The Locket

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"Harry? Are you alright? Harry, please say something." I knocked on the door again buthe didn't respond.

Sighing, I leaned back against the wall and slid to the floor, putting my head in my arms as another coughing fit came over me.

There was just too much going on. Snape was now the headmaster of Hogwarts and, if that didn't make things worse, Alecto and Amycus Carrow were both teaching at the school. They were nasty pieces of work, those two . . . nothing but slimy snakes, always trying to Slytherin their way up to the highest person in charge. Boy I hated them.

And to top it all off, Harry was still having visions of Voldemort. Great.

Hermione stormed up the stairs, a look of pure anger on her face. "Harry Potter, you open this door right now."

We heard the water running in the bathroom before Harry came out, drying his face on his shirt.

"What happened to Occumencly, Harry?" Hermione yelled. "You were supposed to be learning how to keep him out of your head not letting him in! What good is it going to do to see through his eyes?"

"We find out what he's up to, that what good it does," Harry said. "He's looking for Gregorovitch so he can understand how my wand beat his the night in the graveyard. How are we going to keep up if we're lagging behind, Hermione?"

Hermione huffed and spun on her heel, muttering to herself as she walked off. I stood to my feet and Harry smiled wearily at me. "You okay?" he asked.

"Nervous," I responded moving to stand beside him. "Are you sure about tomorrow?"

"No better time than the present, right? Why put it off? Besides, you'll be right with me the whole time, it should be fine."

"I'm only going for this because I trust you, you know."

"Good . . . at least someone does."

And so with the glamour charm on my hair and eyes once more, we traveled through the Ministry of Magic, Harry holding onto my upper arm and apologizing in the gruff voice of Runcorn every time he shoved me too hard.

I looked a keep mess, I knew, my black hair stringy and untidy and my Muggle clothes askew and dirty but nobody would recognize me that was for sure.

It was just me and him now, 'struggling' down the hallway as I fought against him, my hands loosely tied behind my back. Ron (disguised as some maintenance man named Cattermole) was commanded by Yaxley, a Death Eater, to stop the rain in his office and Hermione (disguised as an assistant named Mafalda Hopkirk) was commandeered by Umbridge to take notes at some Muggle-Born Registration Commission.


Harry and I spun around to see none other that Pius Thicknesse, the new Minister of Magic.

"Joey," Harry muttered to me.

I took the hint, struggling against him. "Oy! Let me go ya bleedin' git! I ain't done nuthin' wrong!"

"Got you a fighter, I see," Thicknesse said, sounding perfectly amused at thought of it. "What this one do?"

"She's er, accused of being a lying about her bloodline. I'm taking her down to the Muggle-Born Registration Commission now, but first I needed to meet with Arthur Weasley."

"If you want, I can have someone take her down for you," Thicknesse said. "I believe the Commission is about to start soon anyway."

"I'll be fine." I could tell Harry almost offered a thank you but he didn't. Spinning me around roughly, we marched down the hallway until we were out of sight. Harry pulled the invisibly cloak out from his robes, holding it out to me. "Ready?"

I nodded and we both slipped under it, heading towards Umbridge's office.

There were tons of people in the room in front of her office, working on something. I slipped pamphlet from one of the workers desk as Harry set the Decoy Detonator and we moved into Umbridge's room.

"That's Mad-Eye's eye," Harry said, when he had shut the door, a look of disgust on his face. He popped it from it's perch in the door, sticking it into his pocket. "What's it about?"

"The dangers of Muggleborns," I said, putting the pamphlet in my pocket. "That's not actually the title but you can guess what word I replaced."

There was a poster on the wall with Harry's picture on it which read, 'Undesirable Number One' and Umbridge had written 'to punish'.

"Frankly speaking," I said, "I consider you to be quite desirable but that might just be me."

Harry smiled a real smile for the first time in a long time. "Nice to know I'm wanted. . . . Hey look at this."

I moved toward him and read over his shoulder. "They're keeping him under watch?"

"Because of Ron's my mate, probably. They're keeping watch on all the people I'm connected too to see if the contact me."

"What is going on here?"

Harry and I looked at each other before rushing to the door, peeking through the new hole to see Thicknesse, angry as ever as he looked around at the distracted employees.

"Did you see the locket?" Harry asked as he grabbed the cloak.

"Not a sign," I said, grabbing his hand.

"Me neither, let's go."

Back under the cloak, we snuck past Thicknesse and Umbridge's workers and back towards the elevator.

I could tell Harry felt bad for Mr. Weasley, whom we had met in the elevator. He had been positive that Harry (well, Runcorn), was threatening him and that had made him so angry. But he still took the time to give me hope, giving me a quick pat on the shoulder and a smile.

Mr. Weasley was amazing.

Still holding onto my arm tightly Harry and I entered into the room where Umbridge was conducting her commissions.

A woman sits in a chair, Dementors on either side of her. "That poor thing," I said, softly.

"Mary Cattermole," Umbridge began. "You have been accused of obtaining your wand through theft. How do you plead?"

Hermione and Yaxley sat on either side of Umbridge. Hermione was supposed to be taking notes but I could see from where Harry and I were standing that her hand was shaking.

"I-I-I plead in-in-innocent, miss," Mary stammered. She put a slight smile on her face. "D-D-D-Did I mention how lo-lo-lovely you're necklace is?"

"The Horcrux," Harry muttered.

"Unlike you, Cattermole," Umbridge said, smiling with pride, "I have a proud heritage. The letters on this locket stand for the members of my pureblood ancestry."

"That's it!" I was shocked, to say the least, as Harry stood up, drawing his wand. "Stupefy! Stupefy!"

Umbridge and Yaxley slumped down in their seats, Stunned. Hermione took off the locket while I held out my wand towards the Dementors. "Expecto Patronum!"

A dove escaped from my wand like it had those many times in DA lessons. Its wings expanded and it grew large as it soared towards the Dementors who scattered, flying out of the room.

"Good one!" Harry cried out happily, grabbing my free hand and leading me towards the prisoners, who Hermione was untying.

"I put the decoy on her neck," Hermione said, throwing the ropes to the floor.

I moved away from Harry to Mary who was staring at us suspiciously. I held out my hand to her. "We're here to help you," I told her. "But we've got to go know."

She nodded, taking my hand and standing from the chair. Harry, Hermione, the prisoners, Mary, and I all hurried out the room, meeting up with Ron on the ground level of the Ministry.

"Potions wearing off," he said, giving Mary (who was staring at him oddly) a small wave.

"You three need to get out of here, go into hiding," Harry said.

"Where should we go?" one of the prisoners asked.

"Anywhere where you believe it is safe," Hermione said. "Go together if you feel. There's power in numbers."

"How can we thank you?" the other prisoner asked.

"Just be safe," I said, smiling.

Mary gave me a quick hug before Harry grabbed my hand, taking Hermione's other hand as Ron took hers.

With one last look at the people we had just saved, we Apparated.

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