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The boy carefully took off his Gucci jacket. Another boy came in and smiled. "Namjoonie~! Taehyungie~!" The third lover said. ♣♠♣

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Chapter 1

The 23 year old Kim Namjoon walked down the street, hands intertwined into a little boys hand.
The boy looked up and smiled into Namjoon's eyes, causing Namjoon to smile, his dimples imprinting little dents into his flawless skin.
"Namjoon-ah, I wanna go home~!" The boys' sweet, monotone, velvety voice said as he rose up on his tiptoes to reach the older man.
"Of course baby~." The 16 year old boy giggled at the name his lover gave him.
They went into Najoons house and the boy carefully took off his Gucci jacket.
Another boy came in and smiled. "Namjoonie~! Taehyungie~!" the third lover said.
"Hello Jungkookie~!" Taehyung said as he embraced the 15 year old Jungkook in a hug, placing a small, lingering kiss on his cheek and nose.

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