Summer Snow

The Plan in Action

"Invitation please?"

Hermione looked up at the tall, muscular security guard as he held his hand out expectantly. She gulped silently and handed over the invitation card she 'borrowed' from the Chinese lady in the car. She knew he would be suspicious of the her as she certainly did not look like a Lim Mei Mei. She had to make sure he did not see the name, and a brilliant idea dawned upon her.

"Do you work out, sir?" She asked sweetly as possible as she placed her hand gently on his muscular arm. He turned to her with raised eyebrows and allowed his eyes to roam her very inviting figure.

"Why, yes I do." He smiled back, struggling to keep his eyes on her face instead of her body.

"Mm, it's not hard to tell." Hermione winked at him as she ran her hand softly along his arm, seductively.

She could see a blush rise in his neck and face and his eyes darkened with lust as she looked up at him through her eyelashes flirtatiously. Quickly, he cleared his throat and handed her back the invitation card.

"Everything seems fine here. You may proceed in." He smiled and stepped aside to let her in.

Hermione merely smirked at him and winked once more as she walked past him, her head held high to cover up for her struggle in walking in the high heels.

All around her, people were drinking, laughing and chatting away merrily. But this was in no way a wild party. There was an air of sophistication, elegance and class. Hermione knew this was a top-notch classy party, and so she had to act the part. There were all types of people. Chinese, Americans, Indians, Europeans and even Africans. They all looked very cosmopolitan and Hermione could tell this had to be a VERY famous and high-class tycoon to be so popular on a global platform. This just made her ten times more nervous.

She scanned the Grand Hall, looking out for that familiar face she remembered from the news show. Finally, she spotted him near a pillar by the back of the Hall, chatting with some Japanese business-man. Hermione took in another deep breath as she began to make her way towards him. As she reached him, the two men noticed her presence and turned to see her. Both of them were in shock at the radiance and beauty she exhibited, and they both had lust clearly written on their faces.

"I'll catch up with you later, Mr Nasako." The Chinese Tycoon said the Japanese man, though his eyes never left Hermione.

Mr Nasako seemed rather disappointed that he was just dismissed like that but nonetheless smiled back at the tycoon.

"Right, then, Donghai. Some other time." With that, he walked off.

Donghai (Hermione had taken note of his name) smiled charmingly at Hermione and walked a little closer to her, letting his eyes rake over her tantalizing body. Hermione took the chance to really see his appearance. He didn't seem too old, probably in his mid-twenties. He was rather well-built in a very smart, sheer black suit with a golden tie. He was actually rather dashing, and Hermione was thankful at least she did not have to seduce some ugly old prune. His entire demeanour made him appear like a down-right gentleman, but his lust-filled eyes contrasted that.

"I believe we haven't met before?" He asked with a raised eyebrow though the flirtatious smile never left his face.

"D-Don't you remember me, Donghai?" Hermione asked, trying to keep her voice as light as possible.

"I believe no, because if we have met before, I would have definitely remembered you." There was a hint of teasing in his voice which was heavily laced with desire.

"I am truly disappointed you would not remember me when we met so recently." Hermione teased back, giving him a small smile as she tried her best to act casually and seductively.

"Recently? Oh my, I must be growing old that I'm losing my memory so fast!" He laughed, shaking his head slightly.

Hermione laughed along, not really knowing what to say next. She was not very good with this "meet-a-tycoon-and-lie-and-try-to-seduce-him" thing. She knew how to flirt lightly, but seducing a world-class tycoon was not her area of expertise at all.

Stupid Malfoy with his stupid plan.

"But seriously, I would love you know your name. I'm sure it is just as beautiful as its owner." He smiled cheekily at her as he moved even closer.

Hermione smiled back shyly and pushed some hair behind her ear, looking down bashfully as he attempted to place his hand on her waist. Normally, she would knee a guy in the groin if they tried to pull that move within 5 seconds of meeting her, but she knew this was supposed to happen for the plan to work.

As he held her waist and moved even closer, smirking down at her and taking a deep breath through his nose of her lovely vanilla scent, Hermione noticed something shiny around his neck hanging down into his shirt. She raised her head just a fraction to look down the shirt of his suit and saw the top of something round and silver. Bingo.

