Malfoy Manor

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My heart must have been pounding hard enough for all to hear, but I still heard the bang of a wand just before the spell hit me.i caught a quick glance of myself in the mirror just before I was grabbed by a Snatcher, piercing green eyes staring back at me. Dar almost black, red hair hung down in my face to my chin . . . will at least the bangs did . . . the back was cut almost incredibly short, stopping at the base of my skull.

Merlin, who did this!

I was pushed roughly into the dirt, a rough voice laughing above my head. "Pretty little things, we've got here, don't you think. Just scrumptious."

Fenrir Greyback.

Merlin, this was bad, really bad.

"What are you names?" Another Snatcher said.

"Vernon Dursley," Harry said. His voice sounded thick, different.

"Stan Shunpike," Ron said and the Snatchers laughed.

"Stan Shunpike was killed days ago," someone said. "Best try again."

"Er, Barny Weasley," Ron said.

"Peneople Clearwater," Hermione said.

I felt myself being lifted off the ground, high enough so that Greyback could peer into my face, smiling wickedly as he licked his lips. "And you are, girlie?"

I glared at him. I didn't have much history with him except . . . well, when I was younger, a lot younger, maybe three or four I remember him in our house, talking to my dad. The Ministry was still trying to round up all the Death Eaters and he had gone into hiding, just stopping by to heckle Lucius. But then he saw me and this malicious glint came to his eyes. He had licked his lips the same way. I had had nightmares for days. "Angelina Johnson," I muttered.

His nostrils flared and I was horrified for a moment because I was sure he maybe recognized my scent even if he didn't recognize me. I wondered if my parents would have sent him for me, let him rummage and smell my things to get my scent.

The thought alone sent shivers down my spine and make my stomach churn.

But he just laughed, letting me drop to the ground. I choked on the air that tired to leave my body and I rolled onto my side, coughing hard.

The Snatchers walked away to go consult our names with the lists the had. I looked to my friends for a quick moment. Harry's face was swollen to an unrecognizable state and even though we were in a terrible situation, I couldn't help but smile. "Nice one," I mouthed to Hermione.

The Snatchers came back, miffed and aggravated of course. "Tell us your real names now!" one of them cried.

"This – this is crazy!" Harry yelled suddenly. "I am a Slytherin and deserve to be treated as such! My father works for the Ministry! He'll have your heads for sure!"

My eyes widened, I couldn't help it. Never before would I have thought that Harry could like that. It was amazing!

The Snatchers were hesitant. If they turned in a Slytherin kid, they could get in trouble, but add a Ministry child title on it and they were definitely in for it. . . . But of course, they finally figured out something.

"Hold on," one said. Hermione squinted as they shined their wands into her face. "Oy! We've caught Hermione Granger!"

There were cries of astonishment and Hermione was pulled to her feet.

"We'll be rich!" someone cried. "We've found the gold mine!"

"I found these in their tent," someone else said.

Looking up, I saw Harry's glasses and the sword of Gryffindor in his hands.

Merlin, we were just in deep now.

We ended up at my old house, Harry fading in and out with visions of Voldemort. I elbowed him as best I could into his side, bringing his attention back to the present.

My parents walked in along with my brother. While my dad was looking like his normal calm self, my mother and Draco looked unnaturally anxious. Draco locked eyes with me and I knew he knew who I was. This was actually like fifth year, except then, he wasn't looking for me, wasn't wondering where I was or if I was safe. Now that he was, he had found me. I had never really thought what it was like to be separated from my twin. All those times at Beauxbatons I never worried because I would see him again. But now, even though I wasn't at all happy to be back in the house, I was incredibly happy to see him again.

Lucius pushed Draco forward. "Go on, son. Identify him."

Draco stopped in front of Harry, his eyes fearful. He stuttered. "I'm – I'm not sure."

"What do you mean your 'not sure'."

"I mean I don't know. He doesn't look like Potter."

"He has to be!" my mum cried out suddenly. "These are his friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley! I know it is! Where is my daughter?"

And then it hit me. My mum really thought that I had been kidnapped. Lucius had lied (not much of a surprise but still).

The next thing I knew, Lucius had a wand in my face, one that he had stolen no doubt, because I definitely didn't recognize it. He glared at me. "No more games, Josephine. . . ."

He waved the wand, I suppose, to erase the spell that hid my appearance. . . . But nothing happened.

Dark auburn bangs still hung low in my face. What kind of spell did they use on me?

"Draco! Get over here! Identify her!"

