The Chemicals React

Chapter 11

Hermione woke up again still in the hospital. She finally got the strength to open her eyes to look around at her surroundings, her body felt like it was on the verge of breaking into a million pieces with just one movement. She noticed it was nighttime, no voices were to be heard making the hospital wing look awfully creepy. She looked down to the end of her bed noticing warmth on her hand. Someone else's hand was intertwined with hers she realized, she tried to get the strength sit up a little.

She winced in pain as she did so. She instantly gave up as she turned her attention to the boy sitting in a chair next to her, it was Draco. Hermione felt herself become calmer with his presence as she stared at him for a moment. He looked awfully tired, the dark circles under his eyes gave him away. He was sleeping slouched on the chair with his hand holding hers as he slept. I wonder how long he's been here.

Hermione suddenly felt pain on her arm, leg and chest as she winced in pain unwillingly letting go of Draco's hand. She tried breathing normally but her throat was awfully dry. She gave a loud cough unable to help it as her body started seep in pain.

Draco was instantly awake hovering over her protectively.

"Hermione, you're awake," He said relieved helping her to sit up.

Hermione felt herself calm down as she was able to breathe normally again waiting for her voice to find her. She wanted to talk to him but she needed water first. Her hand went to her throat hoping that Draco would understand what she needed. Well, what she needed besides him.

"Here," Draco said grabbing the glass of water on the near by night stand, "You've haven't been able to eat or drink anything for a while so take it easy," He said as he gently put his hand around her head to support her while she drank.

The water felt good to her throat as it easily slid down, the cool water soothing her whole body. Draco let her drink until the whole glass was gone. He removed the cup from her mouth and slowly placed his lips on hers right after he removed the glass from her, being careful not to hurt her. Hermione felt instantly alive as her blood started to warm up from the touch of his lips. She felt her body relax and almost forgot that her body was in pain, she felt her self floating from his warmth. But something felt different about his kiss; it was full of passion that she had never felt from him before, longing and desire more than any other kiss. But it was almost too urgent like he wouldn't ever get the chance to kiss her again. It was almost a scary feeling.

They kissed like that for a long time until he finally pulled away looking pained.

"I'll go get Madam Pomfery," He said standing up to leave but Hermione finally found her voice trying to grab his hand.

"Please don't go," She whispered hating how weak he sounded.

He looked as though he was going to listen to her for a moment a soft sad look coming onto his face but a cold mask grew over it instead, his jaw bone flexing as he clenched his teeth.

"Madam Pomfery wanted me to get her as soon as you woke up," He stated coldly as he walked away from her with out a glance back at her.

Hermione watched him go as the pain started to worsen as she got the strength to breathe without him there. Why was he acting so cold to her? Was it because he felt guilty? She knew that it wasn't entirely his fault; it was simply a fact of being a Veela. He couldn't control his emotions. She didn't blame him at all for what happened. He was simply trying to fight for her; she knew the feeling of not being able to control what your body demanded you to do.

Hermione found the strength to move her arms to see the damage on her body. Her eyes widened at her fragile body as she lifted up the soft sheets. There was a hug gash on her arm that went down through her chest down to her leg. The gash left a nasty wound as she saw big black stitches holding her skin together to get it to try to heal back together again. She finally let her arms plop to her sides again, not being able to hold them up by herself any longer.

She let out a big sigh; this wasn't going to be easy to recover from.

"Thank goodness you're awake," A bustling Madam Pomfery said as she quickly came to Hermione's aid with Draco walking slowly behind her, "How are you child?"

"Just peachy can I go?" She asked knowing full well the answer.

Madam Pomfery looked at her like she was insane, "Heavens not my dear you will have to stay here for a while I'm afraid, at least until your wound starts to heal."

She quickly grabbed a large bottle and filled a glass with a strange red liquid of something that Hermione didn't recognize.

"Now I want you to drink this," She said as she handed her the glass, "All of it. I don't care how gross you think it tastes, it will help your organs to heal on the inside from the slash."

Hermione lifted her good hand slowly and looked sacredly at the red liquid that was burbling. She sniffed it.

