Snow Child

Chapter 17

Chapter 17


The noise from the machine was starting to grind on Kaiba's nerves. The constant sound which should have been some comfort to him just irritated him, reminding him of the situation she was in. He opened his eyes and forced his eyes to gaze over the unconscious girl lying as still as a corpse in a generic hospital bed. The bandages around her head looked wrong on the innocent girl. She'd had to have several stitches in her head, just to seal up the wound. She'd then been wheeled back into this abysmal room for recovery. She was in a coma. Kaiba stood up, no longer able to take the irritating noise of the machine hooked up to her. He felt rage inside him and it was building up to the brink of exploding. His security should have stopped this from happening to her. Kaiba clenched his teeth, his hands balling into fists. He was so god damn livid. He gazed over to the girl.

I swear to you, Yukiko, I will make whoever has done this to you pay for their act.

He thought the words, his face serious. He would make whoever had caused her such terror and such hurt pay for it. They would wish they'd never crossed Seto Kaiba. Without looking back at the girl, he headed out of the door, his anger burning at him. He stormed down the corridor, his fury getting the better of him now. If anyone even dared try and stop him or question him, they'd be sorry.

"You are all fired. I want you out of my house within the next five seconds" Kaiba growled. Almost half an hour later, he was stood at the head of his dining table glaring around at his so called security. His rage at the idiots was at breaking point. The room fell deathly silent as his icy gaze pierced into each and every one of them. They didn't even dare move an inch under his eyes.

"Now, get off my property before I escort you off myself!" Kaiba ordered, gesturing towards the doorway to the dining hall. He sat down, rubbing his temples as the last of the blundering morons filed out of the room without hesitation. Kaiba ran his fingers through his hair distractedly, realising the work he'd just caused himself. Now he had to hire a complete new security team. He closed his eyes as the familiar pain of a migraine shot through his skull. He didn't need this, not now. He growled under his breath, frustration building up.

"Seto, what's going on?" A familiar voice asked. Kaiba opened his eyes and looked over to his left. Mokuba had just walked through the door and was gazing at him curiously, but with concern etched into his eyes.

"Why did you just fire the security, big brother?" His ebony haired sibling asked frowning. How could he even begin to explain to the youngster? He shouldn't have to. It should never of happened.

"Mokuba…" Kaiba began, running his fingers through his brown hair again, trying to find the words. Mokuba's eyes widened in shock from seeing his brother looking so distracted and uncertain. That was certainly a first for Seto.

"Where's Yukiko?" Mokuba asked before Kaiba could even string a sentence together.

There was a loud knock at the door, shattering the quiet of the house. Kaiba inwardly groaned. What now?

"Mokuba, see who's at the door." Kaiba said, begging his brother would obey. When Mokuba did walk out of the room, Kaiba took his cell phone out of his pocket and dialled a familiar number. He didn't even wait for the person answering the call to speak.

"Eve, I need you to research all of the security agencies available in Domino. Email me the extensive details and histories of each one before 0800 hours tomorrow," He spoke down the phone.

"Of course, Mr Kaiba," his secretary replied. Kaiba hung up the phone just as Mokuba walked back into the room, followed by another person. Kaiba looked up and grimaced.

"What do you want, Yugi?" Kaiba demanded, pocketing his cell phone. He stood up and turned to face the spikey haired boy, readjusting his suit. When he'd found Yukiko, she'd still been bleeding and he had an awful stain upon his shirt from where he'd cradled her. He hadn't yet had the chance to change out of the blood stained garment and instead had re-buttoned his suit jacket to hide it. Yugi's eyes gazed up at him, concern etched into them.

"Kaiba, what's happened?" Yugi asked, looking slightly worried. Without saying anything, Kaiba pushed past him. He needed to find somewhere for Mokuba to stay for the night. He wasn't going to allow his brother to stay in the house without a security team to protect him.

"Kaiba!" Yugi exclaimed grabbing Kaiba's arm as he walked by. Kaiba shrugged him off and carried on walking.

"Seto!" Mokuba cried out, his voice angry and disapproving. Kaiba froze, hearing Mokuba's tone of voice. He didn't want to upset his younger brother. Kaiba turned back and saw his brother frowning at him, his arms crossed and an expression on his face frighteningly similar to one Kaiba himself often wore when stern.

"It's Yukiko," Kaiba said, making sure his expression remained blank.

"What's happened, Seto?" Mokuba asked, his expression turning to one of worry.

"She's in the hospital, there was an accident," He answered, not wanting to give any more details away. He didn't want to scare Mokuba.

"What happened? Why did that mean you had to fire the security?" Mokuba continued, refusing to give up the questioning. Kaiba inwardly sighed with frustration.

"She hit her head and they allowed it to happen," Kaiba replied shortly.

"Mokuba, go and get an overnight bag sorted. I need to find a place for you to stay until we get a new security team arranged," Kaiba ordered changing the subject, suddenly very much business like.

"He can stay with me," Yugi offered.

Kaiba glared at Yugi, trying to weigh up all the options. He didn't have many. In fact, even though he would never admit it, he was almost thankful Yugi had offered. Mokuba liked Yugi and the rest of his dweebs, but was it safe? The last thing he needed was for Mokuba to get kidnapped.

"Please, Seto!" Mokuba pleaded, gazing up at him.

"Fine," Kaiba replied turning away from them. He walked away into his hall way. He needed to collect his laptop from his study, but he really didn't want to go into the room. He didn't want to see the blood stain on the floor and be reminded of the girl lying unconscious in a hospital bed. Even so, he forced himself up the stairs and into his office. Ignoring the stain on the carpet he strode across the room towards his desk. He collected together his laptop and stopped. His phone was on the floor under the desk, in the small hollowed out section. He bent down and picked it up. His mind raced. Was this where she'd called him from? She had hidden away like a frightened child. He felt his insides squirm at the thought of how terrified she must have been to hide away. He gritted his teeth, holding back on the angry curses he wanted to shout out. Kaiba straightened up and walked purposefully out of the room, not allowing his eyes to wonder towards the hideous red stain.

Walking out of the front door, Mokuba and Yugi followed after him. As Kaiba stopped besides his car, the pair of them continued walking. Mokuba gazed behind him, feeling nervous. He was worried about Yukiko. If she was in hospital, she must have hurt herself pretty bad.

"Bye Seto! Tell Yukiko I said hi!" Mokuba called out, disguising his true feelings of worry. He'd learnt how to cover his emotions from the best.

Yugi glanced over his shoulder back at Kaiba. He might try to act as though nothing was wrong, but he knew better. He could see the apprehension in Kaiba's cold blue eyes. Yugi also knew Kaiba hadn't been completely honest with them. There was a deep feeling in the pit of Yugi's stomach, a strange feeling he vaguely recognised, but couldn't place. All he knew was he'd felt this strange anxiety in the bottom of his guts before. Shrugging it off, Yugi led the way, Mokuba following close behind, an overnight bag slung over his shoulder.

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