Snow Child

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

As Joey used his newly licensed skills out, Kaiba gazed out of the window of the beat up maroon coloured van. This car was completely out of his comfort zone and something he wasn't used to. He kept Mokuba besides him throughout the bumpy journey, ready to try and protect him if this tin can of a vehicle decided to fall apart. Even he couldn't shake of the discomfort every time the engine cut out as the moron driving it managed to stall. The third time this happened he couldn't keep a retort back.

"You did pass your exam, didn't you wheeler?" He demanded scathingly. From the angle he was sat at, he could just see the colour flare up in Joey's face at his comment. Kaiba smirked to himself satisfied. As the journey continued, Kaiba gazed back out the grotty window. The sky was darkening and thick dark clouds were swirling around.

"It looks like there's going to be a storm," Yugi muttered. Kaiba glanced over at him. He was right, and the eye of this storm seemed to be above a building in the distance. A small part of him suspected it was the building they were heading towards.

Yukiko clutched at her face in agony. It felt like her brain was trying to split in two. Powerful wind whipped around her, her hair flailing helplessly about. Yukiko cried out and fell to her knees as the pain intensified. Her bare knee's scuffed against the tarmac and she felt it scrape her skin, but she couldn't care less. Every inch of her screamed as it felt like something deep within her was tearing itself apart. The pain was so intense she couldn't even find the strength to scream out. The agony was choking her. Through her unsteady vision she saw someone crouch down in front of her.

"Say it again," he whispered, his voice full of love as he surveyed her. Yukiko gulped, fighting against the pain.

"I hate him," She whimpered. She felt a hand cup against her cheek. It was cool and the cold of it somehow managed to soothe the pain.

"Again," They whispered.

"I Hate him," She cried out as the pain stabbed at her again.

"This is all his fault! You wouldn't have to suffer like this if it wasn't for him." The person whispered to her. Yukiko gasped for breath as the wind battered into her fragile aching body again.

"I HATE HIM!" She screamed out into the wind. Her shout was rewarded as the pain in her body increased tenfold. Yukiko shrieked out and fell to the ground, writhing around in hideous pain.

Kaiba was the first to jump out of the van when it eventually pulled to a planned halt. He made a mental note to never allow the idiot Wheeler to drive anywhere ever again. He looked at the others and grimaced. They were all still in their stupid costumes.

"Stay here, dorks, I don't need your help." Kaiba said glaring at them. Mokuba stepped forwards to stand by his brother's side. Kaiba looked down at his brother and considered for a moment.

"No, Mokuba. I want you to stay here too," Kaiba said to his brother. He didn't want Mokuba put in any danger. Without another word, Kaiba turned to the building and ran inside.

"Hey guys, we ain't really come all this way to stand outside an wait, have we?" Joey asked, paws on his hips again. There was a moment's silence, which was broken by a loud clattering of thunder above them. Yugi stepped forwards and glared up the side of the building. The swirling black of the clouds didn't seem normal.

"I know, I feel it too," The Pharaoh spoke to Yugi in his mind. Yugi nodded. There was something wrong and he had a horrible feeling he knew what. Without another word, Yugi followed after Kaiba, running into the building.

"Hey, Yugi! Wait!" Téa cried out. Yugi didn't stop, he disappeared into the building. Téa ran after him.

"Great!" Tristan cried out sarcastically.

"Come on then, you guys," Mokuba grinned following them. Tristan and Joey sprang to life, running after them.

Kaiba sprinted along the fifth floor corridor, his teeth gritted. He didn't know if he believed what Yugi had told him, but one thing was for certain. Bakura had taken Yukiko away from him and for that he would pay. The corridor was dull and dimly lit. Kaiba came to the door he was looking for. It was a plain white door, bronze lettering upon it. He kicked the door open with a loud bang and walked purposefully into the room. He found himself stood in a small apartment shrouded in darkness. This was Ryou's home. Kaiba flicked the light switch on the wall, bathing the room in a bright harsh light. He didn't need to search the apartment, he could already tell there was no one other than himself in the apartment. A rumble of thunder, so loud it seemed to shake the building, caused Kaiba to gaze upwards. The roof?

"I… think… I'm… Dying," Yukiko managed to force the words out from her lips, her voice barely recognisable as her own. The fingers clutching at her skull were digging into her skin, trying to distract her from the pain shattering through her. Her vision was unfocused and blurred, the edges of her sight beginning to darken as her mind threatened to black out.

