Snow Child

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

"The girl is highly entertaining, I can understand why you want your play thing back so much," Bakura sneered as he shuffled his deck, his eyes never leaving Kaiba's.

"Aren't you interested to hear what I learned while I was in her mind?" Bakura asked his expression showing he was clearly enjoying torturing Kaiba. Kaiba grimaced, gritting his teeth forcing himself to not retaliate. Bakura shrugged.

"I'm taking your silence as an invitation to share. You did seem to be in her thoughts quite a lot. It was an inconvenience. Do you want to know how I made her betray you?" Bakura asked, still smirking cruelly at his tall opponent. Kaiba shoved his cards into the slot on his duel disk and clenched his fists.

"All those powerful emotions she felt towards you, I tricked her into believing they were for me. And let me tell you, those emotions were passionate," He spoke his eyes glinting, trying to imply the worst.

"Shut up and draw your hand!" Kaiba roared, losing his self-restraint. Bakura sneered at him with satisfaction at seeing he'd managed to wind Kaiba up. They both drew five cards from the top of their deck and examined their hand.

"I'll go first," Kaiba growled.

"No objection," Bakura grinned folding his arms. Kaiba inhaled slowly, trying to clear his mind. He needed to be completely undistracted if he was to win this battle. He needed to win, there was no room for failure.

"Yug!" Joey shouted into the haze. He was stood just outside of the shadows with Tristan, Téa and Mokuba. They'd all seen the change in Yugi just before he'd walked purposefully into the haze and Joey couldn't lie to himself. He was worried, really worried.

"We need to go in there!" Mokuba exclaimed.

"No, Mokuba, your big bro would kill us if we let you go in there, stay here!" Joey said seriously. Despite refusing, Joey wanted to go running in there after them. They were a team after all, they had always been a team and he'd always had Yugi's back. They all turned their attention back upon the unseen battle arena, each hoping for the best possible outcome.

"I summon Grappler to the field in attack mode, I then also lay these two cards face down on the field!" Kaiba cried out. He watched satisfied as his actions were mimicked in large upon the field. He glanced to his right and saw Yugi nod his head. Kaiba turned back to glare at Bakura.

"Very well," Bakura smirked eying his hand. Bakura placed one card face down in the trap zone and then placed a second card in face down in the monster zone.

"I suppose you're wondering what I intend to do with the girls soul once it's broken?" Bakura asked his expression full of malice. Kaiba gritted his teeth, but refused to respond.

"I'm going to take your silence as an admittance of curiosity," The man replied grinning cruelly. Kaiba glared at him, but said nothing. He didn't want to know. He didn't need to know as Bakura would never be allowed to win this duel.

"Once she's broken, I may keep her around to entertain me." Bakura taunted. Kaiba clenched his fists. He glared angrily at his cards, not able to shut the thief's voice out.

"I mean, when I tricked her into liking me, I can't deny it wasn't fun," He continued, "and when I break her soul, and I will, I shall rule the world, so I can have anything I want."

"Shut Up!" Kaiba roared, losing control. He picked a card and slammed it down onto his duel disk, his eyes now full of rage.

"Guys, we can't just wait out here!" Téa cried out suddenly, breaking the uncomfortable silence that had fallen upon the group. Joey glanced around at her. He knew what she meant. It felt wrong to be out here while their friend's lives were possibly at risk. They should be in there cheering them on.

"She's right! I need to help Seto!" Mokuba cried out, trying to run forwards. Joey managed to catch him by the arm. He pulled the youngster back.

"Mokuba, the last thing Kaiba needs is to be worryin' about you," Joey said, torn. What should he do? In the end it was Mokuba that made the decision.

"But we should be cheering him on!" Mokuba scowled. He suddenly wrenched his arm free and ran into the haze.

"Mokuba!" Joey cried out. They watched as he disappeared. Without hesitating, Joey turned to the others, eyes wide.

"Lets go cheer em' on!" He cried out grinning goofily before tearing after the ebony haired youngster.

Kaiba growled as he fell to one knee, clutching his chest. He grimaced as he lost a couple of hundred life points. He straightened back up and glared at the thief.

"I end my turn," Bakura replied, amused at seeing Kaiba suffer.

"Seto!" A familiar voice cried out. Kaiba turned his head. He watched as figures started to appear through the smoke.

"Ah, the cheerleaders have arrived, just as expected," Bakura grinned, but Kaiba ignored him. He watched as Mokuba appeared followed by Joey, Téa and Tristan.

