Snow Child

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Yugi Muto woke with a start, sitting up in his bed gasping. He'd had a dream, another dream about his old friend the Pharaoh, Atem. It was becoming more frequent. He was dreaming about the Pharaoh a lot. It had been two years since he'd left them and in that time, Yugi had missed him, but had never dreamt about him this much. He kicked back the covers on his bed and placed his bare feet on the ground. He cradled his head in his hands, thinking.

"Yugi, something's happening. You need to be careful," That was what Atem had said to him in his dream, but was it just a dream? Before he had thought not, he had thought the Pharaoh was really contacting him, but what if that wasn't it. What if he was just dreaming about him, because he missed him? Either way, Yugi needed to remain on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary, just to be safe.

Yukiko opened her eyes tentatively. She was laid out across the sofa, facing the TV. She could see a couple of empty plates scattered across the coffee table. She closed her eyes again, which was when she felt the rise and fall of someone beneath her. She opened her eyes startled. She sat up, feeling a cover fall off her. She gazed down and felt her cheeks flare up instantly. She'd fallen asleep on Bakura. His eyes were closed and he was breathing gently. He'd fallen asleep with her on him too! Oh no! Yukiko bit her lip embarrassed. Why did she have to be like this? She could never do anything right. As she gazed down at the man, one of his eyes opened and looked at her. He shifted his weight and closed it again.

"Are you okay?" He asked amusement clear in his tone. Yukiko felt her cheeks flare if possible even darker.

"I'm sorry… I didn't mean to fall asleep on you, you should have just woke me up," Yukiko said in a small voice. She saw him grin which sent a spark of something through her.

"I'd have woke you up if I minded, but I didn't mind, so I didn't wake you," He replied opening his eyes to gaze up at her.

His smile deepened when he saw the colour in her cheeks. He brought his hand up to the side of her face and caressed her cheek.

"You're funny when you blush," He whispered, making her blush even worse. Yukiko felt like she was going to pass out from the heat in her face. He chuckled seeing her struggling.

Bakura sat up and gazed at her, his eyes as intense as yesterday. Yukiko examined his eyes and saw they were burgundy coloured again. She frowned confused. There was something about Bakura that confused her.

"Can I ask you a question?" Yukiko asked, messing with the hem of her skirt, pulling at a stray thread she'd found. He nodded at her.

"Well, you're usually this really quiet cute boy right, but then like now sometimes you change. You seem more confident and... less timid, I guess." Yukiko started.

"I don't hear a question?" Bakura replied eyeing her cautiously.

"Well... sometimes it's like your eye colour changes too. Sometimes they're like chocolate, but then like now, they're almost reddish." Yukiko continued, trying desperately to control the colour threatening to rise in her cheeks.

"Still, that wasn't a question," He told her grinning.

"Well… How come?" Yukiko asked. Bakura grinned at her. Was that it? Was that what she wanted to ask? He couldn't help but supress a laugh.

"I don't know, I never knew that happened," He replied, leaning back against the arm of the sofa, his eyes never leaving Yukiko's.

"And as for my confidence, I think you just bring out the best in me," He continued shrugging. Yukiko felt herself lose her battle as blood rushed back into her face again. She'd only just managed to calm her burning cheeks down.

"Breakfast?" Bakura asked, swinging his legs off the sofa and onto the floor. Yukiko nodded, not trusting herself to speak. He got up and stretched as he walked, his shirt being pulled up as he raised his arms above his head. Yukiko looked away embarrassed as she caught sight of his toned stomach.

Where was she? Kaiba was pacing about in the front hall, trying to keep his anger under control. Bakura had called him the night before, telling him she'd been attacked. He had said he'd overheard the idiots talking as they'd tried to harm Yukiko. They were planning on kidnapping her! Just the very thought someone would even try that had Kaiba clenching his fists. She was his, whether she remembered him or not. She had felt something for him once, and he could make it happen again. He had been foolish to be cold towards her. It wasn't her fault she'd lost her memories. Kaiba knew he should have insisted on collecting her and taking her home. He should have forced Bakura to give him the address. Kaiba continued to pace, thoughts flying through his head. How could he have nearly lost her, again? He should never have let her out of his sight.

"Seto, calm down," Mokuba said from the stairs. He was sat on the bottom step, his eyes watching his brother pace. He was becoming rather concerned about Seto. He had never seemed so distressed or if he had, he'd always been good at hiding it. Up until now that was. Mokuba frowned watching as his brother allowed the worry to show in his eyes. It scared Mokuba to see him like this. He'd always been the strong one, the level headed and analytical one, but since Yukiko, it felt like Mokuba had to constantly try and keep his brother calm.

"Seto, if she's with Ryo, she'll be fine. Ryo will take good care of her," Mokuba added. Seto stopped his pacing and collected his head together. He was being foolish. Mokuba was right, she would be fine.

