The Chemicals React

Chapter 10

Hermione didn't know what to think, her life had suddenly been turned upside down in less than a month. What happens now? She didn't want anyone to die because of her; she never thought in a million years that she would be a mate of a Veela, let alone a mate of two Veela's. What was she going to do if that was true?

She felt like she couldn't breathe.

"Hermione?" She could hear Jason's voice ring in her ear. He was sitting right next to her, but it sounded distant as she sat looking of into space worrying.

"Hermione," Jason said again louder taking her hand in his.

Her attention finally came back to him as she tried to make herself breath.

"Are you alright?" He asked concern spread all over his face, truly worried about her.

She nodded trying to take in what this would all mean; she needed to get out of here. She needed to get out of the great hall so she could think straight.

"I'm fine," She squeaked, "I just need to get some air," She finished standing up getting ready to bolt.

Jason stood up quickly too, "Hermione I didn't mean to scare or worry you I just thought you should-"

But Hermione didn't get to hear the rest of what he had to say, she was already quickly exiting the great hall as fast as she could with out running. She quickly made her way out of the great hall accidently bumping into a few poor students in the process. As soon as she made it out of the big doors she broke into a run ignoring the strange looks she received.

She ran out the east wing doors that led to the grounds outside by the green houses, she needed a place to breathe to be anywhere that didn't include the choice she might have to make.

She ran until she couldn't run any further. She slouched against the large tree near the black lake looking of into the sun rise, clutching her side trying to catch her breath. She didn't want to have to choose between Draco and Jason; they were both connected to her somehow. The thought of losing either one of them made Hermione want to puke. She couldn't loose them, if one of them died… and she was the cause, she would never ever be able to forgiver herself.

Hermione leaned against the tree for support wishing that her body wouldn't be so tired and stressed. She knew it was because neither Jason nor Draco was here to relieve her of the weight that hung over her when they weren't around. She forced back tears that threatened to burst forth.

Suddenly a pair of strong arms grabbed her mashing her into a hard chest, holding her tightly, making some of the pain that was throbbing inside of her less forceful.

Draco grabbed Hermione tightly into his arms making it impossible for her to refuse him. Even though he highly doubt that she could, not when she was like this. Draco hated to see her in so much pain; he didn't know what else to do so he simply held her. Making them both feel better in the process, but he could still feel her shaking.

"It's ok Hermione," He whispered in her ear, clutching her tighter to him.

Hermione instantly felt better the moment he had touched her. She felt safe when he was around; he made her feel like she could almost be normal again. She knew that she was growing more and more emotionally attached to him, even if she could stop these new feelings she didn't know if she wanted to… not if it meant losing him.

Hermione finally began to breath normally again, calming herself down as she felt his strong arms loosen slightly, brining his face to meet hers.

Hermione tried to avoid his gaze as she looked down at her feet, feeling quite childish that she tried to just run away from her problems. Making Draco come chasing after her.

"Love, look at me," His velvet voice said above her.

Hermione let out puff of air as she lifted her eyes to meet his.

"Everything's going to be alright," He whispered bringing his hand up to brush a stray hair out of her beautiful face.

His hand then caressed her check moving to finally cup her face; he then leaned closer to her lips.

She swallowed trying to find her voice, "You promise?" She asked as his lips grew even closer.

He looked at her intensely, "I promise," He said his lips now touching hers lightly as he spoke those words.

Hermione heart was beating as fast a humming bird. She had never been held so protectively, so caringly. No one would ever be able to make her feel the way he did. There wasn't anyone out there as perfect for her as him. Not in a million years, she didn't know what would happen to her if she found out that he wasn't hers.

Draco couldn't stand it any longer as his mouth finally pressed onto her soft pillowed lips, opening and closing their mouths, moving her lips with his own. He couldn't help taking advantage of her being alone with her, being just his if only for a few moments.

Hermione willingly accepted his lips as she let out a breath of air that she had been holding in. She lifted her hands to run them through his soft thick blonde hair, her favorite thing to do she decided. She would run her hands through his hair any time he asked her to.

Draco was on fire, he never thought that in a million years that a girl could make him feel this alive. She gave him something to live for, something that he hadn't had in a long time. He couldn't live without her, not when he knew that someone as perfect as Hermione was out there. He would die for her if it came to it, which might in fact happen if she didn't choose him.

