Snow Child

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

“My head… there’s… blood,” Yukiko's wavering voice whimpered.

"Yukiko, I'm on my way now, stay where you are!" Seto Kaiba spoke urgently. He waited for her to respond but there was nothing. The line was dead. His mind raced. What was happening to her? Kaiba stood up and leapt over his desk. He barged through his office door. He heard the gasp from his secretary, but ignored the infuriating blonde. He ran as fast as he could to his own personal elevator, pressing the button and feeling satisfied as the doors slid open. He stepped inside the glass cylinder and pressed a red button. He felt the elevator spring into life as it shot downwards. On the short journey down to the lower ground floor, he felt his heart beating frantically. He forced himself to calm down, not wanting to examine every horrendous thought that sprang into mind. As the doors slid open, he sprinted out and headed towards a sleek white Jaguar. He unlocked the car and wrenched the door open, starting the car up as fast as he could. He reversed the car, and slammed his foot down on the accelerator, speeding out of the underground car park.

As he sped through the winding roads, Kaiba felt his mind over analysing every possibility that could have occurred. Who would break into his home and attack that sweet defenceless girl? There was always Maximillion Pegasus, but why would he attack her?. Then there was that pink haired dork, Zigfried Von Schroeder, but he hadn't heard anything from that failure for years. His mind was racing. She said there was blood. What had they done to her? He gritted his teeth, pushing the accelerator down as far as it could go, a clenching in his stomach. Where was his security when all this was happening? Kaiba felt his hands relax slightly on the steering wheel as he turned into his drive way. He came to a screeching halt before the front door. He flung out of the car, speeding towards the front of the house. Kaiba barged through the front door. The hall way was silent and deserted. His eyes immediately surveyed the room, looking for anything out of place. There was a blanket on the stairs in a heap. He froze, the breath catching in his throat. On the wall to his left was a small but hideous stain. He walked over to it, his eyes desperate to look away from what was obviously blood. He could feel the panic take over him as the very possibility the girl could be…

"No," He ordered. He needed to keep his mind together. He couldn't afford to allow such pathetic emotions to over throw him. He turned and ran up the stairs, new found determination pushing him onwards. He reached the top and glanced around. His study door was ajar. Kaiba sprinted forwards, his head trying to overload with panic. He threw open the door.

The brunette girl was lying sprawled across the cream carpeted floor. There was a sickening metallic smell hanging in the air. Blood. There was a repulsive red stain on the carpet surrounding the girls head almost as if it were a gruesome halo. Kaiba dropped to his knee's besides her. He reached over her taking in her deathly pale skin and blank expression. He proceeded to press his shaking fingers against her neck.

Please don't be dead, please don't be dead,

He felt the panicking thoughts echoing inside his head as he pressed his fingers against her cold skin. For one terrifying instant, he thought she was dead, but then he felt the weakened pulse beneath his fingertips. She was alive, but barely. He gently lifted her unconscious form into his arms, trying to ignore the blood. Kaiba needed to get her to the hospital. She needed help. He stood up and pulled her against him, wrapping his arms around the fragile girl, desperately hoping some of his body warmth would spread into her. He ran out of the room, holding her to his chest closely. Just as he reached the bottom of the stairs, one of his security guards walked through the front door.

"Move!" Kaiba demanded, pushing past him. He climbed back into the car, still cradling the lifeless girl in his arms. He shut the door and started the engine, it roaring to life. He reversed and sped around, heading towards A&E. As he drove, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialled the number for the local hospital. He waited for a second before someone answered.

"Kaiba speaking. I will be arriving in less than five minutes. I have a girl with a suspected head injury." Kaiba spoke urgently before the person at the other end had chance to speak.

"Is she awake?" The person, a girl, at the other end of the line asked.

"No." Kaiba replied shortly. He glanced down at the girl in his lap, her head resting against his chest.

"Okay, Mr Kaiba, we'll prepare for your arrival." The girl replied. Kaiba hung up.

With the speed he was traveling, he quickly arrived at the Domino hospital. His car screeched to a halt before the A and E entrance. He scooped Yukiko's fragile body into his arms. He got out of his car and hurried into the hospital, clutching her tightly to him. Kaiba gazed down at the girl's unconscious form. He felt the panic rise within him. Was it only yesterday she'd dressed up and played foolish children's games? Was it only last night she had…

"Mr Kaiba," A voice spoke urgently, breaking his train of thought. He looked up. There were several people stood waiting for him, a hospital bed ready for her.

"Can we take her?" The woman who had approached him asked. She was slightly plump with dark hair and boring eyes. Kaiba pulled Yukiko closer to him. He didn't want to let her go. it was irrational, he knew that, but even so. He wasn't prepared to let her go yet.

"No. I will only allow her to see my doctor. Where is Dr Kellah?" He demanded.

"Sir, we need to take her now." The woman said. Kaiba moved away from her.

"Dr Kellah, now." He snapped. The woman sighed, and gestured for Kaiba to put the unconscious girl on the bed.

"I'll go and see if Dr Kellah is available." She replied sternly. Kaiba rested Yukiko down on the bed as the woman rushed off. The bed with Yukiko on it began to move. Kaiba walked with it, determined not to take his eyes off her lifeless form.

There was a warmth all around him, a bright majestic and powerful light caressing his skin and seeping into his soul. Despite the tranquility of it, he could sense there was something wrong. Darkness was starting to taint the edges of this idyllic peace, the idyllic peace he had longed for, for years. It was wrong, very wrong. He breathed in and sensed the dark powers. He could feel the approaching darkness, the danger. He had to return. They had been deceived. His job, his destiny was far from over. He just had to hope the spirits allow him to return.

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