Snow Child

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Yukiko stirred. As her mind slowly made the transition from sleep to consciousness, she felt the weight of clothes restricting her. Yukiko yawned and sat up sleepily. Although it was dark, she could tell instantly she was in her bedroom. Yukiko kicked the covers off herself to reveal her body still wrapped in the variety of different materials that was her clothes. Yukiko groggily clambered out of the bed and across her room towards the wardrobe. Once inside, she switched on the light, shielding her eyes from the glare. Slowly she began clumsily pulling off her clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Yukiko then grabbed the white shirt she'd favoured since arriving here and pulled it on happily. It instantly made her feel better. Switching the wardrobe light off, she walked back into the bedroom. She stood observing the room for a couple of minutes, trying to decide what to do. She felt awake and knew trying to get back to sleep would be pointless. She gazed over to the window, shielded by curtains, which was positioned just behind her bed. She could see through a tiny gap in the draped material that it was still dark out. Then her stomach rumbled. She glanced down as its aching pang took her by surprise. She was hungry. Making a rash decision, she decided to go to the kitchen, in search of some food. Yukiko tiptoed out of her room and down the corridor. She took extra care while sneaking past Kaiba's room.

The kitchen, much like the majority of this home, was state of the art. The work tops were made of sleek dark granite paired with dark wooden cupboards. There was a ginormous American style fridge freezer, a duel fuel cooker and a number of other high tech kitchen gadgets. In the center of the room was an island, sort of like a breakfast bar, with several high stools positioned around it. In the center was a three tiered bowl, displaying a variety of brightly coloured fruits, and several boxes of cereal. Taking care to remain quiet, not wanting to disturb anyone, Yukiko poured herself a bowl of cereal and doused it in milk. She carefully walked across the way and into the living room. In this room, she found herself face to face with the huge TV, its gadgets positioned neatly around it. Yukiko sat down on the sofa positioned before it, wrapping the soft furry throw around her bare legs. Cradling her bowl in her lap, Yukiko switched the TV on with the remote. She turned the sound down so it was barely audible. She'd switched it on just in time to see the title of a movie flash across a black background in crimson writing, "Terror at Ghost House". Yukiko began to eat her chosen cereal, eyes watching the TV, glued to it with interest.

Finishing her food, Yukiko set the bowl on the floor, her eyes never leaving the TV. It had got to a bit where three high school girls had walked to a spooky looking house on a hill, the greenery around it had long ago died and turned to corpses, shadows of themselves. The grass looked shriveled and dead, the tree in the garden lifeless and brown.

"I dare you to go in," One of the girls dared her friend. Her friend shook her head.

"Double dare you," The third friend chipped in, her eyes gleaming. Yukiko leaned back, feeling her eyes beginning to droop. She fought against it, wanting to see what happened next.

Yukiko forced her eyes open. She shivered, suddenly caught up in a sense of dread. Something was wrong, very, very wrong. With what felt like a huge amount of effort, Yukiko forced herself to her feet, the throw she'd cocooned around herself falling to the floor in a heap around her ankles. Yukiko straightened out the shirt she wore as a night dress, ensuring it covered her as best as a shirt could. Clutching onto the ends of the sleeves with nimble fingers, Yukiko allowed her feet to guide her. She could feel the sudden inexplicable urge pulling her along the hall of the Kaiba mansion and out past the front door. The air was freezing and Yukiko shivered as she followed her feet. She stepped out into the night, the freshly fallen snow crunching under bear feet, sending even more shocks of cold coursing through her fragile body. Yukiko continued walking across the large lawn until she was quite isolated. She turned on the spot, the urge to walk completely draining away. Wrapping her arms around herself, Yukiko turned on the spot. She turned to face the house. As she watched, a thick heavy darkness seemed to reach out around the large building, swallowing it up, inch by inch. Yukiko felt her jaw go slack as she realised her home was no longer there. She turned on the spot with more desperation and speed now, watching as everything around her slowly, but surely, disappeared in the same terrifying manner the Kaiba mansion just had. Yukiko realised with a sense of horror that she was surrounded by the darkness and the circle it formed around her was closing in, eating away at what remained of her surroundings with increasing speed. Yukiko let out a whimper as she realised there was no escape for her. She scrunched her eyes closed, praying for everything to just go back to the way it was. Then, she felt something much worse gripping at her legs. It felt cold jagged and clammy. Her eyes flung open and she stared down towards her feet. A vine of the black shadows had wrapped firmly around her legs, creeping up even as she watched, to wrap past her knees. It was holding her in place! Yukiko watched petrified as the darkness on all sides of her had pressed in further, until there was only a small patch of ground around her untouched by its deathly quality. She felt the darkness holding her creep further up her legs, eating at her, desperate to possess her. Then a laugh came out of the darkness, it was quiet at first, but it grew louder and louder, echoing all around her. She twisted on the spot trying to locate where it was coming from. It was a hideous laugh, evil, cruel and full of triumph. The laugh still grew louder, getting more manic as it went. She screamed, feeling the darkness reach her thighs. The laugh was inside her head now, echoing around her brain. She screamed out again, louder, trying to drown the laughter out.