What if she didn't choose him? He thought as they silently kissed sweetly. What if he wasn't the one she wanted, the one she needed? Panic and worry started to engulf him as he pressed his lips harder onto hers, making sure he remembered every inch of her mouth.

Hermione suddenly felt his kiss become more urgent as his hands started to caressed her side making Hermione become very aware of how he made her feel, making her insides squirm.

Suddenly she felt Draco's lips part from hers unwillingly as she was shoved away from his roughly.

Hermione eyes opened to see a furious Jason shoving Draco away from her.

"Get your hands of her Malfoy!" Jason's said loudly his black eyes venomous clenching his fits.

Draco glared at him shoving Jason off of him, "I can touch her whenever she wants me to."

"Stop it!" Hermione yelled over them trying to get them to both calm down but they didn't even throw a glance at her.

"Why don't you leave before you get hurt West and cause a scene," Draco said with a sneer, "Wouldn't want you to break a neck,"

"Why don't you leave Malfoy," Jason snapped back, "You wouldn't want your daddy to find out that you lost in a fight would you?"

"Leave," Draco demanded one last time.

"You know what your right," He said with a smirk, walking over to Hermione grabbing her hand, "We'll just be leaving now."

"Like hell you will," Malfoy said and as soon as he said the words his hand went into a strong fist sending it right into Jason's face.

"Draco!" Hermione screamed stepping in between him and Jason, "Knock it off both of you!" She said throwing daggers at both of them.

Jason wouldn't hear of it as he got up with wounded pride, forcing Hermione to the side brushing her off as he lunged at Draco.

"Jason don't!" Hermione pleaded.

But it was too late Jason's fist went straight for Draco as Draco easily dodged it sending Jason in the other direction. Draco's and Jason's hand both went for their wands at the same time, both of them pointing wands at each other's heart. Hermione's eyes widened as she stepped in-between them once again.

"Stop it you two I mean it," Hermione said ice cold knowing her eyes were as dark as Jason's and Draco's.

They both paused for a moment not daring to let their guard down as they starred at one another making sure that the other wouldn't put harm to her.

Hermione went to Jason as she put her hand on his arm, "Please Jason," She said lowering his wand for him.

Jason instantly gave into her demand lowering his wand still not taking his eyes off of Draco. Draco's eyes turned to furry as he saw her walk over to West putting her hand on his arm. He tried to keep control as he gripped his wand tighter.

Hermione turned to look back at Draco seeing his eyes filled with furry; she took a deep breath walking over to him feeling an awful lot like monkey in the middle.

"Put it down Draco," She pleaded getting awfully close to him whispering in his ear to get him to calm down so no one would get hurt.

Draco gave into her easily as soon as Hermione held his hand knowing that if she touched him he would obey her command.

"Let's go Hermione," Draco said tired of this fight as he slid his hand into hers turning his back toward Jason heading in the direction of the school, dragging Hermione along with him.

But that was a big mistake.

Draco could feel Jason's furry as Jason raised his wand again to his back.

Draco instantly shoved Hermione out of the way as he got his wand raised to Jason as they both yelled a curse at the same time.

"Fluenza!" Jason yelled.

"Sectacumprma!" Draco yelled.

Both curses went zooming at each other as they both stood their ground waiting for them to strike.

But something went terribly wrong.

As soon as they had said the spells the two sparks of light instantly collided with each other making them both bounce off of one another in a completely different direction, toward the one thing they were trying to protect, Hermione.

"No!" Draco cried angrily.

But it was too late.

Both spells hit Hermione full blast into her small stomach. She was sent sprawling onto the grass grounds crashing with a loud thud as she rolled a few feet. Hermione felt slashes all over her body as she clutched her stomach in pain withering from the loss of blood that was spilling from her arm, leg and across her chest.

Suddenly she felt sick as she rolled over throwing up what ever was left over from breakfast as Hermione began to cough, trying to breath.

Draco and Jason were by her side in seconds as they forgot about fighting each other and solely concentrated on saving Hermione. There eyes widened covered in worry for her life.

"Hermione love can you hear me?" Draco asked hovering over her wishing that someone was here to at least know the spell to keep her from bleeding.

"Let's get her to the hospital win-" Jason started to say quickly but was cut off by another one of Hermione's vomit fits.

Draco instantly put his arms under her picking her up off the ground.

Hermione cried out in pain from the sudden movement.