"Go get him bro!" Mokuba cried out, his face splitting into a wide grin. Kaiba turned back to face the thief, a new determination burning inside his chest. After the first few blows to his points, he'd started to worry, allowing the pressure to get to him, but now Mokuba had reminded him he had to stay strong and win this duel. He was going to destroy this man and make him pay for the suffering he had caused. He smirked, regaining some of his previous attitude. He stood up straight and pulled a card from the top of his deck.

"The first and fatal mistake you made, was messing with me." He glared at the evil spirit. Kaiba brought his cards round to examine. He carefully picked one and brought it down to the duel disk.

"And for that you will fail!" He cried out. Kaiser Sea Horse appeared upon the battle field. Kaiba took a couple of deep breaths. He needed to let his analytical brain take over. Bakura had one monster on his side of the field, The Earl of Demise. The grotesque figure seemed to be watching him with bloodlust. His opponent also seemed to have two spell or trap card laid out. What could they be? He shook his head.

"Kaiser Sea Horses special ability allows me to treat it as two sacrifices, allowing me to bring out my Blue eyes!" He exclaimed, his confident smirk back on his face. He watched with satisfaction as his moves were played out upon the field. A massive ferocious dragon appeared, rearing its magnificent head, its eyes glinting. Kaiba glanced to the side lines, hearing a spattering of cheers from his brother and the dorks. He saw Yugi stood with them, his expression still serious and his eyes never leaving the battle. Kaiba wondered what had gotten into him, all this talk of pharaoh's again. He told himself it was utter rubbish, complete nonsense, but he still couldn't deny the strange things that seemed to have happened to Yukiko. He shook the thoughts off, he would examine where he stood on magic later, right now, he had to win.

"Blue Eyes, Attack!" Kaiba roared, his hand gesturing towards the white haired man. He watched with smug satisfaction as his dragon sent a fireball in Bakura's direction. His monster, The Earl of Demise was destroyed in the piercing blast and Bakura lost 1000 life points. That left Bakura on 2800 and himself on 3000. He could do this. He watched as Bakura straightened up, Anger and pain mingled together across cruel features.

"I'll then activate pot of greed and end my go." Kaiba smiled, his glare never faltering. He flipped over the card and took two more from the top of his deck. This would be over soon enough.

"Very well Kaiba, I activate Multiple destruction!" He exclaimed. "Each player must discard their entire hand, losing 100 points for each," Kaiba scowled as he placed the five cards he held into the graveyard. Kaiba growled as his and Bakura's life points were evened out. Bakura then turned over the second magic card on the field. His smirk intensified.

"I activate change of heart, taking control of your precious blue eyes! How does it feel Kaiba, knowing you're about to be defeated and lose everything with your most favoured card?"

Kaiba glared up at his powerful monster being controlled by this maniac. In a way, it was just like what Bakura had done to Yukiko. He'd manipulated and controlled her. He was not about to let this happen again. Kaiba had battled Bakura before and had known this wasn't going to be a fair duel.

"Blue eyes, Attack!" Bakura bellowed. Kaiba rested his hand upon a card in his spell zone. He watched as the fierce beast reared its head back, preparing to blast him in an attack that would surely end this duel. But Kaiba could not let this happen. He was fighting for Yukiko. He was fighting to save her and himself and people, he hated to admit, who had helped him. Kaiba flipped his trap card just as the bright blast was about to reach him.

"Negate attack!" he cried out. He watched as the light hit into an invisible barrier and bounced off, not touching him. He folded his arms triumphantly.

"That ends your battle phase Bakura, putting Blue eyes back under my control, ready to destroy you!" Kaiba glared.

"Don't be so eager, Blue eyes is in my control until my end phase. And now, I'll use your blue eyes as a sacrifice to summon Diabound Kernel!" Bakura laughed manically. Kaiba scowled, barely able to contain his anger. He tried determinedly to bite back a retaliation, but it was proving difficult.