"Ew! This smells like vomit," Hermione said looking disgustedly at the glass that she held.

Madam Pomfery looked at her pointedly, "You'll get it over with the sooner you start to drink it," She said waiting patiently for her to drink it.

Hermione held her breath as she gulped the red liquid down. It almost tasted as bad as it smelled, as she forced herself not to gag on the gross texture that was running down her throat. She didn't want to know what was in this potion.

She finished and covered her mouth trying not to barf. She dropped the glass as it shattered on the floor loudly, but neither Draco nor Madam Pomfery seemed to care about the broken glass.

"I promise it will help," She said as she went to the night stand next to Hermione opening the drawer looking around for something.

She pulled out a small round container as she unscrewed the lid open and put her fingers in the white substance, "This will help the wounds heal faster, and hopefully help you not to have such a bad scar later on," Madam Pomfery explained as she lifted the sheets off of Hermione, reveling her scarred body. Hermione wrapped her arms around herself as she remembered that she was only in her underwear.

Madam Pomfery rolled her eyes, "Trust me dear I've seen worse things,"

She moved to rub the cream on her wound as Hermione finally heard Draco's sweet voice speak up.

"I'll do it," He said as he stretched his hand out to take the cream off her hands.

Madam Pomfery almost smiled as if knowing he would offer to do the honors. She willingly gave him the cream.

"Don't press to hard or you'll have her smacking you for it, she's already been through a lot. Rub it in good until all the cream is gone from the bottle," She said looking at him for a response. Draco nodded as he took the cream.

"Your family wants to see you as soon as possible," She said, "Your parents and your sister are awfully worried about you, should I send them word that they can come see you now?"

Hermione's heart lifted when she mentioned her parents and her little sister. She hadn't seen them in ages, no doubt worrying them to death in her situation. She could picture her parents arguing what to do right now, her younger sister powers rolling her eyes at them. She and her sister had always been very close; people misunderstood her for not having any siblings when she actually had a younger sister. Emily, Hermione's younger sister was only unknown because she had no magical powers like Hermione did, she went to a local high school back at home.

"That would be a good idea," She said finally nodding her head. She wished to see them a lot now that she thought about it.

She gave her a curt nod.

"Now I'll be back when you need me Miss Granger," Madam Pomfery said giving her one last pitiful look, "It might be a rough night so try to take it easy."

With that she waved her wand fixing the broken glass as she strolled out off the room, the sound of her high heals fading leaving only a soft echo.

Hermione eyes went back to Draco; his eyes were looking painfully at her scars observing the damage that he had inflicted on her.

"How bad is it?" She asked almost in a whisper, "How long was I asleep?"

Draco didn't respond immediately as he dipped his fingers in the white creamy substance making himself at home on her bedside.

"You were out for six days," He said unemotionally not looking at her as his fingers finally put some of the cream onto her arm. She expected it to be cold but it felt slightly warm as she let out a sigh of relief, most likely from Draco's touch more than anything. He ran his fingers softly and gently against her skin.

"Where's Jason?" She dared ask.

Draco's eyes went cold but responded to her, "He needed some sleep, he'll be furious that I was here when you woke up," He said almost smiling.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Are you two alright? You haven't been fighting have you?"

Draco shook his head, "We've come to… somewhat of a middle ground."

Hermione's eyes grew together, "What do you mean?"

"Keeping you alive," He said still not looking at her as he finished with her arm moving to her stomach.

Hermione remained silent as she closed her eyes squinting slightly, the gash on her stomach was much worse. She moved her own fingers to her wound feeling the raged edge of her wound, it made her sick.

"I'm so sorry Hermione," Draco whispered to her breaking the long silence.

Her eyes snapped back to him as he still refused to meet her eyes, continuing to rub the cream into her wound. His hands started to shake as he starred at her body; the body that was once perfectly smooth and pale was now bloody and scarred. And it was all Draco's fault.

She observed his eyes and found them to be more glossy than usual. He was awfully quite as his shaking became worse.

"Draco it's not your-" She began to say but Draco stood up angrily throwing the bottle of cream at the wall so it shattered opened dripping on the wall now. Hermione jumped scared at his reaction.