By now, Donghai had his arm wrapped around her waist and was moving his face along the curve of her neck, his lips teasing her skin. Wow, this man has really poor self-control...Hermione thought.

"Um, Donghai, why don't we go somewhere more private..." Hermione whispered seductively into his ear as she placed her hand on his arm and looked up at him pointedly.

Donghai raised an eyebrow and smirked approvingly before tightening his arm around her waist and leading her up the stairs. All the while, Hermione had her eye on the silver chain around his neck. She just had to keep him distracted until she could steal the chain and just get the hell out of there.

She was so caught up in her plan that she did not realise she was already standing on front of Donghai's bedroom door.

"Let me tell you, not many women have been in here. I only let the crème de la crème in. And you definitely qualify for that category." Donghai's voice was husky as he stared at her chest which was heaving rather heavily as Hermione breathed nervously. She blushed and even felt rather violated as his eyes never left her cleavage, but she could not react now. She was supposed to be leading him on.

Donghai pushed his door open to reveal the most lavish bedroom Hermione had ever seen. The floor and walls were pure, white marble which looked brandished and polished. The French windows were covered by heavy dark velvet curtains and by it there was a full mahogany wardrobe. Smack in the middle of the room was a huge circular bed with crisp white covers and red and golden pillows. This was even better than any hotel room she had ever seen.

Suddenly, she felt a hand curl around her own and jumped slightly at the contact.

"Whoa, you seem rather jumpy. Though, I cannot say I don't like it." Donghai grinned at Hermione and pulled her gently towards the bed.

Come on, Hermione, you're supposed to be in control here.

Hermione smiled at Donghai and slowly pushed him down onto his back on the bed seductively.

"Oh, I like a woman in control." He purred, winking at her as he ran his hands up her hips and waist.

Hermione grabbed his hands and placed them on either side of his head in a vice-like grip, climbing on top of him so she was straddling his waist and had him trapped. This was completely new territory for Hermione and though she seemed so clever and calm on the outside, she was in full-blown panic on the inside. She had no idea what she was doing and was so afraid that she might give away her act any second.

Donghai licked his lips and moaned a little as he stared lustfully up at her. Hermione considered the entire situation vulgar, cheap and disgusting, and could not believe she was forsaking her dignity like this. But, the fate of the world was more important than her pride...

Slowly, she bent down and placed her face right above Donghai's, her lips brushing over his so gently that they were barely touching. Hermione made sure she did not actually kiss him, because she had never kissed a boy before and she did not want to lose her first kiss like this.

Donghai struggled to raise his head higher and properly kiss her, but Hermione made sure she teased him just enough.

"Someone's a bit too eager." She purred in his ear as she rubbed her nose along his neck softly and teasingly.

"You're killing me here, you know." He moaned as he turned his head and ran his lips along her neck.

Hermione shivered, though not in pleasure. She just wanted to escape from here as fast as possible, because this was pure torture. She knew it was time to take action.

"Hey, what's this?" She asked as curiously as possible as she released his hands, though she still lay on top of him, and ran her fingers along the chain.

"Oh nothing important."He dismissively said as he grabbed her waist and roller her over so he was now lying on top.

"It's time I had revenge for what you did to me." He narrowed his eyes at her as he gave her a crooked smile before lowering his head and planting small kisses along her neck.

Hermione was so tempted to push him away and slap him. She had never been this intimate with anyone and she was so livid that the first time she was this close to a boy, it was to some horny stupid tycoon she barely knew. However, realisation suddenly hit her as to how she could use this to her advantage.

Hermione smiled and pretended to moan as she began to unbutton his shirt. Donghai became all-too-eager and got up for the briefest moment to rip open his shirt and throw it aside before bending down again and kissing her collarbone. Hermione had to admit, he was very toned and not bad-looking at all. But she had to shake herself out of those thoughts and keep her mind focused on the most important thing- The Coin.

Now she had a full view of it as it hung from his neck. The snake implant was clearly there, and she could make out the "T" on the other side as well as it occupationally swivelled.

Hermione stretched her neck more to allow Donghai better access (and to buy more time) as she wrapped her hands around his neck. Donghai was getting so carried away with covering every inch of her neck and shoulders with his lips that he didn't even realise Hermione stealthily unclasp the chain at the back of his neck.