"Are you sure you're okay walking?" Bakura asked as they left his flat. Yukiko turned to him and was surprised to witness the burgundy eyes turning into a chocolaty brown. She smiled at him, completely immersed in the strange change within him.

"Yukiko?" He asked when she didn't answer.

"erm… yeah, I'm fine," Yukiko replied. They walked in silence out of the building and into the crisp morning. It was cold, with vague traces of snow still compressed into ice on the ground. As they walked, Yukiko realised she hadn't a clue where they were. She really was foolish for thinking she could go out on her own. As they walked, Yukiko felt his hand brushing against hers, every touch no matter how brief sending flutters through her.

"How is it living with Kaiba?" Bakura asked suddenly, shattering the silence between them.

"It's strange," Yukiko replied honestly. She gazed round at Bakura and saw him smile shyly.

"It's awkward. He remembers me from before I forgot everything again, but I can't remember him. He's just a stranger to me. I've been told about what happened and what it was like before I forgot, but I feel like there's something he isn't telling me." Yukiko continued, voicing thoughts she hadn't even voiced to herself before. She blushed realising she'd maybe shared too much. She gazed round at Bakura and saw his eyes had changed again.

"I'm sorry," She muttered, "Have I just shared too much?"

"No, don't be. It's nice to hear you speak," He replied grinning. They continued walking. Yukiko recognised the park she'd wandered through yesterday. She smiled as they passed under the iron arch way.

"I walked through here yesterday," Yukiko explained smiling. Without warning, Bakura slipped his hand into hers. Yukiko felt her heart freeze as she felt his warm fingers clasping hers. After a few seconds, she relaxed, her fingers brushing against his. She felt the colour in her cheeks as they walked along. Her heart was pounding in her chest as hard as ever. She could barely breathe.

It seemed like it took them a very short time to reach the Kaiba mansion. Yukiko gazed up at the building she was expected to call home. She allowed Bakura to lead the way up to the front door. He let go of her hand and knocked on the door, Yukiko hiding behind him. They didn't have to wait long before the door was pulled open. Kaiba was stood there. He looked distressed, which wasn't a look Kaiba usually wore.

"Yukiko," He sighed stepping forwards to meet them. He took a hold of her and pulled her towards him. She had a large bruise on her forehead and looked slightly afraid, but apart from that she seemed alright.

"Are you okay?" he asked his eyes staring at her with concern.

"I'm fine," Yukiko replied awkwardly. She hadn't seen him look at her like that before. There was something in his expression that told her he was beside himself with relief that she had being returned to him safe. Putting his façade back on, Kaiba turned his gaze on Bakura.

"Thank you for looking after her," He said shortly.

"My pleasure," Bakura replied smiling, his eyes meeting Yukiko's briefly. In response Yukiko felt her cheeks blush again.

"I'll see you soon. Bye Yukiko," Bakura smiled. He leant forwards and kissed her cheek before turning and leaving. Yukiko felt the spot where his lips had touched her burn. She turned and walked into the house her face flushed.

Kaiba had seen him kiss her and had felt a rage erupt inside him so intense he could barely contain it. He may have saved her, but it should be him kissing her. Kaiba should be the one she looked at with those beautiful brown eyes. He was the one she had looked at like that, but her memories had gone. She couldn't remember telling him she'd wanted to kiss him, or when they'd actually kissed. Kaiba closed the door a little more forcefully than intended. Yukiko jumped at the sudden noise, turning to him.

"Yukiko, why did you leave?" Kaiba asked, folding his arms glaring at her.

"I wanted to go for a walk," Yukiko replied quietly, fiddling with the sleeve of her jumper. Kaiba's eyes watched her hands and noticed the bandage wrapped around one of them.

"What happened?" He asked gently, moving forwards and taking a hold of her injured hand. He looked at it and saw crimson staining the white material. He gazed into her brown eyes.

"I fell and… glass," Yukiko mumbled gazing down from him. Something deep within her was coming alive under his gaze and it frightened her. She couldn't get her emotions in check. She knew she liked Bakura, but Seto's eyes staring at her with such an intensity made her feel something… something like guilt. Yukiko felt tears brimming in her eyes as she struggled to understand what was happening. Why couldn't her emotions just be simple? The way he was holding her hand now, so gently, it was unlike the Kaiba she'd been living with for the past week. She forced her gaze back up to meet his.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted some fresh air, I had no idea anyone would know who I was," Yukiko whispered, tears already leaking out of her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I should have told you," Kaiba said his expression softening. Yukiko pulled her hand out of his grip and ran up the stairs, her eyes streaming now.

"Yukiko!" He cried out after her, but she ignored him, running into her bedroom and closing the door. She leaned against it and sunk down to the floor, nestling her head in her arms. Why did she have to feel this way?

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