Snow Child

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

While watching the huge TV screen, all of the group had squished onto the leather sofa. In this short time, Yukiko had easily come to the decision she liked having friends. Tristan flicked through the many channels and had managed to find a horror movie. Yukiko looked away from the screen, remembering the previous night's incident with the horror movie. The memory of her dream came back to her making her shudder. Seeing the expression on Yukiko's face Téa snatched the remote out of Tristan's hand and quickly changed the channel to a Rom-com. Téa turned to Yukiko smiling kindly as the others talked among themselves.

"I guess you're not into horror films either?" She asked kindly. Yukiko wasn't too fond to revisit the memory of the events leading up to her nightmare. She shook her head.

"I watched one last night, but I think it gave me nightmares," Yukiko admitted smiling as Joey leapt at Tristan angrily. Apparently Tristan had made some inappropriate remark about Joey's sister.

"Yep, Seto had to sleep with her!" Mokuba exclaimed, listening in on Yukiko and Téa's conversation. Yukiko blushed instantly at his remark and everyone else fell silent, looking around at her in something close to shock.

"I… didn't know he fell asleep with me… I… woke up screaming… and he… err…stayed with me," Yukiko muttered, twisting the sleeve on her shirt. She noticed Joeys eyes flicker to her shirt and felt her blush deepen. She'd had to get dressed with people coming around, so had thrown on jeans and Kaiba's shirt. Had they noticed?

"Isn't that his shirt?" Tristan asked suddenly. Yukiko bit her lip. They had noticed.

"Do you think he likes ya?" Joey asked smiling rather goofily. Yukiko felt herself flush, if possible, even brighter than before. Kaiba, liking her? The idea made her feel hot in the face.

Kaiba thinks of me nothing more than a pain, an annoyance to him… but does he? He's hugged me, taken care of me when I woke up screaming and terrified, he joined in on a snow ball fight and even helped teach me how to duel. I always believed Kaiba's character to be black and white, but in the past couple of days, on occasions he's changed from cold businessman to almost sweet. I'd have never of thought Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corporation, would have shades of grey.

"He's just been looking after me, that's all," Yukiko smiled, hoping the subject of her and Kaiba would drop. She looked around her, her eyes finding Mokuba's greyish blue ones. He was smiling knowingly at her, not offering her any form of help with the current situation.

"How come you're staying here, Yukiko?" Yugi asked, trying to change the subject for her, but managing to change it to another subject she couldn't begin to answer. Yukiko's cheeks, which had only just cooled down again, flushed back up again.

"Erm… well… I'm here… because…" Yukiko began, trying to come up with a good enough lie.

"Because I allow it." A stern voice spoke from the doorway. Everyone turned around in unison to see Kaiba. Yukiko felt her breath catch in her throat and something come alive in her stomach, feelings she couldn't explain. Kaiba was stood watching them, his eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"Listen dweebs, it's almost midnight, and it's my guess you idiots will be spending the night, but all I can hear is you lot giggling away. Be quiet or get lost." He said sternly, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"Kaiba, how come Yukiko is staying here? And how come you don't let her speak for herself?" Joey demanded, jumping to his feet. Yukiko gazed at Kaiba, unsure of what to do.

"He has a point, Kaiba, she can't say anything without your say," Ryo interjected politely.

"That's my business, Dorks. Now if you don't shut up, this sleep over is finished." Kaiba snapped. He turned on his heel and walked out of the room.

Yukiko stood up off the sofa. She felt really confused about everything. Why was Kaiba so against people knowing the truth about her? If people knew, she may have more chance in finding out about her mysterious and forgotten past. Then there were her feelings towards Kaiba himself, they were always fluctuating. Did Kaiba not want people to know the truth about her because he didn't want people to know he had a gentle side, a side that would take in a starving homeless girl? Yukiko ran after him, muttering an "I'll be right back," to the others. In the hall way, which opened up into the main entrance hall of the house, Yukiko saw Kaiba had reached the opposite end of it. She called out to him, rushing along to meet him.

"Kaiba, please wait!" she called out to him. She saw him stop walking, his back to her. After a few moments pause, he turned around, his deep blue eyes fixing hers.

"What?" He demanded irritably. He was back to been the business man Yukiko knew.

"Why is it so bad for people to know the truth about me?" Yukiko blurted out her question before she'd even had chance to trip over the words. As his gaze turned more terrifying, the colour did rise in her cheeks as she'd known it would.

"Because it is." He spoke flatly.

"Why?" Yukiko asked, pressing him for more information.

"Because, I don't want idiots, like that lot, to know," He said dangerously, moving closer to her. Yukiko bit her lip but managed to remain where she was, standing her ground. He stopped in front of her, their torso's almost making contact. Yukiko was almost two foot smaller than him and had to look up into his face. His rich blue eyes glared down at her. The air had trapped in her lungs again and Yukiko found she had to fight against her body just to inhale and exhale. Her heart was drumming away madly in her chest, almost painfully. His expression showed a sudden flicker of an emotion Yukiko couldn't place and then his face softened ever so slightly.

