about to drive to the side, but then sensed that six of them possess magic inside of them, they all of… 'Could it be?-!' He pulls the brake and drifting to the side to hasten the process, stunning them. "W-Who on earth…?" Maya muttered.

"Maya?" Len said as he took off the goggles, "It is you! The real Maya!"

"Len!" Maya cried. "Len-san!" Wendy cried.

"You're safe, Len!" Natsu said happily.

"How are you here?" Carla asked.

"Not too sure." Len stated, "I woke up by Edo-Maya's place… by the way, Edo-Maya is like a teacher and Edo-Matt, is a girl name Mary."

"Matt's a girl?-!" Maya cried.

"I'm really glad you're not turned to lacrima, Len-niisan." Lucy sighed in relief.

"Wait, then why are you guys still you?" Len asked.

"Apparently, Dragon Slayers are immune to Anima's effects." Maya explains.

"Ah… I see…"

"G-Get away from him!" Natsu[E] shouted.

"Eh? What's wrong?" Lucy asked.

"So this is the Edolas Natsu." Len said in awe, "He looks rather wimpy though…"

"He changes personality when he is in a vehicle." Happy stated.

"Isn't it like Natsu only reverse?" Len asked.

"W-Why are you talking so happily with him?" Natsu[E] asked worriedly, "D-Do you know who h-he is ?-!"

"Yeah, he's Len. A member of Fairy Tail." Natsu stated.

"No way! That's got to be a lie!" Natsu[E] cried, "Our Len… he is a traitor of Fairy Tail."

"Traitor…?" Lucy muttered in shock.

"He left the Guild to join the Royal Army, even working with the Fairy Hunter! He's the Fairy Slayer! Fairy Slayer Len!" Len widen his eyes in shock.

"Fairy Slayer… Len…?"

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