Snow Child

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

"This is where I live?" Yukiko asked as they drove in the sleek black limo up the driveway towards the Kaiba mansion. She turned in her seat to gaze at Kaiba wide eyed. He was sat with his legs crossed and arms folded looking exceptionally stern. Yukiko blushed as he turned his piercing gaze upon her.

"Yes," He replied shortly. Yukiko felt herself shrinking away from him scared by his harsh expression. Since she'd woken up two days ago, he had become cold towards everyone. His mood had left Yukiko wondering how she'd lived with him before. She couldn't remember, but if this was his attitude all the time, how had she managed? As the car pulled to a stop, the driver opened the door and Kaiba climbed out, followed by Yukiko. She gazed up at the large house. It was massive, with huge windows and boasting its richness. Kaiba had already started walking towards the front door. Blushing, Yukiko sped up after him. She still ached, and she had a bandage wrapped around her head. Yukiko had reached Kaiba's side when he opened the door.

"SURPIRSE!" the shouts of several people erupted out of the open door. Yukiko jumped back terrified by the sudden loud noise. Kaiba led the way into the house, scowling as he went. Yukiko followed timidly behind him. In the large open hall, a homemade banner had been hung up with big words reading 'WELCOME HOME!' splashed across it in lurid paint. There was a bunch of people stood beneath it, beaming at them. Yukiko didn't recognise any of them other than the silver haired boy who'd visited her in the hospital, as her eyes met his brown ones, she felt her heart skip a beat and colour flush into her cheeks.

"Welcome home, Yukiko!" A black haired boy grinned running up to her. He looked to be the youngest out of everyone, with dark greyish eyes and a big grin spread across his face.

"Hi," She squeaked feeling uncomfortable that she knew hardly any of them.

"What the hell is all this?" Kaiba demanded with a scowl.

"Well, when you said Yukiko had lost her memory, we thought we would throw a welcome back party to try and help her remember, Seto," Mokuba exclaimed, grinning at his brother.

"You really can't remember anything?" A boy with hair shaped like a star asked, moving forwards. Yukiko examined him, trying to remember. The tips of his hair were purple, the rest black, apart from his fringe, which was blonde. His eyes were bright purple. Yukiko shook her head, failing to even recall his name.

"Well, that just means you're going to have to get to know us all again!" the ebony haired boy grinned. He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the living room, everyone following behind them. Yukiko didn't struggle and went almost willingly.

Seto was left practically alone in the hall. He was about to grimace, when he notice Yugi watching him. He scowled at the boy, who he'd once considered his rival. After recent events, the boy had become more than that, and although Kaiba hated to admit it even in his own head, Yugi had become a friend.

"Are you okay?" Yugi asked, watching him with serious eyes.

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?" Kaiba snapped at him, knowing he was lying. He alone could think of many reasons why he wouldn't be. It wouldn't be hard for others to know as well.

"Yukiko has forgotten everything, even you. That must be hard," Yugi replied. Kaiba smirked at the boy, not wanting to discuss it.

"I appreciate the concern," He began sounding as though he hated the worry his rival was displaying towards him, "However, I don't need any counselling from you, Yugi. I don't need anything from you. I am fine." Kaiba replied a dark look upon his face. Kaiba began to walk up his stairs.

"Wait! Kaiba! Aren't you going to join in?" Yugi cried out running to the bottom of the stairs, gesturing towards the living room.

"No. I have work to do." Kaiba replied without even looking back. Kaiba disappeared from sight and Yugi remained staring after him for several moments, contemplating whether or not to follow after the man. He shook his head, realising Kaiba needed to be alone. He could pretend all he wanted, but Yukiko forgetting him had hit him hard, Yugi was certain of it.

Yugi walked into the large living room and saw everyone was sat in a circle on the floor. Yukiko was sat next to Mokuba and on her other side, Ryo. He saw Joey and Tristan, fighting yet again, Téa watching and laughing. Duke was there, chatting to Serenity. Yugi took his seat next to Téa.

"Where's my brother?" Mokuba asked instantly as Yugi sat down.

"He said he's got work to do," Yugi replied. Mokuba frowned. Yugi couldn't help but notice Ryo lean slightly closer to Yukiko.

"I'm glad you're better," Bakura whispered to her, causing her cheeks to turn pink.

"Well, I'm not really," She muttered, thinking about her lost memories.

