Snow Child

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Kaiba closed his laptop lid with a stern look upon his face. He had been sat in the same hospital chair, in the same hospital room for three days now. His mind had quickly adjusted to the constant beeping of the machinery, monitoring the girl's heart rate and brain activity. He had taken to staying by her bedside at all hours, wanting to be there when she woke up. He rubbed his eyes. Even Seto Kaiba couldn't deny he needed sleep. He had been depriving himself of it for the past 72 hours, only cat napping now and then. He placed his laptop on the table next to his 'almost' arm chair. It was wooden, in the basic shape of an arm chair, but it was stiff and uncomfortable. Upon the table were a variety of gifts for Yukiko, when she woke up. There was a large get well soon card and a couple of bunch of flowers, all from the geek squad. Even as he thought the nickname he'd given the group, he couldn't help but soften towards them. He may think the over powering scent of flowers, or the lurid card was un-necessary, but Yukiko would love them. Kaiba began massaging a crick in his neck, his eyes itching to sleep. He wondered how everything was going at the house. He was lucky his secretary was competent. She'd quickly sent him a fully detailed list of all the security agencies in the city and he'd quickly appointed a new team. He hadn't had chance to meet any of them yet, but after moving Yugi and his friends into the mansion to look after Mokuba until he returned, he'd spoken to Mokuba who had told him they were good and there were no complaints from his end. Kaiba stood up out of the uncomfortable chair. He needed a drink. He'd go get a coffee, from the disgusting instant machine down the hall, and then he'd call home and see how Mokuba was doing. Kaiba glanced towards the hospital bed before leaving the room.

My… head… ouch…

It hurt. Everything hurt. Where am I? I try to open my eyes, but they're too heavy. I feel a panic rising within me. I need to open my eyes. I try again fighting my way out of this dark nightmare. I manage to open them slightly, being rewarded when a slither of brightness illuminates my dark world. I blink, my eyes opening further. Where am I? Everything is blurry and out of focus. I can hear the noise of electronic machines from somewhere behind me. I'm laying down under thin bed sheets, on a comfy bed. I inhale, like it's the first time I've tasted the sweet oxygen. My skull hurts, it feels like it's on fire. I blink again, desperately trying to bring the room into focus.

"Thank goodness! You're awake!" A voice spoke as her vision swam into focus. There was a boy standing at the end of her bed, a bunch of flowers in his hand. He was pale, with brown eyes and spikey silver hair. He was gazing at her with relief in his expression. Yukiko opened her mouth to try and speak, but found the words wouldn't come. The boy hurried forwards to her bed side.

"Yukiko, don't try to speak," he soothed, his hand gracing her face affectionately. Yukiko felt her heart beginning to beat slightly harder under his warm touch.

"I'll go get a doctor," He whispered. He gazed at her one more time before hurrying out of the room, flowers still in hand.

"How is Mokuba?" Kaiba asked, his cell phone pressed to his ear as he leant against the wall for support, his other hand holding a tiny plastic cup full off burnt coffee.

"Don't worry about Mokuba, he's doing great!" Yugi's voice spoke at the other end of the line. Kaiba hated to admit it, but he owed Yugi for doing this. He smiled to himself; he must be exhausted if he was admitting that, even if it was only a thought inside his head.

"Is he doing his homework?" Kaiba asked sternly.

"It's only been three days, big brother, I'm fine!" Mokuba's voice came on the line. Despite himself, Kaiba felt better for hearing his brother's voice. He knew Mokuba had wanted to visit Yukiko, but Kaiba had decided against it, not until she woke up at least.

"Has the mess been cleared?" Kaiba asked suddenly, referring to the blood stains. He had arranged a specialist cleaner to come in and try to clean the crimson off the wall and carpet. He didn't want to come home and be reminded of the violence that had threatened Yukiko's life. It seemed unfair that after the night he'd spent holding her she was to be attacked. Kaiba heard the quickened footsteps and gazed around the corner, his phone still pressed to his ear. He was just in time to see a doctor rushing into Yukiko's hospital room.

"Mokuba, I've got to go," Kaiba said. Before he even got a response, he ended the call and chucked the untouched coffee in the bin besides the machine. He ran down the corridor, heading towards Yukiko's room.

He ran into her hospital room and stopped, hardly able to believe his eyes. A doctor was leaning over her, checking her, but her big brown eyes were open. Kaiba felt a huge wave of relief collapse over him as his insides actually ached with happiness. She was okay! He couldn't even begin to describe the joy he felt. He moved forwards and reached her side. She was sat up, pillows propped behind her. Her eyes stared at him with something close to confusion. The Doctor finished his checks and stood up straight.

