Snow Child

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Yukiko backed away seeing him move closer to her. It was the man who'd knocked into her back at the park! He'd followed her all the way from there! His eyes were full of something close to hunger. No. It was greed. Yukiko felt herself trembling under his gaze. She heard the three people behind her move and she jumped. The first man approached her, his hands reaching out to her. Yukiko recoiled away from him terrified.

"What… what do you want?" She asked stuttering.

"You're Kaiba's girl," The first man hissed. Yukiko shook her head. How could they know she knew Kaiba? She was surrounded and terrified.

"Yeah, now you said it, it is her!" A male voice behind her exclaimed. She felt a hand grab at her hair. She cried out and spun around. The three men stared back at her, sharing the same expression of greed. One of the men, the one who had grabbed her looked almost identical to the man stood next to him. They both had long greasy black hair and harsh brown eyes with thin faces. One was a couple of inches taller than the other. They were obviously twins. The other man was smaller and plump, his green eyes were staring at her and his short brown hair stuck to his skull.

"Wh…what?" Yukiko stuttered.

"Yeah, you were in the papers. Kaiba was spotted carrying an unconscious girl into the hospital. I recon you're that girl!" the first man hissed from behind Yukiko. She'd been pictured in the papers? The sun was starting to set and it cast a bloody glow over the alley way. Why hadn't Kaiba mentioned to her she'd been photographed?

The first man grabbed her suddenly around the waist, pulling her back into his torso. He held her still, nuzzling into her neck and inhaling her scent. Yukiko shuddered, tears forming in her eyes. Why were they doing this to her? Surely, if she'd been in the papers, they'd know she'd recently been un-well. So why were they trying to hurt her more?

"Please let me go," She whimpered her tears finding their way out of her eyes.

"Ah, we'll let you go, for the right price," One of the twins hissed, moving closer. The man holding her ran his hands over her hips, running them down her legs. Yukiko felt her face turn bright red at the overly friendly contact.

"Maybe we just need to give him the right incentive to pay our demand," The man holding her hissed into her ear. The other three moved closer to her. Yukiko kicked out automatically. Her foot caught the larger man in his groin. He cried out, doubling over in pain.

"Stupid Bitch!" The man holding her growled angrily. He pushed her away from him. Yukiko fell forwards, tripping over the man who was now lying in a ball on the floor in agony. She fell forwards into the wall, banging her forehead. She cried out as pain shattered through her head not for the first time. She lay in a crumpled heap barely conscious. The three remaining men closed in on her.

"Do you have a death wish?" One of them hissed at her.

"Do you?" A voice spoke. Yukiko pulled herself up and leaned against the wall for support. With the setting sun, she could only just make out a silhouette of someone stood at the end of the alleyway, their arms crossed. Yukiko tried to force her eyes to focus, but she was spent. Everything was swimming and the edges of her vision turning dark. She gave up the fight and allowed the dark to swallow her up.

"Keep out of it kid," The man with spiked hair spat, glaring at the new comer. The boy sighed exasperatedly. He stepped further into the alley.

"But, you see, I can't," He replied with a false frustration in his tone. In truth, he wanted this. He wanted an excuse to get violent.

"Get lost, brat," One of the twins growled angrily.

"You really, really shouldn't have done that," Bakura said, his tone turning deadly as he glared at them. He unfolded his arms and with a single movement, darkness sprang up around them, the alley way vanishing. The four men, one still on the floor cried out shocked by the new surroundings of dark blood red and black swirling mist.

"She is mine. My property. And you just damaged it." Bakura growled, taking a deadly step towards them.

"Whatever, man, you don't scare us!" The second twin cried out, his voice betraying him, he sounded nothing but scared. Bakura smirked, his eyes glazing over as blood lust set in. suddenly the shadows burst into life, wrapping around the fat man on the ground. It clutched at him greedily, possessing him and dragging him into the depth of eternal darkness.

"I think you are afraid," Bakura smirked again. He lunged forwards and grabbed the beady eyed man, the one who had thrown the girl. He held the fool up by the throat and watched with sadistic amusement as he thrashed about, trying to escape his grip. As he did, the darkness crept over the other two, eating away at their souls. They screamed as it smothered them, pulling them away into the darkness. Their petrified screams filled Bakura's head, making him laugh as they were eaten up. The man he was holding was petrified. Bakura smirked at him.

"I'm sorry…" The man gasped, still clutching at the hand that held his throat, the one that was slowly crushing his wind pipe.

