The Chemicals React

Chapter 2

"It's good to see Hogwarts after two years, isn't it?" Hermione said as there carriage pulled up the castle.

"Yeah, it's great to see that it kept running even though the war was still going on," Harry said, "We haven't been home in two years,"

"You can only imagine what it was like in those two years," Ginny said scowling, still a little angry about getting left behind.

Harry rolled his eyes as he grabbed Gins hand and led her up toward the castle with Ginny whispering madly at him that he treated her like she was china. Hermione and Ron walked right behind them trying to suppress laughing at the two.

As she walked through the large doors she couldn't help but reminisce at the scene in front of her. Hogwarts was still the same as Hermione remembered it. It still had all the same moving portraits and the moving stair cases, getting the first years lost at the same time. She smiled to herself remembering the first year when she, Harry and Ron accidently went into the third floor to get away from Flich and his all seeing cat. That seemed so long ago.

Hermione was so deep in thought she did not realize where she was walking. She started to drift to the side and accidently bumped into someone. As she tried to regain her balance she almost tripped down the set of stairs but a strong arm around her waist caught her fall.

"Whoa careful," A handsome voice said behind her lifting her back up.

"I'm sorry I wasn't watching were I was go-" Hermione started to say when she looked at who it was and lost her voice.

Hermione didn't recognize the boy but he was the least to say very handsome. He had long shaggy brown hair and the greenest eyes she had ever seen. He was very tall and she could feel (and see) the muscle he had around her waist as he picked her up. His skin was tan and flawless… but who was he?

"It's ok," He smiled gently at her, Hermione's heart skipped a beat, "I'm Jason" sticking out his hand for hers.

"Hermione," She said as took his hand smiling, she looked down at there hands for only a moment and looked back up at his gorgeous face. His eyes were beautiful.

The smile slowly left her face into a curious look.

"Are you ok?" He said noticing her expression.

Hermione nodded, shaking her head awake, "Yeah I'm sorry-I just um- wasn't staring, zoned out, yeah.." She paused for a moment and then laughed at his confused look, "That didn't make any sense did it?"

"Hermione!" Ron yelled to her from down the stairs across the sea of people, "Come on!"

"Coming!" Hermione yelled back thankful to leave to save herself further embarrasment, she turned back a Jason.

"Well thank you, and sorry again!" She said and headed down the stairs quickly before he could say another word, leaving him to stare after her.

They entered the Great Hall as Hermione looked toward the sealing; Hogwarts still had her favorite part, the enchanted sky with the candles floating above them. It made her smile just seeing it again.

Ginny found Hermione's hand and grabbed it.

"Do you know who that was?" Ginny said with a smile on her face, "That was Jason West, you just talked to one of the hottest guy's in our school!"

Hermione rolled her eyes while Ginny laughed as she saw Hermione blushing.

The feast went in the orderly fashion it usually took. The first years came in looking as scared as ever as the Hat was administered to each of them calling out the houses they would be sorted into. McGonagall was the new Head Master now, she had been ever since the war had been over. She looked a lot older then she had the last time Hermione had seen her, but that didn't change the fact that she still had the same sharp cat look to her face. The welcome back speech was then given to the students and announed the new staff. There was a new potion teacher and a new defense against the dark arts teacher. None of which Hermione had ever heard of as they stood up when there names were called. Both of them recieved polite applause.

Finally McGonagall started listing off the set of rules when Hermione got bored of listening and looked down at her plate sitting in front of her. She sighed as she heard her stomach growl wishing that they could eat soon.

She heard a chuckle to the side of her as Ron whispered; "Now you know how I feel every feast,"

Hermione smiled as she rolled her eyes and nudged him in the ribs playfully.

Suddenly Hermione felt a pair of eyes on her as looked away from Ron and looked toward the Slytherin table.

Malfoy was looking at Hermione with a cold glare as she suddenly felt her insides squirm. She starred at him wondering why he was glaring, when she realized it wasn't her he was looking at. He was looking at Ron. Suddenly Malfoy's eyes moved directly to hers. She was almost expecting a disgusted snide look like every other time he looked her way, but she was surprised. His hard face grew softer the longer he looked at her. His face was gentle as he looked away.

Hermione couldn't help but stare at him even though there was no point in doing so. He was actually breath taking when he wasn't a prat or being his stubborn Malfoy self. Somehow in that moment Hermione saw a glimpse of Malfoy that she had never seen.

Malfoy looked back again at her as Hermione finally looked away blushing, feeling sheepish that she had been starring at him for so long.

