Snow Child

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Yukiko groaned and opened her eyes. She was lying on a cold hard floor. Rubbing her head, Yukiko sat up. The room was large, made of icy concrete slabs and most of it was shrouded in darkness. Yukiko gazed down at herself. She was dressed in a white dress, one she vaguely recognised. She glanced over her shoulder and saw fluffy angel wings. Of course, it was the dress she wore to the house warming party at Yugi and Joey's. It was the dress she had been wearing when she'd kissed Seto. Yukiko scrambled to her feet. Seto! She could sense him nearby. How was that even possible? How could she sense him? Yukiko walked across the floor, her bare feet feeling the chill and the thick layer of snow crunching under her. The light seemed to follow her as she walked. She saw a doorway up ahead and hurriedly passed under it, icicles hanging down from the arch. Where was she? She was now walking down a corridor whose walls seemed to be made up of ice, with many doorways and several junctions, torches lining the walls. It felt like she was underground, but that couldn't be possible could it?

"Seto!" She cried out desperately. She needed to find him. It felt like she hadn't seen him in ages. She took a left and walked down another identical corridor. She took the second right, feeling something pulling her along. She couldn't deny the tugging in her chest. She took another left and then she saw it. There was a large doorway ahead, bright light streaming through it. She could hear a voice emanating from the open door way.

"No! I won't duel you!"

Yukiko gasped with relief. She recognised it as Seto's stern tone. She began to run, needing to get through that door way. She couldn't fail. Just as she was no more than ten meters away, a large metal door slammed shut in front of her, blocking her way. Yukiko came to a halt as someone walked out of a door besides the now blocked off one. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

Yukiko stood facing someone who couldn't possibly exist. It was crazy, she must be dreaming. Yukiko blinked in the vague hope the person would disappear. When they didn't she gaped, examining them closely. The girl stood before her looked very much like her, apart from she was dressed in a black angel outfit. Her hair, unlike Yukiko's, was spiked out at strange angles and her eyes had a red tint to the brown. On top of this girls head perched a black tiara, crystals as red as blood encrusted into it. This girl was smirking at her in a very un-Yukiko way.

"Hello Hikari," She grinned licking her painted lips. Yukiko took a step back from her terrified. Who was she?

"I'm your Yami," She grinned answering Yukiko's thoughts.

"My Yami?" Yukiko asked confused. The girl, her Yami, grinned even wider, making her look insane. She took a step forwards.

"When Bakura corrupted our soul, it split in to two parts, the dark," She pointed to herself, "And the light," She pointed towards Yukiko.

"Bakura corrupted my soul?" Yukiko asked terrified, not truly sure who Bakura was.

"Our soul, yes," her Yami replied,

"Yami, I need to get to Seto! Can you help me?" Yukiko asked suddenly snapping back to life. She needed to help him. She didn't know how she knew, but Seto was in trouble and she needed to help him. She gazed into red eyes pleadingly. Her Yami laughed, the noise sending chills down Yukiko's back. Her Yami sounded cruel when she laughed like that.

"Tell me, Hikari, why would I help you?" She asked, her eyes glinting as she took another dangerous step forwards. Yukiko stepped back again fearfully.

"Because we… we're the same," Yukiko stuttered. Her Yami laughed again, louder this time, the noise reverberating of the walls and almost deafening Yukiko.

"Right now, I'm in control of our body, and I like it. All I have to do is destroy you, and it'll be mine forever," Her darker self sneered. Yukiko stumbled back, terrified.

"What's up, Hikari?" Her Yami asked, clearly mocking her.

"Stay away!" Yukiko cried out horror struck. She turned on her heel and ran away from the monstrosity behind her. She heard her Yami laughing after her. Yukiko felt tears pooling in her eyes and tried to force them back as she tried desperately to get away.

Yukiko ducked down another corridor, desperately trying to put as much space between herself and whatever it was chasing her. She heard the monster closing in on her and darted through a door next to her, closing the door and leaning against it, trying to catch her breath. She looked around the room she was in, and recognised it. It was Seto's bedroom. She recognised the generic appearance of the room with the crisp white covers and plain furnishings. Yukiko walked further into the room. She heard a banging on the door and without thinking, she ran through the door that was Seto's wardrobe. She expected to find herself trapped hemmed in by suits on all sides, but she was surprised. She'd run into a vaguely familiar living room. Yukiko's eyes widened as she looked around. There were two floral sofa's positioned in front of a fire place, facing an old looking TV set. Yukiko walked over to the fire place. The wooden shelf above it had several picture frames upon it. Yukiko picked up one with three people on it. There was a man with bright green eyes and dark brown hair. He was wearing glasses and smiling. Next to him was a woman, her hair blonde and curly with dark brown eyes. They both had their arm around a smaller girl, who looked about thirteen years old. The girl had shoulder length brown hair and big brown eyes. Yukiko felt her heart stop for a split second as she recognised herself. She shoved the picture back on the shelf before she dropped it. They were her parents. She had parents!

"Cute picture," An amused voice smirked from behind her. Yukiko whipped around terrified.

