Snow Child

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Yukiko stretched her legs out, her eyes still closed. She shifted her weight and rolled onto her back sleepily. She felt the cover free one of her legs. She felt the chill and retracted it back under the throw. Then she felt the soft feathered pillow beneath her head. Frowning, Yukiko opened her eyes. She was still in the living room, the TV still on. She sat up and looked around her, taking in the vacated area on the sofa. She rubbed her eyes. Her face still felt irritated from her tears. She felt a sudden un explainable dip in her stomach, seeing Kaiba had gone. Had he stayed at all? Had it been a dream? She leaned against the back of the sofa, feeling disappointed.

"Seto went to work," A voice explained, making Yukiko jump. She looked around terrified, her eyes landing upon Mokuba. He was sat on the floor, leaning against the sofa, using it as a back rest. He had been watching the TV as he ate his cereal, but now his wide eyes were turned upon her. She allowed her heart rate to calm down before answering.

"Oh. Oh no! I wasn't ready! He's going to be so mad at me for missing work!" Yukiko exclaimed jumping to her feet. Maybe if she got dressed she could walk in.

"Calm down Yukiko!" Mokuba smiled reassuringly at her, "It's a Saturday and besides, you didn't exactly get the best night sleep to work. My brother won't mind," Mokuba grinned at her, somehow managing to reassure her.

"I'm sorry, Mokuba, did I wake you last night?" Yukiko asked, her cheeks turning pink.

"It's okay. I know you must have been really scared, especially if Seto stayed down here with you." Mokuba smiled again, before taking another mouth full of cereal. Yukiko felt his words sink in. Kaiba had stayed with her?

"Mokuba, he stayed with me, all night?" Yukiko asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"Yep, he wouldn't leave until I promised to wait for you to wake up. My big brother must have been really worried about you." Mokuba explained, his eyes now turned back on the TV.

I sat back, stunned. I had recently come to suspect that I irritated him, that my constant feeling of been on edge really angered him. I thought he didn't like me. Was I wrong? If he stayed with me after my awful dream, did that mean he cared? And the way he'd looked after me, when he found me screaming. He had hugged me, allowed me to rest against him, eventually falling asleep next to him. What was happening?

"So, you just lie down in it, and swipe your arms and legs like this… and there you go." Mokuba stood up and gazed back down into the snow, admiring his snow angel. It was almost sunset and Mokuba had dragged Yukiko outside in to the huge garden to mess around in the snow. At first, Yukiko was slightly afraid, not just because of her dream, but also because the only memory she had of her own that included snow, was the night she'd turned up on the Kaibas doorstep. She couldn't remember if she'd ever played in snow before, so playing now felt like the first time. Mokuba had forced her to put several layers of constricting clothes on as well as large boots and a hat. They'd been out in the snow for almost two hours now.

Yukiko gazed down at the shape Mokuba had made in the snow. She tilted her head grinning. She met his gaze.

"I guess it kind of does look like an angel." She replied grinning. She trudged through the snow, finding an untouched patch. She fell back into it and began moving her legs and arms, ignoring the cold clutching at her. After a couple of minutes, she stood up. Yukiko gazed back down and beamed. Her first snow Angel. Mokuba smiled at her.

"Do you want to have a snow ball fight?" Mokuba asked after Yukiko had made her fourth snow angel. Yukiko gazed up at the fifteen year old from her sitting position in the snow.

"Sure, what do I do?" Yukiko asked. Mokuba stooped down and grabbed a handful of snow. Yukiko watched him with interest as he sculptured a ball out of the snow. He then turned and threw the snow towards her. Yukiko yelped as the ball hit her chest and exploded, bits of snow hitting her in the face. Mokuba laughed. Yukiko gazed up at him, through bits of snow.

So that's how we have a snow ball fight? You're on!

Yukiko quickly made her own snow ball and lobbed it as hard as she could towards the ebony haired youngster. Her snow ball missed him easily, without him even having to dodge. Then she saw the small army of snow men they'd made earlier, they were blocking the drive way off.

"Mokuba, you don't think Kaiba will be angry about the snow men blocking the way, do you?" Yukiko asked, wondering if what they'd earlier thought a good joke wouldn't go down so well. Then she felt freezing cold snow hit her on the side of the face. She fell backwards, startled. Mokuba was laughing at her. He was bent double with fits of giggles at seeing her taken off guard. Spluttering, Yukiko pulled together a big snow ball, with the intention of getting her revenge for that. Laughing, she tried to throw the snow ball towards Mokuba, who had run away to the front of the garden. Yukiko threw the snow ball as Kaibas car rounded the corner.

Yukiko's aim had been off again. The snow ball splattered across the window of the car. She froze, realising what she'd done. The car had barely made it onto the drive when it was confronted with the small army of grinning snowmen. Mokuba had run to her side and grabbed a hold of her wrist, dragging her back towards the house, a grin across his lips. He led the way back into the Kaiba mansion. He didn't stop to remove any clothing, he dragged a startled Yukiko through the house. They quickly exited out the back and the freezing cold met them with a cruel chill. Mokuba pulled Yukiko around the side of the mansion, intending to creep up on his big brother. They reached the front of the house again.

