Snow Child

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

When I felt the pure bliss of sleep lifting from me, I clutched at it helplessly, watching it slip through my fingers like water. I shifted my position and found everything ached, but despite that, my mind was becoming clearer. I remembered words, and what snow was. I remembered things that really weren't much use to me. I opened my eyes and gazed around at my unfamiliar surroundings. I was lying in a bed. I could feel it, firm but cosy beneath me. I shivered suddenly and curled into a ball. I could feel my muscles scream in protest. The room, I noticed was beautifully decorated with pale blue swirly wall paper and white furniture. I was suddenly overcome by a sudden wave of heat, flushing through my body. I threw back the bed covers, unfolding, allowing the air to cool my skin.

"I see you're awake," A stern voice muttered from just out of the girl's sight. The girl squeaked and dragged the covers back onto her. Kaiba could see from where he sat, in the corner of the room legs crossed and laptop propped atop his knee that her face had turned red. He stood up, placing his computer back on the chair he'd just vacated, and walked to the girl's bedside. He watched as she peeked out from beneath the bed covers, her wide brown eyes gazing at him. Despite himself, Kaiba felt annoyed at her reaction.

"There's no need to be scared," He frowned as he gazed down at her. Her eyes widened, if possible, even more. For a couple of seconds, she didn't move and Kaiba could feel her wearing thin on his patience, but then she let the covers drop, revealing the rest of her face. She shuffled up the bed into some form of sitting position. He saw the shirt – his shirt he corrected himself – hanging very loosely of her tiny frame. She really was just skin and bone.

Kaiba sighed, and took a seat at the end of her bed, his blue eyes searching hers. The truth was he didn't even need to be here. A doctor could have seen to her, but her sudden arrival had roused his curiosity.

"What's your name?" Kaiba asked, trying to keep patient with her. She just stared at him, like a deer caught in headlights. Kaiba tried again.

"How old are you?" he asked. She didn't reply, her eyes still fearful. Kaiba resisted the urge to clench his fists. She was wasting his time and it was starting to really piss him off.

"Girl, you need to answer me." He said, letting a part of his anger slip through.

"I… I don't remember," She whispered in a voice barely audible. Kaiba continued to survey the girl with an expression of curiosity, which were slowly becoming suspicious. She gazed at him, her eyes partially squinting as she tried to subdue a sneezing attack. He leaned over to the bed side table and took a hold of the tissues. He passed the box to her, which she took with bony hands.

"Where did you come from?" Kaiba asked, probing at her memory, like a scientist.

"I don't remember. I can't remember anything," She muttered in a very small scared voice. Kaiba sighed. He clearly wasn't going to get any information from her this evening. He was still perplexed at the fact he hadn't called the authorities to take the unknown girl away. He had taken her in, like a stray. He couldn't help but grin at the thought. He wasn't the most charitable of people, so why take her in? Pay for her medical bills? Was he becoming soft? Yugi and his cheerleaders must be rubbing off on him.

"Well, you need a name, until we find out what it is, unless you just want me to refer to you as girl." Kaiba snorted, his eyes piercing into her. He saw with some satisfaction, colour creep into her cheeks. He waited patiently for her to speak.

"I'm… I don't know. I'm not sure I know any names." She muttered, her puppy dog eyes dropping from his gaze. Kaiba scowled.

"Fine. I'll choose your name." He replied, clearly irritated at her. The girl's cheeks flushed brighter at his words and she tried to hide her expression from him,

"Yukiko." He said after a seconds pause. The girl lifted her gaze back to examine him. His hair was dark, darker than hers, and his eyes were a deep, clear and intense blue. He was dressed in a suit and tie.

"Yukiko?" She repeated, tasting the new word on her tongue. She smiled, the corners of her mouth twitching as if she hadn't smiled in years.

"Can I ask… ask your name?" Yukiko asked shyly as she took in the mans professional appearance.

"Kaiba," he replied without hesitation.

"How old are you, Kaiba?" Yukiko asked, looking interested. Kaiba scowled. He didn't much like talking about himself, and certainly not to a complete stranger.

"20" He replied shortly. Yukiko nodded, still enjoying her name. She pulled the covers back and swung her feet out the bed. She placed them on the floor and attempted to stand. Kaiba was on his feet besides her in an instant and caught hold of her as she toppled over.

"Don't be an idiot. You're not strong enough to move yet." He muttered irritably, guiding her back into the bed.

Yukiko glanced down at herself. She was dressed in a baggy white shirt, her skinny legs sticking out from the bottom. She was ridiculously skinny, it suddenly occurred to her.

"I need food," Yukiko whispered, her stomach spreading a painful pang throughout her body as if agreeing with her. Kaiba didn't speak to acknowledge her request other than to lean forwards. He pressed something on the bedside table and straightened back up.

"How did you enter my grounds?" He asked, surveying her with those piercing blue eyes. Yukiko felt herself trembling under his glare, fear creeping up her spine.

"I… I just…" She gulped, her eyes beginning to burn with tears, "I slipped through, the bars," She confessed, unable to look away from his icy glare. At that moment, the cold tension was broken by a knock at the door. Yukiko's attention darted over to the door fearfully.

"Come in." Kaiba ordered. The door swung open and a woman entered the room, a tray in her hand. She set the tray on the bedside table. She passed across a mug to Kaiba, and then set the tray on Yukiko's lap. Her stomach sent another painful pang through her at the scent of the food. She looked down at the food as Kaiba dismissed the woman. There was an expensive china bowl, half full of soup and half a slice of buttered bread. She also had a glass of crystal clear water.

"You'll be starting off on smaller portions. If you eat too much too soon, you'll be sick. I have hired an excellent chef for the short term and he'll be monitoring your diet according to what my personal doctor recommends." Kaiba said flatly, "I don't know if you've noticed, but you're ridiculously thin." He added. Without another word, he took his drink back over to his computer, set the drink on the side, and continued to work. Yukiko gazed back down at her bowl. It was steaming hot and smelt delicious. She quickly began to eat, desperate for the strength.

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