"Even with the picture, you can't remember them, can you?" her Yami smirked at her. Yukiko ran away from her, running towards another door and wrenching it open.

Before she'd even taken two steps into this new room, she felt hands grab at her hair. She screamed out in pain as she felt her scalp split in agony. Her Yami had grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her through the door. Yukiko gazed around, recognising the dining hall in the Kaiba Mansion. The table was pushed to one side, leaving a large amount of space. Her evil version flung Yukiko away. Yukiko tripped and fell sprawling to the floor. Her Yami walked forwards reaching her side and kicking her hard in the ribs.

"Get up!" She snarled. Yukiko tried to desperately get to her feet. She reached all fours when her Yami brought her foot up, crashing into Yukiko's ribs again. Yukiko flew up and onto her back, winded by the attack. Her Yami sat on her chest, pinning her fore arm against Yukiko's throat.

"I won't allow you to win, Hikari," She spat, "Bakura wants me, and you're not going to stop me,"

Yukiko gasped for breath. Her vision was going black and she was seeing stars. Then she felt her Yami let go of her. Yukiko sat up gasping and spluttering, watching as her other half walked to the end of the hall. When she turned to face Yukiko, she raised her arm. An object materialized there. Yukiko recognised it as a duel disk. She had seen Seto and Joey duel with them before in this very spot. Yukiko stood up unsteady. She knew what she needed to do, and although the very thought of it terrified her; she knew she had to win. Yukiko held her arm out and felt the heaviness wrap around her arm. Still struggling to breathe, she brought her arm around in front of her and the duel disk opened out.

"Fine," Yukiko whispered, her breathing heavy.

"Let's duel," her Yami said with anticipation

"Yukiko! Snap out of it!" Seto cried out at her. He was only met by an evil sneer. That wasn't his Yukiko. The Yukiko he knew and… and loved was full of kindness and sweetness, not like the creature stood before him.

"Come on Kaiba, I wanna play," She grinned at him, licking her lips excitedly. It disgusted him to see his Yukiko twisted in such a way. He turned his piercing gaze on the silver haired man lounging in a golden throne.

"What have you done to her?" He demanded. Bakura looked upon the brunette and laughed.

"If I were you, I'd be worrying about yourself," Bakura grinned at him.

"Fine!" Kaiba exclaimed, taking five cards out of his duel disk. He gazed at them and took another card. He put one card down on the field.

"I place this card face down in defence position and end my turn," Kaiba announced, the card appearing on the field before them.

"Nice try," Yukiko grinned. "Headless knight! Attack his face down card!" Yukiko cried out. The headless knight stepped forwards bringing its sword crashing down on top of the face down card. Kaiba's monster appeared for a small instant before it dissolved away, destroyed. Bakura laughed loudly. He was staring at Kaiba a triumphant grin across his face.

"Come on Seto! You're not even trying!" He laughed. Kaiba grimaced at him, gazing back down at his hand. He looked up at his opponent. He knew she was there somewhere. He just had to hope she'd make an appearance before he lost.

Yukiko fell to her knees as she lost her first hundred life points. She looked back up and glared at her Yami. Yukiko stumbled back to her feet, breathing heavily. So, in this place, where ever she was, it hurt to lose life points. Yukiko held her cards up to examine, pulling another one from the top of her deck.

Sangan, huh, let me give this a go,

"My turn, and I play this card face down in defence mode. I'll then play these two cards face down and end my turn," Yukiko said, placing the cards in the appropriate positions and places on her duel disk. She watched as larger versions of the cards appeared on the field.

"Running scared, are we?" Her Yami sneered at her.

Not quite

Yukiko kept her face blank as her opponent pulled a card from the top of her deck.

"How does it feel, knowing the fate of the world rests upon your shoulders?" Her Yami asked curiously as she examined the cards in her hand.

"Wh…what?" Yukiko stuttered, caught off guard by her comment.

"Yes, if you lose to me here, I'll almost certainly win against your precious Seto, trapping his soul in the shadows. For us to banish a soul to the shadow realm will be the ultimate act in corrupting our soul. That act will break the seal placed on the millennium items allowing Zork the dark one to return," Her Yami laughed manically at her words. Yukiko shuddered. She wasn't sure what the millennium items were, or who Zork the dark one was, but neither sounded good.

"I'll just have to make sure I don't lose then," She whispered her face fixed with a look of determined, iron will.

"That would be all good and well, apart from you're facing me, and I'm duelling with our master's deck!" Her Yami grinned.

"He's your master, not mine, and you may be duelling with his deck, but I'm duelling for the people I love, with the cards they showed me!" Yukiko cried out her eyes threatening to brim with tears. She knew, even if she won here, she had to lose against Seto, or his soul would be taken from her, taken from Mokuba and she could never allow that, even if it meant she'd lose her own soul. She would make sure Seto survived.

"Fine, my little Hikari, I play this card Goblin Zombie! In attack mode! I then place this card face down and end my turn."

Yukiko pulled a card from the top of her deck. It was time to get serious.

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