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Soon we were speed-walking down the street Hermione had Apparated us to, Tottenham Court Road, dressed in fancy clothes and looking frazzled. People laughed as they passed (mostly at Ron and me). Ron pointed out that we needed to change into something.

"Don't worry, I've got clothes for us all and I've got the Cloak, Harry," Hermione said. "We've just need a place to change – ah, here we are."

I gripped tighter onto Josephine's hand as Hermione led us down an alleyway. I watched amazed as she began to pull our clothes from the small purse she was carrying.

"Undetectable Extension Charm," she said when I asked. "Here you are, Harry, Ron. We'll change later, Joey."

"The others – at the wedding –" I started as I stripped out of my robes.

"Going back there will only put them in more danger," Joey said, handing the robes to Hermione to stuff back in the purse.

As I pulled my shirt over my head, Hermione handed me the Cloak. I looked at Joey who was standing rather awkwardly in the corner, her arms wrapped around her waist. I held out my hand to her and she took it. Putting my arm around her waist I said, "We both better get under here just in case, seeing as how you're just as much on the run as me."

We were on the move again, not quite sure we were going but trying to go somewhere. My arm was still around Joey's waist as we walked close to each other underneath the cloak. "Are you alright?" I whispered to her.

"Just a little scared, you know," she whispered back.

"I shouldn't have brought you into this. I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault Harry. I wanted to come." I looked down at her as she smiled at me, softly. "We'll be fine, Harry."

Hermione led us into a small little café where we sat and Hermione ordered two cappuccinos for her and Ron.

"You know, we're not so far from the Leaky Cauldron," Ron said.

"Ron, we can't!" Hermione said.

"It'll only be so we know what's going on!"

"We know what's going on! Voldemort's taken over the Ministry, what else do we need to know!"

"Alright, alright, it was just an idea!"

I looked up as to large workmen walked into the restaurant and sat in the booth to the side of us.

"Harry." I looked down at Joey, who was staring at the workmen. "Something's not right."

Hermione mentioned something about getting the change from the bottom of her purse and the workmen moved at the same time: for their wands.

Ron moved to push Hermione out of the way just as the blast from one of the Death Eaters wand shattered the tiles where his head had been and Joey hopped from her feet as I drew my wand and yield, "Stupefy!"

The Death Eater was hit in the face and slumped to the ground. His friend shot at Ron since he didn't see me, tying Ron up from head to foot. Joey jumped over the bench, trying to untie Ron as he struggled. Noticing vaguely that her hair was turning back to blond, I shot another Stunning Spell but it rebounded and hit the waiters.

"Expulso!" The Death Eater shouted, blowing up the table behind me. I heard Joey scream as I was slammed against the wall, losing my wand.

"Petrificus Totalus!" Hermione screamed, from somewhere. She hit the Death Eater and he fell to the ground.

She crawled out from under the table, rushing to untie Ron. "Joey?" I called.

"Here!" I heard her cry out, her voice strangled. I looked down to see her hand sticking out from underneath the table that had been blown apart.

"Joey!" I pushed on the table enough so that I could grab her hand and pull her out from underneath. She coughed and sputtered as I pulled her up into a sitting position. Her cheek was cut, a dribble of blood running down onto her chin, but other than that she looked alright. "Are you okay?"

She coughed was more, dusting debris off her lap. "Bloody bastard ripped my new dress. . . . I should have recognized him. That's Dolohov. He's always running around the Manor."

"I think that big one's Rowle," Ron said.

"Who cares!" Hermione shouted. "How did they find us?"

"Lock the door," I said. "Ron, get the lights."

"What are we going to do?" Ron asked, using his Deluminator to take out the lights. "Kill them? They'd kill us."

"We'll – we'll wipe their memories," I said, as Hermione shuddered. "If we killed them, they'll know we were here."

"I've never done a Memory Charm," Ron said.

"I've got it," Joey said, as I pulled her to her feet. She moved towards Dolohov, placing her wand to his forehead. While she obliterated the Death Eaters and the waitress's memories, Ron, Hermione, and I began clean up.

Moments later, finished, Hermione turned to me. "You don't think you've still got the Trace on you, Harry?"

"That's impossible isn't it?" Joey said. "You can't put a Trace on a seventeen year old, right?"

"We don't know what the Death Eaters are capable of. What if they found a way?"

This was not good. I've put everyone in danger. Looking from Ron to Hermione . . . to Joey, I realized what we needed to do. "If I can't use magic, and you can't use magic near me, without us giving away our position –"

"We're not splitting up," Hermione said.

"We need a place to think things through," Ron said.

"Didn't you guys tell me about, oh what was that place called," Joey said, thinking. "Harry you told me about it, remember?"

"Grimmuald Place," I said, catching on to what she was thinking.

"But –" Hermione started. "Snape can get in there!"

"They've put up jinxes against him – and so what? I swear, I'd like nothing better than to meet Snape!"

Joey put a calming hand on my arm. "Where else can we go, Hermione? This is our best bet."

And so, with that, Ron put the lights back up, we revived the Death Eaters and the waitress, and Apparated.

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