Snow Child

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Yukiko woke up to the sound of her phone buzzing. She sat up in her bedroom, rubbing her eyes. She picked up the phone on her bedside table and glanced at the time. It was ten o'clock. She saw who had text her and couldn't help but grin. It had been a few days since she'd returned with another set of injuries. Since then security on the house had been extremely tight and Yukiko found she couldn't cough without it going un-noticed. She soon found out that when Bakura had used her phone to contact Kaiba, he'd also taken her number. Since then they'd been exchanging texts. It was the only time Yukiko had found she was glad Kaiba had given her the phone. She opened up the text and read:

Fancy escaping your prison today?

Grinning Yukiko typed out her reply.


She knew deep down that Seto was doing all this to protect her, but there was something about Bakura that she couldn't resist to play along with. When he knew no one but she was looking, he wasn't as sweet and innocent as everyone thought. He could be rude and break the rules. Today, he would encourage her to do the same. Yukiko felt an overwhelming stab of guilt when she thought about Seto. She had no idea what it meant, but she felt like she was betraying him. She knew in a way she was, but the anxiety made it feel more than that. Her phone buzzed again and, shoving the anxiety away, she read

Same place as yesterday?

Despite the increase in security, the hole in the fence was the one place that seemed to still be the securities blind spot. It seems it was still her little secret. Yukiko grinned wider.

Of course.

She replied to him and put her phone down. She sat up and yawned. She needed to get ready to meet him. She walked into her wardrobe and gazed through the variety of fabrics. When she left the wardrobe, she was dressed in a black jumper with a short ruffled skirt and over the knee socks. She glanced at her reflection, suddenly paranoid about making sure she looked okay. She ran her fingers through her hair and left the room, satisfied with her appearance. She walked down the stairs, yawning. She walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice out. She downed the fruity drink in an instant, butterflies erupting into life in her stomach, as it had every time she'd snuck out to see him. She walked to the back of the house, her eyes darting around. She knew Mokuba was at school and Kaiba at work, but even so she felt nervous. As she reached the back door, she glanced out the window towards the shed. Past the confines of the iron fence, Yukiko could already see Bakura hiding in the shadows of the tree's waiting for her. Yukiko found it strange how he always managed to get here so quick, but she pushed the thoughts aside. She opened the door and stepped outside. She saw him shift in the darkness and it struck her how sinister he appeared, shrouded in darkness. Ignoring her emotions, Yukiko ran forwards across the lawn and round the side of the shed. She ducked down and clambered through the hole. When she'd pulled her torso free, she felt hands grab her under the arm and help her to her feet. When she was stood, she turned to look into the eyes of Bakura. She noticed with a little quiver, his eyes were burgundy today.

"So what does the 'good little girl' want to do today?" he asked grinning at her. Yukiko felt herself blush hearing the nick name he'd given her. It seemed really odd in a way that the sweet little innocent Bakura everyone else knew had this devilish bad boy side to him. Yukiko found both sides of him exciting, although she had to admit she was quite enjoying the company of his bad boy act.

"I'm not all good," Yukiko whispered embarrassed. She almost sensed him smirk and gazed up into his eyes. She was sure he was a bad influence on her, but she didn't care. He was exciting. His eyes were dancing with amusement.

"Prove it," He said his voice silky and full of temptation.

"How?" Yukiko asked unsure of what he wanted her to do. He stretched his arms above his head, looking as though in thought.

"Run away? Live with me?" He asked his eyes gleaming. Yukiko nudged into him playfully. He pushed her back.

"Very funny, but I've seen your place, its too small and besides there's only one bed." Yukiko mumbled beginning to walk besides the railing.

"Yes?" He asked walking besides her, not understanding what her problem was.

"Well, where would I sleep?" Yukiko asked, not really considering his offer.

"In the bed," He replied glancing around at her a smirk upon his lips.

"Well, where would you sleep?" Yukiko asked. Bakura leant in to her.

"Next to you," He whispered his eyes dancing with amusement.

He watched with satisfaction as her face turned bright red at his suggestion. He hated having to act like this, flirting and trying to seduce the pathetic girl, but in spite of himself he found he was enjoying himself. It felt like ages since her soul was his to play with in the shadows. He'd loved to mess with her head then. Now with her unsuspecting of him, screwing with her mind was even more fun, and it was working. Even now he could sense it, almost taste it, the corruption to her soul. It was already in progress. It wouldn't take too long to completely break it, to make it his.

"I'm sorry for making you blush," Bakura apologized as she still tried to string together a reply to his remark. He grabbed her arm and forced her to stop walking and to turn to him.

"But I can't be that bad, that you wouldn't want to sleep next to me, especially if you're breaking all the rules to sneak out with me," He whispered to her. Yukiko froze, trapped under his intense gaze. She swallowed, trying to find her voice.

"Obviously, I've already slept next to you," She managed to reply, her heart pounding deep within her chest. She wasn't sure she could take much more of this intense tension.

"On top," He replied simply.

"What?" Yukiko asked confused.

"You didn't sleep next to me, you slept on top of me," He explained, his hand slipping into hers. Yukiko felt her chest tighten as she felt his fingertips brushing against hers. She allowed her fingers to tighten around his. He leant in towards her, his eyes ablaze. She stood on her tiptoes, waiting desperately to feel his lips brush hers. She felt his hand come free from hers and wrap around her back, pulling her against his torso, while his other hand wrapped around the back of her neck, pulling her closer.

Give in to your darker side

She heard the words tumbling around her mind and felt them urging her forwards. Yukiko pressed her lips against his and felt an explosion of emotion inside her as he crushed his lips back against hers. He pushed her backwards and pinned her against a tree, his mouth moving on top of hers in a passionate embrace. She felt his lips part and copied his movement as his arms leant against the tree, either side of her head. She felt her fingers digging into the tree bark behind her as his body held her in place.

When he pulled his lips away from her, Yukiko gazed up into the face of the silver haired boy, seeing with surprise his eyes were alight with passion. They both were breathing heavily, but even so, Bakura didn't back away from her, he just gazed down into her eyes. Yukiko rested her hand on his chest and felt his heart beating away almost as fast as hers.

"Do you surrender to me?" he asked a breathless quality to his voice. Yukiko gulped down air before she even tried to answer. She nodded.

"Yes," She whispered, wondering if he was going to kiss her again. She leant forwards expectantly. She saw him smirk at her his eyes triumphant, his newly found confidence intoxicating her. He bent his head to meet her lips and pressed his lips against hers again. His hands running down her body tracing the curve of her hips. He felt the triumph inside him. He was well on his way to victory. He had won the innocent soul over. Now all he needed to do was corrupt it, distort it so badly that the seal broke. Now she had surrendered to him, it wouldn't be that hard. And what was more amusing, Seto had lost. The reincarnation of Priest Seto, the Priest that had contributed to Bakura's downfall five thousand years ago and most recently, he had lost. He had lost the girl, and very soon he would lose a lot more, like the rest of those idiots who'd befriended the Pharaoh.

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