The Chemicals React

Chapter 7

Hermione's first class after free period went by unbelievably slow.

She at least had Harry and Ron to try to keep her occupied. They drew funny cartoons on a small piece of parchment in order to keep themselves entertained from the awfully boring film about Goblin protests. She had to admit they were funny, she smiled widely when they drew professor Umbridge getting smashed in a Goblin rampage yelling at the 'half breeds' to stop.

She couldn't help but think of Malfoy. She scolded herself for being so excited to see him again, after all this is still the same Malfoy that had once called her a mudblood. She knew that their relationship wouldn't be an easy one. They were going to have bumpy roads guaranteed.

Ugh Hermione stop thinking about it… Maybe I shouldn't go see him? But she immediately scratched that one out, knowing her feet would take her there even if she didn't want to.

Maybe if I get my mind on something else…

But suddenly her mind thought of a different boy. Someone who was completely opposite of Malfoy.


She hadn't spoken to him since he left her outside of the hospital with Malfoy. She instantly felt guilty about it; she hadn't even seen him since now that she thought about it.

But now that she knew that Malfoy was a Veela and she was his mate where does that leave Jason?

She knew she would have to tell him soon. Her looks had already completed physically changing, (looking stunning even though she wouldn't dare acknowledge this thinking it prideful) and she knew that other things would change too. Hermione would have to love Malfoy in the end right? Her body had already changed now her blood was changing to. She had no control over what was happening to her, and if Jason was starting to have feelings for her, he had the right to know.

You don't even know that he likes you she thought to herself. For all she knew they were simply good friends.

If he brings it up then you may have to tell him she told herself. She agreed with her mind on this one.

Her mind came back to the present as the lights came back on finally noticing that the film had ended. Students looked like they had been sleeping through the whole thing, their robes imprinting lines on the sides of their faces proved her assumption right.

They all were excused as they went out of the class sleepily. One more class Hermione.

"That was the lamest excuse for a class," Ron complained as they walked into the large hallway following the mass of students, "That was enough to make me want to take one of those awful puking pastry's that Fred and George invented."

Even Hermione agreed laughing at Ron's grumpy face.

"At least we have only one more class, I'm about to pass out from lack of sleep," Harry said.

"Not sneaking off with Ginny for a midnight stroll are we Harry," Hermione said teasing.

Ron looked shocked, "What?"

"Ron it was a joke," Hermione said winking at Harry.

"Yeah, that would be appalling compared to you and Padma that did have a public make out session this morning before breakfast," Harry said smiling at Ron.

Harry and Hermione chuckled at Ron's flushed face leaving him speechless.

"Wow Ron I think that's the first time I've ever seen you keep your temper," Said Hermione pretending to be awestruck.

"I think that Padma might have a good effect on you after all," Harry added to the teasing.

"That's it," Said Ron smiling lunging at Harry.

Hermione laughed aloud as Ron and Harry started playfully fighting.

"Knock it off you too," Hermione said laughing, "I'll see you two after my muggles studies class!"

Ron rolled his eyes, "Why did you take muggle studies when you already know everything about them?"

Hermione was about to respond when a handsome voice came from behind her.

"Sometimes it's interesting to see your world from the eyes of someone else."

Hermione spun around to the familiar voice seeing a very tan dark haired Jason.

The trio stared at him for a moment as Hermione regained her voice, her heart beating strangely fast.

"Exactly," She said to Ron, "I think it's interesting to see from a wizard's perspective what muggles are like."

Jason smiled at her, "May I escort you to our next class?'

"Our? You have muggle studies too?" Hermione's heart felt itself secretly become glad.

He nodded and smiled at her.

Hermione turned back to Ron and Harry.

"I'll see you two later?" She said dismissing herself.

Ron was half glaring at Jason but none the less nodded.

"We'll see you back in the common room," Harry said.

With that they turned to leave walking down the corridor. She watched them for a moment as her attention was immediately brought back to Jason.

Hermione realized he was starring at her. His eyes were more intense than she had ever seen them. Her eyes unwillingly got caught in his. She took a moment to look at him, to really look at him. She felt her heart melt as his face suddenly grew into a half smile, she forgot how perfectly gorgeous he was.

"Come on Granger," He finally said nudging his head toward their class room.

Hermione felt sheepish as she blushed and followed him silently to their class room.

The class was abnormally large as they stepped into the lightly lit class room. Hermione made her way to the back row wanting to be away from the other students who were talking noisily, and not to her surprise, Jason followed her closely taking the seat beside her.

