Snow Child

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Yukiko gazed down at her second, now empty, bottle of cider. She felt strange, really giddy and giggly, but she was exhausted. She wanted to sleep. Everything was shifting and spinning making her feel odd. She had drunk too much, especially for someone who hadn't had alcohol before. Yukiko stood up, she needed to find Seto, and she needed to go home. She no longer loved the feeling of confidence the liquid had given her, it came with consequences. Her consequences were the fact she could no longer stand without stumbling all over. Without her even having to look, Seto was by her side in an instant. She could feel his hand placed on her back, ready if she were to fall.

"I think you need to go home," He whispered to her. Blushing, Yukiko nodded.

"Thank you for inviting us!" Yukiko cried out, grinning broadly at everyone. There was a loud chorus as everyone chanted bye in unison. Smiling, Yukiko allowed herself to be guided out of the apartment and into the hall way. When Seto closed the door behind them, Yukiko turned to him grinning.

"That was really fun!" She beamed at him, making it clear she'd thoroughly enjoyed herself.

"Sure," He replied indifferent, walking ahead of her. Yukiko stumbled on trying to catch up to him. She was grinning, knowing he thought it had been fun too.

"Admit it!" she giggled stumbling into him. He caught her around the waist, stopping her from falling to the floor. He helped her back up and kept a hold onto her as they continued on towards the flight of stairs leading to the ground floor. As they reached the steps, Yukiko froze. She swayed on the spot.

"Erm… can you help me?" She said gazing downwards. Seto rolled his eyes taking a step onto the step below her, so they were on eye level. Yukiko felt the sudden urge to lean forwards and kiss him, but her rational side swept that desire away for the time been. First thing she needed to do was defeat the stairs. Rolling his eyes again, Seto turned around.

"Get on." He ordered

"Wh…what? Yukiko asked confused.

"Get on my back. I'll have to carry you." Seto replied, the grimace clear in his tone. Yukiko hesitated for a second, before wrapping her arms around his chest. He helped hoist her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. As he began to walk, she rested her head on his shoulder, inhaling his scent. He always wore the same scent.

"You must look really funny with an angel on your back," Yukiko whispered closing her eyes.

She must have fallen to sleep as he carried her as before she knew it, she could feel the rumblings of an engine. Yukiko shifted and slipped sideways. She was surprised to find something supporting her head. She opened her eyes. She was sat inside a dark vehicle leaning against Seto. She sat up just as the engine switched off. She rubbed her eyes, starting to wish the effects of the alcohol would wear off already. She looked over to see Seto watching her cautiously. When had he called his car? How were the drivers still awake?

"Yukiko, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let you drink as much," he sighed, showing for a brief instant the side of him no one usually saw. Yukiko frowned. She watched as he climbed out of the car and followed clumsily after him. The floor seemed to be moving as she walked towards the house. She felt a stab of annoyance.

"What do you mean, let me?" She asked suddenly, breaking the tense silence between them. Seto stopped just before the front door and turned to look at her.

"I may be clueless about most things, but I can make decisions. I have to, if I'm ever going to be normal." Yukiko continued her irritation evaporating as he surveyed her with those eyes of his.

"Like you said, you're clueless." He replied coldly. He opened up the front door and walked in. Yukiko followed after him, closing the door behind her. All was dark inside the house, but it was nothing compared to what she was feeling right now. The terrifying reality of brutal disappointment.

All night there had been one thing on her mind, and now the night was over, she wasn't sure if she could do it. There he was, watching her in the darkness. Yukiko could feel her heart beat quicken, and in the silence of the house, that was all she could hear, the sound of her heart and uneven breathing. She needed to pluck up the courage to talk. If she could just speak now, she'd be able to sort it.

"Go to bed, I'll bring you a glass of water," He muttered through the darkness, turning to walk in the direction of the kitchen. Oh no! He was leaving; if he left the hall she may never have the courage to do it again! Could she really do it though? What could she say? She could feel un-thought out words rising in her throat. Oh No! What was she going to say?