"Get down!" He hissed, throwing himself behind a short hedge, which ran around the edge of the building. Yukiko followed his lead, crouching down. Through the brambles of the plant, they could see the activity going on in the front yard. The voices of Kaibas security men echoed through the cold air, cursing as they had to move the large snowmen out of the way.

"Mokuba, what are we doing?" Yukiko hissed curiously. Mokuba turned to her, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"When we see Seto walking towards the house, we'll pelt snow balls at him!" He tried to hold back laughter at the very idea of it.

"Won't you get in trouble for that?" Yukiko exclaimed. Mokuba had always shown such respect for Kaiba, always spoke so proudly of him.

"I may have been the doting brother when I was younger, but Seto knows I'm older now. Anyway, he'll probably laugh about it later," Mokuba whispered back. He gazed out and a grin spread across his face.

"Quick, get the snowballs ready!" He ordered, in a tone scarily like Kaibas. Yukiko did as she was told, her stomach coming alive with butterflies, half from excitement the other half from dread.

"GO!" He hissed in a tone of urgency. They leapt up from their hiding spot. Kaiba was walking along the driveway, up to the house, a black brief case in his hands, wearing a thick woollen trench coat. They threw two snowballs each towards the CEO. One of Mokubas missed, going too far left. One of Yukiko's missed too, but two of the snow balls did collide with him, Mokubas hitting him on the shoulder, Yukiko's hitting him on the side of his head. Kaiba froze as they ducked back down, hiding again. Through the shrub, they could see him lift a gloved hand up to his face, flicking away the excess snow there, that hadn't already melted. Mokuba was snickering next to Yukiko, desperately trying to hold his laughter in.

Yukiko was terrified. She had no idea what to feel. Should she be elated that she'd actually been able to hit her target, or should she be terrified that she'd hit the target in the face. She gazed back out, seeing two security men come running up to Kaiba, to check he was alright. Kaiba, saying nothing, pressed his briefcase into one of their hands, his eyes diverting over to where they were hidden. Oh no. He knew where they were.

"Mokuba…" Yukiko began, turning, expecting to see the ebony haired boy still trying to hold in his laughter. Mokuba was gone. Yukiko, springing to life, quickly began to crawl along, hidden by the bushes. When she rounded the corner of the house, knowing she was out of sight, she sprang to her feet.

"Mokuba?" She hissed, looking around for any trace of the boy. She sprinted back down the side of the house. Maybe she could hide inside, pretend she had nothing to do with it. Just as she was nearly at the end of the house, something hit the floor just behind her, she heard it splatter. Yukiko turned shocked, afraid she'd trampled over some plant in the garden hidden under the snow. Gazing around her, she could see small bushes and shrubs all arranged neatly, but no plant. She looked up and froze. Kaiba was walking towards her, a snow ball in his hand. He launched it towards her and she leapt for cover, taking advantage of a rose bush a couple of steps away from her. She squealed as another snowball hit into the bush. Yukiko quickly gathered together her own snowball. She wasn't going down without a fight. Half laughing, she ducked out of the bush, in time to see Kaiba throwing another snow ball towards her. He was an accurate shot and she barely dodged it. She threw her uneven snow ball towards him, watching with disbelief as it hit him again. She could see he was surprised too and took the opportunity to run further away from him, around the back of the house.

This part of the garden was smaller, with much less things to hide behind. It must be a patio as the ground here felt firmer and smoother, unlike that of the grass covered in snow before. She turned around in time to see Kaiba marching round the corner, his expression giving nothing away.

Oh no! Is he angry? Or does he see it as a joke? I knew I shouldn't have let Mokuba talk me into it! Please, please don't be angry Kaiba! It was only a young boy's practical joke that I got dragged into.

Kaiba reached her, another almost perfect snowball balanced in the palm of his leather gloved hand. Yukiko raised her hands, signifying she quit.

"I don't think so," He muttered, breaking into a small smile. Yukiko cried out, somehow managing to dodge another attack. Was this beginners luck? Before she'd even had chance to catch her breath, he was upon her again, both hands full of snow.

"No!" Yukiko laughed, running away from him. He chased after her, determined to seek revenge for his snowball to the face. She turned to see him following easily after her. He was quick and without her realising it, he'd got her cornered. There was a shed blocking Yukiko's escape, one she had somehow not noticed before. Trapped against the metal shed, the iron bars on her left blocking her only other way out. Kaiba approached her, not running, knowing with a triumphant feeling that he'd won this ridiculous game of cat and mouse. He backed her further into the corner, making sure she had no way to escape.

Kaiba gazed down at his hands. They had a large pile of snow balanced between them, but he knew it wouldn't be satisfying to just simply drop it on her. He moved closer to her, so he was barely an inch away from her. She felt him come closer and her breath caught in her throat. Why was he coming in so close? She felt her cheeks turning pink at been so near to him. His face moved down and he bit her woollen hat. He moved back, pulling her hat off her head, managing to toss it aside. He grinned at her. Yukiko felt a sense of shock. That was the first time she'd seen him grin, since she'd known him. She was still staring awe struck as he dropped the pile of snow onto her. She cried out. It was freezing, chunks of it managing to find its way down her back. She danced around on the spot awkwardly, trying to get the snow out. Kaiba was grinning at her, his eyes shining with satisfaction.

"I don't like to lose, and I rarely do," He said simply, his voice stern now. Without another word, he turned on his heel and walked back into his home.

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