He was just about to say something to Hermione when a perfectly gorgeous blonde came striding up to their table, Angela. Hermione didn't know much about her, only that she wasn't known for being a pleasant person.

"Hey Jas," She said completely ignoring the presence of Hermione making Hermione feel no more alive than a piece of furniture.

"I was wondering where'd you run off to," She said playing with her hair lightly giving him a perfect smile.

"I found Hermione and thought we would walk to class together," Jason said with out the same warmth that he had previously, "I'm sorry I must have lost you in the crowd," He said innocently, but Jason's voice hardly convinced Hermione, it was emotionless but Angela didn't seem to notice.

She gave a fake laugh, "It's alright Jas, hey what do you say you come sit up front with me and the gang," She kept her eyes solely locked on Jason making it obvious that Hermione wasn't invited.

Jason's eyes suddenly went cold, "Thanks Angela but I think I stick back here," He said draping one of his arms around Hermione's chair.

Angela finally gave a glance at Hermione looking at her venomously, but she quickly slipped a mask on smiling once again.

"Oh of course! But make sure you come hang with us tonight, Travis wants you there to finally win you at wizards poker," She said winking at him and without another word she floated away back to her posse of boys and girls.

The professor immediately walked in after Angela took her seat, telling the class to settle down as he started writing the instructions on the board.

Hermione was silent not daring to talk to Jason yet; she could still feel she was being watched closely by Angela.

The professor's lecture about electricity was, to Hermione's disappointment, very boring. She couldn't help but let her mind wander away from muggle studies as she began to doddle on her note book.

"Alright class now I want you to turn to page thirty three and fill in the questions it asks about the workings of electricity. Work together if you must, well lets not waste time with me talking. Off you go," He said dismissing himself to his desk.

Hermione grabbed her book trying to keep her eyes from drifting to Jason.

She could feel his eyes on her as she turned to the page instructed. She tried to keep her eyes from meeting his to focus on her work, but soon gave up as she snuck a look toward him.

He wasn't smiling as she caught him starring at her, but it wasn't a mean look either. Hermione couldn't pin point what it was but it make Hermione shiver inside. Like he wasn't able to look away, and he didn't look away, even when Hermione had caught him red handed.

"You going to help me or what?" Hermione said teasingly as she nudged at his book.

His face turned into a smile, "Like the smartest witch of our year needs help," He said finally looking away to grab his book.

Hermione stayed silent for a moment as she read over the first question.

"I'm sorry about Angela," He said suddenly.

Hermione's eyes snapped toward him as he kept his eyes on his book avoiding her gaze.

She rolled her eyes, "It's alright."

He didn't reply keeping his eyes away from her.

"I'm sorry about Malfoy the other day, I guess it makes us even," She said shrugging.

A scowl came onto his face as soon as she had said the word Malfoy.

"Yeah I guess it does," He said coldly.

"She seems nice," Hermione said trying to lighten up the mood with lying.

Jason glanced over at Angela, giving her a glare that pierced into her back, "Nice? It would be nice if she left me alone."

Hermione smiled at him secrectly glad.

"She's just trying to get you to know you," Hermione said.

Jason finally looked over at her, "Trust me she's not my type,"

"She looks your type, gorgeous, rich, popular," Hermione offered.

Jason looked like he had just seen someone murdered, "That is not my type,"

Hermione gave a slight chuckle at his over reaction, "Then what is your type?"

Jason suddenly froze at her question his eyes growing soft the longer he looked at her.

"You," He said boldly.

Hermione's eyes snapped to his. She felt a sudden warmth of feelings spread through her body; she held her breath taking in his words.

Her eyes searched his. She could feel a connection to him somehow, she didn't know what it was, but it was giving her an attachment to him. He seemed to care for her a lot. Hermione was starting to wonder if it was just a fling, or something more…

His eyes that were green were suddenly fading into a silver shade. Her eyes widen no bloody way.

She couldn't speak; perhaps it was a trick of the light. Was Jason really a Veela too? She couldn't breath. Her feelings were becoming mixed up as she felt an urge to touch him, be close to him.

His eyes didn't leave hers as she searched his eyes, as if they held some dark secret. Jason and Hermione started to lean in un-consciously toward each other. Hermione felt like she was entranced in his eyes, like they were pulling her in.

"I suppose that you two are already done with the assignment with all the talking going on," A voice said next to Hermione that made her jump.

It was the professor looking over her shoulder.

"No?" He said from their lack of response, "Then I suggest more working and less talking or do you want detention?" He peered at them.

Hermione shook her head worriedly getting straight back to work; Jason however had a different reaction. She could feel his hatred radiating off of him as he glared at the Professor.

