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TechRun 1

Prepare a box of tissues if you have not already been spoiled by the fate of Tadashi.

The sound of sirens, and the roar of the flames deafened his ears. Noise felt amplified from the adrenaline as it coursed through his veins, as he desperately squinted in the ash and the smoke. I have to find Mr. Callaghan, the young man thought desperately. He could feel the smoke rushing into his lungs, feel the ash on his dark hair, even as he did his best to use his sleeve to shield his eyes. It was hard to see past his bangs, the sweat matted to his scalp.

He broke back into the main room, panting. He saw a black sphere in the room, amidst the flames. What is that? Are those Hiro’s micro-bots? He didn’t have time to figure it out as he heard what sounded like an impressive explosion at the entrance of the building. Clearly this was rigged, he realized quickly. His only exit was now sealed off. The flames were licking higher and higher and he managed to make his way over to the black sphere of what were indeed, Hiro’s micro-bots.

“What the heck…” he breathed. They weren’t supposed to be active. Unless there was someone else inside; perhaps Mr. Callaghan? Before he could confirm this, he yelped, as a beam fell right near them. His eyes swam with tears as he realized that he would inevitably die. He saw that the other experiments were still there, although they were starting to be eaten by the flames as though a raging fierce beast was feasting on the scientific achievements of the other contestants that would now lose their great inventions. Suddenly, a light bulb clicked.

Maybe he could use this to his advantage. He quickly made his way over to the hand clapping robot that was thankfully untouched by the flames. He quickly checked it out for damages and he looked under the table, finding a tool kit. He took off his jacket, quickly tying it by it’s sleeves around his nose and mouth. The flames and smoke got gradually worse, and he watched in horror and fascination as the micro-bots his brother had created, left with whoever was in there through the floor and up, most likely, to another floor where the flames were cooler. Coughing into his sleeves, he desperately tinkered, his brain numbing slightly from the panic and the room cooking gradually.

“I need a wrench, I need a wrench…Or at least the blaster from Isle 3…” he muttered hoarsely. Suddenly a small laser he needed appeared by the side of his head and he grabbed it absently. “Oh thanks,” he said quickly. He tinkered for five seconds before he realized that he wasn’t alone.

With a yelp, his eyes widened to come face to face with a girl. She had dark brown eyes, and although he was around six feet, she was clearly shorter than him by a couple inches. Her hair was red, but then again, he was seeing sunspots from the heat. She was wearing a blue jacket, and she had on dark jeans, sneakers, and she had a pair of glasses shoved up the bridge of her tan nose. Her face was make-upped only slightly with some mascara, eye-liner, and he supposed, girl products that he didn’t really care to go into. In fact, why was he even focused on her detail at a time like this? “Oh are you gonna build something to get us out of here?” She asked eagerly, hiding her nose in her blue jacket sleeve. He couldn’t help but stare.

“Why are you even here?” he couldn’t help but ask, distracted.

“Um, journalist. Um, you going to keep working on that?” she pointed to the hand, tucking a strand of her dark brown hair behind her ear. She had red highlights in the front of her hair mixed with caramel highlights throughout her hair. Her hair reminded him vaguely of Go-Go’s, but without the bangs falling into place over her entire forehead, and her hair was longer. Her hair was in a ponytail.

The young man blinked. “Uh yeah…” he kicked himself mentally for sounding distracted. Seriously, he was dying, but he wasn’t going to ogle. He was a gentleman dammit. Or maybe he was already dead? That was a stupid assumption though and he quickly shook it from his mind. Get a grip, Tadashi. Just because an attractive young woman is here, does not mean you’re dead. He wondered what that said about his luck with the living.

“Why didn’t you get out with everyone?” He asked quickly. He thought that the building had been mostly vacated.

“I wanted to just get some last minute questions with Callaghan,” she said swallowing. “Then…there was an explosion, we got separated. I panicked…hid under a table…” she mumbled.

He bit his lower lip. Though it was quick, he patted her arm awkwardly. “…Well, you’re lucky I’m here…I’ll do my best to get us both out of here,” he said quietly.

She nodded, some fear in her ever-brown eyes, and she looked like she desperately wanted to believe in him. He looked back to the task at hand.

“Great, um, I have a thing that can help…” She grabbed the robot hand and she looked like she knew what she was doing. He wondered if she was a nerd genius like his brother. However, a split second later, the hand fell apart. He stared.

“What did you just DO?!” He yelped, horrified. She gulped.

“Oh whoops, I um, thought I was um, adjusting something…but um, I guess not?” He didn’t have time for this. He swallowed. Whether he was angry or not was irrelevant. He could tell she was just as scared as he was. Now was not the time for him to make her more upset. Or himself. He took a deep stabilizing breath. “Ok, if we’re going to get out of here, you need to listen to me.” He thought about his brother, and his aunt Cass. He thought about Baymax and his college friends. He had to get out of here. He reached for his hat but realized it wasn’t on his head. He bit his lower lip. He would have to think without his thinking cap. He looked to see the girl rummaging in her purse.