"Don't you dare say that to me Hermione!" He yelled at her finally meeting her eyes as she saw rage in his silver ones, emotion finally coming to the surface, "I almost got you killed. You, the only thing that is keeping me alive. You the only thing I care about and I almost lost you to stupid jealously!"

He took his anger out on her night stand as he easily knocked the lamp on top of it on the ground making it shatter into a million pieces. He then moved and kicked the chair that he once sat in making it topple over away from him. Draco had run out of things to break as he ran his hands threw his hair roughly and started to pace back and forth. Hermione starred at him in awe scared. How in the world he could blame himself? She wasn't mad at him at for what happened, couldn't he see that? She couldn't find her voice for a moment as she starred at him amazed at his outburst.

She tried to voice her opinion but as soon as she opened her mouth Draco spoke again.

"And now look at you; look at what I've done to you. You're in pain because of me you're scarred because of me, how can you say it's not my fault? It's all of my fault Hermione!" He yelled. His angered face suddenly turning into a sad pained face as a tear slid down his cheek, "…Don't you dare say that it's not my fault," He whispered his voice lowering after a long pause.

He sat in exhaustion on the bed next to her putting head in his hands leaning his elbows on his knees shaking his head.

Hermione sat shocked at his reaction. He was really hurting from this, what had happened while she was asleep? Her heart was starting to crumble. She reached out and put her hand on his wrist pulling his hand away from his face so she could see him. His pained eyes were growing watery as another tear slipped from his gorgeous eyes rolling onto his cheek.

"Draco… I know you would never hurt me on purpose," She said softly, reaching to wipe a tear away from his face, "Don't blame yourself for this."

He simply shook his head not able to meet her eyes, "You don't get it,"

"What don't I get?" She asked somewhat angrily folding her arms.

He didn't reply as Hermione finally gave up and let silence creep in for a moment. Draco finally looked at her.

"I won't hurt you again Hermione I promise," He said, pausing for a moment. His eyes grew guarded and emotionless again.

"Which is why I've decided I'm not going to make you choose between us," He said almost so softly that Hermione couldn't hear him.

Hermione's insides dropped.

"What?" She squeaked not liking the sound of his voice.

He took a deep breath closing his eyes for a moment and opened the again looking straight into her eyes, "You're going to pick Jason."

Hermione's face grew outraged, "You want me to what?"

Draco looked at her keeping his face guarded, "It's not worth hurting you."

"You can't tell me who to choose," She said deadly cold and forceful, feeling her Veela side coming out.

Draco tried his best to keep him temper rose too, "This isn't open for discussion Hermione," He said coldly.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing, "You can't make me."

Draco's eyes became stubborn, "I thought you might say that…You're going to, because I'm not going to choose you."

Hermione's heart stopped beating.

"You're… not…" She said taking in his words.

His eyes became a little weak at how he saw how much his words hurt her. He had to do this. Did she not see that he was trying to help her make her decision easier for her? He knew the consequence of his actions. And he knew that if he didn't make her belief that he didn't want her she would never let him go. He knew that West would be better for her; he needed to let her go, let her have a somewhat normal life. He knew that she wanted to pick Jason; he could see it in her eyes that she would never want a former death eater. Draco would have to let her go… because he could truly say that he loved her now… and when you love someone you put them before yourself, even if it hurt yourself in the process. His case was just a little more extreme… like dying.

"I don't believe you," She said hard.

Draco's heart dropped, she didn't by it.

"Draco I can't lose you," Hermione said desperate, she wasn't going to lose him. Didn't he see that she wanted him more than anything else in the world? That he was the only thing keeping her going? That his touch was the one she yearned for, craved for? She wanted him, if she had to pick she would chose Draco in a heart beat. Its true Hermione loved Jason, but it wasn't the love she felt for Draco. She didn't know what it was but Hermione felt that if she lost Draco it would be like dying anyways.

"You can because I don't want you," He said lying through his teeth trying to keep his tears back.

Hermione shook her head, "Stop lying to me!" Her voice rising,

"I'm not lying," He said getting up standing above her frail body, "I'm letting us go Hermione; you should do the same."