Of course, it was just rather sad that my father didn't recognize his daughter, but Draco stepped in front of me anyway, looking into my eyes. I thought for sure, as he pushed my hair out of my face, that he would give me up for sure. He had always done what Lucius told him to do. . . .

"I've never seen her before in my life."

He stepped away from me, keeping his eyes downcast and I hid the smile from my face. Once a twin, always a twin.

"What is going on!"

Everyone's heads snapped up as Bellatrix walked into the room, looking as crazy as she always did. Glad to see some things never change.

"We believe we have captured Harry Potter and his friends," Fenrir Greyback claimed, still grinning over at me.

Bellatrix's eyes snapped over to the four of us and a manic grin spread on her face as she recognized Hermione. "Well, what are we waiting for? Why haven't any of you contacted the Dark Lord?"

"We are not yet sure if the boy is Harry Potter," Lucius said. "He is unrecognizable."

"I'm sure the Dark Lord will be able to solve any confusion." She lifted her sleeve, ready to press her finger against her Dark Mark but then she stopped, her eyes falling on the sword of Gryffindor. She looked back to us, angry. "Where did you get this?"

When none of us said anything. Her frowned deepened. She looked to Narcissa and Lucius. "If the Dark Lord finds out any of this, we're all done for. Take the two boys downstairs; I'll get what I need from the Mudblood."

"What about her?" Lucius said.

Bellatrix looked to me, smirking. "Let her watch."

Fenrir Greyback was behind me in seconds, holding one arm behind my back and his hand wrapped around my neck, his nose in my hair. "Divine," he muttered.

"You will wait, Greyback," Bellatrix said, pulling her wand from her pocket. "Patience is a virtue. You will have both of them."

And then she performed the Cruciatus on Herminoe.

"Stop it!" I cried, struggling against Greyback. "Let her go!"

Hermione's cries echoed through the empty hallway until Bellatrix lifted her wand. Hermione looked at me and gave a small shake of her head.

Don't let them win.

So I stood their quietly, tears running down my face as my friend was tortured. Bellatrix kept screaming, "Where did you get this?"

But I said nothing.

Hermione passed out suddenly, but Bellatrix kept her wand on her. I had to stop this.

"It's a fake!" I cried.

Bellatrix spun around to me and I felt the pain before I saw her wand on me. The pain was unbearable! I had received the Cruciatus before, but Bellatrix was so full of rage and venom that it felt ten times worse. I could hear my screams in my ears as my body felt like it was on fire.

But then it was gone and I could breathe again, my knees trying to give out. I couldn't stop coughing and it seemed worse than it had ever been. I was in so much pain.

Greyback straighted me up as Bellatrix peered into my face. "What do you mean it's fake?"

"It's – it's just something we found," I said. "A – a g-goblin gave it to us. . . . It's just for show. . . ."

She contemplated me for a moment before looking to Lucius, telling him to go fetch the Goblin. He returned moments later with Griphook the Goblin, who glanced up at me. I pleaded with him with my eyes and maybe he heard me because he told Bellatrix that the sword was a fake.

There was a loud crack downstairs in the basement. Wormtail went to go check it out.

But Bellatrix visibly relaxed, lifting the sleeve of her arm again and pressing on the mark. "I'm through here. You're free to eat them now, Greyback."

A silent no escaped me as Greyback said, "Goodie."

Harry and Ron suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs, Ron with a wand out. He disarmed Bellatrix and Harry grabbed her wand, knocking out Lucius before pointing his wand at Greyback and me.

I ducked slightly so that the spell hit Greyback in his face. He fell back, unconscious and I fell to my knees, realizing he had been the only thing holding me up after the Curse.

"Stop!" My head snapped up to find Bellatrix, holding Hermione to her with a knife at her throat. "The Dark Lord is on his way and you will soon be in his command. But move and I will kill the Mudblood now!"

The boys dropped the wands and Draco picked them up, glancing at me.

There was a loud grinding sound and with a snap, the chandelier fell. Bellatrix screamed, leaping out of the way . . . leaving Hermione and Griphook underneath the glass and wreckage.

Harry grabbed the wands from Draco, running past me to grab my arm and pull me to my feet.

"Kill that elf!" Bellatrix shrieked. "Kill the elf!"

Ron went into the wreckage and grabbed Hermione and Griphook, dragging the two back to me, Harry, and Dobby, who had appeared.

Dobby disappeared with all of us but not before Bellatrix threw her knife.

A/N: Goodness that took forever to write. I hope you guys liked it though and stay tuned for the next chapter. P.S. I didn't know about Shan Shunpike which is why i said he was dead. ANyway thanks again.

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