The Chemicals React

Chapter 4

Hermione was in the library early Friday morning. Her eyes drooping as she scanned the pages of the book, 'The Making of beautiful Witches.' She was researching of course, trying to find out an explanation of the strange things that were occurring to her, but she wasn't having much luck. She felt completely exhausted from last night, hardly getting any sleep thanks to the chatting girls in her dormitory.

She slammed the 'The Making of beautiful Witches' book shut as she gave a defeated sigh rubbing her forehead.

What in the world am I doing? I have no idea where to even start looking. She thought staring at the pile of books in frustration.

Hermione sat like this for a while, trying to recall the recent events that had happened to her, maybe there were clues that she had over looked? Maybe something that could fit this all together, but what?

Hermione gave a loud sigh and looked up glancing at her surroundings in the large library. Students were quietly reading and writing their essays on desk tables, others were whispering loudly looking for books down the isles (being a little to disruptive in her opinion). She glanced out the window to the grounds letting her eyes have a break from reading pages and pages of books.

It was a sunny bright day. She saw students sit and walk across the lawn, enjoying there morning break with some fresh air. Her eyes went farther down to the lake, watching the waves push up against the small sandy area where water met land. Hermione smiled to herself as she suddenly wished she was out side instead of in the large library.

Hermione went to pick up her things as she suddenly saw movement from the window. It scared her for a moment, but then she realized that it was her reflection that had made the sudden movement. Hermione gazed at her self, she could hardly recognize the bushy hair that had been their before, or her over sized teeth. Now it was replaced with perfection, her skin, her eyes, her hair, even her body was stunning. All flowing together in a glowing beautiful look.

Hermione remembered her conversation with Harry and Ron two days ago…

"You kind of remind me of Fleur the way you look now…you look like a Veela," Hermione remembered Ron's voice floating in her head.

Hermione thought that impossible, her Hermione Granger a Veela? But there really wasn't another good hunch. She had to figure it out and if she couldn't find the answer she could at least check it to eliminate the possibility for good.

Hermione got up and went straight for the Magical Creatures section. T… U… V's Veela's got it! Hermione picked up a rather thick book labeled The life and Curse of Veela's. She looked at some other books that might be helpful but she settled on the large book and took it back to her table to examine it.

Hermione couldn't really believe that she was doing this. In all her life she never thought she would have to do check up's on things like this, but here she was trying to eliminate the possibility that she might,emphasis on the might, be a Veela.

She flipped through the chapter headings and decided to go the makings of Veela's. She scanned the chapter quickly looking for some similar signs between her and anything she could find in the book. But she found nothing, it was only about how Veela's got started and their heritage. It said nothing about what they do or how their like. Hermione tried another chapter, maybe the Daily life's of Veela's? She quickly turned there to scan the pages but there was nothing that discussed the turning into a Veela.

She sighed as she went back to the chapter headings. But this time something caught her eye that might be interesting, Veela's and their Mates. Curiosity caught her and flipped to the page and began to read….

Veela's have been existing for centuries, ever since man. Veela's are close to humans but also very different from people, in the ways that they look and more importantly in ways of showing emotion and needs. Once a Veela becomes of age at seventeen, their task is to find a mate. Usually the Veela picks a mate that is a challenge for them, someone who they are most like. No one has been able to explain why but Veela's never mate with other Veela's. The mate is always human, once that human is marked by there mate, they too, become a full blood Veela. There is no such thing of a 'half blood Veela' only pure blood Veela's exist. Veela's eye color is one of the ways which you can see difference in emotions. Their coloring of eyes can be an easy thing to tell what their feeling, there are many colors which they can turn with their emotions but most commonly seen is their eyes turn either black when there angry, silver when there with there mate, and purple when there in lust.

Once the human mate is marked their looks will change becoming a full Veela themselves, their looks will become perfected in there own body. Marking is usually found on the neck of the human mate from a kiss/bite on the neck or even a slight touch if it is strong enough. After the marking is done they will start to grow a bond to each other. The Veela is known to fall in love much faster than the human mate because their blood is still changing, once they become to there full Veela form they will be able to love just as deeply as the other.

But one has to understand Veela's are very love full creatures, but with that love there also is hate. Veela mates are very protective of there human mate, a simple touch from the opposite sex can send off major sparks of anger, any sign of a threat can lead to bad situations...