"Endure it for me?" A voice whispered silkily. She barely recognised the feeling of a hand cupping under her chin, forcing her head up from the cold rough tarmac of the ground. They forced her face up enough so she could gaze into familiar serious eyes.

"It'll prove to me how much you love me, so please endure it, just a little longer," He whispered to her. Yukiko gazed at the man with emotions burning in her chest. She nodded slowly. He let her head fall from his grip as he straightened back up. She screamed out again, clutching her skull to her knees as she curled up, trying to push away the feelings of an unimaginable pain that shattered through her body still increasing all the while. She was so wracked in pain she failed to notice the purple haze that leapt up around her, smothering her and hiding her away in the darkness.

Kaiba stepped out on to the roof. He gazed above him at what appeared to be a storm. The clouds were swirling around and grumbling angrily. He gazed across the roof top and saw the huge swirling mass of purple and black. He gritted his teeth. So, Yugi had been right. He recognised that cloud all too well. He remembered it from the last time Bakura had attacked them all, and before that at battle city. Marik's evil counterpart had enjoyed hiding people away in the shadows to duel. Anyone would be crazy to enter into the shadows willingly. It would be a foolish move, but Kaiba knew Yukiko was in there. That Bastard had taken her. He was going to get her back, no matter what it took. Grimacing, Kaiba stepped forwards into the swirling mist, allowing it to swallow him up.

Kaiba glared as he saw the silver haired man. He was sat in an exquisite golden chair. The silver haired man was still dressed in his own costume and it suited him as he lounged across his throne. His eyes glinted as he surveyed Kaiba. Kaiba glanced around.

"Where is she?" He demanded of the Thief King. Bakura let out a laugh of triumph.

"She is mine, Kaiba. She belongs to the shadows," Bakura grinned wickedly at the man stood, scowling before him.

"Give her back to me!" Kaiba ordered. Bakura stood up from the chair.

"She is mine, she always was. She escaped me, so I have simply taken back what was mine!" Bakura smirked at the CEO. Kaiba shook his head. He needed to see her.

"Why did you take her?" Kaiba demanded,

"She was a duellist and her technique's intrigued me. My Millennium ring, when I had it, told me she was an innocent, pure soul. When I went up against the Pharaoh, I needed a backup plan, in the very unlikely event I should lose. It was said in ancient times, if I could corrupt an innocent soul, Zork would rise again!" The white haired man laughed manically again. Kaiba gritted his teeth. He wouldn't allow him to do this to her.

"But it's too late, Kaiba. I've already done it. She's corrupted and belongs to the dark." Even as he spoke, Kaiba could feel something shift in the darkness surrounding them.

"Let me see her!" Kaiba demanded. Bakura rolled his eyes and waved his hand. Out of the haze, a cage began to form, a figure curled up inside it. Bakura waved his hand a second time and the cage disappeared. He held his hand out to the figure. Small hands took his and Yukiko was helped to her feet. She was dressed in her costume from the party, clothes that didn't suit the girl Kaiba had known. Her brown hair tumbled down her back and all around her. Bakura held her close, his eyes intense.

"My sweet, there is one more thing I need," He whispered seductively to her. Kaiba made to march forwards. He'd pull the innocent girl away from the evil that had tricked her, but before he'd even made a step closer, Bakura held up his hand, without taking his gaze away from the besotted girl. Instantly the shadows sprung to life, gripping at his ankles, preventing him from moving any closer.

"This fool, he wishes to take me from you," Bakura continued, his hand cupping the side of her face, his thumb tracing her lips in a loving way. Yukiko didn't look away from his gaze.

"What should I do?" She whispered in a sort of trance.

"Duel him, win and trap his soul in the shadows for an eternity. Trap his soul, to save mine," Bakura asked her, his eyes boring into hers. He pulled her by the waist closer to him, crushing his lips against hers. When he pulled away, she was staring at him breathlessly. She nodded ever so slowly. Yukiko turned to face Kaiba, her expression fierce. Bakura smirked as he sat back down in his throne.

"I won't fight you, Yukiko!" Kaiba cried out.

"Then you'll lose," She replied in a voice not at all like hers. She held her arm out and a duel disk materialized upon her arm. It opened up and she brought it round in front of her. She took five cards from the top of her deck and examined them. She looked up at Kaiba and smirked.

"My turn,"

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