The Chemicals React

Chapter 9

Hermione woke up with the sun shine streaming in from the large window above her bed. She stretched her long arms high above her head yawing, feeling like she didn't get any sleep, she felt like that ever since she arrived here at Hogwarts. She rubbed her eyes trying to get herself to feel awake.

She sat there for a moment as she instantly remembered that she was supposed to be meeting with Malfoy this morning. Her body instantly gave her the spark that she needed to force her self out of bed. She hurried and grabbed her towel and tooth brush and headed to the bathrooms to have a shower.

Hermione hurried and got herself ready, getting quickly in and out of the shower. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and starred at her reflection for a moment. She couldn't believe how perfected she looked, almost like a super model. Her hand went up to feel the skin on her flawless face, moving upward to run her hands through her hair… had it gotten thicker?

She looked away from the mirror downward as leaned over the sink. Her eyes drifted to her old make up bag that had been untouched for quite sometime. A smile spread on her face as she decided she would even look more irresistible as she reached for the make up bag.

Hermione came out of the fat lady's portrait a little self conscious from the looks that she seemed to be getting from other people, well from other guys for the majority. She almost forgot that her Veela charms work on more than just Malfoy… and Jason.

She was almost afraid that Malfoy wouldn't be there. That he finally had had it with her and that he had finally come to his senses to leave, not bother with meeting her. But Hermione's doubts were washed away as she saw the gorgeous Draco Malfoy leaning against the stone wall looking goddess like, his glowing blonde hair laying perfectly messy upon his head. Hermione noticed his stormy mysterious grey eyes looking in somewhat of a gaze. A group of giggling fourth years passed him giving him dreamy looks smiling at him. Hermione narrowed her eyes at them almost becoming jealous, but she instantly tried to hide a smile a moment later when she saw the disgusted look he gave them.

Suddenly Malfoy eyes snapped toward Hermione as if he could feel her approaching him. His eyes suddenly grew wide unable to tear his eyes away from her. She was stunning, no breath taking. He had never seen someone so beautiful in his entire life. Her hair hung down in soft brown curls matching her brown eyes perfectly, her pink lips and bold eyes seemed to pierce his own, making Hermione look so naturally attractive. Although he knew that she was indeed beautiful he knew that it was more than just her good looks that made her look so attractive. It was the way she held herself so humbly so elegantly. The way that she was charitable in all she did. She was everything he wasn't and wished he could be. He now knew why he admired her, it was for her, and nothing else. The thought of ever losing her haunted him in more than one way.

"Malfoy?" She asked coming to a stop in front of him, "Are you oka-"

But she was cut of from his strong arms pulling her in tightly into a hug making her knock into his hard chest.

Hermione finally understood as she saw a group of boys pass them. They looked at Hermione strangely unnerving making Malfoy's eyes grow a charcoal black glaring at them as they passed. Hermione must have done a better make up job than she thought.

"Good morning to you too," She mumbled into his chest putting her arms around his neck trying to sooth him. Malfoy finally turned his attention back to her suddenly letting go of his tight grip.

He gave her a hard look, "Why do you get to call West by his first name but you refuse to use mine?"

Hermione was caught off guard, "I um- well I didn't know if we… uh had a first name basis yet," she said drifting off as he took a step closer to her.

"Unless you want me to keep calling you Granger, you'll start using my first name," He said coldly.

Hermione huffed at him, "Fine."

"Fine what?" He asked.

"Fine Draco," She said robotically.

He instantly kissed her on the lips so suddenly Hermione almost lost her balance. But Draco put his arms on her waste bringing her as close as he possibly could be to his body with out being unchaste. Hermione kissed back willingly pulling him closer to her.

He pulled away breathing hard, "See that wasn't so hard," He said leaning his forehead on hers, putting on a rare crooked smile.

Hermione rolled her eyes and let a coy smile play on her lips, "If that's the reward I get I'll say your first name as often as I can," She said.

He pecked her lips again, "Don't get used to it," He said pretending to be indifferent, but Hermione knew better as she hid a smile.

Draco nudged his head toward the Great Hall, "Come on I'm starving," He said leading her by the hand toward the great hall.

They walked hand in hand toward the smell of breakfast in the great hall. Hermione didn't know if she had chosen to ignore it before but she and Draco seemed to be receiving a lot of strange looks. Hermione walked unconsciously closer to Draco. He noticed and put his arm around her bringing her closer.

"Can you believe that such a perfect couple could find each other?" Hermione could hear a young group of boys and girls whisper behind them. Hermione's eyes grew together in confusion wondering why she could hear the whispers so clearly. No doubt thanks to her new found Veela senses, she thought weakly.

"Oh how I wish I was her," Another sighed sadly the other girls nodding yes in agreement.

