The Chemicals React

Chapter 14

Hermione put her arms tightly around Draco's neck as he picked her up carefully.

"Now make sure you use this on your wounds so they don't get infected," Madam Pomfrey instructed them handing them a bottle of what looked like clear shampoo, but Hermione new better, it was probably another sick potion, "It might sting a bit when you get in the water so be prepared."

Hermione nodded as Madam Pomfrey turned to leave, "Now if you'll excuse me I have to go tend to Neville… just got injured from an exploding potion," She rolled her eyes, "I swear he comes in more often than you Ms. Granger," She said giving a light smile as she turned to walk away, "Be careful with her Mr. Malfoy," She said over her shoulder.

Draco said nothing in response as he walked toward the large doors to the bathrooms.

"I should be wishing her luck… Neville will be a piece of work," He muttered to Hermione as she gave him a small smile secretly agreeing with him.

He carried her silently and swiftly down the long corridor glad that no one was in the hallways but in class instead. Hermione clung to him as she tried to refrain from wincing in pain. She laid her head on his chest as she breathed in his sent; it was like air finally filled her lungs all the way. His frost rose sent made her head spin.

"I'm sorry if I'm heavy," Hermione whispered.

Draco actually laughed, "You insult my strength… carrying you is no harder than lifting a feather," He said.

She blushed as he went on, "And don't you dare apologize for anything that happens for the next couple of weeks," He said his face becoming serious and painful, "Every time you wince it's like a horrible reminder that I was the one who did this to you, I should be the one to say sorry."

Hermione kissed his cheek, "I'm fine Draco, really. I'll be perfectly normal before you know it," She said giving him a false smile.

He glared down at her, "Lying doesn't help, honestly Hermione you can barely stand by yourself."

They finally reached the large portrait that led to the bathrooms; Hermione recognized them to be the prefects.

"Are we allowed to go in these?" She asked worried.

Draco rolled his eyes ignoring her comment, "Flubber worm," He said to the mermaid that sat on a rock playing with her hair.

She giggled at the sight of them, "Why I don't know if I should let you in with a lady, but I have no choice," She sighed as the portrait swung open.

With out another word Draco walked into the large bathroom.

Hermione caught her breath. The bath room was huge, with sinks along the left side and a large bath tub the size of a hot tub, or even a small pool. There were a few chairs and mirrors along the right side of the room that reminded Hermione somewhat of a vanity desk. The floor was made with a light cream marble that matched the sinks and bathroom stalls. The bath tub had at least fifty different faucets that no doubt had different scents for the water, mixtures and potions.

Draco didn't seem to care as he set the large towel and potion on the counter.

"Can you try to stand?" He asked her, still in his arms.

Hermione nodded hoping that this attempt would go better than the previous.

He set her down as gently as he could as Hermione's small feet met the floor. She clung to him still as she slowly put her weight on the bad leg, it stung a lot but she could stand.

Draco still held her arms, "You ok?" He asked looking at her pained face.

She nodded her head yes.

"Can you take off your night gown alright?" He asked his face emotionless.

Hermione's face reddened, "Yes I can if you um, unzip the back," She said quietly.

Draco turned her around reaching for the zipper on the back of her gown. He had to remind himself what he was doing for a moment; he couldn't let his mind wandered for fear of wanting…. Other things.

As soon as he unzipped it he turned her back around.

"I'm going to let you go now so you can undress," He said looking only at her eyes, "Will you be ok?"

Hermione hated this, "Yes I think so," She felt humiliated as her face turned redder.

Draco slowly let go of her, taking a few steps away from her and grabbed the towel.

"Here," He said handing her the towel.

"Thank you," She said shyly as he turned around like a gentlemen not looking. He decided to start to go fill the tub with water while she changed to keep his mind from wandering to where it shouldn't.

She took a big breath and slowly took of the night gown and put it gently on the counter. Her stomach ached when she bent down to take off her under wear but she hid the pain. She didn't want Draco to hear, it would only make him more uncomfortable. She lifted her bra off above her head totally exposed as she grabbed her towel quickly covering herself once again.

"Draco," She called as she felt her leg sting with more and more pain. She wasn't sure she could stand much longer.

He turned his head away from the flowing water coming out three of the huge pipes making the tub fill quickly.

His eyes locked on her, taking in the gorgeous scene he was seeing. She looked absolutely adorable in only the large green towel. There was something about her humbleness about her not knowing how beautiful she was that made her more attractive. She was every man's dream, Draco felt himself get warm, but he told himself that it was just the bath water.

He suddenly came back to his senses as she said his name again.

"Draco?" She asked as her knees became weak.

Hermione caught the long gaze that Draco gave her, he was probably thinking of how he would rather be any where than here. She felt self conscience as she wrapped her arms around herself, feeling the cool air through the towel.

He walked up to her slowly, "You ready?"

She looked down, "Look Draco you really don't have to this… If you don't I completely-"

But she was cut off by his soft lips coming down on her boldly. Hermione immediately felt the nervousness fly out of her as she felt his lips on hers. He moved their lips slowly and passionately making Hermione feel like she was floating. Draco kissed her for a long time until he felt her relax.

