Snow Child

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Yukiko woke up in the morning and stretched out. She opened her eyes and felt momentarily disorientated. She didn't recognise her surroundings, but then she remembered, she was in Kaiba's bedroom. She sat up, rubbing her head. She stretched and gazed around, the room was empty apart from her. Yukiko closed her eyes, trying to think back to how she ended up on the floor at the foot of her bed last night. Try as she might, she couldn't remember a thing. Yukiko started as the door opposite the bed opened. A boy with spikey hair entered the room, closing the door behind him. Yugi walked over to her, a serious expression upon his face. Yukiko smiled at him.

"Morning!" She said brightly. He reached her side and sat on the bed.

"Yukiko, how are you feeling?" He asked, returning her smile, but the concern never left his purple eyes. Yukiko could almost sense his unease.

"Is everything okay?" She asked him, unsure of what had him so worried.

"I had a dream last night; the Pharaoh came to me and spoke of danger. Yukiko, the Pharaoh has been gone for almost two years. Have you ever forgotten anything before?" Yugi asked. Yukiko looked away from him, the colour creeping up into her cheeks.

"Please, we can help you," Yugi said earnestly, seeing her hesitation.

"Who is the Pharaoh?" Yukiko asked curiously.

"I'm not sure you'd believe me," Yugi smiled at her relaxing slightly.

"Try me." Yukiko replied, her curiosity growing.

"Well… okay then. A few years ago now, my grandpa gave me this Ancient Egyptian puzzle for my birthday. No one had ever been able to complete it before, but I managed it. I discovered an ancient Pharaoh's soul had been locked away inside, to protect the world. When our destiny to save the earth again was complete, the Pharaoh moved on to the spirit world, but Yukiko, if he's back, it must mean something bad is about to happen!" Yugi explained, his eyes widening. Yukiko couldn't help herself but smile back at him. What he'd said sounded so bizarre, so un-real, but she couldn't imagine him making a story like that up. He was too kind, too nice of a person.

"Well… I suppose, you've told me the truth. Now it's my turn." Yukiko gulped, not sure how to begin. She still wasn't sure how long she'd been here for; her perception of time was still off. It felt like ages since she'd first met Yugi and his friends.

"I turned up, two, maybe three weeks ago." She began, "I can't remember how I got here, or where I came from, I was just suddenly there, lying in the snow… naked," Yukiko dropped her gaze embarrassed. When she'd taken a few calming breaths, she decided to continue.

"I somehow found this place," She gestured around her, "And knocked on the door, freezing cold and starving. Kaiba found me and erm… here I am," She whispered awkwardly.

They both fell silent as what Yukiko said sunk in. It felt really odd telling someone she barely knew her predicament. Even so, it was Yugi she was speaking to, and the boy didn't seem to have a bad bone in his body. Yukiko took a breath and looked up at him, feeling nervous for some reason.

"You don't remember anything?" He asked perplexed. Yukiko shook her head.

"I remember how to do basic stuff, like talk and walk, eat and drink, get dressed and wash, but I have no memories, apart from the ones I've made since I got here. I can remember getting here and been so hungry, but apart from that… nothing." Yukiko said sadly. She'd only recently begun to understand what she was missing. Did she have a mother and father, who'd be worrying about her? Had she grown up with a sibling around, to play and laugh around with? How had she lived? She didn't have any memories at all, she'd been reborn into the world and it felt as if she'd only been alive for the past few weeks. Although she seemed to have the mind of a young adult, she felt like a child.

"I don't have any memories… not of a mother or a father, not of how I grew up or childhood friends I may have had, not of anything," Yukiko whispered, more to herself than to Yugi. The realisation of what she was missing seemed to have finally sunk in. She felt a lump form in her throat. She was nothing more than a scared child.

"It's okay; we'll find a way to help you!" Yugi exclaimed. Yukiko looked up at him, tears brimming in her eyes. His expression was full of earnest and goodness.

At that moment, the door to Kaiba's bedroom opened again. They both looked around, startled at been disturbed. Kaiba walked through the door, still in his night wear. Yukiko found it odd seeing him dressed in a plain T-shirt and lounge pants. She was so used to seeing him dressed in a suit. Following behind him was a second figure. Yukiko recognised him as Kaiba's personal Doctor, the one who had seen to her when she first arrived at the Kaiba Mansion. She smiled at him in greeting. Yugi stood up off the bed, looking awkward. Kaiba glanced at him, a bemused look across his face at seeing him in the room. The Doctor walked forwards. He was a skinny looking man, wearing a smart suit with a navy blue stripped tie. He wore slim glasses and had spikey black hair. He sat down on the bed next to Yukiko, dropping his bag on the bed next to him. Yukiko looked from Kaiba to the Doctor with confusion.

"Now, Yukiko, I'm just going to run a few basic tests," The doctor said calmly opening his bag and pulling out a strange looking torch. He placed his hand on the side of her face, and stared intently into her right eye.

"Look up to the ceiling…" He began, shinning the torch into her eye. Yukiko did as she was told and gazed upwards.

"Now to the right… now to the ground… to the left… then back up to the ceiling,"

The examination continued for almost half an hour, with the doctor doing multiple tests, asking many questions and eventually taking a sample of her blood. Yukiko had learnt from the experience that she had an evident fear of needles. When the Doctor had packed all his bits away, he stood up and turned to face Kaiba.

"As far as I can tell, the tests are clear. There are no signs of head trauma or concussion. I'll send the blood sample of for testing, but I feel it will come back clear. There seems to be no evident reason for her Amnesia. We can't be sure without continuing more in depth tests at the hospital, but there is no reason for me to be concerned. Other than suffering severe loss of memory, she is fine." The doctor explained.

