Snow Child

Chapter 28


"Nyaaah! Yug, what's that!" Joey cried out, coming to a halt. Yugi was stood just in front of him, staring at the large purple haze with a serious expression on his face. The others came to a sudden halt behind them, out of breath.

"Yugi, where's my brother?" Mokuba asked walking forwards, his gaze not leaving the shadowy mist before the group.

"I think he's in there," Yugi whispered frowning. Mokuba made to run forwards, into the mist.

"No, Mokuba!" Yugi cried out and grabbed Mokuba's arm before he could move a few spaces forwards. Mokuba turned to glare at Yugi.

"My Brother is in there. He may need our help!" Mokuba cried out.

"Yugi, I think Kaiba may be dueling Bakura. It might be dangerous for us to go in there," The Pharaoh spoke to Yugi in his mind. Yugi nodded.

Yukiko gazed at the card she'd just drawn. Lord of Dragon. She couldn't help but grin at it. It was one of Seto's cards. She gazed at the other cards in her hand. She was holding three other cards, Scapegoat, Mystical Elf and Baby dragon. She had Sangan face down on the field along with two spell cards. Yukiko gazed up at her opponent. She needed to try and finish this as quickly as she could.

"What's wrong, Hikari? Finally starting to see you can't possibly win?" Her Yami cried out to her. Yukiko frowned. She wasn't about to even contemplate defeat.

"No, I'm trying to figure out the quickest way to defeat you!" Yukiko said coming to a decision. She placed her hand above one of her face down cards and flipped it.

"I activate Pot of Greed, allowing me to take two more cards from my deck." Yukiko said, taking two more cards from the top of her deck. She gazed at them as Pot of Greed evaporated from the battle field. Gift of the Mystical Elf and Silver Fang. Not exactly what she wanted, but they'd do. Yukiko placed Scapegoat face down on the field, and then placed Mystical elf face down in defence position.

"Still defending are we my sweet innocent self?" Her Yami sneered at her. Yukiko scowled.

"And finally, I activate my spell card, Ookazi. This spell card inflicts 800 points of damage to your life points." Yukiko smiled satisfied. She watched as flames leapt up from the field and attacked her darker self. Her Yami growled and fell to her knees as 800 life points were drained away from her.

"My turn," Her Yami snarled straightening back up. She glared at Yukiko her eyes burning red. Yukiko nodded and tried to hide the fear she felt. She'd just angered her darker self and that was something anyone could do with avoiding, but in this game, it was inevitable.

"I play this card in face down defence position. I'll then attack with my Goblin Zombie!" Her Yami cried out angrily. The Zombie brought its sword down on one of Yukiko's face down cards. Her monster appeared for a second before evaporating. It was her Sangan. Yukiko grinned.

"I activate my Sangan's special ability. When that card is sent to the graveyard, I can select a monster card from my deck with the attack strength of 1500 or less!" Yukiko cried out. She flicked through her deck, pulling out Mystic Horseman. She added the card to her hand and shuffled the rest of her deck, putting it back into the duel disk. Her Yami grinned.

"That won't help you! I now activate Card Destruction!" Her Yami cried out. Yukiko frowned. She put her entire hand into the graveyard and withdrew an equal number of new cards.

"Yukiko, I can't fight you!" Kaiba cried out, gazing at the girl stood before him.

"Then, you will lose. How many times do I have to explain this?" Bakura asked, massaging the bridge of his nose frustrated. Scowling, Kaiba half-heartedly put a card down on the field. It appeared face down upon the field in defence position.

"Seriously?" Yukiko groaned exasperatedly. Kaiba grimaced. He couldn't bring himself to attack her or do anything that could possibly cause her defeat. He couldn't do it to her.

"Yukiko, I…" Kaiba began, not truly sure of what he was about to say. He knew deep down what he wanted to say, but he couldn't quite bring himself to put it into words.

"Please, Kaiba, don't be shy," Bakura said mockingly.

"I end my turn," Kaiba growled avoiding looking at either of them.

There was now a level five monster on Yukiko's side of the field, The Earl of Demise. Yukiko also had two spell or trap cards face down on the field too. It wasn't looking too good for Kaiba and it didn't look like Yukiko, the real Yukiko, was going to resurface any time soon, and she still had all her life points where as Kaiba barely had half left.

"Earl of Demise, attack!" Yukiko cried out. The monster flew forwards and destroyed his monster with ease, leaving Kaiba defenceless.

"Kaiba, I want a challenge." Yukiko pouted like a child. When he didn't respond, she shrugged and placed a monster card down on the field. She then placed a trap card face down.

"I'll end my turn." Yukiko grinned. Kaiba gritted his teeth. He needed to prolong this battle as long as possible. If he was to be defeated here, he at least wanted to see Yukiko, the real her, one last time.

"Fine," Kaiba said, pulling a card from the top of his deck. If he could build up his defences it would take her longer to defeat him.

