Snow Child

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

When Yukiko returned to the bedroom almost half an hour later, all meetings for the day cancelled with the promise of been rebooked, it was to find Kaiba laid out under his bed covers shivering. Yukiko, who had conveniently "forgotten" his PDA in the kitchen, now carried with her a glass of still mineral water and a pack of tablets. She placed them on the bed side table and sat down next to him. On impulse she rested her hand on his forehead again. He was running a high temperature; she didn't need a thermometer to tell her that. Without a second thought, she grabbed hold of the bed covers and pulled them back, exposing his body to the cool air of the room. His eyes snapped open immediately. He sat up furiously.

"What did you do that for?" He demanded, glaring at her. He went to pull the covers back on top of him, but Yukiko pulled them out of his grip, frowning. The man might be a billionaire genius, but he sure as hell didn't know how to look after himself.

"I'm freezing," He snapped angrily.

"No you're not. You've got a high temperature, and if we don't get it down, you'll be causing yourself more problems. Then we'd have to cancel all of your meetings for tomorrow," Yukiko snapped back, only blushing slightly.

Yukiko knew what she was saying to be true as, unbeknownst to Kaiba, after she'd called to cancel his meetings for today she had decided to call his doctor and ask for advice. The doctor had insisted on calling over to check on Kaiba himself, but Yukiko had declined, knowing exactly what Kaiba's reaction would be if these events were to unfold. He was incredibly stubborn after all.

"Sit up properly," She instructed, focusing on the task at hand. He begrudgingly did as he was told, the scowl never leaving his face. Yukiko handed him the glass of water she'd brought up with her. She then took two round tablets out of the packet and held them out to him. He didn't take them.

"I'm not taking tablets." He said flatly. Yukiko felt a stab of annoyance, which was an emotion she hadn't experienced towards Kaiba before.

"I think you'll find you are." Yukiko replied in an equally stern tone. He glared at her for a few seconds before taking the tablets out of her hand. Yukiko watched with satisfaction as he swallowed the paracetamol, she sighed with relief.

"Kaiba you know you're a really bad patient," Yukiko muttered relaxing slightly.

"Seto." He snapped.

"What?" Yukiko asked confused.

"When I told you before to call me Seto, I wasn't joking." He replied sternly.

"Oh… erm… right." Yukiko replied blushing, "Sorry, force of habit." She added. He put the glass, which was now almost empty, on the bed side table.

"Am I allowed my laptop yet?" He asked, finding it highly amusing she was trying to boss him about.

"Seto, I think you should rest, for now," Yukiko replied, blushing at the fact she was using his first name. It felt so strange upon her tongue, the feeling of using his first name.

"Fine," He muttered shifting back onto the bed and closing his eyes. Yukiko gazed at him as he lay back. She had no idea what was happening. He was acting really strange, he must be ill. Yukiko remained sat, gazing at him for a couple of minutes, lost in her own thoughts.

"Yukiko," He muttered suddenly, bringing her out of her imagination.

"Yes?" She asked quietly, not wanting to disturb him.

"I can't sleep with you staring at me," He replied.

Yukiko felt her cheeks blush instantly. She jumped to her feet, feeling her face growing suddenly very hot.

"Sorry," She mumbled, heading to the door.

Had I really been staring at him? I know I'd looked at him, taking in his features. An appearance which I'd only just come to the decision were attractive. No, no, no, no! Why am I thinking like this? This isn't right! I had noticed how peaceful he looked when he relaxed, nothing more. Oh, No! I had been staring at him! And he'd noticed! Oh No!

Yukiko closed the door as she left his room. Why did she have to be such an idiot? She gazed around trying to work out what to do. Mokuba had gone to school for the day, so it was just herself and Kaiba in the house. She had no one else to talk to. She was going to have to put up with the rising tension she could feel between herself and Kaiba.

No, it's Seto, not Kaiba

She had to remind herself to think of him as Seto. This was going to be more difficult than she'd anticipated. Taking in a deep breath, Yukiko made her way down stairs. She headed into the kitchen and smiled. She was hungry and had a feeling Kaiba – no – Seto would be hungry too. Yukiko saw the radio in the centre of the island and turned the switch, music blasting out of it. She quickly set to work, busying herself with finding whatever she could find to cook. Humming along to the music, she opened up the fridge and took out a box of eggs. She then took a pack of bacon, cheese and mushrooms out. Somewhere deep inside her, she knew what she was doing. Yukiko searched around the cupboards until she found what she was looking for. She quickly found a large frying pan and set to work.