"Thank you," Kaiba said, it evident in his tone that the doctor was been dismissed. The doctor nodded to them each in turn before leaving the room. Yukiko gazed between Kaiba and Yugi. Kaiba glanced at Yugi, his disapproval of the boy been in his room growing.

"Kaiba, there's more at work here than what meets the eye." Yugi began

"Shut up, Yugi. You're not going to sell me that magic bull crap, so don't even try." Kaiba ordered, folding his arms defiantly. Yugi frowned at Kaiba.

"How can you ignore it, Kaiba? After everything we went through with the Pharaoh?" Yugi said sounding slightly hurt.

"She doesn't need you filling her mind with nonsense." Kaiba frowned.

"Yukiko, please, be careful." Yugi said sadly. He turned and left the room, his head bowed.

Kaiba turned to look back at Yukiko. She was sat gazing up at him, her eyes bright. She was looking much better. She smiled weakly up at him.

"Thank you… for you know… letting me stay in here…" Yukiko muttered, the colour crawling back up into her cheeks. Before, her constant blushing had irritated Kaiba, it had really annoyed him, but now it seemed quietly charming. He shook his head slightly, trying to rid these thoughts. She was still watching him, with those big brown eyes of hers.

"I didn't want to risk you disturbing everyone in the neighborhood " He scowled, sitting down on the end of the bed and staring determinately away from her.

"Oh," She replied in a small voice, which seemed to hold some disappointment in it.

"You're welcome," He whispered after several moments of awkward silence had passed between them.

When Yukiko changed and went down to breakfast, everyone was already sat around the table, helping themselves to a variety of breakfast options. The long table, which usually looked deserted, seemed so much more joyous with people sat around it. The majority of it was still vacant, but the sound of laughter and talking suited the room. Yukiko walked in and felt everyone's eyes turn to her. She noticed the seats she, Mokuba and Kaiba usually took were empty. She took her normal seat, feeling slightly disappointed Kaiba and Mokuba weren't here. Joey who had taken the seat next to hers, nudged into her playfully.

"I see you stayed in money bags room last night?" He asked winking cheekily. Yukiko blushed instantly. Yukiko tried to keep calm and looked up from her bowl.

"I'm sorry if I woke you last night," She whispered, before leaning across the table to grab a box of cereal. She poured herself a bowl and took the milk.

"It's not your fault. You had a bad dream." Téa smiled at her.

"Yeah, Joey here has them all the time!" Tristan grinned. Joey turned and scowled at him.

"I do not!" He exclaimed angrily, shaking his fist at Tristan who was sat at the opposite side of the table to him.

"Was it a bad dream?" Ryo asked politely. He was sat across the table, in the seat next to Mokuba's. He was always so kind and polite. Yukiko really liked this group of friends. They all balanced each other out. It was nice to feel a part of it.

"I guess so, I can't really remember." Yukiko replied smiling.

"You did seem kind of out of it when we found you," Téa admitted.

"Yeah, I guess." Yukiko laughed, trying to hide the awkward feeling in her stomach. The fact she couldn't remember her dream was freaking her out. The last time she'd had a dream; it had been a terrifying night mare, what if she'd had another one? She must have had a bad dream for her to end up on the floor, screaming. She gazed around the table and her eyes met Yugi's. He smiled encouragingly at her, but there was still a trace of concern in his eyes.

"So, does Kaiba talk in his sleep?" Joey asked, breaking Yukiko's train of thought.

"What?" She asked distractedly. Yukiko gazed around at Joey confused.

"Does he dish da dirt in his sleep?" Joey repeated, "Come on, Yukiko, you're like the only one of us to have spent the night in his room!" He exclaimed in a sing song voice, winking at her. Yukiko felt the colour rising in her cheeks again. Why did she have to blush all the time?

"Or were you too busy last night to sleep?" He added grinning. Yukiko stared at him, her face bright red. She felt very embarrassed.

"Joey wheeler! You can't go around asking those kinds of questions!" Téa exclaimed hitting him across the back of the head.

"Ouch! Téa that hurt!" Joey exclaimed rubbing the back of his head. She ignored him.

"I think it's sweet that he looks out for you," She said, looking up at Yukiko smiling.

"Me too," Yukiko admitted her bright red face now slowly turning back to its normal colour.

After everyone had finished eating, Yukiko waved everyone off. She was sorry to see them go as she'd loved having some more company. It was a nice change, but in a way, she was also relieved. She wasn't sure she could take much more of the questions about her and Kaiba. It was exhausting, blushing all the time.

"Will we see you at work tomorrow?" Yugi called over his shoulder as they walked down the drive way. Yukiko smiled and waved.

"Maybe!" She called back. Once she'd waved them out of the gate, she closed the door and leant against it, sighing. She could relax.

"Are those idiots gone?" A stern voice asked, making Yukiko jump. She gazed up towards the top of the stairs. Kaiba was stood there, his arms folded.

"Erm… yes." Yukiko replied distractedly, pulling her gaze away from him. She wasn't sure she could look at him directly without a flush of colour rising in her cheeks.

"Thanks, Joey," She muttered under her breath sarcastically. Kaiba frowned watching her. He shook his head slightly, deciding it was best not to ask. He walked down the stairs and passed her heading towards the kitchen. As he walked by her, Yukiko felt her heart beat faster and felt a flutter of something in her chest. She gulped, not sure what that meant. Did she like Kaiba? Yukiko felt her face turn bright red at the thought. No, of course she didn't, that would be insane. It was only because everyone had been talking about it that her body was acting strange now. He saved her life and had given her a home; there was nothing more to it than that. Smiling with satisfaction, Yukiko walked into the living room. Maybe she could play a video game with Mokuba?

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