Yukiko thrashed about terrified, trying helplessly to get away. She felt hands clutching at her shoulders and cried out even more.


Yukiko snapped open her eyes, breathing heavily. She was laid out upon a leather sofa, a large TV flashing across from her. The throw she had curled up in, had wrapped tightly around her legs as she'd writhed about. Then she saw the silhouette of someone crouched down beside her, there arms holding onto her gently. Without caring who it was, Yukiko launched herself at them, burying her head into their chest and burst out sobbing uncontrollably.

Kaiba sat stunned for a moment, the girl sobbing into his chest agonizingly, her small fragile body shaking from the power of her anguished tears. After a couple moments of hesitation, he rested his hands on her back, the annoyance he'd felt towards her at been woken up draining away instantly. It was a strange feeling, to show this much affection towards someone other than Mokuba. He hugged her, trying to calm her down. He hadn't had to deal with the issue of nightmares since Mokuba was a child. Despite this situation, awaking to the sound of terrified screams and having the girl cry into his chest, he didn't feel the stab of annoyance he'd expected. He was feeling sorry for her. This pathetic creature had managed to make him feel sympathy for her. He glanced around towards the television screen just in time to see a gruesome scene in which a girl, possessed by a spirit, stabbed a man in his chest continually, shredding it, showing his insides. No wonder she'd suffered nightmares with such a horrific horror movie on. That scene alone had turned his stomach. He felt her shift in his arms and turned his attention back to her. Her sobs had slowed down to uneven and jagged breathing as she tried to catch herself. Kaiba gazed down at the girl, his eyes softening as he met her blotchy tearstained face. Yukiko's eyes widened, seeing who's arms she'd jumped into. She pulled away from him, sitting on the floor gazing at him.

"I'm… I'm… so… sorry," She whispered tearfully, trying to brush away tears from her eyes, her breathing unsteady.

"What happened?" He asked, although he was sure he knew.

Yukiko's eyes glazed over as she remembered back to the hideous nightmare. She shuddered as she could almost see the darkness cornering her, it clutching at her legs as it attempted to consume her. And the triumphant laugh of pure malicious joy. Yukiko could feel the fear rising in her chest again, causing her breathing to come in short rasps. Tears burst from her eyes again and she clutched her face in her hands. To her surprise, she felt arms wrap around her instantly. She gazed up to see the serious face of Kaiba. He was hugging her? She sniffed, feeling calmer rapidly. He lifted her up, placing her back on the sofa. He sat down next to her, changing the channel on the TV. Yukiko watched as he untangled the throw and wrapped it around her. She watched him wide eyed, not sure if this was the true dream. He sat back, allowing her to rest her head against him. Yukiko did as she was clearly expected to and leant against him, curling into a protective ball. Her eyes gazed towards the TV. He had switched it to a channel showing a comedy series. Yukiko yawned, snuggling up to him, glad she wasn't alone.

Kaiba felt her movement and felt a warmth spreading through his chest. He was feeling… happy. He was happy she was no longer feeling terrified. He rested his arm around her, wanting… actually wanting to provide her some comfort at not been alone. He allowed a small smile to play upon his lips as he relaxed.

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