But he put a forced smile on, "Of course Professor,"

The Professor nodded as he walked off. Hermione could hear laughing coming from Angela's table as she shook her head rolling her eyes. Hermione felt heat rise to her cheeks as she and Jason began to work on their work sheet without talking much, fearing she might lose control once again of herself. Questions seemed to zoom in and out of her mind as she tried to keep concentrated on her work. Does Jason have Veela blood? Did he even know? Did he have a mate like she did? Was it her? And worse, was she starting to grow feelings for him?...

If she was his mate then there had to be a mistake about Malfoy being her mate, she couldn't possibly be a mate of two Veela's… could she?

She instantly threw that idea out she didn't want to think about it right now.

"Hermione?" Jason called her out of her daze.

"Yes?" She questioned meeting his eyes again.

He gave her a heart stopping smile, "Are you even listening?"

Hermione blushed once again, "I'm sorry I just can't seem to concentrate lately."

Jason gave a sad sarcastic smile.

"That makes two of us," He said.

He starred at her for a moment his face slowly losing emotion as his eyes grew together looking at her closely.

Hermione wondered if their something on her face.

"What?" She asked before she could stop herself.

Jason gave a slight laugh; it was mesmerizing laugh as his white pearl teeth shone at her.

"Nothing Hermione, I'm sure you already know," He said looking away.

They both jumped at the bell sounded to let their class out.

"Alright class, remember to read chapter seven for next time! And bring your finished worksheets to hand in," The professor yelled over the students rumbling and packing.

Jason however kept his eyes on Hermione not liking her reaction.

"Hermione," He said trying to get her attention again.

Hermione snapped back to reality, almost everyone had left the room besides them and another boy who seemed to be picking up his papers he had dropped on the floor. How long was she starring into space?

"I'm sorry I just-" She drifted off.

"I have to go," She said suddenly picking up her things standing up.

Jason stood up quickly as well.

"Hermione don't," He pleaded, "Let me walk with you."

She hesitated. She wanted to give in and stay with him, she had so many questions.

"Jason," She started, "I… I don't think that's a good idea at the moment."

He stiffened his body becoming ridged.

Hermione sighed looking over her shoulder to make sure the boy had left. The room was now empty.

She broke the silence, "Do you know a lot about your heritage?"

He looked solemnly at her, "A little, what does this have to do with anything?"

She looked away from him trying to figure out how to ask what she wanted to. She didn't know whether she was just being silly or if he really was what she thought he was.

"Hermione if you want to know if I'm a Veela all you have to do is ask," He said, "I knew you were curious when I found you in the library looking them up."

Hermione's eyes snapped to him again. He was looking at her showing no emotion. She didn't know what to say so instead she looked down and fiddled with her fingers.

"I was going ask in a more subtle way but-" She started.

"The answers yes," He said cutting her off, "I've known for a year."

Hermione looked at up at him waiting for more.

A smile finally started too grown on his face, "You must have guessed for a while to I suspect."

"Well if that's the case... I suppose you already know that I'm a Veela to now," Hermione said softly.

He actually chuckled, "Yes I've known that for a while to."

"Have you," She paused, "You know… found your mate?"

He suddenly took a step closer to her making his sent fill her lungs. She was instantly unable to step back away from him; her body demanded she stay put.

"I think I have," He whispered in her ear.

Hermione's heart stopped, instantly knowing his words meant.

Jason slowly leaned down to Hermione. Hermione froze not being able to pull away from his eyes, not being able to think straight with him so close.

But suddenly a blonde haired boy came into her head. Her eyes widened, she was supposed to be meeting with him right now! She was instantly able to control herself again.

"Jason," Hermione said weakly putting her hands to his chest to stop him from coming closer, "Don't do this."

His face fell, pain was seeping into his face.

"What do you mean?" He asked confused.

Hermione shook her head, this didn't make sense.

"I can't be," She said shaking her head.

"Hermione I know what you're thinking," Jason said his voice growing hard, "But trust me on this."

Hermione didn't know what else to say. Her head seemed to be spinning with confusion; she didn't know what to say.

Hermione remained silent for a long time. She knew that he was right, there couldn't be another solution. He seemed to be connected to him somehow.

Hermione she simply nodded. He was right about one thing, she needed time, time to figure out things.

"I don't know Jason," She said finally.

Jason looked at her strong willed. He pulled her into a hug letting his strong arms envelope her, "Just give it some time, you'll see what I mean."

Hermione's body felt relief as she stood still for a moment. Finally she too put her arms around him.

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