Jasmine McCauley

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"I told you this was a really good idea, Harry," Hermione said as I passed her and Ron, practicing Disarming each other.

I rolled my eyes at her but I smiled, continuing on to the next pair. Okay, so maybe this was a good idea. Everyone seemed to like the class, anyway, I saw as they 'dueled' each other, happily.

Cho Chang smiled at me, giving me a small wave . . . just before she was disarmed. She went to go retrieve her wand and my eyes strayed to the person who had disarmed her.

It was that girl, Jasmine McCauley, I think. Her hair was stuffed up in that knitted hat again and her eyes were hidden behind those gigantic glasses. Her uniform, because she took off her tie, gave no proof to what house she was in.

What I could see though, was . . . nice. She looked a lot better in her uniform than she had in those baggy Muggle clothes.

Her head turned towards me and I blushed slightly, walking on. Why on earth was I so . . . awkward?

"All right, can I have everyone line up and you can, um, practice disarming me," I said, standing at the front of the class.

Neville went first, looking hilariously nervous. I smiled weakly at him. "It's alright Neville. Just – give it a try."

Neville swallowed loudly, raising his wand in his shaking hand. I let out a nervous sigh, hoping that, after escaping Voldemort four different times, this wouldn't be how I died.

"E-E-Expelliarmus!" Neville cried.

I was blasted off my feet, slamming into the wall behind me.

Damn, did that hurt.

I sat up groaning, semi-happy to see that Neville had gotten blasted back to by his botched spell. "T-that was . . . okay, Neville," I said, as I stood to my feet and Ron and Hermione lifted Neville to his. "Just – keep on practicing. . . . Um, who's – who's next?"

We went through the line, fairly quickly, seeing as how a lot of people, like Neville, blasted themselves and me to the floor, while others ended up losing their own wands. Some sent fairly good disarming spells at me, but I managed to block them with a protecting spell. This was going to take a lot of work, I could see. Hermione sent me a look that said, 'It's only the first meeting.'

I sighed as that last person stepped towards me. Jasmine McCauley. She stood in front of me, looking almost lazy with her arms dropped down at her sides, her wand dangling by her knee, and her mouth just set in that same straight line.

"Are you ready?' I asked.

She simply nodded, raising her wand which still dangled lazily in her hand. She looked so . . . un-ready, that I decided to test her because if there was one thing I knew, it was that she absolutely did not look as if she could fight or was ready to fight anyone.

"Expelli –" I started.

"Expelliarmus," she called.

I felt my wand fly from my hand as I fell backwards. Expecting to see Jasmine on the floor too I looked up . . . only to see her still standing and heading towards me.

A few people clapped at my defeat (mostly some of those snotty girls in the class) as Jasmine held out her hand to me saying, "Sorry I messed up your winning streak, Potter."

And then she smirked at me.

That smirk. . . .

There's no mistaking that smirk, unfortunately, because I'd seen it so many different times before whenever that person was taunting me and my friends, whenever that person was talking.

That annoying little smirk that always makes me want to reach forward, snatch it off his smug little face, stomp on it, pick it back up, and throw it in the fire.

I must have taken too long to take her hand because the smirk faded and her eyebrows rose over those huge glasses. "You okay, Potter?" she said.

Swallowing, I nodded, taking her hand and pushing myself up as she pulled me up. Cocking her head at me slightly, she smirked again before walking over to lean against the wall nearest the door.

"Umm, I guess that's it for today," I said, rubbing my lower back as I dragged my eyes away from 'Jasmine McCauley'. "Hermione, you had something to give them?"

I stood off to the sidelines, barely noticing as Hermione passed out the coins she'd created.

My eyes were on 'Jasmine McCauley'.

I don't know why I didn't see it before. How dumb could I get? What was she doing here any way? Was she spying like for Umbridge, like I thought?

Why was she here?

Maybe . . . maybe she's just here to learn like everyone else, a small voice said in my head. Maybe she hates Umbridge as much as we all do. . . .

Yeah, and maybe pigs fly. . . .

Though, I suppose in the wizarding world you could make that true.

'Jasmine McCauley' turned her head towards me, her mouth falling open a tad as she noticed me staring. She quickly looked away, her pale cheeks flushing pink.

"Harry?" Hermione said, nudging me.

"Oh, yeah, um, class is dismissed," I said. "Um, just let me see if the coast is clear."

I went to the only door in the room, thinking of a peephole, which automatically appeared in the door. I peered out and, seeing no one, I pushed the door open all the way, motioning for everyone to run through. Cho waved at me again, smiling and saying, "Bye, Harry."

I smiled back, slightly, waving, just as 'Jasmine McCauley' went rushing past me, her arms clutched around her middle and her bag swinging on her shoulder.

I waited impatiently as the rest of the class ran out and I followed after them, leaving Ron and Hermione behind as the argued over who disarmed the other the most.

"Jasmine!" I called, as I spotted her knitted hat turning a corner. She didn't stop though. If anything, her pace sped up. Shaking my head, I sprinted around the corner after her, spotting her at the end of the corridor, speed walking.

"Jasmine!" I called again, but once again she didn't stop. For a minute, I thought it funny that she'd probably forgotten her own fake name.

I pulled my wand from my pocket, jabbed it in the direction of her bag. The seam ripped along the bottom of the bag, spilling the contents onto the ground.

She spun around, pulling out her own wand and pointed it out her bag, fixing the seam and putting all the contents back inside. By then, I was already standing in front of her.

"Hey," I said.

"Um, hello," she said, her voice just barely above a whisper.

"I just, wanted to say, uh, nice hit, in class today," I said, lamely.

"Thanks," she said, turning and hurrying off in the direction she'd been going.

I watched her go, mentally beating myself up and wondering why on earth I hadn't just called her out. But a part of me, I guess, could just be making this all up and it was just a coincidence that her smirk was so familiar.

Next class.

Next class I'd find some way to find out who she was.

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