"Don't worry about that, if you can't get them back, we'll just make new ones for you," he replied smiling sweetly at her. Yukiko felt her heart beat faster as he gazed at her.

Yukiko stood with Mokuba by the open door, waving at everyone as they left.

"Thanks guys!" Mokuba cried out after them, waving. Yukiko blushed as her eyes found Bakura's. She couldn't remember him from before, but he had been so kind to her all night and she was starting to feel warm towards him. She smiled secretly as she closed the door. She leaned against it and smiled. Mokuba hadn't noticed and had headed back into the living room.

"Have they gone?" A voice asked sternly, making her jump. Yukiko stared up the stairs to see Kaiba glaring back at her.

"Yes," She replied dropping her gaze from him. He walked down the stairs and passed her by.

"Seto, I want to go to bed," Yukiko muttered awkwardly as he passed her by.

"Well, go then," He replied coldly. Yukiko felt her cheeks flush instantly as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

"I... I don't know where my room is," She replied with a squeak. Kaiba turned to her, his eyes giving nothing away.

"Third door on your left," He told her before turning away from her. Yukiko ran up the flight of stairs and into her room, slamming the door closed behind her.

Kaiba watched her go, an empty feeling inside him. Why couldn't she remember him? It ached to know she felt nothing towards him anymore, but he wasn't about to admit that to anyone. Kaiba walked into the living room. He saw Mokuba sat on the sofa, a remote in his hand. He was playing on one of the game consoles. When he heard someone enter the room he looked around. Seeing it was his elder brother, Mokuba paused the game.

"Seto, why didn't you stay around for Yukiko's welcome home party?" Mokuba asked scowling at Kaiba.

"I had work to do Mokuba," Kaiba replied frowning back at him.

"But Seto, she's as scared as she was when she first got here! She needs help to settle in again!" Mokuba exclaimed, not understanding why his brother was acting in such a strange way. He thought his brother had cared for her, but he wasn't acting like it anymore.

"Mokuba, I've been at the hospital with her for five days, do you have any idea how much work I have to catch up on," Kaiba snapped. Mokuba stared at him wide eyed. His brother had never snapped at him before. Mokuba stood up looking hurt and angry.

"Whatever Seto! I thought you cared about her!" Mokuba exclaimed. He stormed angrily from the room, leaving his brother alone with his thoughts.

Yukiko cursed as she wandered through the corridors of the oversized house. She was bored. It had been almost a week since her return to the Kaiba house and she no longer had to support the ridiculous bandages that had wrapped tightly around her scalp, she just needed to be careful. It was awful been alone in the house, with nothing to do but watch TV. Mokuba had school to attend and Seto was at work. Yukiko frowned as she plonked herself down before the large television set and array of video games. She reached for the remote and switched the TV on, not really expecting to find anything worth watching. What she really wanted was to get out of the confines of her comfortable prison. She wanted to go for a walk, to see if anything around the city would ignite her memory. Seto had explained to her the circumstances of her accident that had led to her amnesia. He’d told her about how they hadn’t caught her attacker yet, but even so. Yukiko didn’t feel like the danger was as severe as he made out. It was possible her attacker had just been a thief who had been caught out when they realised the house wasn’t empty. Yukiko stood up, switching the TV off. She refused to be a prisoner here. She would go crazy if she didn’t get out soon. She had made her decision. Yukiko would go for a short walk, just around the area. She practically ran out of the living room, up the stairs and into her bedroom. She pulled her pastel coloured pyjamas off and dressed. She exited her room, now dressed in a skirt, woollen jumper, thick socks and boots. She pulled a hat on over her head carefully as she walked down the stairs. She marched into the kitchen and lent over the counter, plucking up an apple from the fruit bowl and placing it inside her shoulder bag.

The front door was unlocked, as it always was. With security at the home been there twenty four seven, there really was no need for it to be locked. Yukiko pulled the door open and stepped outside, greeting the cool air with a smile. Her smile quickly faltered as she nearly walked head long into a security guard. She let out a yelp of surprise as the man turned to her. He was broadly built, wearing a plain black suit and an ear piece curling around his ear. Yukiko thought it was almost comical that he bore the stereotypical bodyguard sunglasses, hiding his eyes from her.

“Where do you think you’re going, miss?” He asked in a stern tone. Yukiko blinked up at him.

