Snow Child

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Yukiko gazed at her reflection with wide eyes. Her initial thought of the costume were in deed correct. It was very short. She wished she'd protested more against it, but seeing those eyes, eyes that filled her with a strange desire, it made her weak. Yukiko was stood in her bathroom, gazing at her reflection. Her hair hung loosely over her shoulders, the black tiara pinned into her head at an angle, the blood red jewels glinting in the light. She was wearing make up for the first time, the first time she could remember anyway. Her eyes were dark and what a woman called Mai had said looked 'smouldering'. Her lips had also been painted a dark burgundy colour. There was a loud knock on the bathroom door which made her start. Yukiko looked around at the locked door, not wanting anyone to see her like this.

"Yukiko! Come on out, hon," a voice cried out to her.

She recognised it as the blonde haired woman who had done her make up. She had apparently met Mai before, but she couldn't remember. Yukiko gazed back at her reflection. The black lace hem finished well above her knees. Yukiko pulled her over the knee socks on, wanting to cover as much flesh as possible. The lace wings had little red crystals dotted all over them too. Yukiko bit her lip. She looked like an idiot. She couldn't be seen like this in front of people.

"Yukiko!" A second voice cried out. Yukiko recognised it as Téa.

"I can't be seen like this!" Yukiko cried out scared. She heard the two girls giggle. She walked over to the bathroom door and unlocked it, pulling it open feeling exceptionally shy. She was greeted by the sight of the blonde wearing skin tight clothes, a blue leotard and bright purple tights with blue feathered wings and a red wig. Téa was also dressed up in a cute blue and pink outfit and was holding a sort of wand thing.

"What are you guys?" Yukiko asked distracted from her predicament.

"We're duel monsters, hon," Mai grinned at her. Yukiko frowned. Duel monsters? What was that? Something stirred in the pit of her stomach at the word though.

"I'm sorry, I keep forgetting you can't remember from before. Duel monsters is a card game. Maybe the guys can show you a duel tonight?" Téa smiled at her. Yukiko grinned back and nodded.

An hour later, a small group of them stood in the dining hall in pitch dark, waiting for Joey to turn up with Tristan. Everyone was dressed in a huge variety of colours and styles. There was Yugi who had dressed up as an Egyptian Pharaoh, Serenity had dressed as a cute princess, Mai and Téa in their monster costumes, Yukiko as some sort of dark fairy, and Bakura. He had come dressed in a cream coloured skirt which tied around his waist and a long red jacket. Yukiko remembered him saying he was going to come as his past self. It was now, stood next to him, her cheeks bright red, she realised she hadn't even questioned him about that. How could they know who their past selves were?

Yugi shifted uncomfortably in the dark. He knew he'd originally thought Ryo dressing as his ancient self was a funny idea, but now he was stood in the dark, a pale version of the thief king stood only meters away from him, it made him nervous. At least Yugi's past self wasn't evil like the thief king had been. Yugi told himself he was just un-nerved by how much Ryo had managed to make himself look like his past self. He'd even spiked his hair in the right kind of angles. Even so as they were all hushed, Yugi couldn't deny a strong feeling of unease growing in his stomach.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone shouted as the door to the dining hall opened.

"Nyah!" Joeys voice cried out surprised. The light switched on and the room was bathed in light. Joey was stood in the door way gazing around at all his friends dressed up.

"But, it ain't even my birthday?" Joey said confused.

"Yes, but you passed your driving exam!" Tristan beamed, putting Joey in a headlock. Joey cried out, trying to knock Tristan off him.

"Yeah, I guess I did," Joey said grinning as Tristan let him go. That was when he saw Bakura, his arms folded and glaring at Joey. Joey jumped and pointed at him a look of fear glazing over his face.

"Nyaaah! We defeated him already! Why's he back!" Joey cried out. Yugi grinned and winked over at Bakura. Even he had to admit Ryo's impression of the thief king was scarily convincing. After a second, Bakura unfolded his arms and smiled.

"Relax, Joey, It's just me," Bakura said sweetly, beaming at him. Joey hunched over and sighed, relaxing.

"Thank god, man, that dude was scary," Joey sighed, "Although, I could a taken him, right Yug?" he added, straightening back up. Yugi grinned at Joey, although made no attempt to back Joey up. He remembered the spirit of the millennium ring and it still made him shudder. He had very nearly successfully shrouded the world in darkness. At that moment, Tristan who had sneaked away when no one was looking, bounded back into the room, holding two costumes. He grabbed a hold of Joey and started dragging him out of the room.