Why was she gazing at him with those wide brown eyes? Was she afraid of him? Despite how infuriating she was, he'd never done anything to make her fear him. It wasn't fear she was feeling, but what was it? Kaiba could feel his own heart beat increasing at feeling her so close to him. Why had he come this close to her? He felt his eyes soften as she gazed up at him so innocently. Kaiba knew he'd lost this game. He'd lost it the moment he had come this close to her and allowed her to gaze at him with those eyes of hers.

"Fine, tell them, if you insist." He sighed exasperatedly. He remained standing close to her for just a moment longer, before pulling himself away and walking back down the corridor, feeling somehow happier, but not knowing why.

Yukiko stared after him, hardly able to breath. He'd been so close to her and it had affected her? Why? Why did him been close to her make her feel dizzy, like she was about to faint? Not only that, he'd given her permission to tell her friends the truth. She didn't have to lie about why she was here. Yukiko stared after him sadly. She made a decision; she would only speak the truth, if it came up in conversation again. Yukiko smiled and turned back around, walking back into the Living room. Once in there, she saw Joey had put Tristan in a headlock. Tristan had his phone out and was holding it away from Joey who seemed to be fighting to get at it.

"Tristan, I swear… What have you been texting Serenity?" Joey cried out, trying to snatch at it. Yukiko giggled at the sight and sat down on the chair next to Yugi.

"What's going on?" Yukiko asked smiling. Yugi looked around at Yukiko and grinned.

"Tristan has asked Serenity out on a date," Yugi chuckled.

"Who's Serenity?" Yukiko asked curiously.

"Joey's sister," Téa replied grinning. Yukiko laughed watching as the blonde boy attacked the brunette.

When everyone had settled for the night, Yukiko let out a small sigh of relief. The group had decided to stay in the same room for the night, even though there were more than enough rooms in the Kaiba mansion for each person to have their privacy. Once everyone had snuggled down, dozens of blankets strewn across the floor in piles from making make shift beds. Mokuba had decided to sleep in his own room and Yukiko had privately decided to go back to her own room when the group did eventually fall to sleep. As the soft sound of snoring gently began to fill the room, Yukiko stood up. She tiptoed out of the room, relieved when she'd made it to the hall way. She sighed and was about to turn right, to go into her room, which happened to be next door to the bedroom her new friends had decided to take over for the night. On the other side of her bedroom was Mokuba's, then next to his, Kaiba's. Yukiko glanced around before heading into her room and stopped. At the opposite end of the corridor, she saw a door was ajar, light streaming out into the darkened hallway. Yukiko made a quick decision and crept towards it, her curiosity burning. She'd never seen into that room before and found herself needing to know what was inside. She reached the door and was about to knock when she paused. Inside the room, she could hear the quiet tinkling of music. Just under the tone of music, she could hear someone humming along to the track. She felt her breath coming in short rasps as she recognized the voice. She turned on her heel and was about the walk away when the song finished. She bit her lip, waiting.

"What do you want?" Kaiba's voice demanded, making her jump. She knew it had been coming, but even so, the sound of his voice breaking the silence had scared her. Somehow managing to steady her breath, Yukiko entered the room.

It was obviously an office. The walls were wooden panelled and beautiful paintings of fantastic scenery were hung upon them. There was a large desk in the centre of the room, a laptop open upon it, Kaiba sat behind it, the glare from the laptop screen lighting up his face. Before the grand wooden desk were two comfy looking arm chairs. Kaiba observed her as she entered the room nervously. Yukiko met his gaze determinately. She could tell immediately that he was exhausted. There were dark rings around his blood shot eyes. She smiled kindly at him.

"I… erm… just wanted to say good night," Yukiko whispered, unsure of his reaction to her polite action. His harsh demeanor softened and he half smiled at her.

"Good night, Yukiko," He replied, his voice gentle. Yukiko stood awkwardly for a few moments, knowing what she wanted to say, but not knowing if she should. As he stared at her, Yukiko suddenly felt very exposed, with only his shirt covering her, she became awfully aware of how much of her flesh was showing.

"Erm… don't you think you should call it a night too? I know how important your work is, but you look exhausted," Yukiko said guiltily. The reason he was so tired was because she'd woken him up the night before with her screaming.

Kaiba snapped the lid of the laptop closed and stood up from his comfortable chair. Yukiko watched him with confusion. She hadn't ever expected his response to her remark would be to obey her wishes. Kaiba stretched out, knowing Yukiko was right, he did need to sleep. He walked over to her, switching the lights in the room off as he went.

"Lead the way." He said, stopping in front of her. He was close, too close, and in the dark, Yukiko could feel her face burning up as she tried to keep calm. Her heart was beating inexplicably fast. Yukiko turned sharply away from him, completely unaware of why she was feeling that way. Yukiko walked down the corridor, trying to control the colour in her cheeks. She stopped outside her door and watched as Kaiba walked past her to his room. Yukiko looked up at him and found he was gazing back at her. She smiled at him.

"You know, I didn't tell them, just in case you were wondering," Yukiko said in a hushed tone, not wanting to disturb anyone in either of the rooms either side of her.

"Thank you," He replied quietly.

"Night," She replied and hurried into her room, trying to escape the sudden tension that seemed to have grown between them.

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