Summer Snow

Up in the Air

It had barely been 3 hours and nearly the entire plane was asleep. It was only the evening and through the windows you could see the magnificent orange-pink sky through the patches of fluffy white clouds.

Hermione was leaning against the window, her chin resting on her palm as she tried to count the clouds. It was mostly to get her mind off the imminent troubles ahead but it was to no avail. Her thoughts kept wandering to Harry and Ron and whether they were safe, or even alive. She could not stop thinking of Hogwarts and the doom Voldemort was bringing to the Wizarding World. As she turned and looked around the plane, she recalled the phrase Ignorance is Bliss, and could not agree with it more. All these innocent and clueless Muggles had no idea about the disastrous war which was taking place in their parallel world.

Draco was asleep, but that didn't mean his mind was anymore peaceful. He was having the most terrible nightmare about Voldemort finding him in China and killing his mother before him. That was Draco's biggest fear. He cared for his mother the most in the world and if anything happened to her, he didn't know how he could ever live with himself. She was a loving woman, the only problem was that she was married to that bastard Lucius Malfoy. Draco had hated his father from birth, mostly because of the way he treated him and his mother. But he had no choice but to respect him or he would get the Cruciatus Curse. The act he put up that his father was the best was, all in all, just an act in the end.

Suddenly, the plane dipped low which caused everyone to wake up with a start.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears we are going through a bit of turbulence. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Draco scowled at the air-stewardess as he rubbed his stiff neck. Muggles really were intolerable wastes of space.

Again, the plane dipped low and it began to shake, which made everyone get a little nervous. This was no normal turbulence.

Hermione looked out of the window and gasped.


Draco turned and looked out of the window as well, his eyes nearly popping out of his sockets.

Streams of black mist twirled outside the window and Hermione and Draco knew exactly what they were.

"DeathEaters." Draco whispered, breaking out into a cold sweat.

The plane continued shaking as the streams of black mist swirled around it.

Everyone was looking out of their windows and pointing at the mysterious mist. Mothers were trying to calm their crying babies. Husbands were comforting their wives. Some children were clapping in excitement as if it was all a game. Some were praying to live and others were preparing to die.

Suddenly, the plane plummeted and started falling at unstoppable speeds.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the captains are trying their best to control the plane but it seems some external conflict is causing the plane to lose it's stability. However, we require all of you to remain calm as we try to take control of the problem at hand."

"We have to do something! The DeathEaters are going to make the plane crash and kill everybody." Hermione whispered frantically to Draco as she gripped onto her seat.

Cries of fear and panic filled the plane as the lights went out and the oxygen levels dropped. As everyone tried to scrape at the overhead compartment to release the oxygen masks, Hermione and Draco whipped out their wands.

"We need to get out of here!" Draco yelled over the agonised screams.

"We can't just leave these people to die!" Hermione yelled back, her face as red as ever.

"If we stay in this plane any longer we'll all die!"

Hermione seethed at Draco and shook her head, disgusted that he could be so selfish and heartless.

Well, what could she expect from the Slytherin Malfoy...

Hermione desperately tried to think of a spell that could prevent the plane from crashing. But before she could decipher one, Draco grabbed her arm and she felt a strong tug, as if she was being suctioned. She squeezed her eyes tight as her mind became frenzied until she felt like she fell onto a hard surface. Once she opened her eyes, she looked around to find herself in the middle of the Great Wall of China,with Draco standing next to her.

"What the hell is wrong with you! You just left those innocent people to die!" Hermione yelled at Draco who was pacing up and down.

"Oh, so you would rather stay in that plane and die yourself. Be thankful I bloody saved your life. This is the second time in fact!" he shouted back.

"Oh well then next time don't bother! Just leave me to die. At least I'm not a coward!" Hermione screamed.

"What did you call me?"

"That's right. You're a bloody coward with no heart or feelings! You're an empty, cowardly monster!" Hermione shrieked, her blood pressure increasing with every word as she thought about all those people back in the plane.

Suddenly, Hermione felt herself being thrown back and she cried out in pain as her back hit the stoney ground of the Great Wall.

"I may be a lot of things, Mudblood, but don't ever call me a monster." Draco spoke with venom laced in his voice.

As he walked away, Hermione got up and dusted herself, glaring at his back all the while. Draco didn't want her to call him a monster, but that was what he was. A heartless, cold monster. That was the truth, according to Hermione. He just didn't want to accept it.

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