"Come on, Joey. Costume time!" Tristan grinned dragging the blonde out of the room.

Yukiko grinned as they left the room. She looked around at Bakura. He noticed her watching him and glanced round. He grinned at her.

"How do you know who your past selves were, Bakura?" Yukiko asked her cheeks flushing.

Bakura flashed her a broad smirk.

"It's a long story really, if you're good, maybe I'll tell you later," He said his eyes glinting. Yukiko felt her cheeks flush even brighter and she had to look away from him embarrassed. How did he manage to do that to her? Make her all flustered? It was unbelievable, the effect he had on her.

The room fell into stunned silence upon Tristan and Joey's return. Tristan jumped enthusiastically back into the room, followed by an irritable Joey. Tristan hadn't been with any of the others when he'd chosen his own and Joeys costume so it came as a shock to everyone seeing Tristan in a full bodied purple dinosaur costume. Everyone burst into fits of laughter seeing his face poking out of a large dinosaur head. Even Joey, who'd been forced into a dog suit couldn't help but laugh. Mokuba, who hadn't dressed up fell about laughing. He wished his big brother would come down already. Even he would have a hard time not laughing at this.

"Is it a film?" Yugi asked as Joey acted out something. He nodded, the dog head falling over his eyes. He scowled as he pushed it back up and continued on with his act. Yukiko grinned up at the blonde. He looked funny trying to act something out. She'd never played charades before. She heard the ebony haired boy sat next to her trying to hold in his laughter. She looked around at Mokuba and smiled. Kaiba's younger brother, unlike Kaiba he always tried to get involved with the group.

"Three words," Everyone said as Joey held up three pawed fingers. He held up one finger.

"first word,"

Yukiko gazed around at the man sat next to her. He glanced around at her. Just her eyes meeting his burgundy ones made her heart flutter. It felt incredible knowing he was sat next to her, knowing that he genuinely loved her. It was a brilliant sensation.

Kaiba entered the hall a couple of hours after the idiots had begun playing their childish games. As he walked into the room, laptop in his arms, he couldn't help but feel the tightening of his stomach as he walked. He couldn't even bring himself to look around to check if she was watching him. He shook his head slightly, un-nerved that he was feeling such moronic emotions. Usually these emotions would be beneath him, but since the girl had entered his life, a lot of things had changed about him. Truth was, he liked most of these changes. He enjoyed the rush of emotions he felt towards her, it just hurt like hell to know she couldn't remember feeling those emotions back. Kaiba sat down and opened up his laptop, examining the screen but not really seeing it. He was too lost in his emotions.

Yukiko had watched as Kaiba had entered the room, a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had no idea what it was, but she'd felt it before, after returning home from Bakura's. She'd seen the stress and worry in Kaiba's face as she'd returned home following the almost kidnapping incident. Sure anyone would have been worried, but there was something more to the emotions she'd seen in his face. It felt like her emotions were fighting against themselves inside her, to the point of almost hurting. She knew she loved Bakura that much was obvious to her, but she was uncertain of what it was she felt towards the blue eyed CEO. She looked down at her hands which had clutched at her chest as her heart ached. She had no idea what was happening anymore. Why did it have to be so complicated? Yukiko stood up, making a decision. She felt everyone's eyes turn to her. Yukiko looked around at their faces and grinned.

"Don't look so worried, I'm just going for a drink," Yukiko smiled. Her eyes met Bakura's for a split second and she felt colour rise in her cheeks. Taking a deep breath, Yukiko pulled herself away from them and walked out of the hall, pulling the hem of her dress down, paranoid she was still showing too much flesh.

All eyes had turned back to the game, all but Bakura, who's eyes followed the girl until she'd left the room. He couldn't help but grin with satisfaction. Even now, he could sense her soul beginning to twist out of shape. The process would be quicker if she wasn't so confused over that fool, Seto. He'd noticed her watching him as he'd entered the room. He sensed the confusion she felt about him. He needed to do something to sort that out. Her soul would still belong to the darkness. She was his.