Yukiko fell to her knees as five hundred life points for each monster she controlled were taken from her. She gasped, feeling the effects of her Yami's card 'Just desserts'. She staggered to her feet and clutched her chest. She only had 500 life points left. This was bad. Her Yami still had 3000. She gazed up to meet the cruel stare of her darker self.

"You might as well save yourself the pain now. Just give up." Her Yami spoke, "You're pathetic. You know you can never win against me! One more turn and then you're done." Her Yami laughed harshly at her. Yukiko shook her head. She needed to believe in herself. She could do this. Yukiko gazed at her deck.

Please, please give me something, anything. I need to win. Please let me win here so I can save Seto.

Yukiko hesitantly reached out to her deck. With trembling fingers, she took a card from the top of her deck. She closed her eyes, still praying. She turned the card to face her, butterflies alive in her stomach, and she opened her eyes. Yukiko exhaled; only just realising she'd been holding her breath. She couldn't believe it, but she had everything she needed. Her Yami may have a powerful creature on the field, but she was about to defeat it along with her darker self. She could do this. She could save Seto's soul. Yukiko placed the spell card on the field.

"I activate Monster Reborn, summoning Lord of Dragon to the field." Yukiko cried out, feeling giddy with the knowledge of what she was about to do. She remembered hearing about this move. It was one of Seto's. Lord of Dragon appeared on the field.

"What is that pathetic monster going to do to my Duke of Demise? My monster will crush yours." Her darker self sneered at her. Yukiko gulped, but forced herself on.

"I'm not finished," Yukiko trembled, "I then equip my monster with The Flute of Summoning Dragon allowing me to summon two dragon type monsters from my hand. I choose Red eyes Black Dragon and Blue eyes White dragon!" Yukiko cried out as her two dragons appeared upon the field. She remembered when she'd first laid eyes upon these fearsome creatures, in this very room in fact. They'd terrified her at first, but now here they were helping her to try and achieve victory of the darkness she had inside her. She couldn't help but make a mental note to thank Seto and Joey for their help. Without such creatures she would almost definitely have lost this duel.

"What?" Her Yami cried out glaring up at the monsters before her.

"I'm sorry, But I have to win" Yukiko glared at her darker self.

"Hikari, think about this! If I win, we can rule the world. It can be ours!" Her Yami cried out.

"Yami, there's a reason why you're calling me Hikari. I am light and you are dark. I would never agree to rule the world." Yukiko replied simply, shrugging off her oppositions suggestion. She knew what she had to do, but the idea of destroying a part of herself was troubling to her.

"I activate Deal of Phantom. As there are five monster cards in my graveyard, this will make my blue eyes 3500. I then attack your Duke of Demise with my Red eyes!"

As the Duke was destroyed, 400 life points were taken of Yukiko's Yami. Her darker self fell to her knees as the life points were taken from her. The Yami's points now stood at 2600. Yukiko took a deep breath.

"Blue eyes, attack her life points directly!" Yukiko ordered the final attack. The mighty dragon reared its head back and sent a blast of piercingly bright light shooting directly towards her Yami.

"No!" Yukiko heard her darker self scream before Yukiko had to cover her eyes to protect them from the glare.

Kaiba gritted his teeth as he lost another 1000 life points. That left him at 800! He tried to hide the pain that losing life points in this shadow world caused him. It hurt, but he wasn't about to give Bakura the satisfaction of seeing him in pain. Kaiba straightened back up and focused in on Yukiko. She'd just used the card Just Desserts on him.

"Now to destroy your pathetic monsters," She grinned gazing at the field. She flipped over a face down card on her side of the field.

"When this card is flip summoned, it destroys one monster on the field. I chose to destroy your Vorse Raider." Yukiko grinned. Kaiba watched as his monster was destroyed. There was only one monster left on the field. As his monster was in defence position, as they had been throughout this duel, if she attacked his monster he wouldn't lose any life points, but she still had one spell card left on the field.

"I activate Stop Defence!" Yukiko smiled and watched with satisfaction as his final card, Possessed Dark Soul, was switched into attack position. If she attacked him now, that would be it. He would be finished. He could easily accept that fate, but what he couldn't accept was not seeing his Yukiko again. He stood waiting, knowing there was nothing he could do. He gazed at Yukiko, wondering what was taking so long. Why hadn't she finished him off? She was gazing down at the floor, her arms hanging limply besides her.

"Yukiko?" Kaiba whispered uncertainly.

Yukiko fell to her knees her head hanging and cards barely grasped in her hands. Yukiko opened her eyes and breathed in. Her head was pounding and she felt sick. She gazed at the floor and saw a black and purple swirling mist. She felt a heaviness upon her arm and her eyes flickered over to examine what was the cause. She saw what she recognised as a duel disk strapped to her pale arm. She felt a small smile pull at the corners of her mouth. She'd won. She had beaten her darker side. She'd done it against the odds, but she had won.

"Yukiko?" A voice spoke her name softly. Yukiko recognised that voice and felt her body react to it. Her heart began to pound and she felt colour rise in her cheeks.