Hermione had read enough; amazed at what she had just discovered. She had never even heard of anyone talk about how Veela's found their mates. But here was the proof sitting right in front of her. There was a full possibility that she could be becoming a Veela. It said that any human could become a Veela through their mate, looks and feelings both change which had in fact changed for her.

But she still couldn't be sure yet. She didn't exactly know of any Veela's at Hogwarts waltzing around. But it wouldn't show until they were around seventeen, she told herself; the side effects would barely be shown to be proof that they were indeed a Veela.

But the question is if I am a Veela… who's my mate?

"Granger?" A handsome voice whispered into her ear.

Hermione jumped from the closeness of the voice not even noticing anyone was approaching her.

"Whoa it's just me," Jason said taking a step back, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you,"

Hermione caught her breath and let out a sigh.

"It's alright I was just, uh, deep thinking," She said giving him a sarcastic smile.

Jason smiled a heart melting smile as he took a seat beside her.

"Thinking about what?" He asked curious.

The question caught Hermione off guard, "Um… Not sure if you'd believe me,"

"Try me," He pressed.

Hermione took a moment to wonder if she should trust him. He seemed friendly enough, and his tone did sound genuine.

But before Hermione could answer him she found that he was already finding out the answer, reading the Veela book that was once in front of her.

"Veela's huh Granger?" Jason said closing the book and throwing it back onto the table.

"Yes I was doing a bit of light researching," She said.

"What sparked the theme of Veela's?" He asked.

Hermione finally looked into his eyes trying to find a good answer to his question. His green enchanting eyes were pulling her in like a spell. She realized that he was still waiting for a response.

"Um…" She said trying to recover from her silence, "Just curious, I've actually haven't heard a lot about them, never really cared until now."

Jason nodded not looking surprised by her answer.

"Why were you looking at Veela mates?" Jason asked his face lighting up with teasing, "Don't fancy one in hopes of becoming a Veela do you?"

Hermione was shocked, "Of course I don't!"

"Of course," He said copying her with light smile.

Hermione rolled her eyes at him not being able to hold back a smile.

"Why do you care what I'm interested in?" Hermione said throwing the questions on him now, "And a better question why are you here?"

These questions seemed to through him off guard but he quickly recovered.

"Well," He started, "I was in the library walking around looking for a poitions essay topic when I saw you,"

Hermione waited for him to continue but he didn't say anything, obviously thinking he explained the whole question on why he was here.

"You saw me and?" Hermione pressed smiling liking how she was able to make him squirm.

"And I saw you and thought I would come talk you," He said looking at her like she was stupid.

"Why?" She asked.

He laughed at her, "I'll leave you alone then," He said getting up.

"No you don't have to," Hermione said her body reacting faster than she wanted it to.

He looked at her for a moment looking like he was pleased with himself.

"Don't worry about it Granger I have to get to my class any way," He said to her smiling his white teeth shinning, "But next time I come up and try to talk to you, don't think I have to have a reason to,"

With that he walked toward the door out of the library, girls craning their heads to get a better look at him.

Hermione walked out of her last class that day with relief. She had been stressing about that first examination since the first day of classes but now it was over and could have the rest of the weekend to catch up on other things. She hadn't seen Malfoy since poitions. She had been both glad and she even admitted disappointed that she hadn't seen him lately.

She wondered if Malfoy knew that she might be a Veela? In potions it was clear that he wanted her to look in the library for it. Was it possible that the Draco Malfoy was a Veela too? He sure had the looks of one. His looks were getting better everyday, and she wasn't the only one who noticed. Ginny was even caught starring at him in the Great Hall by Harry; she said she was only starring into space as a blush crept onto her face.

Hermione had to admit that it was possible. But there was no way of knowing for sure… Right?

She turned to go down the steps, still enveloped in her thoughts ignoring her surroundings. Hermione wasn't usually clumsy but her mind was somewhere else. Suddenly, she felt her stomach flip from missing a step. She felt her books about to fall from her hands, she tried to save them from falling but she lost her balance and fell head forward down the steep steps.

Hermione felt her head hit the ground hard as she tried to grab something to keep her from continuing to fall down the steps but she couldn't, the hit from the ground made her mind fuzzy not being able to concentrate. She felt her self falling fast.

Suddenly she hit into something hard, she had hit into someone she realized. Hermione suddenly stopped worrying about herself and worried that she was going to knock them both down the stairs. She tried to stop herself once again but she felt two strong arms around her small body, cradling her gently and swiftly lifted her up.

