Summer Snow

A Really Long Flight

"CHINA?" Hermione and Draco exclaimed at the same time.

Arthur nodded firmly and the two partners stared at him in shock.

"How on earth are we going to find a coin in China!" Draco exclaimed, his face the perfect picture of bewilderment.

"How are we even going to get to China?" Hermione added on, wringing her hands together anxiously.

"You could use our Flying Car." Ginny suggested.

"You want us to fly a Car to China?" Draco snapped, causing the red-head to glare at him.

"No, it's too dangerous. The chance of you two being found by Death Eaters is too high if you use magical transportation. Right now, they are on our every move so you have to act under discretion and use as minimal magic as possible." Professor McGonagall explained.

"This is absurd!" Draco shouted, throwing his hands up in frustration.

"I knew you wouldn't be committed to this mission." Hermione scolded Draco.

"How dare you accuse me like that! Just because you're a stupid bookworm does not mean you know everything. Would you for once in your miserable life just shut up!"


The two turned to Professor McGonagall, their faced flushed with frustration and anger.

"If the both of you keep fighting like this we might as well surrender to Voldemort right now. You two made a commitment to accomplish this mission and work together. Now it's too late to turn back."

Hermione and Draco took a couple of deep breaths to calm themselves as they glared daggers at each other. One could almost feel the hatred in the room, heavy and thick.

"Now where was I? Oh yes. You will have to use Muggle Transportation. No, I don't want to hear it Malfoy. You will fly to China by an airplane as per the Muggle custom with Miss Granger. Understood?"

Draco nodded in defeat and Hermione grunted in frustration quietly.

This was not going to be an easy mission.

"Do you have your passport?" Hermione asked Draco for the umpteenth time as they waited in the queue for boarding.

"Yes I have my passport. It's right here." Draco retorted, holding up his wallet.

"That's your wallet, you idiot. This is your passport. The little book of personal information." Hermione replied in annoyance, holding out her small passport book.

Draco looked through his backpack until he found the book.

"Stupid Muggle customs. Why must we have this anyway?" He grumbled.

"Mr Weaseley got these for us so that we could prove our identification and get through. He put a charm on it that made the passport look real to the officer so that we could board the plane." Hermione spoke slowly as if talking to a child.


After a few seconds, Draco spoke again.

"Why is this line so bloody long? I should be in the front. I'm a Malfoy! Malfoys don't wait." He grumbled.

"Would you shut up and just wait." Hermione snapped.

"How dare you talk so imprudently to me! I would blast you to smithereens if we weren't surrounded by these dim-witted Muggles." Draco haughtily replied, looking around at the multiple travelers in disgust.

"Passports please." The officer asked, holding out his hand.

Hermione snatched the passport from Draco and gave it to the officer with her own. As he opened the book, Hermione and Draco prayed the charm worked.

"All looks fine here. You two enjoy your trip now." He smiled and handed the passports back to Hermione, moving aside to let the two pass.

"Muggles are seriously so thick." Draco spoke under his breath.

"Compared to you they're as thin as a hair." Hermione rebutted, a small smirk on her face as Draco glared at her.

As they made their way to their seats, Draco looked at the seat in horror.

"This is where I have to sit for nearly 15 bloody hours!" He exclaimed, crinkling his nose in disgust at the narrow blue seat.

"Would you rather sit in the lavatory?" Hermione snapped as she sat down.

"Wait I have to sit with you? No, I'm sitting somewhere else. Where's the Plane Elf?"

"Are you seriously that dumb Malfoy? There are no Plane Elves in the Muggle World. And you can't choose another seat because all the other seats are taken. Now just sit down!" Hermione hissed.

With a grumble, Draco plopped onto the seat and let out a small grunt.

"What in Merline's name is this?" He questioned as he held up the metal seatbelt.

"Oh gosh…" Hermione sighed and leant over to buckle Draco's seatbelt.

"What are you doing? Get off me! Why are you strapping me to this stupid uncomfortable chair. Isn't sitting in it besides you torture already?" Draco whined.

"It's for your own safety." Hermione grunted and sat back, closing her eyes and breathing deeply.

Something told her this was going to be a really long flight.

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