Fifteen minutes into cooking, Yukiko was dancing around in time to a particular upbeat song singing along with it when she heard a noise behind her. Not really thinking about it, Yukiko did a pirouette, to gaze at what had caused the noise. She froze, mid twirl, feeling embarrassed as her eyes met a serious blue gaze staring straight back at her. Yukiko bit her lip, the colour rising in her cheeks instantly.

"How long have you been standing there?" She squeaked, dropping her gaze away from him, not sure her self-conscious state could take much more.

"Please, don't let me stop you," He said amused, leaning against the door frame.

"Are you hungry?" Yukiko asked, deciding it best for her sake to change the subject.

"It smells good," He admitted coming further into the room. Yukiko had just about finished her omelette and tipped half of it out onto a plate. She pushed it across the island counter top towards Seto. He took it and sat down at the breakfast bar, while taking a couple of forks from the cutlery drawer. Yukiko tipped the second half onto a plate and sat next to Seto, taking the spare fork and cutting into the food. They ate in silence; the only sound was that coming from the radio.

When they finished, Seto put his fork on his empty plate. Yukiko lowered her fork too. He turned to her, his eyes intense.

"That was nice. Thanks," He said, allowing a rare smile to play across his lips. Yukiko smiled weakly back. That smile of his, it made her knees weak. She unintentionally moved closer to him, not realizing she'd done so. She was about to move back mortified, when she saw something. Was it her imagination or had Seto moved closer to her too. Had Seto Kaiba, CEO billionaire, just leaned closer to her? Yukiko couldn't resist gazing into his face, taking in his appearance with a painful ache from her heart. Yukiko felt said organ beating very fast in her chest. Her body was trembling ever so slightly as emotions and feelings she hadn't known she was capable of feeling at once poured into her. A small, very far off voice, whispered to her that she it was good she was sat down or her legs might have given way. And he was moving closer too! His blue eyes were wide but intense, His mouth, the mouth that was usually stern and occasionally conceited, was slightly parted. Yukiko felt the colour flare into her cheeks as she gazed almost longingly at his lips. Did she want this? Could this really be happening? And what if it did? What would happen then? Everything would be weird and strange and awkward! Despite her doubts, her body still betrayed her and continued moving closer to him, desperate for his touch.

"It was a recipe my mother taught me," She whispered as their lips were barely an inch away from each other.

Yukiko froze the realisation of what she'd just said sinking in. She sat up straight, her breathing uneven.

"It was a recipe my mother taught me," She repeated the words, her eyes wide with disbelief. She repeated the line again, excitement now etched into her tone. She thought back over the food she'd just cooked, the recipe seemed like second nature to her.

Add a pinch of pepper and salt to add extra flavour. And when she'd tasted her work, the flavours had awakened a memory deep inside her. There weren't images, but more of a feeling, like knowledge had just been uploaded into her mind. Knowledge that the recipe she'd just used was taught to her by her mother. That meant this amnesia she was suffering wasn't permanent! She could get her memories back!

"Seto! I can remember!" Yukiko smiled with awe, an array of emotions exploding like fireworks inside her stomach.

"My mother, she taught me how to cook this! I know she did!" Yukiko grinned.

"I'm happy for you," He muttered, sliding off his stool and walking to the door sounding anything but happy.

"I'm going back to bed. I still feel ill." He added, walking purposefully out of the room.

Yukiko stared after him, un-nerved by his sudden change of mood. Why was he suddenly acting so cold? Only a minute ago he had been willing to kiss her. Yukiko closed her eyes, suddenly understanding. She pushed her plate away from her and rested her head on the table surface, wrapping her arms around her head. Why was she so naïve at times? Had he really wanted to kiss her? And she'd just completely messed it up! She allowed a groan of exasperation out.

"Why am I so stupid?" She whispered to herself

"Because you are," A little voice said at the back of her mind. The voice didn't sound like her, but then imaginary voices inside your head sometimes didn't.