She looked into her saviors eyes and realized it was familiar grey eyes, Malfoy. She felt frozen for a moment as she lay in his arms. She felt faint as she tasted blood in her mouth, it tasted like rusted salt. She quickly realized it was her head that was bleeding, she lifted her hand to her head flinching from the pain.

She looked up and studied Malfoy; she couldn't have been more surprised at the look that was on his face. His perfect features were covered in worry and concern. He looked down at her with concern, tending to her head. Suddenly he put robes on her head to stop the bleeding.

"Are you ok?" His angel voice rang in her ears he leaned over her, "What happened?"

"I-I fell," She said sheepishly.

He cradled her into his chest as he effortlessly stood up quickly going down the stairs. Hermione clung to him not wanting to fall again.

Malfoy seemed to notice the action as he pulled her closer, "I'm not going to let you fall," He whispered into her ear.

He walked quickly down the hall as Hermione finally started seeing students around all of them giving them all worried looks as they saw Hermione's head (not to mention Malfoy's robes) covered in blood. Malfoy seemed to easily ignore them looking a head.

"Where are we going?" Hermione asked.

"Hospital wing of course," Malfoy said.

"I can walk," Hermione said not liking the strange looks.

Malfoy looked down at her unbelievably, "Your hurt Granger, and if you tried to walk you'd probably just fall over again."

Then he whispered more to himself, "Are you insane,"

Hermione didn't say anything as she felt Malfoy's worry become anger.

"What happened?" She heard the voice of Harry in the distance, she was slowly losing grip on staying awake.

She tried her best to stay focused.

"Don't worry Potter I have her," Malfoy said protectively not stopping to chat.

"She covered in blood Malfoy what did you do to her!" Ron's voice rang through the hall.

Hermione felt another pair of arms try to grab her, as she winced as Ron roughly grabbed a bruised spot.

Malfoy swiftly pulled her away from him.

"Stop it Weasely you're hurting her," Malfoy said his voice ice cold, "Now move she's already lost enough blood,"

"We'll take her from here Malfoy," Harry said roughly.

"Potter leave," Malfoy said shoving past them.

Ron must have got out his wand because Malfoy did the same.

"Stupify!" Malfoy said calmly as the voices stopped as he left the hall without a backward glance.

"Please don't tell me you really did that," Hermione said incredibly.

"They deserved it," Malfoy said his eyes a dark black frozen color.

They finally made it to the hospital wing as he carefully laid her on a bed.

"I'll get Madam Pomfery," He said caringly, his eyes back to a silver color, "Stay here,"

She watched him leave and then she suddenly felt cold from they lack of his touch, wanting him to come back. She felt her self being sucked into a black sleep…

Hermione woke up in the hospital wing. The windows bringing in moonlight shine lighting up the wing. It was night fall. Hermione tried to sit up but she felt a sharp pain in her head spreading through her body.

She felt something heavy on her legs as she looked down to see Malfoy asleep. She couldn't help but feeling a little glad that he was still here, she was growing a strange need for him, and she wasn't sure if it was healthy.

Madam Pomfery walked over to her.

"Oh good your awake," She said, "Drink this."

She handed Hermione a small blue liquid potion.

Hermione drank it without complaint as it quickly made the sting in her head cease.

Pomfery took the glass back, "That feels better doesn't it?"

Hermione looked back at Malfoy perfect face, His breathing steady undisturbed from the talking.

"He hasn't left since he brought you here you know," She said smiling at him, "He was really worried about you, a little overprotective but that's how they normally are, a bit high tempered to."

"Normally are?" Hermione repeated.

Pomfery looked at Hermione amazed, "My dear Mr. Malfoy is a Veela, did you not know?"

Hermione shocked look gave her an answer.

Pomfery suddenly looked apologetic, "I'm sorry he probably wanted to tell you that himself,"

"Do you not know that you're his...?" Pomfery started then paused, "You know I think I'll let you get some rest," She said hurriedly before she could let anything else slip, leaving Hermione to her thoughts.

Hermione looked down at Malfoy again. His face glowing in the moon light, he looked so peaceful. Perfect in her opinion.

She had a suddenly impulse to touch him. She slowly stretched out her hand as her hand softly grazed his face. It felt as smooth as anything she had ever felt. She ran her fingers through his hair, letting the blonde soft hair fall through her fingers.

She suddenly pulled her hand back.

No she told herself. This couldn't be true, she told herself.

But Malfoy is a Veela… could she possibly be the one he picked?

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