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Sirius wasn't here.

I felt so stupid.

I had been so sure.

I had led my friends into danger for a dream.

"Harry?" I heard Josephine say.

But I continued to run up and down each aisle of glowing orbs. I wanted there to be a reason for breaking and entering into a teacher's office and getting her kidnapped by bloody centaurs and leading my friends into the most bloody dangerous of all the bloody sections of the sodding Ministry of Magic!

"Harry, he's not here," Hermione said.

"I know!" I said, angrily. I took a deep breath rejoining my friends. "I know. . . . Sorry."

"It's fine."

"Hey, Harry?" Neville called.

"What is it?" I asked.

"One of these things has your name on it."

You would think, that after years of stupid mistakes on my part, that my 'Don't do it' alarm would be capable of ringing, no, screaming at me.

Don't do it, Harry.

Don't bring other people, Harry.

Don't handle it yourself, Harry.

Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it!!

But for some reason it was still just a murmur of 'Maybe you shouldn't' . . . 'Maybe it's not a good idea'. And as it murmured at me I ignored it because maybe is not a very good way to dissuade someone.

And so, I picked up the glass orb with my name on and things pretty much fell down hill from their.

The next thing I realized, me and my friends were surrounded by Death Eaters, including Mr. Lucius Malfoy himself.


Next to me, her wand pointed directly towards her father, Josephine muttered a very vulgar oath. If this had been a very different, less life-threatening situation, I would have looked at her and laughed . . . but since it wasn't. . . .

He wouldn't recognize her. She looked completely and totally different. I kept telling this to myself as me and Mr. Malfoy . . . interacted along with the woman I figured out to be Bellatrix Lestrange.

The crazy thing about life-threatening situations is that, though they tend to seem like they last forever, they actually go by really quickly. Like your life flashing before your eyes in that moment before you life is officially over.

My life with the Dursleys, finding I was a wizard, the Sorcerer's Stone, the basilisk, dementors, the Tournament . . . Cedric . . . All of it flashed before my eyes as we ran through the showers of flying glass. My hand had attached itself to Josephine's some how, Hermione and Neville running behind us.

And the only thing running through my mind, the only thing I was praying for, was not them.

Not my friends.

Not because of me.

Not them.

Please not them.

Not Ginny, Neville, or Luna.

Not Hermione.

Not Ron.

Not Josephine. . . . Not Joey.

Please, Merlin, not them.

And maybe, surprisingly, my prays were answered because it wasn't them, wasn't my friends.

It was Sirius.

I saw red.

Why Sirius? Of all the evil people that it could have been, it was the good guy, Sirius.

Blood pounding in my ears as my feet pounding on the ground, chasing Lestrange.

Get Lestrange.

Kill Lestrange.

Someone was behind me, following, calling my name. I heard them but I didn't acknowledge them.

'Stop Harry! Don't do it Harry!'

Nothing could stop me.

I don't think I've ever been so angry. Of course there have been many times when I've been pissed off but never this angry.

"Crucio!" I cried as I reached the main floor, Lestrange running ahead of me. Behind me someone grabbed my arm saying, "Harry no!"

Lestrange's screams echoed through the hall. I looked to the person holding my arm. "Joey?"

My thoughts and Josephine's response were interrupted by Lestrange's cruel laughter as she stood to her feet, hair and eyes wild.

"Oh did I make little Potter angry?" she said, in that baby voice. Her mocking smile dropped, leaving behind only a very ugly and evil scowl. "You know, if you really want to curse someone, Potter, you've got to feel it!"

She thrust out her wand so quickly in a violent non-verbal spell that I barely had time to move. . . . Josephine didn't have time to move.

I'll never forget what her screams sounded like. It was horrible and I think more so because I had just met this girl and already look what happens.

I felt like a coward as I peeked out from behind the fountain to see Lestrange move forward and grab Josephine by her hair, pulling her father away from me. "Let her go!" I yelled, standing to my feet and pointing my wand at her.

"And what would you do if I killed her, little Potter?" she said mockingly. She knelt down, pressing her cheek against Josephine's as if they were best friends. "Is this your little girlfriend, Potter? Would you try to avenge her death like your trying to avenge my dear cousin?"

"I said, let her GO!"

"Trade you. You're girlfriend for the orb."

"You're too late. The orb's gone. I broke it."

Lestrange's features changed drastically again, from happy to confused to pure anger.

I watched in horror as she let go of Josephine only to use her wand to fling her against a wall.

Josephine hit the floor hard, rolling onto her side, her face away from me. I watched as her hair began to fade from brown to blond, growing longer. But along with the blond came a new color. . . .


The red flowed slowly through her hair, pooling on the floor.

My heart stopped.

I felt it for sure.

Stumbling towards her, life seemed to move in slow motion.

Oh, Merlin what have I done?

"Don't move any further, Harry Potter."

I stopped mid-step, my eyes still on Josephine's lifeless body.

I'm sorry, I wanted to tell her.

I shouldn't have brought you into this, I wanted to tell her.

I shouldn't have let you keep hanging around me, I wanted to tell her.

I shouldn't have shaken your hand on the damn train, I wanted to tell her.

Because if I hadn't had done that, you wouldn't have been in this situation. I'm bad luck, I'm starting to figure.

Swallowing, I slowly turned to face Voldemort.

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