The Lovegoods

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"So I thought it might be smart if we go and visit Xenophilius Lovegood," Hermione said, one evening while we sat around the fire. She addressed this to Harry and I instead of to Ron. She was still mad at him.

"What for?" Harry asked.

"Well, I found Grindelwald's symbol in that letter Dumbledore wrote to him and Mr. Lovegood wore the same symbol around his neck. Perhaps he can tell us what it means, because no one else can."

"It would nice to make sure that Luna is alright," I said. "She's such a very nice girl."

"I think it would be a great idea," Ron said, hopefully. "That's a brilliant idea, Hermione."

She glanced at him for a moment, but didn't say another word. Instead, she looked to Harry and I. "What do you think?"

Harry looked at me and I smiled, shrugging slightly. "Couldn't hurt."

He nodded, looking back to Hermione. "Alright then, let's go."

"Oh!" Mr. Lovegood said when he opened the door. "Well, this is certainly a surprise."

He didn't look at all happy to see us.

"Hello, Mr. Lovegood," Hermione said, politely. "Sorry to come over uninvited or without notice but we've really got some questions to ask you."

"I'm a tad bit busy at the moment," he said, moving to close the door in our faces. "I'm afraid I can't attend to you now. I'm sorry, but –"

Ron blocked the door from closing. "You know, it's awfully weird how you're brave enough to stand up for Harry in your newspaper, but you're not willing to help him not that you're face-to-face with him."

Mr. Lovegood looked anxious but he opened the door, allowing us in.

"Is Luna here?" I asked, smiling. "We would love to see her."

"I –" Mr. Lovegood visibly hesitated. "Yes, she's here, home for the Holidays. She's just out back fishing. Can I get you all anything to drink while we wait and you can tell me what your visit is about?"

Moments later we were sitting upstairs, surrounded by an odd array of things and the most disgusting of drinks in our hands. "What can I help you with?" Mr. Lovegood asked.

"We were hoping you could tell us what that symbol you were wearing meant," Harry asked. "The one you were wearing at Bill Weasley's wedding."

"Aww, yes well. That would be the symbol of the Deathly Hallows."

We all sat there confused for a moment after Mr. Lovegood left to fix dinner.

"The Deathly Hallows?" Hermione said. "Well I've never heard such a load of rubbish."

"Well, in a way it could make sense," Harry said. "The wand makes the owner completely powerful, the stone brings back the dead, and the cloak hides you from Death. Wouldn't it make sense that we've already got one of the Hallows, the cloak? Harry's escaped trouble with it so many times."

"Or what if it's just a fairytale made to frighten little kids into understanding the consequences of vanity and pride."

"What if it's some kind of clue?"

While they debated the usefulness of the story, I moved towards the stairs which obviously led up to Luna's bedroom. She had an interesting taste and was obviously a painter. I smiled at the pictures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione drawn on the wall along with the couple of other people, like Ginny and Neville. Even I was up there.

"Find anything interesting," Harry said, coming up behind me.

"Not as of yet," I told him. I frowned suddenly, looking around. "Something's not right."

I moved towards Luna's dresser, running a finger across the top, removing a thick trail of dust.

"She hasn't been here . . ." I said, looking up at Harry, feeling fearful. "Luna hasn't been here in ages."

"He lied," Harry said. He grabbed my hand, pulling me back down the stairs just as Mr. Lovegood came up, a tray in his hands.

"Is anyone up for dinner?" he asked.

"You lied to us," Harry said, angrily. "Where is Luna?"

"The – the Ministry took her. They kidnapped her from the train on her way home because I was writing pro-Potter stories in my paper. They – they said they'd give her back to me if I –"

"If you what?" Ron said, standing.

"If I gave them Harry."

As if on cue the door down stairs burst opened, and we could hear the shots of two Death Eaters. "Come on Lovegood! Have you got him or not?"

Lovegood held out his wand. "I'm sorry about this."

He fired a spell at us, which we dodged just in time but the Erumpent horn (I believe that was what he called it) wasn't so lucky. It exploded, taking with it half the top of the house.

Mr. Lovegood had ended up downstairs for some reason, where the Death Eaters were hassling him.

"You've lied once more, Lovegood! I suppose you don't wish to see your pretty little daughter again!"

"Please, give me back Luna! I have him! I have Harry Potter and his friends! They're upstairs right now!"

"What do we do?" Ron asked.

I felt a tingle run through my body, suddenly and I gasped, throwing my hands up over my mouth to cover the sound. Hermione's mouth was also agape and she muttered, "The recovering spell."

"There is someone upstairs!" cried another Death Eater.

Harry grabbed my hand as feet pounded up the stairs, stumbling over rubble as they all tried to reach us. The door burst opened, revealing at least three Death Eaters and Lovegood. I pointed my own wand and quickly erased Mr. Lovegood's memory of this incident and Hermione Apparated, giving the Death Eaters their needed glance of Harry.

"It makes sense, doesn't it, Joey?" Harry asked me once more.

My head was on his shoulder as I lay on my back next to him, staring up at the ceiling of our tent. It was rather weird, the way we had all seemed to split up into pairs after the whole situation at Mr. Lovegood's house. Every opinion, every suggestion, was divided down the middle, with Ron and Hermione on one side and Harry and me on the other. Hence the reason I felt I should, you know, cut that divider by persuading one of the other to see the other side.

Easier said than done.

"It does seem possible that the stone of the Gaunt ring was the Resurrection stone and that it is in the Snitch, which you can't open. It seems likely that Voldemort was after Olliviander, Gregorovitch, and Grindelwald for the Elder Wand so that he may have it to beat you. And it seems incredibly possible that you're the third descendant of the third Peverell brother and that Dumbledore borrowed the cloak when you were younger to make sure you got it again. . . ."

"I hear a but," Harry said with a sigh.

I sat up, gazing down at him. "I just worry about you is all. You're becoming just as obsessed with this as you were with Dumbledore's past. Don't you think he would have told you if you needed the Hallows, would have mentioned it in some kind of way? Besides, Hermione's right, we haven't the time to look for them at the moment. We need to find the Horcruxes."

"But what if the Hallows are another way to beat Voldemort? An easier way?"

"And if it isn't?"

"Harry! Joey! Come here!"

Harry and I jumped up, rushing into the kitchen, expecting danger, but only saw Ron and Hermione at the table, sitting gleefully around an old radio. "We thought something was wrong!" I said as we joined them at the table.

"Fred and George are on the radio!" Ron said, excited. "I meant to show you guys before but I couldn't remember the broadcast. They've been doing this for a while now and it's really great. Listen!"

And so we did, listening to Fred, Lee (I think) and George criticize You-Know-Who and joke around (at least until they had to announce the deaths of the many people we knew). How they found all this stuff out, I would never know. They even knew that You-Know-Who had been seen outside of England.

"That clinches it!" Harry said. "We've got to go after the Hallows now! He's obviously after them. The Elder Wand must be in Europe somewhere!"

"Harry that doesn't mean anything! For all we know, he could just be in hiding! Who says he's looking for the Hallows!"

"So you're saying we're just going to sit here, searching for the Horcruxes while Vold –"

I saw the word forming on his lips even before he said it.

"No Harry!"

"Harry, don't!" Ron shouted.

" – emort finds an easier way to take over the world!"

"The Trace!" Ron cried.

There was a loud popping outsides, the sounds of at least ten wizards Apparating to our hiding place.

"We've got a dozens wizards out here with their wands all trained on you! Come out with your hands up!"

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