Far from hell


Running any from the death that had come to pass in this new world hope only had so much hope left ...enter negan. Running it started with so much running from everything the end of the world, walkers, Bandits, and eventually the Infamous and Brutal Saviors themselves with the even infamous Negan and his Beloved Bat Lucille. But for Hope and her Group ''The Scavengers'', it seems to have come to a terrifying end...where one will find themselves at the end of Lucille after a little game of eeny meenie miney mo. Although for Hope that's not the only worry because she finds herself in Negan's sights...which is anything from good. *Note Hope and her group the scavengers are mine the others like negan and his saviors are the property of the walking dead franchise .P.S.: There will be some graphic language like references to rape and also detailed violence.This is a work of fiction (fanfiction)

Thriller / Other
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Running so much running...(Hope's Pov)

It was noon July I think the group and I haven’t keep track in a while .All well we’ve been pretty preoccupied lately running...so much running seriously it’s actually pretty ridiculous .Everything from walkers trying to rip our faces off to stupid assholes wannabe bandits who tried robbing us like fuck it was actually pathetic. I shut that shit down so fast they didn’t even get to really rob us of our stuff but we showed them by robbing their asses right back.Should have seen their faces it was hii...llarious .There was a lot of crying to like seriously grown ass men crying their eyes out like five year olds. Anyway introductions are due my name is Hope...Just Hope I don’t use my last name for reasons ...anyhow I run this group called the scavengers which is pretty self explanatory we scavenge...everything to sell to groups we might come across and bargain our way to get basics like a new canteen or some food maybe a day sometimes a week at someones camp. Some of the gross male leaders try to bargain for other things like sex and offers of protect but again I shut that shit down so fast and show them who’s top dog.

I have my boys after all if I need extra help but usually I can handle myself pretty well.My groups the best if I may say so myself.Mainly consisting of guys except for two women and myself it usually comes as a huge surprise when other groups ask for the leader.Especially since I’m pretty young looking even though I’m like almost 20.I was almost 17 when this shitty apocalypse happened.Although I may look young I’m rather tall I’m about 5′9 not a Sasquatch but still pretty tall.I’m also slightly thin but only from not eating for days at a time ..Oh and the running probably didn’t help either although I’m still a bit curvy.

Now where was I again oh yeah my Boys and my two lovely ladies. We are 12 in all the two ladies : Mary and Kelly,then me ,finally my boys Mario,Tate,David,Garrett,Alejandro,Kevin,Jessie,Steven,and last but not least is Dr.James Warren also known as Doc to everyone our medic and probably one of the best shooters around.I know that’s a lot of testosterone in one group yeah I know but I’ve saved pretty much all these guys skins from either dying by walkers or by a stupid ass hole.So they are definitely loyal no question.Although I got to say most of the guys are horny buggers I swear especially Alejandro and Garrett holy shit they will flirt with any female survivor they come across it’s fucking ridiculous .Any way I don’t mess with that and they’ve definitely tried but don’t really bother me anymore they know better.In fact I’m still a virgin and not ashamed of it either although it’s not like I don’t have my eye on anyone ...I have a ...um small crush on Doc.He’s hot what can I say I’ve always had a thing for older guys.What I didn’t know though is what shit fire was to come for all of us.

We were camped near a survivors camp called Hilltop I think we’re going in the morning to try to bargain some supplies .I could hear giggles coming from one of the cars we have it’s one of those four door trucks with extra seats that you could sleep or have sex in if you really tried .I knew that giggle Mary and Steven I can’t help but smile out of the two girls Mary is the only one who has an actual boyfriend Steven who’s a hell of a fighter but a sweet heart when it comes it Mary who he always has puppy dog eyes for.Mary is rather pretty in my book even though to the average person she would be described as a plain Jane she’s has pretty brown eyes and brown hair with a rather petite body.Steven on the other hand was slightly chubby although he lot most of his fat and now has a more toned body since he has to run a lot . Definitely an odd pair but still super adorable.The only other girl beside myself is a whole different story ...Kelly oh Kelly the stereotypical ‘whore’ even though I have learned that in reality she is the sweetest and most sensitive of the group especially because of how she was brought into the group.Kelly was a rape survivor I rescued from a gang of a bunch of redneck assholes who thought it was okay to rape a girl after killing her whole family by feeding them to walkers.Raping her so bad she has PTSD attacks .Kelly has slowly learned to control the episodes and has learned to deal with them even when she is having sex with almost all the guys in our group although they know limits like the word No.Kelly is a pretty strawberry blonde who is extremely curvy but rather short but despite that she can gun you done if she wanted to in a heartbeat.

Garrett and Alejandro who can get rather aggressive in their flirtation if you can call it that are the two troublemakers of the group although Kelly keeps them pretty preoccupied these days so no trouble so far.I think to my self oh shit why did I say or rather think that.A sound seemingly out the air filled the air.″What the fuck?″.I say out loud.″You heard that to...″.I hear a voice say I turn to see Kelly climbing out of her tent with Garrett poking his head out behind her.″Yeah what do you think made it...″.I asked Kelly who has come to stand by me with garret quickly joining us who wraps his arm around Kelly protectively surprisingly she lets him do this instead of the usual shove.She must have been really scared even Garrett seem to be scared and that almost never happened.Steven and Mary come out of the truck to join us and soon almost the whole group minus Alejandro and Tate another one of the trouble makers are there.Although I’m surprised Tate is still not there because usually he’s not that bad.That gets us talking and on alert with David and Steven doing most of the guard duties .Tension is in the air so much so you can practically feel it. All of us are chattering when Doc says something.″Damn it I’m fucking sick of it Alejandro and his fucking antics...″.I was just about to say something when David yelled ″Guys it’s Alejandro...″.Stopping the conversation altogether .I sigh and walk over to David .″Well it’s about fuc-...″.I say but stop when I see him.The others have trailed me to see what I have seen .Kelly and Mary let out a scream only to both be held by Garrett and Steven to try to muffle their cries but also to comfort them.The others all exchange horrified expressions which included my own I wanted to vomit at the sight .‘Alejandro oh god’.I thought.

Alejandro’s battered and bruised still breathing body was on the ground with David by his side trying to support him .Doc and Mario another one of our members who acts as his medical aid rush to aid him .We bring Alejandro to our small fire to makeshift bed so that we can at least start on him.Doc is starting to help him when Alejandro starts freaking out only saying ″We have to go...they have ...oh god ..Tate I’m sorry ...Hope I left him with them I’m so sorry.″.I shush him ″It’s okay ..Alejandro who’s they...what happened to Tate...″.I ask as gently and slowly as possible.All he says is ″The Saviors...″.Alejandro then slips unconscious before anyone could say another word to him .We all just look at each other confused.But that is short lived by the same sound as earlier although this time 10 times as loud and there seems to be more of them.We all look at each other and realize that the noise was a strange whistling sound.No not just that there was engines to ...coming towards us.Shit.

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