Summer Snow

Fortune Cookies

"We need to get out of here, right now."

Hermione turned to Draco as he looked around the room solemnly, and she swore she could see a glint of fear in his metallic eyes.

She knew his intentions, she knew he was speaking in their best interest; they had to keep moving to stay away from the Death Eaters since they were hot on their trail. But the combative and reasoning part of her mind just had to kick into action.

"But where? We have the first coin, but how on earth are we going to find the second one? We can't just head off somewhere with no idea where to go next." She debated.

Draco finally looked her in the eyes, a sneer gracing his lips.

"Unless you want to stay here and wait as bait for the Death Eaters, I suggest you shut your yap and just listen to me."

The Gryffindor had nothing to reply, causing the Slytherin to smirk.


Draco scurried around the room, grabbing whatever stuff they had which was still intact; which thankfully included their passports and Hermione's little bag of handy tools. Finally, once he had everything, he dashed out of the hotel room. Hermione wordlessly just followed behind him, knowing that at the moment, he knew what he was doing and she knew better than to question him.

As they hurried down the busy streets, they kept their heads low and their eyes darted in all directions to look out for any sign of them.

Suddenly, Hermione grabbed Draco's sleeve and yanked him into a nearby café.

"What the bloody hell-"


She headed straight to the back of the café and dropped down into a booth, shoving Draco forward as well so that he sat down opposite her.

"Will you tell me what the heck is going on?" Draco snarled in a hushed tone.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "I was feeling hungry. What do you think is going on? Look!"

She pointed out of the front window of the café, where Draco turned to look and finally realized what she meant.

Three Death Eaters, looking around frantically.

Wait a minute..

He knew them!

Yes, he could recognize them.

They were close friends of his father.

Uncle Rookwood, he used to take care of Draco whenever his father was at work. He would tell him stories of his times at Hogwarts.

Uncle Carrow. He used to give Draco a chocolate frog every time he visited. And he told the funniest jokes to Draco which never failed to make him laugh.

Uncle Crabbe. Whenever Vincent came over to Draco's house, his father would join him and teach the two boys all sorts of spells, even some non-verbal ones in their earlier years. He always looked out for Draco, always defended him when his own father got too abusive. He always protected him.

Draco felt tears prick his eyes as he watched the three men who used to care for him so much try to hunt him down.


He would not let his emotions get the better of him. He forced back his tears and cleared his throat as he turned back to Hermione as nonchalantly as possible.

But Hermione was sharp, and very observant.

She could see the grief in his eyes as he watched the 3 Death Eaters, she could tell he was very upset. But she bit her tongue before she asked him something; she knew he was not one to openly discuss his feelings or what was on his mind.

But it shocked her, nonetheless. Very rarely had she seen him display such…human emotion. For 7 years she always presumed he had no heart, no emotions. But here he was, tearing up in despair.

He had such cold, blue eyes, Hermione thought.

Ones which looked rather stony and stormy, but this time she noticed how they turned warm for a brief moment.

How strange, she pondered.

Draco Malfoy with warm grey eyes.

"What are you staring at, Granger?"

His snarl snapped her out of her thoughts as she noticed him glaring rather uncomfortably at her.

Oh gosh, did Draco Malfoy just catch her staring at him?

"N-Nothing. I was just wondering where to go from here." She quickly covered up.

It was so obvious she was lying, and Malfoy merely cocked an eyebrow at her, giving her the "yeah right" look.

"And admiring my good looks would help you how?" He smirked haughtily.

Before Hermione could throw back a witty comment, one which would surely insult him, an old lady staggered up to their table.

"Fortune cookies?" She asked in a heavy Chinese accent, smiling toothlessly as she held out a bowl of light-brown crisps.

Hermione smiled back politely as she took one. She had always loved Chinese food. But Draco on the other hand; he grimaced at the cookies and just looked away. This upset the poor old lady, whose big smile started to fade at his rejection.

"Malfoy! Don't be rude and just take one." Hermione reprimanded Draco openly.

The Pureblood shot her a glare and replied, "I don't accept anything from filthy muggles." At the last word, he shot the old lady a dirty look.

"Ow! Bloody hell Granger!" He yelped as he clutched his right leg which had just been kicked by Hermione.

She just gave him a pointed look and nudged her head slightly in the direction of the old lady. Malfoy scowled as he turned to the lady and then looked at the bowl of cookies. With a huff, he took one and looked away immediately without even acknowledging the old lady, the scowl still ever-present on his face.

The elder merely smiled at him and hobbled away, muttering something under her breath both Draco and Hermione couldn't quite understand.

"What is this damn thing anyway?" Draco questioned as he looked suspiciously at the cookie.

Hermione bit into it and spoke as she munched away, "It's a fortune cookie. A common Muggle Chinese snack. Just try it Malfoy."

Draco looked at it a little longer, and then looked at Hermione who was crunching away on it. She didn't look sick or deadly, so it couldn't have been poisoned, or even that bad.

What the heck.

He popped the whole thing into his mouth and started crunching away. It wasn't too bad actually. Crispy, yet savoury. Rather satis-


He started spitting out his cookie, reaching into his mouth to slowly take out a small piece of rolled-up and chewed-up paper.

"What in Merlin's beard is this crap?" He exclaimed, sneering at the piece of paper.

Hermione rolled her eyes as she daintily took her fortune out of the cookie once she had eaten enough of it.

"There's a reason they call it Fortune cookie, Malfoy. Every cookie holds a fortune for its eater. Just open it and read it."

Draco nearly burst out laughing at the absurdity of what Hermione was saying.

"Seriously, this was what Muggles did? Stuff pieces of paper into cookies and claim them to hold the destiny of whoever ate the cookies? Absolutely bonkers these bugs are!"

Hermione didn't reply. She merely scowled at him as she unrolled her fortune.

Draco was thoroughly amused, and decided to read his "fortune" just for the fun of it.

As he read over the tiny print of words, the amused smirk on his face slowly faded away.


He started breathing heavier and heavier as he read over the same few words again and again.

"Malfoy, what's wrong? What does it say?"

Suddenly, Draco looked up and started looking around the café frantically, as if looking for someone.


Finally, he turned his attention to Hermione, who was looking at him with a look of utter confusion and even a bit of worry. He had paled considerably and was even starting to sweat a bit.

"Where did that old lady go?" He asked in an anxious voice.

Hermione's brows furrowed even more as she looked around the café once and then back at Malfoy.

"I don't know. Why? What does your fortune say?"

Draco gulped as he handed the little piece of paper to her.

Hermione scanned through it and gasped as she understood what Malfoy was so scared about.

"What do you think this means?" She whispered, her eyes never leaving the paper.

Draco couldn't even be bothered to answer, his heart was beating too fast and his mind was in overdrive.

Hermione then glanced at her own fortune, which was in no way any better than Malfoy's.

"We've got to go." Draco finally spoke, still looking around frantically.

This time, it was Hermione's turn to not answer as she looked at her own fortune message and then at Draco's.



Draco had gotten up and was looking down expectantly at Hermione.

"Let's go!"

"Where? Everywhere we go, they always seem to be there. They're too hot on our trail." She replied. Draco was about to argue with her, but then he realized she did have a point.

"Follow me." He finally spoke before dashing out of the café and into a nearby dark alley with Hermione close behind.

Once they were out of sight, he grabbed her arm.

From an opposite alley, the old lady just watched the two partners in crime apparate, a cold and devious smile on her face.

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