“I wanted some fresh air,” She practically squeaked. She hadn’t really expected the house to resemble a prison for her as much as it actually did. Had Kaiba really gone far enough to post guards on her? Yukiko shook her head incredulously.

“I don’t think so, miss,” The man responded in a monotone voice.

“Oh, come on! I’ll be back before he’ll even know it!” Yukiko pleaded with the guard, not expecting much.

"No, get back in the house," The man ordered. Yukiko frowned at him. She made to walk past him, but he grabbed her, stopping her. She glared at him.

"I'm going out!" She cried out. The man sighed and took his ear piece off.

"If you're so insistent, there is a gap in the fence by the shed at the back," He muttered quietly. Yukiko's eyes widened with surprise.

"Just make sure you are back before Kaiba finds out, and don't tell him I told you," The man added, letting go of her arm. Yukiko smiled at the man and nodded.

"Thank you," She whispered. Yukiko walked back into the house, closing the front door behind her. Once inside, she hurried through the house, walking out of the back door. She could see the shed in front of her, pushed up against the iron bars that ran around the Kaiba home. She walked over to it and examined the gap in the railings. It was small, but big enough for her to fit through. She quickly pulled herself through the small gap and got to her feet. On the other side of the fence was a rather dense forest, but if she followed the bars, she'd eventually come to the foot path. Yukiko set of, a sense of adventure growing deep inside her stomach.

Yukiko walked along the streets lined with houses her eyes wide. There were shops with brightly coloured window displays and bakeries and restaurants with the delicious scent of food wafting out onto the street to entice people in. Yukiko saw an iron archway ahead of her, which lead into a mass of greenery, a park. Without hesitation, Yukiko passed under it and walked on the twisting path through the array of foliage. She saw people sat in the park on benches, eating food or drinking hot cups of coffee. There were people out walking their dogs, or playing fetch with them. There were even a couple sat on one of the parks benches, their fingers entwined. Yukiko walked around the edge of a pond and took a seat on a free bench. She reached into her bag and pulled out the apple she'd packed before leaving. She sat and ate it, watching as people walked by, getting on with their lives. Yukiko found herself wondering about each person she saw and thinking about a family life she had forgotten. She saw a woman walk by, pushing a small child in a bright blue pram. Yukiko had had a mother once, she must have. It was terrifying not knowing where you came from.

Yukiko finished her apple with a heavy heart. She stood up and put the core in the bin besides the bench. She'd just set off along the path when someone knocked into her. She was pushed sideways, almost falling over. She was lucky there was a tree lining the path and she used it's trunk to help keep her balance.

"Sorry!" She exclaimed, even though it hadn't really been her fault. She looked at the man. He had bumpy skin and beady blue eyes. His light coloured hair was messy, spiking up at all angles. He grunted at her, taking in her appearance, before walking off. Yukiko frowned. She'd very nearly bumped her head again. She needed to be more careful. She was going to end up doing more damage to herself if she wasn't careful! Yukiko carried on walking, feeling uneasy. She wished that man hadn't knocked into her, it had made her nervous. She walked out of the park and continued walking, making sure to take note so she didn't get lost when it came to returning home. If worst came to worst, she had a cell phone in her bag with Kaiba's office number on speed dial. She was walking up a pretty quiet street when she happened to glance into a shop window across the other side of the street. There was paper covering the window from the inside, so it showed the reflection of the street. There was a man, about fifteen paces behind her. She felt her heart skip a beat when she saw at the exact instant she looked at the reflection, his eyes were glued to her. Taking a few steady breaths, Yukiko tried to remain calm. She was being paranoid. Taking in a gulp of air, Yukiko crossed the street. So did the man. Taking another deep breath, Yukiko carried on walking for a few paces, and then crossed back over. The man did the same. Yukiko felt herself really beginning to panic now. The man was following her! Why? Yukiko sped up her pace, feeling her heart beating with terror. She glanced over her shoulder and saw the man had quickened his pace too. Yukiko gazed ahead and saw an alley way next to a boarded up shop. She quickly made the decision to turn down it, in the hope she could shake the man off her trail. She walked quickly into the alley way and squeaked. It was a dead end, and what made it worse, there were three people already there, their eyes lighting up as they saw her. Yukiko spun around, hoping to run away, but her last hope of escape had been blocked by the man from the park. He licked his lips seeing her.

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