"Ryo?" A voice whispered, snapping Bakura back to reality. Bakura frowned and gazed around, irritated at the interruption to his thoughts. All of the idiots eyes were now focused upon him.

"Ryo, not for nothing, but maybe you should back of. Yukiko's Kaiba's girl, you know?" Joey said in a hushed tone. Bakura was taken a back at the fact these morons had managed to sense something going on, but he quickly recovered. Smirking, Bakura stood up and gazed down at the fools. He felt white hot anger at the fact this blonde thought he could order him around. He caught a hold of his emotions and grinned at the group.

"That been said, It would appear she likes me now," He said sweetly before turning and walking away from the group. He told himself smugly, soon they would all be slaves to his darkness.

Yukiko was stood with her back to the door as she made herself a drink. She smiled to herself as she poured a clear liquid with a strong scent into a glass. She started as she felt arms wrap around her waist and a voice whisper into her ear,

"I think you should put more in," the familiar voice cooed. Yukiko did as she was told and poured more of the spirit into the glass.

"Stop." Bakura whispered as the clear liquid filled almost half of the glass. Yukiko placed the bottle down as the arms holding her unwrapped from around her. Bakura moved so he was leaning back against the counter.

"That's going to be strong," Yukiko muttered her cheeks blushing. Bakura handed her the carton of cranberry juice that was out on the counter. Yukiko took it and poured it into the glass, almost filling the glass to the point of over flowing. Yukiko gazed around at the pale man, but turned away her cheeks flaring up. Seeing his toned pale chest had made her blush uncontrollably. He grabbed her hands, forcing her gaze back round to him.

"You know it encourages me when you blush," Bakura flashed a wicked grin, sending her heart into overdrive. He pulled her towards him, causing her to stumble. Yukiko fell against him, her hands resting on his bare chest. She felt the warmth of his skin beneath her fingertips. Her blush deepened as she felt the steady thrum of his heartbeat. He grinned down at her, his Wine-red eyes flashing with a wicked amusement. In one swift movement he turned around, pinning Yukiko between himself and the counter. Yukiko gazed wide eyed up at the handsome man, her heart hammering away in her chest. Without warning, Bakura bent his head down, pushing his lips against hers. His hands wrapped tightly around her small waist, pulling her closer to him. His lips parted and Yukiko felt giddy with excitement as his tongue twisted and caressed hers. Yukiko wrapped her arms around his neck, trying to get as close as possible to him.

"What the hell are you doing?!" A stern and angry voice demanded, shattering the silence. The next second, hands had wrenched them apart. Yukiko fell back startled. It took her a few moments to comprehend what had happened. Then she saw the tall dark haired person stood between herself and Bakura. This person had pinned the silver haired man up against the fridge, his forearm pressed against Bakura's throat. Although Bakura seemed to be caught, he still smirked at Kaiba, his eyes displaying confidence. Kaiba actually growled and pressed against him harder, unable to hide his rage. He had come into his kitchen to see this, the silver haired idiot kissing his Yukiko.

"Answer me, dork!" Kaiba growled. Yukiko watched wide eyed as the rest of the group entered the room, hearing the argument. Yukiko didn't care. She felt anger flare up in her chest like she'd never felt before. How dare he? She moved forwards and pushed Kaiba back, forcing him to unhand Bakura. She glared angrily up into furious blue eyes.

"STOP" She demanded, her tone unlike her usual shy self. She had never felt such a hot rage inside her before. She could feel it clawing at her insides, almost burning her.

Kaiba stepped back, surprised by the raw anger Yukiko was showing. His eyes widened as her surveyed the pretty girl. Was it his imagination or did her usual soft brown eyes have a tint of red in them? He gazed down into her soft face which was now twisted with anger. She glared back up at him.

"What gives you the right to control my life?!" Yukiko demanded, actually pushing her hands into his chest and shoving him away from her. He stared at her completely shocked at her behaviour. It was so uncharacteristic of his sweet shy Yukiko.

"Yukiko… I…" Kaiba began, still completely taken aback.

"Don't even try! Don't even try Kaiba!" She growled "We're leaving!" She scowled at him. Yukiko turned to face Bakura. He nodded in agreement. He wrapped his arm around her waist, smirking. He led the way out of the kitchen and across the hall, exiting into the night. Excellent, he thought to himself. Everything had gone according to plan. Now there was just one last thing for him to accomplish before he ruled the world.

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