Summer Snow

A Coin and a Country

"This is more dangerous than we predicted, Minerva." Molly Weaseley whispered into Professor McGonagall's ear, who in turn gave a small and anxious nod.

"Voldemort might have an idea of our plan. Which is why we need to act fast. The two of you need to find the First Coin as soon as possible." Professor McGonagall spoke firmly to Draco and Hermione.

Hermione nodded seriously though she was as frightened as ever on the inside. Draco on the other hand had a vacant expression on his face as he nodded and looked to the floor, as if he was numb to the fear of anything going wrong.

"Professor, not to digress or anything, but have you any clue where Harry and Ron are?" Hermione quietly and desperately asked. Secretly, she hoped Harry and Ron would be found soon and she wouldn't have to work with the obnoxious Slytherin.

Draco rolled his eyes at the mention of those two names, though he was not surprised that the Mudblood was so concerned for her two stupid friends. After all, vermin had to look out for one another.

Professor McGonagall shook her head and Hermione sighed in disappointment, whereas Malfoy gave a small smile.

"So, anyone has any clue where the First Coin could be? Or at least how we go about trying to figure out its location?" Professor Lupin asked the small circle of wizards and witches.

Everyone went into deep thought, trying to figure out just where exactly Lord Voldemort would hide something as precious as that.

"Hang on."

Everyone turned to Arthur who darted up the stairs and returned a minute later with a big black book in his hands.

"There could be a clue in here."

As he flipped open a book called 'Muggles and Wizards: Two Worlds Collide', everyone gathered around him to find out just what exactly he was looking for. Finally, he stopped at a page with a few highlighted paragraphs in it. Arthur skimmed through the page and landed on one small paragraph, holding his finger there and reading it out.

"It has been recorded in history that a particularly unique coin was found by Muggles and could not be deciphered exactly which currency it belonged to. It had the imprint of a serpent on one side and on the other there was a letter T."

"This must be the coin. A snake for Slytherin. T for Tom. This is the First Coin!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Well, what else does it say?" Ginny asked, referring back to the book.

"The coin was passed on all over the world but because no one knew its value or where it came from, it was discarded and never found. That is until a particular Muggle chanced upon it and decided to keep it as a souvenir. It is said the Coin became his family's heirloom and was passed on from generation to generation." Arthur read out as everyone absorbed in all the information.

"Does it say who the Muggle is?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"No." Arthur sighed, reading through the page again.

Everyone let out a sigh of disappointment until Arthur suddenly spoke again.

"Wait! There's something here…" He trailed off, scrutinizing the second paragraph.

"It is said the Coin was found in, and till date remains in…" Arthur suddenly stopped, furrowing his brows in confusion.

"Remains where?" Draco impatiently questioned.

Arthur read the same line over and over again for a while. Everyone tried to get a look at the book but their attempts were futile as Arthur held it close to his face. Finally, he closed the book and looked around at everybody uneasily, his eyes falling on Draco and Hermione at last.

"The two of you need to pack your bags. Looks like you've found your first location."

Hermione and Draco looked puzzled at the Weaseley, anticipation and worry filling them.

"And where may that be?" Hermione nervously asked.


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