Draco cringed inside as he heard her scream, but continued to pick her up knowing that she need extreme care and fast. His eyes grew pained as her blood soaked into his shirt.

"Stay with me you hear me?" Draco said as he broke into a run toward the castle.

Jason ran right beside him, staying faithfully by Hermione making sure that she would make it.

What have we done?

They quickly made it inside the castle not bothering to stop for anything. Jason went a few steps ahead of Draco pushing people out of the way screaming at them to move. The students all craned their head to see what all the commotion was about. When they caught sight of Hermione there mouths dropped onto the floor with shock.

Draco looked down at her dying a little inside himself looking at her state. It was all his fault if she died, but he could blame himself later, the important thing was getting her to the hospital wing.

Hermione insides were screaming with pain. She couldn't think straight all she knew was that she was losing her grip on reality. She began to think that she wouldn't make it, the pain was getting worse as she could one of her eyes started to bleed. She tried to blink the blood out of her vision. She started to slowly loss consciousness as the world around her went black….

Hermione woke up to the sound of voices close to her bed side. She recognized two of the voice instantly, Jason and Draco. The other a cross female voice that was scolding them loudly it sounded like. She couldn't get the energy to open her eyes just yet so she simply listened to the conversation that surrounded her.

"Will she be alright?" She heard Draco whisper to Madam Pomfrey afraid of the answer he might receive.

"She'll live," She sighed, "I wish that I would have been able to get to work on her gashes sooner, she's lost a lot of blood. She'll be alright eventually, but the scars on her leg, stomach and arm won't go away though I'm afraid."

Draco's eyes filled with pain as he looked away from her, making sure to keep his temper in check, balling his hands into fits.

"Can't you do anything else to help her?" Jason's voice sprung up, almost unrecognizably emotionless.

"I've done all I can on the outside," She said sadly, "The inside however will take much longer to heal, no doubt the gashes went farther than I thought they would be, that was some spell you two put together," She scolded looking at both of them over her spectacles.

They both remained guiltily silent knowing that they were both to blame. There heads hanging in shame.

"Maybe if West didn't try to attack me when my back was turned this wouldn't have happened," Draco said unbelievably cold.

"Shut up Malfoy you had every bit of intention attacking me as I did," Jason bit back, "Your spell is the one that almost killed her after all."

Malfoy made a lunge at him as Jason stood his ground almost forgetting Madam Pomfrey's presence.

"Enough! You will not make the same mistake again," She said loudly stopping them in their tracks.

She took a step toward them glowering at them.

"You almost killed the one thing that is keeping you both alive, make one more move and I swear you both can forget detention. You will both be expelled," She said strongly, "Now you both had better figure out your differences or you will get yourselves all killed in the process."

With that she could hear Madam Pomfrey stomp of her hills clicking away from the three of them leaving the two boys to stare after her.

The room was silent for a moment, hearing only their breathing. None of them daring to make a move. Hermione wondered what was going through their head. Did she really almost die?...

"She's right," Draco's voice finally rang cutting through the silence.

Jason glared at Malfoy, "What do you mean?"

"We can't go on fighting over her," He said calmly, "Were going to keep hurting her if we do."

"I'm not giving up," Jason said looking at him ridiculously.

"I'm not saying you have to," Draco said venomously trying to keep his cool, "I'm saying we need to stop fighting over her and fight for her."

Jason's voice was silent for a moment as he looked over at Hermione's body lying on the bed. He was debating on weather he should listen to Malfoy's advice. He knew Malfoy spoke sense; they wouldn't live through another scene like this one.

He let out a big sigh, "You mean stop fighting for her sake."

Draco nodded also looking over at the one thing he cared about in life.

"She deserves better than this," He said more to himself, "The two guys who are supposed to be protecting her end up almost killing her… and ourselves in the process."

Jason looked away solemnly, feeling guilty as he should.

"So if she chooses me," Jason said suddenly, picking his words carefully, "What would you do?"

Malfoy froze his eyes growing sad and cold. He wouldn't ever be able to hurt Hermione but West was a different story. If he wasn't what she wanted he would have to try and accept that. But he had to let West know he wouldn't go down without a fight.

"I don't know," He whispered, then his eyes flickered to West with a fierceness he didn't know he had in him, "But I will tell you this," He said strongly, "I will fight for her to the end. "

With that Malfoy turned to walk away, feeling West's gaze burning into his back.

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