"All the Vitals seem fine. I'll send a nurse in to redress the wound, and we'll have to have you under observation for twenty four to forty eight hours, but you're looking good." The man told her, smiling at her. He quickly left the room. Kaiba gazed at the girl and saw her eyes glance over to the other side of the room. Kaiba followed her gaze and saw they weren't alone.

"Bakura, what are you doing here?" Kaiba demanded, recognising the white haired British boy, one of Yugi's friends. In his hands he held a bunch of overly fragrant flowers.

"I brought these for Yukiko," He said shyly. He walked closer to her bedside and laid them on the bed for her. Yukiko blushed instantly. She smiled up at him.

"Thank you," She whispered, managing to speak. The boy, Ryo Bakura, leant forwards and planted a light kiss on Yukiko's cheek, causing her face to glow bright red.

"I'm glad you're awake," Bakura smiled before turning on his heel and leaving the room. As he did, a smirk played across his lips. Those fools had no idea what was going on and there was no way they could stop it, especially now his plan was in action.

Kaiba frowned after the boy. He had felt the nasty beast of jealousy rear its menacing head as Bakura had touched her. Shrugging off the overly protective emotion, Kaiba walked forwards and sat by her side. His eyes couldn't help but stare at her. He hadn't expected to feel this overwhelmed by relief just at her waking up.

"Yukiko… how do you feel?" He asked, his heart pounding, urging him to lean forwards and hold her. He brushed the feelings away and focused on her, waiting for an answer.

"Is, is that my name?" Yukiko asked, her eyes wide and fearful. Kaiba felt an unpleasant jolt in his stomach.

"What?" He asked, not sure how else to respond.

"Am I Yukiko? Is that my name?" She whispered. She was staring around terrified, taking in her surroundings with nervous curiosity. Kaiba recognised the expression on her face. It was the one she'd worn in the beginning.

"Don't you remember?" He asked, his voice going lower. The innocent fearful gaze of the girl met his hard eyes. She shook her head, her eyes filling with tears.

"I just woke up, I can't remember anything before that," She whispered as frightened tears leaked out of her big brown eyes.

Kaiba sat back stunned. She couldn't remember anything. The blow to her head had intensified her amnesia. She didn't even know her own name, the name he himself had given her. He felt the emptiness open up like a gaping wound inside his chest. Did that mean she couldn't remember him?

"Do you recognise me?" He asked in a whisper, not wanting to know the answer. She gazed at him, studying his appearance closely.

"I… I'm sorry, I don't," She whispered, her eyes falling from him, her cheeks turning slightly pink. That was it then. She couldn't remember him. He felt the roaring pain inside him turn to anguish. When he had felt her beneath his touch, something inside him had shifted; something Seto Kaiba had never expected to occur to him, to analytical level headed him. He felt some powerful emotion erupt inside him and it was completely out of his control, and what was more confusing was he liked the feeling. Kaiba never liked anything outside of his control, but this emotion was. Now it was gone.

She couldn't remember him, so she couldn't remember the emotions she had felt towards him, or the kiss they'd shared. She couldn't remember the night she'd laid next to him in bed, his arm draped over her protectively. She couldn't recall the times she'd woke up screaming from a hideous nightmare and how he'd been there to protect and comfort her. All of her memories gone. Yukiko stared into unfamiliar icy eyes and felt a chill run down her back at the intensity of his gaze. Although his dark hair, falling over his blue eyes and his slightly pointed chin were completely unfamiliar to her, Yukiko felt something stir within her. She felt a sense of anxiety tugging at her, but she had no idea what that meant?

"What is your name?" Yukiko asked shyly, her eyes still wide and afraid. How could she not remember anything? She felt the panic threatening to swallow her up, but fought against it.

"You know me as Seto," He whispered, "Or knew me as Seto," He added. His voice sounded sour.

"And… I'm Yukiko?" She asked, focusing on the boy, Seto.

"Yes," He replied shortly, his eyes full of an emotion Yukiko couldn't place. What was he feeling? He looked distressed.

"I'm sorry," She said in a very small and frightened voice. Kaiba examined her terrified expression with a bemused look. Why should she be sorry? Kaiba stood up. He needed to get away from her; he needed time to adjust to the fact that the only person he'd fallen for couldn't even remember his name.

"I'll be back soon," He reassured her, trying to keep his calm, when all he really wanted to do was hit something. Without another word, Kaiba left the hospital room.

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