Snow Child

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

It had been just over a week since the eventful sleep over. During that time, Yukiko found she was having difficulty just been around Kaiba, without blushing every time he spoke to her. She was almost certain this behavior was irritating him, but even so, he never showed it. Yukiko secretly appreciated it. She didn't want to annoy him and it felt better when he hid his frustrations from her. She was always afraid too. Every night this week she'd woken up shivering and terrified, with no recollection of what had being haunting her. Each night she'd had to be ushered into Kaiba's room, until it was now routine for her to just sleep in there. At first the idea of staying in the same room as him had traumatized her. She couldn't sleep next to him, but when she'd attempted to argue with him about it, he'd scowled at her. Without even saying anything, he'd won the argument.

It was Monday morning, almost five weeks after Yukiko had arrived at the Kaiba residence, when Yukiko awoke to something unusual. Without opening her eyes, she stretched out. Her foot grazed against something. She recognized the feeling of flesh and withdrew her foot instantly. Yukiko opened her eyes and sat up as quietly as she could. She gazed down next to her and gaped in surprise. Her eyes darted over to the alarm clock on the table besides Kaiba's side of the bed. It was 9 o'clock. She looked back down at the man still lying asleep next to her. He was breathing quietly, his face looking relaxed and peaceful, and his brown hair still managing to retain its neatness, despite it been ruffled. He was lying on his side, his face turned towards her. Yukiko gazed around nervously, unsure of what to do. Kaiba was always dressed and at breakfast, half way through his toast when she usually got up. He never over slept. Twisting the sleeve on her shirt nervously, she made a decision.

"Erm… Kaiba?" She whispered, wanting to wake him gently. When he didn't respond, she prodded him gently in the side.

"Kaiba?" She said a little louder. He shrugged, trying to stop her from touching him.

"Kaiba!" She prodded him harder until she saw his blue eyes open.

"It's just a dream. Go back to sleep." He muttered sleepily, yet still in his stern tone. Yukiko was beginning to believe he didn't know how to talk without sounding serious.

"No, Kaiba, it's 9 o'clock." She muttered, gazing at him. Now she examined him, he looked a bit ill. His skin seemed a little pale and sweaty. She was about to lean forwards and rest her hand on his forehead when he sat bolt upright, startling her.

"What?" He asked, looking shocked. Yukiko frowned. She reached over to him and rested her hand on his forehead.

She had been right. His skin felt clammy and hot. Despite the heat coming off his skin, he seemed to be shivering. He pushed her hand away from him irritably. He stood up.

"Kaiba!" Yukiko exclaimed as he walked hurriedly into his wardrobe.

"I'm fine." His stubborn voice replied. Yukiko frowned. Usually she'd shy away from a confrontation, but right now the man clearly didn't know what was best for him. She got up and crept towards the exit to the room. As Kaiba came out of the wardrobe, now dressed in a suit, but shivering considerably more than before, Yukiko held her arms out, blocking his way out of the room.

"Move." He demanded his eyes flashing.

"No. Get back to bed." She replied simply, making her demands clear. He scowled at her, and trying to imitate him, Yukiko scowled back.

"I won't ask you again." He warned.

"Good. Now go back into your wardrobe, put your Pyjama's back on and get back to bed." Yukiko said, trying to keep her blushing in check as she felt his eyes upon her. He opened his mouth, about to retaliate, when Yukiko cut across him.

"Even a fool like me can see you're unwell. Now get back in bed." She said.

"I have work to do," He said roughly, reaching for the door. Yukiko stepped forwards, forcing him back. She wasn't sure where this sudden confidence had come from, she wasn't even sure if it suited her, but she knew she needed it right now.

"I don't care if you are Seto Freaking Kaiba! You are human like the rest of us, and humans get ill! Not get back to bed before I force you to!" She said in a slightly more shrill voice than usual. She put her hands on her hips, as if to make her point.

Kaiba was staring at her, something close to shock on his face. Yukiko held his gaze, refusing to back down. He would do as he was told and she would make sure of it. If he was ill, he was no use to anybody. He hesitated for just a second longer.

"I have meetings I need to attend, reports to read." He said frowning.

"Well, you'll just have to reschedule the meetings, and if you do as you're told now, I may even allow you to work from home this afternoon," Yukiko scowled at him. He glared at her for a few seconds more, before turning on his heel and marching back into his wardrobe. Yukiko exhaled, allowing the colour, which she had been holding back determinately, to flush into her face. She wasn't sure what had taken over her there, but something deep down told her she had done the right thing. Kaiba was ill. He needed to stay at home.