"Her? How lucky would it be to be him?" A boy chimed in, "Look at those gorgeous legs! If I could only be so lucky to have those wrapped around m-"

Suddenly she felt Draco tense, Don't do it, she pleaded inwardly but of course Draco was not known as someone to hold his temper. He turned around quickly his eyes growing a dark shade of grey facing the group that skidded to a stop as soon as they saw him turn around looking frightened.

"You will all be gone by the time I count to three," He said coldly.

They stood frozen to the ground with fear, not being able to make themselves move.

"One," He began.

The group finally found the strength in their limbs to move as they all dispersed quickly. The boy's almost running, knowing what he might do to them if they were caught. They did not want to be dragged into the boys bathrooms by Crabbe and Goyle like so many others had.

Hermione rolled her eyes as soon as Draco turned toward her again giving him a look.

"What?" He asked innocently.

She rolled her eyes not wanting to argue right now, "Nothing lets just get to breakfast,"

Draco made sure to put his arm around her waste bringing her close just in case anyone got any ideas leading her on their way toward the great hall.

Hermione felt her insides squirm with relief from his touch she didn't know why but she was beginning to feel like she needed him around like this. That this would be the only way to function normally… and truthfully, it was scaring her.

They finally reached the great hall doors as they stopped looking at the four tables that separated the houses. Hermione's stomach instantly felt herself dread that he would have to go away from her for a while, even though he is in the same room, her mind told herself. For the first time Hermione wished that the four houses didn't eat separate from each other.

She could tell Draco felt the same way as gorgeous eyes looked down at her somewhat painfully.

"I'll see you in class," He whispered in her ear kissing her on the forehead. She nodded unwillingly in response.

He gave her one last squeeze on the hand before he ripped away from her heading toward the Slytherin table. She gave a loud sigh as she made her way over the opposite way toward the Gryffindor table.

Hermione found her way to a wide eyed Ron and Harry and took her spot next to Ginny across from them, trying to ignore their popped out eyes gawking at her for an explanation.

Hermione did her best to ignore them as she started buttering her toast; she peaked up at them to see if they were still staring at her, they were.

"What?" She asked pretending to be oblivious.

"You and Malfoy sure do move fast," Ron said snidely looking away from her over his shoulder to glare at the Slytherin table.

Hermione gave a loud sigh, "Ron can you please try to act civil to him?"

Ron's jealousy started to burst but Ginny cut in.

"Ron, remember that Hermione's got a charm on her. Don't forget you have a girlfriend who is heading this way right now," Ginny scolded, "So get that drool off of your face before she notices."

Ron grabbed a napkin shamefully as he wiped the bit of drool that was sliding off of his cheek.

"Hello hun," Padma said pecking him on the good cheek.

Ron seemed to finally tare his attention away from Hermione to Padma.

"You really are his mate aren't you?" Harry said looking at her somewhat teasingly.

Hermione took a moment before answering nodding silently. "No matter how much I don't want to admit it, I feel as though I'm drawn to him. I can hardly even sleep at night anymore."

"Join the club," Ginny said wiping off the chocolate milk mustache she had on her face, "Try sleeping when someone is mumbling Draco in their sleep all night."

Hermione almost spit out her pumpkin juice she had been drinking, blushing deeply her face becoming guarded, "I do not!"

Ginny smiled mischievously shaking her head, "Whatever you say."

Hermione glared at Ginny huffing turning back to Harry and Ron, "But I have another problem."

Harry looked at her raising his eyebrows, "What else could be a bigger problem than you becoming Malfoy's mate?"

"Well," Hermione said gulping, "I think I might, well… have two mates," She said her face becoming worried.

This time Harry was the one to spit out his pumpkin juice in shock.

"What? Who?" He questioned not bothering with the disgusted looks he received from the two girls across from him.

She took a deep breath, "Jason,"

"West?" Ron said loudly.

"Shh!" Hermione said trying to hush him, "We don't need the whole great hall to know,"

Ron had the nerve to look sheepish, "Sorry," He said more quietly.

Hermione's eyes automatically went toward the Slytherin table to see if Malfoy had heard Jason's name. Draco's dark eyes were staring at her as if asking what in the heck she was doing, narrowing his eyes at her. Hermione felt herself blush trying to ignore Draco and his overreactions.

"Why would you say that Hermione?" Ginny questioned curious.

The four of them huddled quietly over the table as Hermione explained to them what had happened the past couple of days. With Jason and with Draco's claims to both be her mate. Ron and Harry sat amazingly silent throughout her whole tail, only interrupting a couple of times to ask a question. Hermione could feel her self stressing just retelling what had happened.

Hermione finally finished telling them her story as they all starred at her in silence for a moment.

"Wow," Harry stated, "You have the greatest luck these days don't you."