His lips left hers and went down to her neck kissing it for the first time. He held her head in one of his hands as the other went to support her back. He felt her smooth neck arch back as she let out a soft moan. His lips felt amazing to Hermione, the warmth they brought her made her instantly weak at the knees. She felt her knees give out as she started to fall, but Draco was smooth as he caught easily not stopping kissing her neck. He held her in his arms cradling her close to his chest, his lips still roaming her neck. Hermione was limp and comfortable in his arms as she closed her eyes.

Finally Draco pulled back as Hermione lifted her head to meet his eyes. She caught her breath for a moment; his eyes were a gorgeous shade of purple.

"I want to," He said simply, his face still close to hers trying to keeping his voice in control.

Hermione nodded in response not able find her voice to respond to him.

"You're beautiful Hermione, don't think I mind doing this," He said before he could stop himself. He instantly wanted to slap himself. What in the world was he doing? He was in love with Hermione Granger, the Hermione Granger. When did he lose himself? He couldn't even remember a time before she didn't matter to him. He felt himself attach himself more to her emotionally making her have more power over him than he wanted her to have. But that didn't matter to him anymore, his status, his family, and his peers, none of that seemed to matter anymore…

Hermione blushed at his words, "Thank you… but I think it's the other way around," She said still staring at his purple eyes that stood out from his blonde hair that laid perfectly on his head. His strong jaw bone giving him a manlier look than any boy should have before they were at least twenty. He was gorgeous to no end, and he was unbelievably all hers.

He raised his head as he walked her over the large tub, feeling the steam of the water made Hermione feel a lot better as they got closer.

"It's not fair how much control you have over me," He said mostly to himself as he finally looked away from her, "You know that?" He said as he lowered one of his hands to test the water.

Hermione was taken aback as her face grew into a smile.

Draco looked back at her finding her smiling; his face grew into a scowl.

"What's so funny?" He asked coldly.

Hermione shook her head, "I never thought I would live to hear those words come from you mouth, me Hermione Granger having control over Draco Malfoy," She said whispering it tauntingly in his ear.

Draco looked at her rolling his eyes, "Yeah yeah well I didn't have much of a choice."

She rolled her eyes playfully looking down into the water.

"…But I'm glad it was you Hermione," He said softly, so softly that Hermione almost wasn't able to hear it.

She looked at him gently, "Me too," She whispered.

His head snapped to her as she looked down avoiding his eyes.

He cleared his throat loudly.

"Well let's get you in," He said giving her a sudden smirk.

Hermione insides gave a flip, this will be fun she thought groaning.

He ignored her facial expression slowly setting her down on the first step of the three that led into the bubble filled tub.

Hermione slowly with Draco's help got in slowly until she reached the last step. Hermione grew nervous again. She would have to take off her towel. She stopped for a moment.

Draco noticed her hesitation as he slowly let her go.

"I'll turn around," He said, "Don't slip," He scolded her as he turned away from her.

Hermione rolled her eyes as she through a second glance at Draco making sure he wasn't looking. She slowly unwrapped herself from the towel and placed it on the edge of the tub. She took a deep breath and slowly tried to sit down. She was doing great until her wounded leg touched the water. It stung like unbelievable pain. She lost her strength as she felt her self gasp in pain as she fell into the water.

Draco cursed as he heard a splash as Hermione went into the water. He quickly took off his shirt and went into the water reaching for her. How stupid was he for leaving her like that, she could hardly stand on her own yet. Panic was enveloping him as he felt her small body and easily lifted it to the surface.

She came up coughing, her face twisted in pain. She clung to him for a moment as tried to stop coughing.

"Hermione are you alright?" He asked his face covered in worry.

She finally caught her breath enough to nod.

He pulled her close to him as he could feel her shaking, "Shush it's ok," He said as tried to ignore her pained face.

"I'm so sorry," She said quickly, "I thought I could do it by myself, but when my wound touched the water it…" She drifted off as she grasped her stomach to keep from wincing.

Draco wanted to slap himself; he should have remembered Madam Pomfrey's warning.

"What did I tell you about apologizing," He said coldly, his eye reaching into hers. He had to stop and stare for a moment.

She was soaked, her wet hair hanging limply down around her face water dripping from it. She was still completely naked, and he scolded himself for letting his mind wander. He simply starred at her gorgeous face.

Hermione was doing the same. Malfoy's gorgeous face was covered in anger and worry. He was truly the most stunning thing she had ever laid eyes on and here he was, putting his arms around her carefully. She noticed his strong jaw bone flexed when he clenched his mouth in frustration. Her eyes couldn't help but notice that his shirt was gone, his perfect chest showing instead. He was perfect not in just in his looks but in the way he cared for her… no one in this world cared for her as much as he did. How can you not love someone who would do anything for you?

"Oh sorry," She said after a moment then blushed. She had just apologized again.

A slow small smile flickered on his face but it was quickly gone as he remembered that she was in pain.