Kaiba wasn't sure why he'd obeyed the girl so easily. He could have easily pushed past her and got out. Maybe he had realised he wasn't feeling so good. He wasn't going to be any use to anyone if he couldn't even control his damn shivering. Even so, he had never missed a day of work before. It was unheard of for him to cancel a meeting. Maybe, deep down, he knew it was because the person, who had ordered him to stay off, was the one person he wanted to spend more time with.

Kaiba re-emerged from the wardrobe, now dressed back in his pale blue lounge pants and white t-shirt. Yukiko noticed instantly that his PDA was in his hand. She marched over to him and snatched it out of his hand.

"What do you think you are doing?" He demanded, trying to grab it. Yukiko held it away from him, using her other hand to push him away. She felt her blush deepen as she felt his toned chest. She withdrew her hand immediately and took a few steps away from him, trying to hide her embarrassment. He frowned at her, but didn't make to come closer.

"I've been to work with you a few times now; I think I can handle cancelling a couple of meetings." Yukiko said, not meeting his eyes. If she did meet his blue gaze, she might collapse under it, and then she'd have failed in her attempt to make Seto Kaiba realise he wasn't indestructible.

"Six." He replied.

"What?" Yukiko asked distracted.

"I have six meetings today." He replied folding his arms.

"Then I'll phone them all and tell them you'll contact them to reschedule when you're feeling better." Yukiko replied. Kaiba moved forwards until he was stood in front of her, barely half a meter between them. Yukiko gazed up nervously.

"I feel fine." He muttered, obviously lying. His skin had a sheen to it and Yukiko could clearly see he was shivering.

"Get into bed. Now." Yukiko ordered, holding the PDA away from him. He frowned down at her, clearly not enjoying been ordered around. He made no indication he was going to move. Yukiko gritted her teeth, fed up of him not listening to her. She put the PDA inside the pocket on the breast of her night shirt. With both her hands free, she pushed against him, trying to force him towards his bed. He was stronger than she anticipated and he didn't budge an inch. She put as much strength as she could behind her arms, feeling a sense of short lived pride as he took a step back. Frustrated Yukiko threw her arms up in the air.

"Seto Kaiba! If you don't get in that bed right now, I swear I will…" Yukiko cried out, her voice trailing off.

"You'll what?" He demanded amused.

"I don't know," Yukiko admitted gazing down at her feet. When she looked up at him, her gaze was pleading.

"Seto, please… just go and sleep…" Yukiko began, and then froze. She felt the heat rise in her face as realisation of what she'd done sunk in.

"God! I'm sorry, I meant Kaiba… I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed, looking anywhere but at him. She knew he had a thing about people using his first name. The only person she'd ever heard use it was Mokuba.

She felt his hand touch her chin, forcing her to stop gazing around anywhere but at him. She felt her heart speed up at such simple contact. She allowed her eyes to meet his.

"It's okay. I liked you calling me Seto," He whispered his face serious. Yukiko felt her face flush. She wasn't sure if she was imagining it, but she thought she could see a slight flush of colour on Kaiba's face.

"Really?" She asked breathlessly as his hand dropped from her face.

"Yes. I think you should call me Seto. We are friends, aren't we?" he replied, still awfully close to Yukiko. She was sure he'd be able to hear the frantic beating of her heart he was so near to her. Maybe he actually could? Then he'd know her feelings towards him? No, he couldn't know, how could he know when she didn't even know? Yukiko could feel her head beginning to spin as the thoughts flying around became ever more confusing.

"I guess…" Yukiko replied, caught completely off guard.

"I have shared my bed with you for the past week. That makes us more than acquaintances," He replied, his eyes holding an emotion Yukiko had never seen in them before. Was his heart beating as fast as hers? She wanted nothing more than to rest her palm over his chest and find out, but she couldn't do that. It would be strange and inappropriate.

"Friends," Yukiko repeated the word, managing to smile. Seto Kaiba nodded at her, satisfied.

"I'm going back to bed then," He spoke, suddenly adopting his usual demeanour again. Yukiko felt her body relax. She had tensed up for some reason as they had exchanged words. She felt her breathing becoming deeper as her frantic heart calmed itself down just a fractional of a second. It was enough to allow her to speak.

"I'll go cancel some appointments, then." She whispered turning and leaving the room. Once she was in the corridor and she'd closed Kaiba's door, she leant against the wall, pulling the PDA from her pocket. She held it against her chest and sank down the wall, closing her eyes, trying to understand exactly what had just happened between Amnesia sufferer her and the CEO of Kaiba Corp.

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