"You got that right mate," Ron muttered.

Hermione groaned, "You guys this is serious, what if I really do have two mates? What happens then?"

"Maybe," Ron said his face getting excited, "They'll have to duel each other for you! Maybe they'll have to kill the other in order to win you, my hopes in that Malfoy goes first."

Hermione sent Ron a death glare not responding to his naïve response. But then his words started to role through her mind, what if they did end up killing each other? She wondered worriedly, it would be all her fault.

"No," She said automatically pausing for a moment, "That's ridiculous… isn't it?" She asked worriedly to Ginny.

Ginny didn't have time to respond as a dark haired boy stole the seat next to her. Hermione's heart lifted as soon as she saw who it was, Jason.

"Jason," Hermione said loudly. Ginny nudged her in the ribs to keep her from acting weird.

"Um-Hi," She said more discreetly smiling at him.

Jason threw her a curious smile as he looked around at them all, "What's everyone looking so glum for?"

Hermione shrugged, "Lot's of tests coming up I guess."

Harry, Ron and Ginny instantly saw this as their cue to leave.

"Hermione we'll just meet you in class alright?" Harry said giving her a sympathetic look as he grabbed Ron's collar making him stand dropping his roll. Ginny instantly followed his lead.

"Yes I'll see you tonight Hermione," She said with a smile at her and Jason.

Before Hermione could even say goodbye they were up and gone, Ron loudly complaining that he didn't even get to finish his breakfast.

Hermione tensed as she could now openly feel a glare coming from the Slytherin table as she sneaked a glance through the many heads. Draco's eyes were fuming at the presence of Jason, Hermione threw him a desperate look as if to say please don't freak out.

Draco didn't make any move to come closer as he simply watched them from a distance. Any move toward her and he would personally rip his heart out, Draco thought sulking. He wasn't one to share anything in the past and he sure as heck wasn't going to start now. Hermione gave him a pleading look across the room as he respected her wishes and made no rash moves…yet.

"So Hermione," Jason said pulling her eyes back to his sparkling green ones, "I was wondering if maybe I could take you to the next Hogsmade trip this weekend,"

Hermione's eyes went wide, "You-you want me to go with you?"

He smiled sweetly, "Yeah of course,"

Hermione's face must have gave her away as Jason's face fell.

Jason's eyes suddenly became sad, "Well I was hoping, I mean you don't have to, if not I completely understand."

Hermione instantly felt bad for giving him a cold shoulder impression, "No no it's just that well I was-"

Jason looked at her confused and hurt.

"Jason I need to talk to you," She said finally looking straight into his eyes not knowing how to exactly tell him what he needed to hear.

His face grew worried, "What is it," He asked scooting closer to her making Hermione not be able to breathe steadily for a moment. He was truly gorgeous and he made her insides lift, just like when Draco was around. But she could swear that Draco might have just a little more hold over her… but then again Jason hadn't kissed her yet.

"Hermione what is it?" He said almost in a seductive tone.

"Jason, did you know that Draco's a Veela too?" She asked almost in a whisper.

Jason stiffened, looking away "Maybe."

Hermione narrowed her eyes, "You knew?"

Jason grew stiff, "Yeah, I did. I figured he might be competition," He replied still not looking at her.

Hermione narrowed her eyes at him, "Is this what you think this is? A competition?"

Jason looked up at her anger in his eyes, "If fighting for my life is what it takes then yes, it's a competition."

Hermione looked at him not understanding.

"What on earth are you talking about Jason?" She asked lost.

Jason looked at her critically, "You really don't know what happens when two Veela's pick the same mate do you?"

Hermione shook her head, "Is that even possible?"

Jason gave her a scoffing laugh, "Of course it is have you not heard the stories?"

Hermione shook her head again with a blank expression on her face.

He let out a large sigh as he looked at her weakly.

"It's been known that Veela's have picked the same mate before. It's pretty rare but it's been known to happen. Two Veela's can accidentally pick the same human mate, but once their mate is picked there's no going back, you can't just simply pick another because yours has already been taken," He said pausing for a moment, "That's where the human mate comes in, they have to been the one to decide which one she or he will choose to be mates with."

Hermione listened in earnest, hoping that what he said wouldn't be true.

"If the human mate chooses neither both the human mate and the two Veela mates will die. But if the human mate makes his or her choice… the other Veela who is not chosen will die, saving the human mates own life and the Veela they picked sparing two lives… but that means letting the other die," He ended in almost a whisper.

Hermione's stomach dropped, it couldn't be true.

She looked over toward the Slytherin table to catch a glimpse of Draco. He was staring at her looking as though he had been shot, his eyes becoming overgrown with worry. She knew that he had just over heard their conversation. Hermione felt suddenly sick, I have to pick between them… or all three of us will die?…

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