Hermione tried to focus on what the Head Master was saying but she could feel Malfoy's eye still on her and it was making it hard to pay attention to anything else. She finally couldn't take it anymore as she looked at him again.

He was still smiling as she looked at him questioningly. Suddenly she saw him mouthing something to her… was it, look down?
She did as she was instructed and looked down to see a piece of parchment laying on her lap. She looked at it confused on how it got there but picked it up and read it anyway.

You just can't stop starring at me can you Granger?

Hermione looked back up at Malfoy; he was still watching her with a smirk. Did he send this?

She got a quill out of her bag as she wrote,

Only because you keep starring at me Malfoy, I'm only looking at you questioning your sanity.

She ended as the parchment folded it self up to a paper air plane and dove under the table towards Malfoy going in between students feet.

Clever, she said to herself remembering how she had seen students send messages with enchanted flying paper air planes.

She watched Malfoy's face expecting him to be angry but his smile only got wider. Entranced by his smile, she watched him. His perfect features looking down at the parchment as he wrote. Hermione couldn't believe she never saw it before.

Suddenly the parchment was back on her lap as she picked it up to read the next message.

Can you blame me?

Her heart skipped a beat looking down at the neat handwriting. She glanced back up to see his silver eyes meet her brown ones. He gave her a small crooked smile and looked away.

Hermione dismissed it, he was just messing with her... right?

Over all the feast was delicious and Hermione felt like there was enough food in her stomach to feed ten people. McGonagall dismissed them to there dorms as the students piled out of the Great Hall laughing and joking.

"Hermione," Ginny called to her, "We have to stay up late tonight in the dorms! I want to catch up on everything that happened this summer!"

"Alright, where are you going?" Hermione asked as she saw Harry beckoning Ginny.

"I don't know Harry said he wanted to show me something," She said with a smile as she left to go join him.

Hermione smiled and rolled her eyes at the two love birds as she and Ron left to go up toward the Gryffindor tower.

They were almost to the stair case when Hermione caught sight of Padma.

"Ron have you even said hello to Padma since we got here?" Hermione asked Ron.

"Well…no not exactly but-" Ron said growing slightly red.

"Ron! That horrible," Hermione said giving him a scolding look, "Go say hi she's right there."

Ron nodded his head, "Ok… here it goes," He said giving her one last smile as he left through the crowd to see her.

Hermione laughed as Ron accidently tripped on his way over to Padma but luckily for Ron she hadn't seen him yet.

She chuckled to herself and turned the other way as she headed for a empty hall way to get away from the crowd.

She walked slowly looking at the stone walls; the loud voices becoming softer and softer as she continued to walk father away from the crowd. It was nice to be alone after being surrounded by people for so long; she had almost gotten used to it over the years. It gave her room to think and to relax.

She rounded another corner leading to long empty hall way, hearing only her footsteps echo along the stone walls.

Suddenly she heard another pair of echoing foot steps. She didn't any attention to them, thinking it was just another student taking a different way like she did. It was then she heard his voice.

"Where's the famous trio Granger?"

Hermione spun around to see a gorgeous pale faced Draco Malfoy smirking at her from a few feet away.

"I'm surprised they let you wander by yourself," He said walking up to her.

"I could say the same thing about you, where are your two henchmen?" Hermione said strongly.

"Touché," Malfoy said coming to a stop very close to Hermione's face.

Hermione being the stubborn person she was didn't back away even though she was slightly uncomfortable on how close he was standing.

"What do you want Malfoy," She asked coldly although her heart was beating faster as she looked into his eyes, but his eyes weren't the silver she remembered, they seemed to have a shade of purple in them… why did she keep noticing people's eye color?

"Don't worry Granger nothing to worry about I just came to talk," He said his smirk sliding slowly off of his face growing a little more serious, "And to apologize."

Hermione's eye brows grew together, Malfoy? Apologizing?

"I haven't treated you in the best over the years, and I know that I caused you and your friends a lot of pain," He said slowly, "I never had the intention of things getting as bad as they were…"

Hermione stood speechless. Was she hearing correctly? This was the Draco Malfoy she had known over the years…wasn't it?

They stood in silence for a moment as Hermione realized Malfoy was waiting for her to say something.

"Why are you apologizing to me now?" She asked wondering where in the world this was coming from.

Malfoy's eyes grew back to a clear silver as he suddenly put up his guard.

"You'll find out soon, it's a necessary thing to do before anything else happens." He said looking into her eyes for one last moment. Then finally brushed past her leaving her in a once again, empty hall way.

Hermione was in awe, that was a moment she would never forget.

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