"Mmm that feels nice. Right there." Hermione breathed in his ear as he began to suck on an area of her skin just below her ear. In all honestly, Hermione found it vile and disgusting, but she had to keep up at the act and make sure he was completely distracted. His hands were rubbing her sides and waist and he began to slightly grind into her, making Hermione as uncomfortable as possible.

As slowly and discreetly as possible, she lowered the chain from around his neck and held it in her fists so he would not see it. However, his eyes were closed as he enjoyed the silkiness of her skin, so Hermione was able to stuff the chain quickly into a small pocket in her dress.


Hermione breathed a sigh of relief for a moment before realising another predicament.

Now that she had The Coin, how was she going to get rid of this horny tycoon on top of her who seemed to think she was equally interested and make a run for it?

Donghai began fumbling with her dress and raising it up higher her legs. This was the red alarm for Hermione to escape NOW.

"Oh no, Donghai..." She mumbled weakly, pushing his shoulders firmly in an attempt to push him off her. He merely moaned in response as he ran his tongue along the underside of her jaw, by now his hands running down her smooth thighs.

"I'm not feeling well." She murmured and pushed him even more forcefully against his chest.

"What?" He grumbled in annoyance as he finally got off her. Hermione pushed herself up so they were both facing each other on the bed. She could still feel the wetness on her neck which made he want to puke.

"I don't feel well. I think I should go." She murmured, trying to appear sick as she righted her dress and hair. Donghai's face scrunched up in disappointment and annoyance, and he glared at the bed in silence as Hermione finally got off it.

However, Hermione failed to make sure the chain was properly placed in her pocket and as she got off the bed, it fell onto the sheets, right in front of Donghai.

Donghai furrowed his eyebrows and raised his hand to his neck, feeling for the chain. His eyes widened as he looked at the chain in front of him and then at Hermione, who was panicking now and looking from the chain to him frantically.


Before he could complete his sentence though, Hermione grabbed the chain and bolted out of the room, running down the hallway in search of the grand staircase which led to the Great Hall. Behind her, she could hear shouts and orders being barked. She knew Donghai had sent some security guards after her as she turned to find 3 big men in black suits chasing her.

Crap, Hermione, you just had to screw this up...

Finally, she reached the staircase and bolted down it, though it was a huge hassle due to her high heels. Once she reached the bottom, she kicked off her heels and pushed through the crowds, running as fast as she could for the front door with the chain held tightly in her hand.

"Stop that girl!"

Hermione did not bother to turn and look behind her, she knew the security guards were catching up to her. She tried to run even faster and some guests tried to stop her but she just shoved past them. Finally, she reached the front door and the security guard she was flirting with earlier looked at her in shock and anger. By the look on his face, she knew the message of her being wanted was relayed to him through his earpiece.

He was about to grab her when he immediately whipped out her wand and threw a hex at his face, causing him to fall unconscious to the ground. Gasps elicited from all around her and even some cries of shock and terror. Hermione blasted the door open and ran out of the mansion towards the front gates where Draco was casually leaning against a tree, picking at his nails.


Draco's head snapped up at his name and what he saw truly befuddled him. Hermione was running towards him, her dress and hair a mess and her feet bare. Behind her were 5 security guards, running fast to catch up with her and some guests gathering outside the house to watch the drama.

Merlin, can this girl do anything right?

"Run!" She yelled as she darted towards him and grabbed his hand, pulling him along.

"Granger! You can't do anything, can you? Do you have the Coin at least?" He shouted, now running as fast as possible with Hermione away from the security guards.

"Yes, now come on! Apparate us away from here!" Hermione yelled back.

Draco pulled her to a stop and gripped her hand, closing his eyes tightly as he tried to catch his breath. Before they knew it, they were standing in the hotel room they stayed at earlier, except this time, it was absolutely destroyed and trashed.

The curtains were ripped and the windows were shattered. The bedsheets were sprawled on the floor and the bed had cuts and even some burn marks on it. Broken furniture bits and pieces lay across the floor and the television set was smashed in. Draco looked around the room and knew only one things could cause such destruction and damage.


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