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I screwed up.

And I don't mean my normal screw up because I know I screw up a lot.

This screw up topped all my past screw ups and nothing would ever surpase.

First off, I almost killed Draco Malfoy with a crazy spell that I had no business using. Second off, I've gotten detention with Snape and now, my Quidditch team will have to fly without me in the Championship game.

And to top it all off, I'm pretty sure Josephine hates me now, officially. Or at least it seemed like it did, the way she stormed away from me when I went to go meet her at the hospital wing.

And to think that just a couple of days ago, I had been the luckiest person alive for a few wonderful hours.

"Joey, please," I called after her, my voice echoing off the stone walls. "Please, Joey, just talk to me."

"I have nothing to say to you, Potter," she said, her voice so icy cold I practically shivered. It was always bad when she called me by my last name.

"Joey, I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. I didn't know what that spell was!"

"Then you shouldn't have used it!" Josephine spun around to face me, her eyes flashing. For a moment, I was terrified by the sight of her. My Joey would never have looked at me like that . . . but Josephine Malfoy, on the other hand. "Hasn't anyone ever taught you about taking random spells from books? That's dangerous, Harry! You could have killed my brother!"

"I know, Joey," I said, reaching forward to grab her hands. I lifted her hands to my chest, sandwiched between mine, pleading. "I know Joey, and I'm sorry."

"Yeah well . . . sorry isn't going to get my brother out of the hospital wing any quicker."

"I know, but I apologizing to you. I'm sorry. I'm really, really, really sorry. Forgive me, please?"

She glared at me for a moment before looking down at her hands in mine. I watched as her expression softened slowly into a frown. And for another horrifying minute that day, I thought she'd say no. "Fine. Forgiven."

"Good . . . because I don't think I could stand to see you mad at me."

Her eyes drifted up slowly to meet mine, questioning. "And why is that?"

'I'll talk to her soon. I just – I just got to make sure the time is right.'

I'm pretty sure it was the right time.

Of course, knowing that the time had come didn't help. My face got hot and I couldn't even look at her as I struggled to force words frommy mouth.

"Harry?" Josephine said. "Are you alright?"

"I love you."

Those three little words hung between us, seeming to echo very, very loudly off the stone walls of the corridor.

Josephine's eyes had gone incredibly wide as she stared up me. And when she finally did speak, it wasn't a proclaimation of love back towards me, but a stunned and confused, "What?"

I took a deep breath, preparing a speech that I never thought i'd actually have to say, at least not to this girl in front of me. "I love you, Josephine, and it's crazy that I fell in love with you so quickly. But I've never met a girl like you before Joey, and the way you make me feel is . . . I can't even think of a word. I though it really confuses me, I at least know I love you, crazily."

Okay, so, in movies, this would be the part where the girl confesses her own feelings of love for the boy. But of course, being Pureblood, Josephine has never seen a movie or even know what one is, which is probably why she was still staring at me in surprise. "Harry," she said.

So once again, I thought about what I had seen before in movies. If I had known that it would be this hard to tell a girl you loved her, I would have never tried.

My face, if possible, got even redder as I got down on one knee. And if it were possible, Josephine's eyes got even wider as she said, "Harry, what are you doing?"

"I know this is really dumb though because I don't have a ring or anything," I said, forcing myself to look up at her.

"Merlin, Harry, please get off the floor."

"But I just really want you to know I love you Joey and I'm not just trying to mess with you or something. I really want you to see that even if it means that I have to put myself in this completly mortifying position. But it's for a really good reason . . . because you're really pretty and nice and I wouldn't ever hurt you and –"

I stopped, because I didn't know what else to say.

But mostly because Joey had placed her hands on the sides of my face and kissed me.

It was, had to be, one of the most amazing things I've ever felt in my entire life. A lot better than that kiss I had with Cho Chang. The castle seemed to spin wildly beneath me and I shut my eyes so I wouldn't get dizzy.

Joey moved away from me, her hands staying on my face. When I opened my eyes, she was smiling softly and gazing at me. "You, Harry Potter, talk to much."

I smiled back at her, the heat slowly draining from my face. Josephine rolled her eyes, saying, "Get off the floor before you lose anymore of your dignity."

Quickly I got to my feet, Joey's hands slipping from my face to my shoulders. I hesistantly put my arms around her waist, feeling awkward now, but in a good way. We just stood their like that for a while, gazing at each other. "So, what does all this mean?" I asked.

Joey leaned forward and kissed me again. This kiss didn't last as long as the first, but it was still just as sweet. "It means," she said, taking my hand in hers, "that we are going to have to have a really long talk. You up for it?"

"Definitely." And this time, I was the one to make a move first.

A/N: So, bout time they had their first kiss, huh? Lol, thanks again for being so patient. Oh, and plus all this wonderfulness above .. TEASER!!

"You're nothing but a filthy, Blood-traitor whore."

. . . . Uh oh. Joey's life takes a sudden dangerous fall towards the serious! Stay tuned for the next installement of 'The Days of Our Lives'. . . . Kidding, kidding (caught up in the moment). Hope you enjoyed. Stayed tuned for the next chapter!!

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