"Sorry," Bakura sneered, "You won't be here long enough to know what sorry feels like," Bakura hissed at him, pleasure dancing around in his burgundy coloured eyes. He punched the man in the stomach, letting go of his neck and watching with amusement as the man flew through the air. He hadn't even impacted on the ground when the darkness reached him. He stopped mid-air as it curled around him, flying to meet his body from every direction. It snaked around him, smothering him whole. When the particles of darkness flew away from the spot he'd been, he had vanished.

Satisfied, Bakura allowed the darkness to dissolve away until he was left standing in the sun lit alleyway again. He stepped over the unmoving bodies of four people to get to Yukiko. He gazed back at the bodies feeling a great sense of satisfaction knowing their pathetic souls were now his. He looked at the girl. She had a large bump on her head and he could already see the bruising. He gazed at her with uncaring eyes. This girl was foolish. He noticed the scent of blood in the air and saw to his apprehension she'd landed on a piece of glass, which had cut her hand. He grimaced. She really was barely worth his time. He pulled the sleeve of his shirt off and wrapped the material around her palm, stopping the blood flow. He then lifted her up in his arms and carried her out of the alley and away from the soul-less bodies of her attackers. They really shouldn't have messed with her. It had been a fatal mistake.

Yukiko groaned, waking up to the feeling of something freezing cold resting upon her head. Her skull was pounding and her right hand seared with pain. She had become quite accustom to pain recently and she didn't like it one bit. She opened her eyes and found her vision was blurry. She blinked, trying to bring it in to focus. She sat up carefully. She was in a darkened room. An ice pack fell of her head. She brought her right hand up to her face to examine. There was a white bandage there; stained red with what Yukiko presumed was blood. She lifted her finger tips up to her forehead. She winced as she felt a large lump there. She really was clumsy. Yukiko picked up the ice pack and pressed it against her forehead. She swung her legs off the bed and stood up. Instantly her head span and she had to sit back down. She gazed around the room. There was a desk over on her right, positioned just before a window which now had the blinds shut. Opposite the bed was a built in wardrobe and besides that was the door. Holding the ice pack to her head, Yukiko stood up and walked over to the door. Where was she? She pushed the door open and stepped into a small apartment. Across the room was the kitchen which opened onto the rest of the room. Closest to her was a sofa which faced a small TV set. The apartment was shrouded in darkness apart from the TV that was sending flashing light across the room and a small light on in the kitchen. It was in the kitchen, Yukiko saw a figure. The first thought that occurred to her was she had been successfully kidnapped, but then she recognized the silvery hair trailing down the persons back, spiking out in odd angles.

"B…Bakura?" Yukiko whispered surprised. She then remembered back to that alley way and the men that had attacked her. After she'd fell, someone had interrupted them before they could hurt her some more. It must have been Bakura!

The silver haired man straightened up and turned to her, hearing her whisper. He flicked a switch on the wall and the whole apartment was illuminated. He smiled at her, his eyes dancing. Yukiko walked towards him with a strange feeling overcoming her body.

"You… you saved me?" She stuttered with disbelief.

" Aren't you happy?" Bakura asked sweetly.

"Of course! I just… I wasn't expecting to be… saved," she trailed off. Those men were going to kidnap her and demand a ransom from Kaiba! If they expected Kaiba to pay out, he must really care about her, but he hadn't shown any of those emotions to her. He was an indescribably complex and confusing individual. Yukiko sighed then froze. Oh, no! Seto! He'd be going out of his mind wondering where she was! Something about her sudden concern must have shown in her face.

"Yukiko, what's wrong? Do you need to sit down?" Bakura asked, moving to her side in an instant. Yukiko looked up into the kind face.

"Seto! He'll be wondering where I am! He'll be out of his mind!" Yukiko exclaimed, trying to make her way to the door.

"Yukiko, it's okay. I've spoken to him already!" Bakura said soothingly. He pulled Yukiko over to the sofa and sat her down. He reached up to her hand which held the ice pack in place. He gently pulled her hand away so he could examine the lump.

"When I brought you here, I phoned him. I'm sorry, I had to use your phone as I didn't have his number." He explained apologetically, letting her hand go so she could press the ice pack back upon the still bruising bump.

"What did he say?" Yukiko asked curiously.

"He was insisting on coming to pick you up, but I told him you were sleeping and that you'd hit your head. I suggested it might not be worth disturbing you and he agreed."