She pulled out some masks that go over the nose and mouth. He blinked. She quickly handed him one and he didn’t complain, quickly taking it and putting it on. “So, what’s the sitch?” She asked hurriedly. “You look like you know what you’re doing, sort of,” she added hastily as the young man gave her such a look of disbelief.

“Please, be quiet,” his tone was rougher than normal and he winced. He saw a look of hurt flash across her face. He’d apologize later. Definitely. He quickly tinkered with the arm he had. He tried to remember some of the other projects. He had the laser that could cut through the thickest metal as though it was thin as paper, but would that be enough to get through brick? He looked over his shoulder at some of the other contestant ideas. He quickly looked to her. “Go to table #3, grab me the quantum gravity reverser,” he quickly said.

“Right, grab you the quanty gravity thing,” she nodded, quickly going over to the table. She returned a minute later, and he quickly took it apart, and he didn’t have time to clearly think out every step. The heat was being turned up.

The flames continued to rise. His vision was getting fuzzy. The oxygen was dropping much more dramatically now. He didn’t have enough time. He had an incomplete robot arm and he didn’t even know how this would help. He wished he had Hiro’s micro-bots. Whoever that person was, was smart for using them. He couldn’t help but feel slight resentment that the unknown person hadn’t offered to take him as well. However, crying over spilled milk would be pointless. He swallowed, coughing on the ash. Come on, think….think, think of a different angle… He looked around desperately. He saw his way out. He worked furiously on the robot arm, trying to make it do what he felt would help them both escape.

What felt like forever, was really only 20 more minutes. By this point, it was a miracle that he was still alive. Still, he was a sturdy resilient Hamada. Like his younger brother, he too had a stubborn side. The girl looked on. They had not introduced themselves to each other but under this type of pressure, introductions were the last things on either of their minds.

“Hand me that thing,” he quickly snapped his fingers, pointing to a particularly interesting heating tool. She handed it to him. Putting on a mask, he quickly did his best to make the arm upgraded. With satisfaction, and the sound of sirens blaring outside, dimly compared to the roar of the flames inside, he wiped his sweaty brow. He looked to her. “Alright, hold the hand.”

He held out the robotic hand. She blinked at it dumbly. “What?”

“Do you trust me?” he urged.

“I’m going to be cooked alive, do I have much choice?” She smiled weakly. He wanted to give her a hug. But now was not the time. He had to get this journalist to safety. She took the hand and its fingers closed around her hand, and she looked to him. “What about you?” She asked, realizing he wasn’t touching the robotic hand and arm.

He smiled sadly at her. “This hand isn’t nearly thick enough to handle both of our weights,” her eyes widened.

Before she could protest, he pressed a button on the robotic arm. It bleeped to life. The girl shook her head. “That’s not fair to you!” Her eyes widened.

“Sometimes, life isn’t fair,” he smiled at her resigned. “And other times, it’s up to people to make it fair as possible.”

She reached for his hand with her free hand. He blinked in surprise. She shook her head. “Then, let’s make it fair,” and she placed his hand onto the arm of the robotic contraption. “I want to live, I do, but I don’t want you to sacrifice for me, someone you just met.” He coughed, not in any state to argue. She looked to him. He knew she wouldn’t take no for an answer. He wanted to smile but his face felt to hot. It was definitely the fire. It was totally not the young woman. He nodded, and he pressed the button.

Quietly, he sheepishly started, “All or no-”

Suddenly, a second explosion followed the first. Just as the robot hand took off in the air, under their weight, it was amplified now to hold about 300 lbs and unfortunately, that exceeded both their weights combined. It strained, but the blast propelled both of them forwards. With a yell, his world went black as the force of the heat hit him full throttle, amidst the ash, the smoke, and the feeling of being light as air.

Amidst it all, he couldn’t recall who was calling his name. Was it his brother? Tadashi felt like his lungs burst. But so did his heart as he thought how it was too soon for him to leave his brother behind.

Hiro…I’m sorry…

A/n: Yep, I did not like how Disney interfered with a great constructed character. I love the movie Big Hero 6, but I am a critic as well since I hope to write film and children’s movies. Anyhow, this is my Tadashi’s point of view fanfic which follows Tadashi’s adventures, goes into his backstory, etc. Purely fan-made but I love to write about strong characters, and Tadashi struck home. It has been a long time when I felt truly connected to a character written by someone else. My OC is a funny gal. Hope you enjoy. If you don’t like OC’s, don’t’ bash her. This is a rather short introduction but it is necessary. I hope you enjoyed. Please, rate, and comment., review.

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