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Though it was hard to actually admit, Ron really liked Josephine. The fact that she was supposedly a foul, disgusting Malfoy completely slipped his mind whenever they talked and for the last couple of days, they had talked quite a lot. She spent almost every waking moment with them, just talking and studying for their tedious finals.

She was really nice, and funny, and smart; it was no wonder Harry had taken a fancy in her. And, though he still hated to admit it, Harry and Josephine did look really good together.

Right now, Ron sat quietly by watching Josephine and Hermione have some kind of conversation about Charms or something, barely listening. It was just comfortable in the warm common room, with the two girls murmuring on in front of him.

Ron was just to the point of dazing off when Harry burst into the room.

Harry POV

I ran past my friends, ignoring Hermione as she called out to me. Quickly, I reached my room, pulling from it my Marauder's Map, the bottle of Felix Felicis, and my invisibly cloak, running back down the stairs.

"I haven't got much time to explain, so just listen, alright?" I said. "Dumbledore's taking me to go find one of the Horcruxes tonight. No, listen to me," I said, angrily when Hermione and Ron looked ready to cut me off. "Dumbledore and I are going to be gone so you three are going to have to keep an eye out on Malfoy and Snape. Take these." I forced the Marauder's Map and the potion into Ron's hands. "Try to call up the rest of the D.A., all right? I've got to go, Dumbledore's waiting –"

"No!" Hermione said her eyes wide with fear. "Harry, we're not taking the potion! You need it more than we do! Who knows what you'll be facing?"

"I'll be fine," I told her. "Dumbledore will be with me."

"Harry?" I looked to Josephine who looked incredibly confused. Stepping forward, I took her hand in mine, looking towards Hermione and Ron. "Explain everything to her, alright?"

They hesitated for a moment before nodding.

"Harry," Josephine said, "what is going –?"

I cupped her face in my hands, pulling her forward into the best kiss I think I've ever managed to pull off. When I moved back, Josephine looked rather dazed, a slight smile on her face. "Harry. . . ." she said.

"Just be careful," I said. Looking up at Ron and Hermione, I added, "All of you."

I gave Josephine a quick kiss on the forehead before hurrying out the portrait hole.

Josephine POV

I watched Harry leave as Hermione made me sit down. My lips were still tingling as I tried to focused on what Ron and Hermione had to tell me about 'Horcruxes'.

I listened patiently. The whole idea of You-Know-Who being able to split his sole into six items seemed incredibly impossible to believe, but at the same time . . . it made perfect sense. I mean, after all it was like the stupid bastard couldn't just die.

"So what do you want me to do?" I asked.

Hermione and Ron looked at each other before looking back at me. "Well, I suppose we'll each need to take a sip of this," Hermione said, slipping the Felix Felicis from Ron's hands.

"Who wants to go first?" Ron said, staring at the bottle as if it were gold.

We sat silently for a moment, wasting a whole lot of unnecessary time. "Why don't you go first, Ron," I suggested.

Ron gave me a small smile as he took the bottle from Hermione. Uncorking it, he took a small sip. Immediately, a bright smile came to his face, his cheeks rather flushed.

"How does it feel?" I asked, as Hermione took the bottle and took a sip.

"It feels like I've won the Quidditch World Cup!" Ron said, grinning brightly.

"Like . . . like I've just won an entire library!" Hermione said, giggling as she handed me the bottle.

Hesitantly, I tipped the bottle back to my lips, letting the rest of the thick liquid slide down my throat. Almost instantly, I was hit by the most incredible sense of euphoria that was so . . . incredible! I felt as if I was flying . . . I felt as if I was falling . . . I felt – I felt –

I felt like I did when Harry had kissed me just minutes ago. . . .

I hopped to my feet, happily. "Let's go beat some baddies, shall we?"

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