Seto walked up the stairs, trying determinately not to examine the emotions raging in his chest. Despite his efforts, he couldn't help but stare them in the face. He had almost kissed her, kissed Yukiko, the homeless girl he'd invited into his home! And what was more frustrating? He'd really, really wanted to. He couldn't deny the aching disappointment he'd felt when she'd pulled away from him. Scowling, Kaiba reached his bedroom and walked into it, closing the door behind him with an angry snap. He walked over to his bed and stretched out upon it, gazing anywhere but at the space on his right side, the spot where she'd usually sleep. When he'd heard the sound of music emanating from the kitchen before, his curiosity had gotten the better of him. When he'd walked into the kitchen, the scent of food caressing his senses, he'd seen Yukiko dancing around still dressed in his shirt, he had felt the beating of his heart increase at the sight. He remembered when seeing her wear his shirt had pissed him off, but now he couldn't find the strength to dislike it. Kaiba rolled onto his side, exhaling frustrated. He'd been foolish to allow his emotions to run wild. What had he been thinking? He didn't need anyone but his brother by his side. She was nothing to him, he didn't need her and he certainly didn't want her. Even as he thought these thoughts, Seto Kaiba couldn't help but wonder why her memories couldn't have come back to her a few damn seconds later?

Yukiko was sat, her legs stretched out in front of her, on the sofa in the living room a few hours later. It was mid-afternoon and Mokuba should be home soon. Yukiko was massaging her temples, wracking her brain, desperately trying to remember more. She let out a frustrated cry as pain stabbed across her forehead.

"Pathetic" The voice in her head sneered at her. Frowning, Yukiko tried again, searching around for something, anything that wasn't that damn recipe. Still she discovered nothing more. The doorbell rang and she dropped her hands from her head distracted. Yukiko stood up and walked to the front door curiously. As she walked, she gazed up the stair case. Still no sign of Seto. She hadn't seen him since they'd almost kissed. Yukiko blushed at the memory. Yukiko opened the door with a mixture of caution and curiosity. She was greeted by the familiar face of a blonde haired boy with brown eyes and a very recognisable Brooklyn accent. He had a goofy grin on his face, as he always seemed to have.

"Hi, Joey!" Yukiko grinned, glad to see someone she knew.

"Hey, Yukiko! How's it going?" He asked beaming. Yukiko thought for a second. How was it going? Well, she'd very nearly kissed Seto and when she'd pulled back, she seemed to have upset him, she had a pounding headache from pointlessly trying to remember her past and she kept having nightmares.

"It's good thanks, you?" Yukiko replied, deciding not to go into details about how it was really going. She didn't want to bore Joey with it.

"Not bad!" He laughed, rubbing the back of his head.

"How's money bags? He ain't giving ya a hard time is he?" Joey asked.

"We're getting on great!" Yukiko beamed, knowing she was lying through her back teeth.

"Anyways Yukiko, the reason I'm here is me and Yug have just got a place and we're throwing a costume party tomorrow as a house warming! We wanted to invite you over, and rich boy if he don't wanna let ya out a his sights," Joey winked, causing colour to flush into Yukiko's cheeks. He handed out a piece of folded paper to her, which she took curiously. Joey laughed awkwardly.

"It's the address. I haven't managed to memorize it yet," He grinned sheepishly.

"Joey… I… erm… I'm not sure we'll be able to go," Yukiko muttered apologetically. She saw Joeys face drop and felt a stab of guilt.

"It's not that I don't want to, I'd love to! It's just… Seto's ill today, so I don't know if he'll be better or not," Yukiko said hurriedly.

"Kaiba's ill!" Joey exclaimed surprised. Yukiko nodded. Joey laughed.

"Ah well, If money bags is too ill to make it, we'll understand!" He said slightly louder than usual, as if he was calling out into the house in the hope Seto would over hear him. Yukiko had a suspicious feeling that was exactly what the blonde boy was trying to do.

"See ya later Yukiko!" Joey grinned waving as he walked away from the house.

"Bye!" Yukiko called out as she watched him off. Smiling, she closed the door.

"What did Wheeler want?" A voice asked from behind her. The voice was stern and made her jump. She spun around to see Seto stood at the bottom of the stairs. His eyes darted to the piece of paper in Yukiko's hand. She held it out to him. He walked forwards and took it from her without saying a word.

"Joey and Yugi are having a costume party tomorrow evening and they've invited us!" Yukiko said smiling, trying to ignore the increase in heart rate Seto's presence caused.

"Ha, I don't think so." He smirked folding his arms. Yukiko frowned.

"Why?" She asked irritated.

"I have no desire to hang out with that bunch of dorks." He replied. Yukiko sighed, exasperated at his clear dislike for a bunch of really nice friendly people.

"Can I still go?" Yukiko asked, already knowing the answer.

"No." He replied turning to walk away.

"Well, I'm sure they'll understand." Yukiko sighed, "After all Joey knows that you're ill and they seem like a nice bunch of understanding people," she continued, walking back towards the living room.

"You told that Mutt I was ill?" Seto demanded. Yukiko turned back to him to see an almost frightening expression across his face, he was looking thunderous.

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