Draco had to get out before his eyes and tears gave him away. He turned away from her planning on walking out of here no matter what she said. He had to do this, for her sake. Even if it killed him… literally.

Hermione saw him turn from her walking away. But if he was going to leave her he needed to know the truth of how she felt about him. If he truly wanted to leave her then fine but she had to get this out. Because she would literally die if he chose this.

"Draco wait," She pleaded a tear slipping through her face.

His strides stopped for a moment. Don't listen to her pleads Draco keep walking; don't look back, because you'll give in if you do.He stood their his head and his heart screaming at him to do opposite things. His body was literally tearing itself apart.

"Please wait," She said again.

His drew a deep breath as he ignored her and kept walking once again to the door.

Hermione couldn't believe it; he was really going to leave her. No this couldn't be happening, no, no, no, she thought. She felt her body go numb, her emotions collapsing into an everlasting pain. She couldn't let him go like this.

"Draco!" She screamed at him but he wouldn't listen to her.

She finally got the strength from adrenalin to rip off the sheets from her legs and stand up to go run after him. But as soon as she stood up she cried out in pain, her injured leg giving out from the weight of her body. She felt herself fall swiftly as she felt the cold ground come in contact with her body.

Draco heard her fall as he quickly turned around seeing her lying on the floor with tears running down her face. He cursed silently as he ran back to her, scolding himself for not knowing that she would do something stupid.

"Hermione are you alright?" He said picking her up off the ground in his arms holding her like a bride on her wedding day, unwilling to let go of her.

Hermione was crying but not because of her fall, or even the searing amount of pain her leg and stomach was in.

"I chose you Draco," She said ignoring his question. She saw the surprised look on Draco's face, she wrapped her arms around him her face leaning into his chest, "I don't want anyone one else and that includes Jason."

"Draco I need you. I literally need you, if you left me…" She said tears pouring through, "I would die, because I already chose you Draco, I don't know when it happened but," She paused trying to find the right words, "I know that if I had anyone in the entire world I wouldn't want any of them except you. I- I love you."

Draco's heart suddenly filled with warmth as she spoke those words of conformation to him as he cradled her small body in his arms. Draco had never heard those words spoken with such honesty and caring as he heard hers in that moment. A single tear of happiness escaped his eyes as she clung to him in desperation hoping he would believe her. He breathed a sigh of relief as he walked over to her bed again sitting down on her hospital bed but kept her in his lap.

"Don't leave me," She whispered finally meeting his eyes her eyes swollen.

Draco's heart was filled with a indescribable joy. He new that he would never be able to leave her even if he wanted to, even if he tried to force himself.

"No… I won't leave you Hermione," He said cupping her face, "…Because I love you to."

He leaned down to her lips capturing hers with his. He tasted salty tears but didn't care; it tasted like heaven to him. It seemed like the only thing to do to make her believe that he wouldn't leave her. He wanted Hermione Granger to be his and only his.

Hermione felt relieved as she wrapped her arms around his neck pinning her body to his, fearing that he might escape her if she let go. He ran his hands through her hair making her moan from how good it felt to have him touch her like that again.

She leaned back on the bed slowly brining him with her down until her back was flat against the mattress. Draco leaned over her carefully making sure not to put any weight on her body. He loved being able to touch her, be close to her. It made him feel alive, it gave him something to live for to hope for. Something he had desperately needed in his life. He kissed her back passionately with every intention of doing this every chance he could. They kissed for what seemed like ages making sure they memorized one another's lips.

Draco finally pulled away letting Hermione breathe.

"I love you Hermione Granger," Draco whispered on her lips moving her lips with is lightly as he said the words, "I won't ever try to leave you again I promise," Hoping she would believe him.

Hermione couldn't do anything but believe him. She was too dependent on him now for him to leave her. She needed him in her life and she wouldn't let him go with out a fight.

Hermione breathed in his sweet rose sent craving those words and locking them in her heart to remember, "I trust you," She whispered.

Draco leaned and kissed her sweetly on the temple.

And in that moment she truly did believe him. He would never leave her…

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