He's Coming

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Besides me Harry gasped in a fit of pain. I quickly grabbed his arm, keeping him from falling forward. "He's coming," he struggled to say.

"Stupefy!" Luna cried, knocking Alecto out.

There was muffled mumbling as the other Ravenclaw students began to enter the room, confused and horrified at the side of the scary woman laying on the floor.

We all jumped as someone began to pound on the door. "Oy! Open this door right now!"

"Amycus," was the name muttered around the room as students began to back away from the door.

I could hear the doorknocker question Amycus, but he ignored its questions (probably too stupid to answer them). We were safe until he figured out some other way in.

"We've still got time," Harry said, suddenly. "He's gone to check on the locket Horcrux."

"Professor Amycus?" I heard the soft clip clop of McGonagall heels as she approached the door. "May I inquire to why –?"

"You! Open this door! My sister is trouble!"

"Really, now there is no need for such alarm." The doorknob began to ask her a question.

"The cloak!" I mumbled, snatching it up off the ground. Harry and Luna both grabbed in end and we pulled the cloak up and over our heads just as the door to the common room swung open.

"Alecto!" Amycus cried, running towards his sister. He looked up with an ugly snarl at the Ravenclaws. "What did you all do?"

"Professor!" McGonagall started to reprimand him but he wasn't listening, frantically running his hands through his hair and pacing the floor.

"What'll we do?" he muttered. "The Dark Lord won't be pleased. Won't be pleased at all. He hates false alarms. But –" he added, facing the Ravenclaws. "Maybe a couple of the brats will satisfy him. He can kill a couple of them instead."

He took a step towards the Ravenclaws, reaching out for one but McGonagall stopped him, grabbing his arm. "You will not touch them, Carrow! You can yell and scream all you want but I will not let you harm a student!"

"Oh shut up you old broad!" Amycus said, ripping away from McGonagall.

And then he spit in her face.

It was one of the most vile, disgusting things I've ever seen done to a person. And though I never actually had the chance to know McGongall well, I still respected her as a person and as teacher.

And obviously so did Harry.

He ripped off the cloak and pointed his wand at Amycus. "Crucio!"

I watched, particularly horrified as Amycus screamed and writhed on the floor. Harry lifted the curse and Amycus lay on the floor unconscious next to his sister.

Luna and I looked at each other before removing the cloak and following Harry over to McGongall, who was cleaning the spit from her face.

"You should not have interfered," McGongall mumbled. "You should not even be here! What are you doing here?"

"We're looking for the lost Diadem of Ravenclaw," I told her quickly.

"The lost – Now that's just ridiculous! It's lost for a reason, Malfoy."

"We have very good reason to believe that it's here," Harry spoke up. "And we're under Dumbledore's orders but we haven't got much time. He'll be here any second."

McGonagall peered down at the three of us. "You're sure it's here in Hogwarts."


She hesitated just a second before saying, "We must alert the other Heads if You-Know-Who is indeed on his way. And we need to evacuate the students who are too young to fight. All of you," she added to the Ravenclaws. "Hurry down to the Great hall. Quickly!"

The students did what they were told while we pulled the cloak over our heads, following McGonagall to go find the other heads.

We were hurrying down a corridor when Snape came barreling around the corner, looking fit to kill. "Where is he?"

"Who, exactly?" McGonagall said. I saw her hand flick slightly towards the wand at her waist.

"Do not play with me!" Snape cried out, pulling out his own wand. "Where is Harry Potter? I know he is in this castle and I know you know where he is! I demand you tell me where now!"

McGonagall wiped out her wand, firing at Snape. Harry pulled Luna and I off to the side as Snape's first shot went slightly off.

The fight was a vicious one to say the least. I never would have thought McGonagall could duel like that.

There was what sounded like a battle cry and I watched as Professors Flitwick and Sprout came running up, wands drawn and their faces full of excitement. They too began to fight against Snape, overpowering him.

"I haven't had this much fun since I was a young lad!" Flitwick squeaked.

Just when the battle was beginning to get heated, Snape stepped up onto the nearest window ledge and hopped out. Harry, Luna, and I ran forward, expecting to see him lying flat, dead possibly on the ground below, but, instead, we found him flying on bat like wings, heading towards the Forbidden Forest it seemed.

"Let him go for now," McGonagall said. "We need to get the other teachers and began to form barriers around the school. We also need to get the younger students out of the school. We haven't much time."

Harry took my hand and he, Luna, and I ran in the direction of the Room of Requirement to warn the D.A. members.

"I can't believe it's really happening," I said. "I mean . . . it's here."

"Yeah well, we knew it would be. . . ." Harry said, pushing the door open.

Ginny and Neville stood at the head of the group. "Well?" Ginny asked.

"It's time," Harry said.

"About time," someone muttered, but it was just one of the many voices that filled the room as people began to mutter.

"What do you want us to do?" Neville asked.

"Everyone needs to go meet up with the others in the Great Hall. We'll decide what to do there."

As the D.A. began to file out of the room, I saw Ariana's portrait push open again, revealing a very haggard Remus Lupin and the Weasley family.

"What are you all doing here?" I asked, surprised.

"Came to help, of course," Remus said, grinning. He pulled a photograph from his pocket. "Care to look?"

I took it from him, finding the most beautiful little baby boy smiling up at me with bright turquoise hair. "He's adorable Mr. Lupin," I said, smiling.

"A handful though," Remus agreed.

I looked over to the Weasleys and Harry as Percy climbed in through the portrait hole. Harry and I stayed nearer Lupin as the Weasleys had their semi-reunion. It was then that I realized something was missing.

"Harry, where's Ron and Hermione?" I asked.

"They said they had to go get something," Ginny spoke up suddenly, eyeing Percy wearily. "Maybe they'll meet up with us in the Great Hall."

"Let's go find them," Harry muttered to me, taking my hand again.

We had just walked out the door when Harry gasped, doubling over with his eyes squeezed shut.

"Harry," I said, grabbing his arm once more. "Harry what did you see?"

Harry took a shaky breath, looking up at me with wide eyes. "He's here."

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