"Did you explain about how I managed to knock myself unconscious again?" Yukiko asked, clearly irritated at herself. She was lucky this time a wire hadn't come loose in her head and she could still remember everyone.

"I told him, yes," Bakura admitted.

They fell into an awkward silence, the TV the only sound. Yukiko was thinking over everything that had happened. She was lucky to be free. Those men, she shuddered at the memory, they were ready to take her away and who knew what awful things they had in mind for her. She couldn't thank Bakura enough for coming across them when he did.

"What happened to those men?" Yukiko asked suddenly, wondering if they'd been arrested.

"Oh, when I showed up, they ran. Cowards." Bakura answered a strange smile playing across his lips. His eyes seemed to change colour from the warm chocolate they usually were to an intense burgundy as he took in every inch of her appearance with a sympathetic look.

"Yukiko, you are so innocent, so pure. How did you manage to get messed up in all this?" He whispered softly to her. Yukiko felt the colour flare instantly up in her cheeks.

"I guess it's because you are so innocent that you're so naïve," Bakura added, smiling at her. Yukiko wasn't sure what to say to that, she wasn't sure she could say anything. It was true. She couldn't remember these important things, like not running in to alleyways when you know you're been chased.

"I'm sorry," She muttered, looking down away from him, ashamed of her stupidity. It was ridiculous. Why had she even thought she could go out for a walk without anyone? She was pathetic. No wonder Kaiba wanted to keep her locked up. She obviously couldn't handle herself. She felt his hand reach under her chin, forcing her eyes up to look into his own.

"It's not your fault, it's kind of cute," He said softly, smiling at her encouragingly. Yukiko felt her cheeks blush even darker.

"Oh…um…thanks," She mumbled her reply, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. Then she remembered the bandage on her hand.

"How did this happen?" Yukiko asked, holding her hand up. Bakura moved his hand away from her chin and took her hand in his. He examined the blood stained bandage for a split second before standing up and walking over to the kitchen. As he rummaged around in one of the light coloured drawers, he answered her.

"When you fell, you landed on a piece of glass. I need to check the cut to make sure I got the last of the glass out and redress it," He straightened up, carrying a variety of items over and setting them out on the coffee table.

He sat back down and rested her hand in his as he unwrapped the bloodied bandage. Yukiko watched him work in silence. When he dropped the piece of material on the table, she leant forwards to examine the wound. It started a couple of centimetres from her thumb on the Thenar of her hand and stretching onto the center of her palm. It was jagged and uneven and deep. Yukiko watched as Bakura picked up a cloth from the table and poured a strong smelling liquid onto it.

"This might sting," He said before pressing the cloth to the injury. Yukiko gritted her teeth and stamped her feet as pain shot through her hand. When Bakura pulled the cloth away, he held her hand up to his eyes, examining it closely. He then picked up what looked like tweezers from the table. Seeing them, Yukiko pulled her hand from his grip. He frowned and held his hand out, demanding with his eyes for her to hold her hand back out to him."I… I can't," She whispered terrified.

"There's still some glass in the cut," Bakura said reasonably.

"It's okay, I'll keep it as it is, thanks," Yukiko replied, not holding her hand out. She saw a flash of something across his burgundy eyes and felt suddenly nervous.

"Girl, give me your hand." He ordered his expression telling her she would lose if this became a fight. Yukiko held her hand out tentatively. He took it and held it close to his eyes. Yukiko cried out as he dug the metal tweezers into her flesh. She was just about ready to beg for him to stop when the tweezers were pulled free, a shard of bloodied glass held in them. Yukiko felt the wetness in her palm and shuddered. Bakura pressed a second foul smelling cloth to her hand, cleaning the newly bleeding cut. Yukiko winced again, allowing the hand holding the ice pack up to her head to move away. She used her now free hand to clutch at her wrist, trying to force herself to keep it where it was. Bakura removed the cloth and began to redress the wound with a bandage. When he'd finished, he allowed her arm to drop from his grip. He stood up, holding the array of stuff and walked back over to the kitchen.

"Are you hungry?" He asked. Yukiko who'd turned in her seat to watch him blushed as he looked up at her. She nodded, deciding to be honest.

"But I don't want to put you out," She muttered embarrassed

"Don't be foolish," He replied. His eyes shone in the light and the burgundy colour became if possible even richer in colour and intensity.

"erm… what is there?" Yukiko asked realising he was waiting for her to speak.

"How about a sandwich?" He asked trying desperately not to roll his eyes.

"Sure, that would be great!" Yukiko replied smiling.

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