"We better put that potion on you," He said.

He lead her over to the side of the large bath tub as she sat on the marbled bench along the wall of the tub. Draco set her down carefully making sure to not look where he shouldn't as he did so. Soon enough she was sitting and the bubbles had covered her.

He went and handed her the clear bottle.

"Make sure to rub it in good, it will help with the pain," He said as he went to get out of the tub his black pants soaking wet.

But Hermione quickly grabbed his hand, "Don't go," She said before she could control her body into say no.

Surprise flickered across Draco's face as he stood there for a moment. She was going to be the death of him one day. He was already tempted into kissing the living day lights out of her but now she was asking him to stay in the water? He didn't know if he could control his Veela part much longer and he had an idea that it was the Veela in her asking him to stay. But he couldn't refuse her, not in a life time no matter how much he wished he could say no.

He finally gave a curt nod and sat down next to her in the water.

Hermione opened the bottle of potion and started to put it onto her arm. The clear gooey liquid came out smoothly like shampoo as she poured some into her hands. Hermione was having a hard time control her body. With the heat of the water and her mind not thinking straight it was hard to make herself stay where she was. It was the stupid Veela side of her screaming for his touch.

She put it onto her wound as she let out a sigh of relief; the pain was instantly gone from the wound. She continued as she wondered if it was hard for Draco too, probably not she scoffed. He's much too strong as to give into such a small temptation as her.

But then again she didn't know a lot about anything these days.

She felt herself grow warm as her body started to ache for him, like it knew that he was this close to her and she wasn't even wearing clothes to protect her body. She felt herself give in as she lifted her face to his.

She saw his face and her heart and will power immediately left her as she gave in. As soon as Draco's face came to met hers she instantly knew what she wanted.

She pressed her lips to his.

Draco couldn't believe that Hermione had suddenly kissed him. Was she hurting as much as he was? She must have because he knew Hermione wasn't one to give into temptation easily. He didn't mind a single bit, she could kiss him and time she wanted to and he wouldn't have the will power to tell her no. He cursed himself for his weakness.

Hermione felt him stay still for a moment but his body reacted almost instantly. She felt him relax as he scooted closer to her make her body grow even louder in demand to touch him.

She felt her hand come out of the water to run her fingers along his jaw line. Draco moaned softly.

He suddenly pulled away, "I can't Hermione," He said his eyes once again a purple shade.

Hermione slapped herself, "Draco I'm sorr-"

But as soon as Draco saw her crest fallen look from him refusing her made his heart break. Her happiness was everything to him.

He kissed her again not wanting to hear her apologize for making him the happiest man alive.

"It's not that… I just don't have control over myself like I used to," He said hoping she would understand.

Hermione nodded as she looked away feeling stupid. Her Veela making her cringe inside from his refusal to keep kissing her.

Draco felt his Veela nag at him to comfort her. To kiss her until she was his.

"What if I said I don't care," She said boldly, even surprising herself.

Draco's eyes snapped to hers.

She starred down at the water for a moment then back at him.

"Can I tell you something?" She said looking into his eyes, the eyes that seemed to haunt him.

Draco was surprised by her sudden change in topic but he wanted to hear what she was going to say, so he stayed silent waiting for her to go on. She took his silence for an answer waiting for her to go on.

"Do you remember when we were on the train to Hogwarts this year?" She asked him.

His eyes furrowed confused but nodded none the less.

"When me Harry and Ron were talking about our future?" She said her voice getting softer.

He nodded again.

"And when they asked me what was in store for me…I honestly didn't know what my future would be like," She said looking down at her fingers, "I didn't know if I would have a future like there's… a future that seemed so perfect… A future like all I'd ever wanted."

"But you want to know something?" She continued after a pause, she looked back up straight into his eyes, "When I think about my future now…. All I see is you," She whispered.

Draco felt his heart stop. Was this what he thought she was saying? That she really wouldn't mind spending the rest of his life with him? That she wouldn't care about his past and look at there future together instead?

Draco didn't know how to express in words what that meant to him. Draco was never good with words and he didn't know what to say to this amazing girl sitting in front of him.

"You want to know something?" Draco asked still looking into her eyes.

She nodded waiting to hear what he was about to say.

His lips finally met hers as Hermione felt her heart sore. She couldn't believe that Draco Malfoy was truly hers. She was afraid that this was all just a good dream, and that she would wake up to the empty life she didn't know she had before Draco came along and changed everything.

She felt herself melt into him as he kissed her. Both admitting that they wouldn't have a future without each other…

"I already knew that very day on the train that you would be my future," He said as he scooted closer to her body his face becoming dangerously close to hers, "Because I know that I'm completely… in love you with you."

His lips finally met hers as Hermione felt her heart soar. She couldn't believe that Draco Malfoy was truly hers. She was afraid that this was all just a good dream, and that she would wake up to the empty life she didn't know she had before Draco came along and changed everything.

She felt herself melt into him as he kissed her. Both admitting that they wouldn't have a future without each other…

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