"Girl! Finish him off!" A voice growled from somewhere behind her. Yukiko recognised that voice too. She shuddered at the very memory she'd allowed him to touch her. She had been trapped by his spell, but now she was free. She could remember all she'd done recently. She had done awful things, betraying Seto. No more. She was free. Yukiko forced herself to her feet and faced Seto. She couldn't hold back the grin as her eyes fell upon her opponent. He was staring at her with deep blue eyes and a serious frown upon his face. He was wearing one of his usual suits, except there was no jacket and his sleeves were rolled up, his tie loose. He had a duel disk strapped to his arm.

"Yukiko?" He repeated his eyes widening in shock. Yukiko rose her hand and hovered it above her deck.

"What are you doing?" A voice snapped from behind her. Yukiko glanced behind her to see the silver haired man glaring at her. Yukiko felt her cheeks turn pink under his stare, but she needed to be strong. She brought her hand down over her deck.

"I forfeit." She said clearly.

"What?" Bakura demanded standing up from his throne.

"Yukiko, no, if you do you'll…" Seto began.

"I'll lose my soul, I know." Yukiko spoke, cutting across Seto, "I'd much rather lose my soul than see you lose yours and have you taken away from Mokuba." Yukiko finished.

"Very well, then." A voice spoke as her monsters and cards evaporated from the playing field. Yukiko felt a hand grab her hair and she was pulled against someone. She gazed up into the ferocious face of Bakura. He wrapped his hands into her hair and grabbed a fist full, pulling her head back so he could gaze down disgusted into her pitiful face. Yukiko forced herself to glare back. This was the man that had almost destroyed everything.

"Leave her alone!" Kaiba demanded, but Bakura ignored him.

"I guess I didn't do a good enough job corrupting you, oh well. There's always next time," He sneered at her. Yukiko felt fear coursing through her. She could remember him now; he was the one who had attacked her at the Kaiba home. Yukiko felt tears brimming in her eyes. He had taken her away from her family.

"No, you didn't." Yukiko whispered trying to remain calm. He grinned at her.

"Well, I'll just have to do a better job later." He replied. He threw Yukiko from him. Yukiko barely had time to cry out as the darkness reached up and swallowed her whole.

"Give her back to me now, Bakura!" Kaiba growled making to walk forwards. Before he'd even walked closer the darkness leapt up pinning him in place. He growled, glaring at the silver haired thief. Bakura smiled and faced Kaiba.

"I guess I should try and look on the bright side. At least this way I get to have lots of fun trying to break her again. I assure you if you live long enough to next see her, she'll be nothing like the pathetic girl you recall." Bakura smirked.

"Bakura, I don't know what you're playing at, but give her back to me now!" Seto demanded. Bakura sneered at his demand.

"It's been nice catching up, Seto, but I'm afraid I really must be going. An innocent Soul to thoroughly break and a world to conquer, you know." Bakura laughed walking away.

"Wait! Bakura! I challenge you to a duel!" Kaiba shouted out, starting to feel the uncomfortable clasps of panic. If Bakura left, he would take Yukiko with him and Kaiba couldn't bear to lose her again. Bakura turned his mahogany eyes upon the Brunette CEO. He smirked at the man. He took a step closer to Kaiba clearly amused.

"And if I win, you give Yukiko back to me, all her memories restored," Kaiba continued.

"What makes you think I would accept?" Bakura sneered, his arms folded across a pale chest, his eyes glinting, "When I win, there is nothing for me to gain. I already have what I need. What could you offer me?" Bakura smirked.

"My soul, you can have my soul," Kaiba spoke clenching his fists.

"And mine," A voice spoke. Both Kaiba and Bakura gazed around. Yugi entered the shadows, except it wasn't Yugi. It looked like him, accept he was taller and his hair slightly different. His eyes seemed more serious. He came to a stop next to Kaiba. He was still dressed in his costume, but the new presence within him made the costume look more realistic. Bakura stared at him for a split second before he threw his head back and laughed manically.

"Pharaoh, I see the spirits have been kind to you too" Bakura smirked at him. The Pharaoh frowned at him.

"What do you say, Bakura? If you win, you not only receive the soul of the reincarnated Priest Seto, but you'll also gain the soul of the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, a soul you despise."

Bakura fell silent for a second, contemplating the offer.

"Well, I suppose I can't exactly refuse an offer like that. The souls of two people who helped defeat me? Sounds fun." He sneered.

"Are you sure, Pharaoh?" Yugi asked. He was stood in the Pharaoh's soul room, the familiar surroundings comforting to him.

"Yes, Yugi. Can't you sense it? Kaiba isn't just duelling for pride or a title. He's duelling for something much more important, he's duelling to save someone he loves." The Pharaoh spoke determinately.

"But, Pharaoh, if Kaiba loses, you lose your soul." Yugi said.

"With the knowledge he's duelling to save Yukiko, he can't lose. Priest Seto saved us once before, I have faith he will do so again,"

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