“I really wanted to kiss you!” Yukiko blurted the words out, them tumbling over each other as they spilled out desperately. Realizing what she’d just said, Yukiko slapped her hands to her mouth in a pointless attempt to stop anything else spilling from her lips. Seto had frozen mid pace, halfway to the kitchen. Yukiko felt as her whole body began to shake with terror at what she’d just done. Why did she have to be so innocent, so damn naïve, so stupid? She was almost positive normal people didn’t blurt private stuff like that out freely. Now everything would be awkward and she’d never be able to look him in the eyes again. Seto turned on the spot stopping only when he was facing her. Yukiko couldn’t help but stare wide eyed at him as he returned the glare. His expression was unreadable. It came as no surprise to either of them that Yukiko’s face was flushed bright red. Seto began to walk, this time back towards Yukiko, his intentions completely illegible. He stopped before the blushing girl who’s eyes quickly diverted to floor. Yukiko felt the beginnings of tears and had to swallow them down, determined not to completely fall apart because of her stupidity. Her breathing hitched as she felt his smooth warm skin brush against hers. He pried her hands away from her mouth. Yukiko let her arms drop uselessly to her side. He gently took her chin between his fingers and thumb, forcing her face upwards coercing her into looking at him. Yukiko gulped as her brown eyes, which were now as big as saucers, gazed deep into blue ones.

“What did you say?” He demanded softly, his expression still giving absolutely nothing away.

“I…I…” Yukiko began, unable to find the words. She had to choose now of all times to start stuttering. Yukiko forced herself to inhale steadily, recollecting her mashed up thoughts.

“I want to kiss you. When we were playing that stupid game, I wanted to kiss you, but then you had to kiss the other girl… and… and I… I didn’t like it…” Yukiko spoke quickly, the confession practically tumbling out of her mouth with eagerness. When she’d finished, she felt another stab of horror as she realized control of her own personal thoughts wasn’t something she seemed to have command over at the moment. All it seemed to take was a few words and a gentle touch from the man stood before her and all her secrets would come spilling out.

“I want to kiss you,” Yukiko repeated as his gaze bore into her. Her stomach felt as if the largest butterfly in the world had come alive, unfurled its wings and started to beat them, brushing against every organ inside her body. Everything tingled just from been this close to him. It was incredible and yet terrifying at the same time. Seto moved his hand. Yukiko started, fear washing over her like never before. Maybe he wasn’t interested in her like that? Had it all just been a misreading on her behalf? Her wave of fear was soon distinguished as the hand he’d removed from her chin, reconnected with her, this time cupping her cheek, his fingers reaching and brushing into her hair. He moved and Yukiko waited with bated breath. He gently closed the gap between them. Yukiko’s eyes widened in surprise as his lips parted ever so slightly. She couldn't breathe. Was this really happening? His lips connected with hers, caressing her softly. Fireworks ignited inside her like never before. Her heart felt like it was going to explode. Her body was quaking as she tried to contain the emotion such a simplistic movement from him had stirred. His lips were so soft and warm. They were so enticing. Her eyes automatically fluttered closed as she melted into him. His lips began to move upon hers and Yukiko automatically responded, her body took over as instinct kicked in. Their kiss deepened, becoming ever more intense and passionate, almost desperate. His hands moved and encircled her waist. Yukiko stood on tiptoe, deepening their embrace. Her hands clutched onto him, holding onto his neck, her fingers entwining themselves in his hair.

When they pulled back from each other, the need for oxygen finally outweighing their desire to continue, they were both slightly breathless. Yukiko relaxed back onto her feet, unable to contain the beating of her heart and the unevenness of her breathing. In the moment, Seto Kaiba neither appeared or seemed like the terrifying CEO he was. Yukiko barely recognised the man. His chest rose and fell dramatically, although it was nothing compared to Yukiko's.

"Like that?" He asked, trying to retain his usually stern and harsh manor, but failing.

"What?" Yukiko asked confused her hand itching to be placed over his heart.

"You wanted to kiss me, like that?" He asked. Yukiko smiled. If she wasn't very much mistaken, she would say there was a pinkish tinge to his usually placid cheeks. Yukiko leaned forwards, going on tiptoe once more, and pressed her lips against his again in response. She didn't want to stop. She parted her lips, caressing his, exploring a whole new bunch of emotions and feelings as she felt him respond to her touch. He wrapped his arms tighter around her middle, lifting her off her feet. She succumbed to the emotions flooding through her and clutched on to him desperately. She jumped ever so slightly as she felt the warmth of his tongue touching hers almost tentatively. She grinned as she tangled her fingers in his hair again. He broke apart from her, eyeing her cautiously. She pressed her lips softly against his.

"Are you ready for bed?" he whispered, his gaze soft. Yukiko smiled at him and nodded. He put her down gently, instead taking a hold of her hand, his fingers curling around hers.

Yukiko found the feeling of his hand holding onto hers a very comforting one. He led her gently up the stairs, keeping a tight grip on her in case she tripped. He walked into his bedroom, Yukiko closing the door behind them.

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