Snow Child



The dark haired girl snuggled deeper against the body besides her. It was morning and a faint weak sun streamed through a small gap in the plain curtains. Yukiko stretched and wiggled her toes. Even after a week, she could barely believe she was actually back. Part of her still feared she'd wake up and everything she treasured so dearly was going to vanish, leaving her in a black pit of despair, an Evil spirit laughing at her foolishness. Even in the warmth and comfort of the bed, she couldn't hold back an involuntary shudder. At this, the body lying next to her shifted onto his side, curling around, his chest pressing against her. Yukiko felt her cheeks beginning to glow as arms wrapped around her, one running down her arm and winding his fingers into hers. Somewhere deep inside she cursed, wishing she didn't have the personality trace of blushing all the time. Despite getting all of her self back, that was one thing that remained annoyingly the same.

"Are you okay?" She heard a familiar stern voice ask, but it was tainted with sleep and the grogginess morning brought. Yukiko smiled, bringing the arm Kaiba had laced himself with around her, intensifying their embrace.

"I'm fine," She whispered back, closing her eyes and sighing. This surely had to be bliss.

"You shuddered." Kaiba pressed on, not giving up.

"I was thinking," Yukiko replied, purposely not giving him enough information, wanting to know what he'd do if he got annoyed. One thing that had changed about her was she had gained a lot more confidence from the small shy timid girl Kaiba had invited into his home before. She partly thought she was like this before Bakura took her away from her family, but another part of her suspected Kaiba's younger adolescent brother had rubbed off on her.

"About what?" He asked, his tone definitely getting stronger.

"How we won." Yukiko replied smiling. She had been replaying the events in her head for most of the week, trying to get her head around the concept they'd survived, even poor Ryo was back on his feet! She was really struggling to understand that she was free.

"You saved us, Yukiko," Kaiba's voice spoke, betraying him. Yukiko could hear the smile in his tone.

"And you saved me back," Yukiko whispered, bringing his hand up to her lips and grazing a few kisses over them. A comfortable silence fell between them for a moment as each revelled in their triumph.

"Is Yugi alright?" Yukiko asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

"I would presume so." Kaiba replied.

"Well… I have most of my memories back, and I remember him talking about the Pharaoh. I'm guessing it was him in Yugi's body that day when we defeated Bakura,"

"a-ha," Kaiba said to show he was listening.

"Well… he left again. That's got to be pretty hard on Yugi, I'm sure they would have been friends. It must be difficult knowing you're not going to see your friend ever again…" Yukiko spoke trailing off. She really hoped he was okay.

"From the times I've seen him this week, the leader of the dweebs is doing fine." Kaiba replied. Yukiko nodded glad.

Yukiko rolled over so she could gaze into the man's face. He opened deep blue eyes and stared at her. Even lying down with his hair all ruffled, the man still managed to look stern.

"What about you?" Yukiko asked.

"What about me?" He asked

"You said you think you saw someone, while you were duelling Bakura, you said you thought someone came to you," Yukiko spoke. She saw Kaiba's expression harden slightly, but it softened almost as quickly.

"He looked like me…" Kaiba spoke softly allowing his voice to trail off as he thought back. In the moment the man had appeared to him, deep down Kaiba had known who it was, but had known it was impossible, but then again, most of what had happened should have been impossible.

"How long can I stay here?" Yukiko asked, putting Kaiba's thoughts to a sudden halt. He blinked, perplexed.

"As long as you're happy," He replied knowing if she wanted to stay forever, he would have no objections. Her face seemed to light up at his words.

"Really?" She asked sounding surprised.

"Yes. Why would I want you to leave?" He asked. He saw the colour rise in her cheeks and tried to resist the urge to make it worse.

"Well… with me having my memories back, I remember my parents and… I didn't know if you'd want me to leave…" her voice got weaker as she went on. Kaiba pressed a finger against her lips, silencing her. Her cheeks did brighten at this and he found himself feeling strangely pleased with himself.

"Whenever you're ready to visit your parents, we'll go and see them, but if you're happy to stay here then I will never let you leave," he whispered, her chin now caught by his hand, his thumb tracing her bottom lip.

Yukiko felt air catch in her throat just from the tiny contact. Yukiko gulped, trying to remain calm. Her heat beat away frantically making it hard to concentrate on doing normal tasks such as breathing. He suddenly leant forwards and pressed his lips passionately against hers and Yukiko's breath caught in her throat worse than before. She could feel him grinning against her lips and couldn't help but smile back. He took the sneaky opportunity to claim her mouth, his tongue finding hers and caressing it. She felt him pull her closer against his torso and rested her hand over his bare chest. She felt the sudden thrum of his beating heart. She couldn't help but feel excitement bursting through her chest realising she wasn't the only one with an overly active out of control heart-beat. Kaiba suddenly allowed his lips to part from Yukiko's. He gazed into her face with a strong emotion apparent across usually severe features. His eyes were dancing and he had a small delicate smile playing across his lips. His hand rested on the side of her face, his thumb gently caressing her skin.

"I love you," He whispered. Yukiko felt the words surround her and she suddenly had the peculiar sensation she could have flown there and then if she wanted.

"I love you too, but…" She began, forcing a look of concern onto her face,

"What?" He asked

"But… well, I think I've broken you!" She exclaimed, still displaying a look of concern. She saw amusement dance in his eyes.

"How so?" He asked, smirking at her.

"You're been so open with your feelings!" She exclaimed feigning shock. Kaiba moved closer to her, causing her breath to become uneven again.

"You're the only one who'll ever get to see this side," He whispered into her ear, his arm wrapping tighter around her.

"What about your brother?" Yukiko asked, trying to speak rationally.

"Not even Mokuba sees me like this," Kaiba whispered back, beginning to gently kiss down the side of her neck. Yukiko bit her lip, trying to remain calm.

"I guess I'm privileged then," She managed to whisper

"Very." Seto Kaiba replied, his eyes dancing.

The End.

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