As the Duel continued, Kaiba found it becoming increasingly hard to focus on the task. His mind kept wandering to Yukiko. He needed to get her back, but as every attempt to attack Bakura was thwarted, he couldn't deny the feeling of anxiety creeping into his mind. What if he couldn't do it? What if he failed? He'd lose Yukiko forever. The thought actually managed to provoke fear. He tried desperately to shrug it off. He was Kaiba, Seto freaking Kaiba. He was a powerful business man, one of the top ranked Duel monsters champions in the country. He was known for been cold and precise, able to think things through. Never had anyone known him to allow such lowly things as emotions to cloud his judgement. But, right now, he was allowing fear to cloud his thoughts. He hated feeling this weak. It wasn't right! And this place, the surrounding area shrouded in this strange shadows, it was making him feel tired and uncalculated. Did it somehow affect him? Why? Kaiba shook his head, trying to shake these thoughts off him. He needed to focus. Even as he thought the words, he felt his eyes beginning to itch from exhaustion.

"Seto," a voice suddenly spoke, jolting him awake. Kaiba knew he hadn't heard it aloud, it was inside his head. Great, he scowled to himself, he was going crazy as well.

"Seto. You need to focus" The voice spoke again. Kaiba's eyes widened suddenly as his vision twisted. He was stood alone, although he knew he was still stood competing in a battle. A figure emerged from the darkness before him. Kaiba's eyes widened with confusion. A tall tanned individual was stood before him, with piercing blue eyes fixed upon him. This person, this man... he looked just like himself. But how was that even possible? He was dressed in peculiar blue and gold clothes, and he had a strange head piece perched upon his dark head.

"Seto, this duel needs to end quickly," The man spoke with urgency, his blue eyes displaying his worries. Kaiba glared at him, needing to put on his stern manner, although this man had caught him off guard.

"What makes you think I need your help?" He asked fiercely.

"If you want to win and save Yukiko, you need pull yourself together," The man demanded glaring. Kaiba tried not to show he agreed, he was struggling to keep his thoughts together.

"Bakura is trying to prolong this battle for as long as possible. Battling in the Shadow Realm will make you weak and easier to defeat. You must beat him now. Do not hold back. Believe in yourself. I was once unfortunate and lost the woman I loved, do not make the same mistake I did." The man spoke before vanishing.

Kaiba blinked, he was back on the playing field. He recognised the feeling of fatigue now. He should have seen it before, of course Bakura wasn't going to play fair, he wanted to win. Well, Kaiba would shatter that dream. He gazed at his deck. Believe in himself, huh? He scowled. Yugi had always said to believe in the heart of the cards too. It was all stupid talk, but he couldn't deny it. He'd felt the power of the cards before, when Pegasus had taken Mokuba, he had been willing to risk everything to win against Yugi that day. Kaiba placed his finger on the top card and willed with all his might that this card would help him finish this evil before him. He had to believe in himself. He inhaled and pulled the card out. He brought it round and examined the card. He smiled. He had everything he needed. He played the card out with a look of stern might.

"Monster reborn!" He cried out. "And I know just who to bring back. Blue eyes!" He cried out. His ferocious beast re appeared back on the field. He then played a monster, Lord of dragon, equipping it with Flute of Summoning Dragon. Using this combination, he brought his other two blue eyes onto the field.

"And finally, Polymerization," Kaiba smirked. He folded his arms, his stance radiating his smug confidence as he watched his monsters combine, creating a monster of absolute power. He watched with satisfaction as the realisation of defeat seemed to dawn on Bakura's pale face, but he didn't allow the white haired man to speak before ordering his attack.

"Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Attack!" He roared. All three of the monsters reared there heads and fired piercing white light towards the man, his screams barely audible over the ferocious roars. Kaiba shielded his eyes, afraid the intensity of the attack would blind him.

When the light died down, Kaiba unshielded his eyes. All monsters that had been present had now vanished. The man stood opposite him, his eyes wide, much more like that of the boy the Thief had possessed. Yugi walked forwards as the cheers of the others radiated around the area.

"You can't fool me, Bakura. I know you're still possessing our friend, but not for much longer. I will rid you from this world, and you shall never harm anyone or any of my friends again!" Yugi declared scowling at the boy. He suddenly held his arm out and the whole area was caught in a breeze of an ancient and mystical magic. The evil Bakura appeared once more before he was hit by the powerful blow. Kaiba saw it shatter through him and the boy crumpled. His unconscious body would have hit the floor if Yugi hadn't dived forwards and caught him. As he laid the boy out, the shadows around them began to disappearing as if melting away into nothingness, allowing day light in. Kaiba turned around, searching desperately for Yukiko. As the shadows finally disappeared completely, he spotted the motionless girl lying across the roof from him. She was sprawled out, her body turned away from him. He stared, blocking everything around him out.

"Yukiko," He whispered hardly daring to breathe.

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